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Circus Charlie is a masterpiece of precision-platforming execution.
It also has SOUL.
A shame most people in the west never got to experience this classic.

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it's a spic essential game for those that grew-up with famiclones/polystations.

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>A shame most people in the west never got to experience this classic.


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I grew up with the famiclones and I beat this game so many times, it felt so magical when I played it as a kid.

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i didn't know there was a C64 port of this

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I had it on one of those Chinese multicarts with games like Battle City, Nuts & Milk, Pinball, Golf, City Connection, Yie Ar Kung Fu, Antarctic Adventure, The Goonies, Macross, Kinnikuman, Star Force, Excite Bike,...
Good times.

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West here, I don't care.

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The Famicom, MSX, and C64 got ports of the game, that was all. It probably wasn't a huge hit or it would have gotten more ports.

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Thanks for reminding me of that classic. It's an upbeat little game.

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Pooyan was also ported to several machines, that one is another staple of Famicom multicarts.

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great game, used to play this in chinese flashcart when I was little

>mum took away the flashcart she said I was too spoiled and would fail grades ;_;

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I don't think I'd ever played this until I bought it in arcade PCB form several years ago, mostly because it was cheap. Pretty fun.

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Oh yeah, I played the shit out of Pooyan. Also the Legend of Kage and Kung Fu Master.

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Datasoft ported Pooyan for the Apple II, Atari 8-bit, and C64, the Famicom version was Japan-only.

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Fuck 5th gen babbies.

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circus charlie is one of my favourite famicom titles. Everytime I play some famicom I also play some circus charlie, definitely a masterpiece.

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5th gen kids are the fucking worst, and are killing /vr/ as we speak.
Also undercover 6th gen children.

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I love the NES and N64. Amazing how we're not forced to take "sides".

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To this day I still haven't been able to beat the trapeze level and have no clue about the correct timing.

Anyway how many of you guys had one these Chinese multicarts back in the day?
What were your favorite games on them? My favorites were B-Wings, Goonies, Sky Destroyer and Pooyan.

>killing /vr/ as we speak.
I'm afraid they have already won, this place is already dead and by dead I mean it's almost as bad as /v/ is.

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Never seen a multicart in my life. I imagine most stores would get in trouble for selling them. God knows, Nintendo already would refuse to distribute games to a store that carried unlicensed NES titles.

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>Lunar Pool
Forgot about this game. It's so good.

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>Never seen a multicart in my life.

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This thread is for Third Worlders to jerk off over Famicliones they had as a child, dude.

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Nope, this thread is to appreciate a classic game.
And lowkey to shit on 5th gen kids that wouldn't have clue about this game, Famiclone or not.

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I'm a N64-baby and played the living shit outta NES games back then, Circus Charlie included.
Get fucked.

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^that x 32.93 million.

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I dunno about you but in the early and mid 2000s these things were super popular. They often resembled a controller from some random retro system like an n64 and would be a plug and play device loaded up with a random set of 60 games or so. The variety of games I had were very similar to the ones I often see posted or talked about here so most of them probably had the same rompacks or something. I used to see these all the fuckin time at malls and random department stores. Not much of an exclusively third world thing, I think maybe you just weren't around or never had one.
pic is the one i had many years ago

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Famiclones started appearing in Asia in the mid-90s or, they actually use bootlegs of the NES chipset and the things are still apparently manufactured over there. It's not clear where they got the tech data for the 2A01/PPU from, but Ricoh may have leaked it once Famicom production was coming to a close.

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Do you think if Circus Charlie was a 5th gen game, this thread would get more replies by console warriors?

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Getting more Western releases than one crummy C64 port would have helped.

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Ha. I bought one of those from a mall Russian dude who had a kiosk inside a popular mall. It eventually stopped working,(after maybe 3 years?) but I had a lot of good times revisiting NES games that had been sold years ago.