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>Hold on, what's a randomizer?
A randomizer is a program/website that creates randomized ROMs by shuffling various game components around to create a new experience. While commonly used for speedrunning contests, they're fun to play even from a casual perspective. Some randomizers are strictly meant for game veterans, while others are friendly to newbies and occasionally more refined randomizers can offer plenty of options and flags to customize your experience.

>Whoa, you got a list of these for me to check out?
The BIG List of Video Game Randomizers is a fairly comprehensive list of randomizers and is updated regularly:

>Some popular randomized games:
Super Metroid: Arcade - http://www.metroidconstruction.com/hack.php?id=357
The Legend of Zelda (NES) - https://sites.google.com/site/zeldarandomizer/
Super Metroid/Link to the Past Crossover - https://alttsm.speedga.me/
FF4 Free Enterprise - http://ff4fe.com/

Some discussion starters:
>How is your run going so far? Easier/harder than expected?
>Stuck in your seed? Ask for help - it's probably not a softlock!
>Share some interesting screenshots/gifs!
>Discovered a randomizer that is more fun that it sounds or has unique features?

Previous thread: >>5156556

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Super Metroid: Arcade

This ROM patch sparked a lot of discussion last thread. The quick version is that you start at Zebes landing site, every room locks the door behind you. If that's the only door for a room, there will be an item to collect before the door unlocks. Eventually, monsters will become faster and stronger as the 'rooms cleared' count gets higher. You can't beat the game, but you can sure have fun dying! This imgur album is a rough way of archiving questions/answers that came up during the last thread:

A couple of commonly-needed techs for SM:A are shown here:

Solution for room that gave several people a hard time is webm related.

If you're looking for a similar experience, but want to finish Super Metroid in its entirety, the VARIA randomizer offers a shuffled doorway flag along with a plethora of flags and options to fine-tune your generated seeds. Has a page that can solve your seed if you get stuck, too!


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(some shameless copypasta from former OP's posts incoming)
Try the Swiss 2018 flags, it'll test your knowledge of the default overworld (Cave entrances will be the same as the vanilla 1st quest) and original 1st quest dungeon layouts. Items will be moved between dungeons, the white sword location, and the coast heart. If you find a "take any" cave, picking a candle over a heart container will help you more quickly get started in the seed, allowing you access to caves hidden by bushes which can reveal a lot of locations (Also, finding a blue candle shop isn't always easy.).

You can switch between games through various portals in each, which replace lesser used rooms, the first of which is the Crateria Map Room <-> Fortune Teller's Hut. If the morph ball/bomb powerup is randomized, searching LttP first might be easier due to the higher number of items available. You'll need the moon pearl and the hammer or gloves lv2 to get into the dark world. Sounds overwhelming or you're rusty with SM or LttP? That's okay, fully-featured randomizers exist for both games by themselves.

Using the swiss flags, key items will be moved to any chest in the world. You might get a canoe before the bridge and have to cross the river to dwarf cave to Elfland via a new route from Corneria to Dwarf Cave. You'll need to kill all four fiends, then open up ToF with the Lute. Temper is your friend.

>FF4: Free Enterprise
An FF4 seed that starts you with the enterprise and two random characters. Characters can be found in their story locations as normal. Try the league qualifiers for a "default" setup.

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As an example of the things you'll find:

In FF1, I've had to complete the game using the ship, canoe, and the TNT as my only key items, which meant making use of the newly added ports in the northern continent to support that. That meant the game progressed with defeating Garland, obtaining a canoe from Princess Sara, trekking from Corneria to Dwarf Cave to Elfland which had Nuke in the level 3 spell shop for my black mage, going to Crescent Lake for new equipment, raiding the chest room (armory) in the Volcano which dropped a Power gauntlet and a Zeus Hammer along with the Oxyale from a chest, killing Kary, finding the Mystic Key in Ice Cave, digging out the TNT in Marsh Cave and the Herb in Dwarf Cave, waking the prince to get the crown, fighting Astos for a Slab, and sailing north to clear the water temple, after which I got a Chime in the waterfall. I dug the cube out of Ordeals, finding the Excalibur in a chest in Sky Tower, and finally obtaining the floater after translating the slab and talking to Lefland, which allowed a class change.

In LoZ, I've gone an entire game without actually finding the wooden sword until I'd completed several dungeons, which turned out to be in a shop on the coast. Luckily, I found the white sword long before that hidden in dungeon 4 by taking out a manhandla using bombs. Sometimes, things don't go quite that well.

In FF4, I've started with a hook key item along Porom and Edward, which meant I had to explore Eblan cave and the tower of babil as one of my first locations after Mt Hobbs (Finding Rosa) and the Antlion. I wound up finding the Darkness crystal from the Land of the Summoned monsters and paying the moon a visit early, which I discovered Tellah to be hiding at in FuSoYa's spot, which prompted a trip to Mt Ordeals.

Generally, the fun comes from the unexpected twists and turns you have to make compared to playing the normal game, which sort of tests your knowledge about doing things out of sequence.

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did you try the zelda 2 randomizer?

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No personal experience with it, but mostly because the last time I completed that game was ~19 years ago.

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Who are you quoting kiddo?

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Well the Zelda2 randomizer randomizes the overworld, unlike most randomizers.

Does this make Zelda2 randomizer the best randomizer ?

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The dragon warrior rando does the map as well

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Are there more randomizers like SM:A where the rom itself does the randomization? I can't be arsed to make new roms all the time, I much prefer just hitting start from inside the game.

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Can anyone point me in the direction of the v.1 Japanese LTTP necessary for the randomizer? It's not on the Depot and I'm having a surprisingly difficult time finding it.

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I -believe- this is the correct ROM, I haven't played it myself but I've found it for others before. My go-to is "the eye" after I learned about them here


It's JP, it's v1. Pretty sure they don't mind small-scale hotlinking cuz the owners have had their own threads here before .

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Best randomizer, huh? Hmm. I'd have to say the best randomizer is one that always provides a solveable seed while offering a large number of flags to control which techniques are used and which locations are needed to visit. Some games don't have enough to work with.
I feel like SM+LttP is the most ambitious and has the most work done for it, but they're usually a 5-6 hour run or higher and requires veteran knowledge of two games.
As for the Zelda series, I'd say Zelda 2 is a great one, but I haven't played all of the 6, 7? that are out there.

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>playing OoT randomizer using master quest dungeons
>never done master quest before, really enjoying the mixed up dungeons
>hours go by, play for most of the day
>still haven't found the fucking ocarina
>look it up in spoiler text file
>one is in ganon's castle and the other is in a grotto i didn't even know existed
>holy fuck there are way more grotto's than i realized
>decide to look up zelda's lullaby since that's another song that would really open up a lot of stuff
>it replaces fire arrows

what the fuck, don't you need to finish water temple in order to get fire arrows? and you need zelda's lullaby to beat water temple, its how you change the water level

am i overlooking something? this shit was supposed to be made so you can beat it without any exploits, what the fuck

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>the rom itself does the randomization
The only other one that I know of would sorta not retro, but in spirit, Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones. Patch it once, menu is in-game just like SM:A

As making new ROMs all the time, what I do is just make a batch of seeds right in a row, 10 or 20 at a time and throw them in the emu folder or memory card depending on where I'm playing them.

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Fuck off, randomizer is shit and for faggots who just pretend to like video games.

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The BIG List has a couple of updates:
Most notably, SMB3 is moved over to an online version:
If someone wants offline version for PC, please let me know.

Cave Story is the other big update and I'm pretty excited about it.

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>thread is people talking about playing games
>/v/ gets butthurt and shitposts
Go back.

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This is some brutal shit. Got handed the first level of SMB1 on one run. Hammer bros and poison mushroom hidden blocks all over the fucking place.

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am I stupid? where the hell is the OoT randomizer putting my patched rom? its not in my folder with the randomizer, or in my documents with the notes

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Ooh. I need to try this one!

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Ok, this is some full bore bullshit. Level 1-2, one-hit kill death spikes everywhere and a jump I couldn't even think of a way to make. Experts or tool/script users only.

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Yikes... thanks for the heads-up, but I still want to give it a shot.

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Did you ever figure this one out bro? Been wondering about this for a couple days now.

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I've been hearing about these randomizers. Are they fun if I don't like speedrunning, IE I just want to play the game?

>> No.5263026

Absolutely! I certainly haven't been going for speed in any of the ones I've completed or tried.

If you don't want to commit to a long run, try out something simpler like SMB3 or SMW. Both have plenty of options for choosing how crazy you want things to get. My SMB3 run was so fun I ended up completing the whole game, no warps!

>> No.5263197

Depends on which one you use. Super Metroid Arcade is pretty cool, although you might be asked to do the infinite bomb jump depending on the seed. SMW and SMB3 let you tone down the more hardcore stuff. Now the SMB Melee thing, that's pure experts only stuff. The Super Metroid/A Link To The Past combo randomizer is mixed. On the one hand it can make some easy seeds that don't require much beyond maybe using a map for the zelda portion, on the other it can require tricks like bomb jumping.

FF6 and FF4 randomizers and RPGs in general make for fun runs, since they usually don't put you in a bad situation you can't grind your way out of. Worst you have to worry about is some of the less polished randomizers can inject bugs into the game that weren't there before. The Dragon Warrior 3/Dragon Quest 3 randomizer stuck a game-freezing bug into the part where you throw the sword into the volcano on my run.

So try one and report back on the difficulty level.

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>System Shock 2 randomizer

Time to do an impossible PSI run, I guess.

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>Doing LttP daily seeds to improve myself, maybe even enter an open tournament.
>Most days are improvements, went from 3-3.5 hours per seed down to 2.5.
>Sunday seed was expert level, 3 hearts max, no fairies in bottles, potions only heal one heart and 1/4 magic.
>Nine hours to complete.

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I started out playing them just for entertainment, they're pretty fun in that regard. You'll probably naturally get quicker as you continue playing though, maybe not speed run level, but you'll start completing seeds pretty efficiently.

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You are a confirmed madlad on a mission for men with nothing to lose. I may not fully understand it, but I fully support it. Godspeed, anon.

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Apparently, it gets worse.

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More patience than I have. I can't even stomach one Alttp run with relatively easy settings. "Ok, time to wander around and bomb stuff until I find the glove. Great, now time to backtrack and check everywhere again for the next key item. Rinse, repeat." If it randomized the areas themselves like the two Super Metroid randomizers, or the Zelda 2 randomizer, then it would interest me more. Instead it just turns Alttp into a giant back-tracking scavenger hunt. And bombing every crack, picking up every boulder, and dashing every pile of rocks just bores the hell out of me. I don't care enough about Alttp to memorize every item location either.

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Try using the tracker (https://stumpy.nfshost.com/), it'll cut down on a lot of backtracking since you can do the routes you can complete in one go first, it even highlights what places you can check with the items you have. For example, clearing Kakariko first for its twelve item checks, followed by Link's House -> Swamp -> Mini-moldorm cave -> Icerod Cave. It'll almost always net you at least the hammer, the hookshot, the bow, or the gloves, which allows you to clear Hyrule Castle dungeon or break into the dark world and check village of outcasts, stumpy, and hype cave. From that point, it's just a matter of figuring out what dungeons you can fully complete and do those first.

The only time it's really a pain is when it's a forced double dip in Eastern Palace or similar, it makes for some really inefficient routing and it's almost always going to be a slog. I also don't like it when it's a Thieves' Hideout first seed, blind always eats my lunch at low life since he's a bullet hell fight (But I did learn you can somewhat cheese him with either rod, one making you invincible, the other letting you stick a block in his path and focus on dodging).

That being said, I started up this daily seed just now, and I think I'm probably going to shelve it. It's OHKO, inverted start, and I got six pieces of heart before stumpy gave me a lantern and hype cave parted with the gloves, which sent me to death mountain to escort the old man to get a hammer, which opened up light world access, except I didn't realize it and cleared Agh's Tower before realizing I don't have sword to enter his chambers. OHKO is probably fun for elite players, and it does teach you a few skills like how to combat some enemies without taking a hit, but it's ultimately not representative for a tournament since OHKO is never used (Indeed, I think hard is the highest difficulty I've seen.).

>> No.5264269

Yeah, but at that point you're just following the equivalent of a walk-thru, and that kills the fun of a randomizer.

>> No.5264280

You don't need to beat the Water Temple, but you'll need the longshot and the scarecrow's song.

>> No.5264387

>Lantern on Stumpy
>Gloves in Hype Cave
>Hammer on old man
>Moon Pearl in PoD, needing a double dip
>Bow in EP
>Flippers in Mire Shed
>Titan's Mitts in town well
>Bryna and sword in mini-moldorm, Samaria in King's Tomb
>Uncle assured sword gives the Master Sword

All that's left is to actually clear the dungeons now.

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It's not a walk-thru if it's only used when you're stuck. Also I'd say over time one would use it less often and then not need it ever.

>> No.5265619

That's mostly what I think of it as, it's a practice tool more than anything. After a dozen runs or so, you wind up with most of the locations memorized and a pretty good idea of what you need to get where.

That's in contrast to Zelda 1's tracker, which is incredibly valuable for not getting lost. I can't count the number of times I forgot to mark a dungeon down and couldn't remember where level 9 was. Of course, that one's more of a blank map than anything.

>> No.5266834

Finally, a more sane challenge. I didn't bother finishing that OHKO, I have to draw the line somewhere.

Inverted, normal mode, swordless. Doesn't sound too horrible.

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Forgot pic

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>tfw every chest contains a heart piece, rupee or a recovery heart

>> No.5267243

That's been happening to me with my current Ocarina file. I have a bunch of hearts, bombchus, nuts, and sticks.

>> No.5267420

i was really enjoying OOT randomizer a lot at first but then quickly got burnt out. checking all of the dam grottos every time sucks and i feel like every single run gets to a bottleneck where i'm looking for either an ocarina or zelda's lullaby

i strongly recommend not doing business shrubs in the randomizer since that adds like 20 deku stick/nuts to the pool. i also recommend not shuffling the ocarinas unless you like doing the bottle glitch

>> No.5267485

Yeah, I've been doing what you're recommending because the grottos are annoying enough. I remember most of them, but there are more to keep track of than I realized. Also, doing Dodongo's Cavern with bombchus is not the most fun and I've had to do that for multiple runs.

>> No.5268252

i liked business shrubs on initially because its fun dropping into an area with like three and getting three item chances at once, but it really isn't worth it to add so much garbage to the pool along with so many more obscure locations

>> No.5269135

How did it go, man? Sounds like it's manageable but I have virtually zero knowledge of how to run rando LttP

>> No.5269673

>OHKO is probably fun for elite players
DMC4 flashbacks intensify
no, it isn't

>> No.5269684

It was actually far more difficult than I thought, just because of the beginning.

At start, I got blue mail early, but no health, so I was at an effective six hearts. Found a lantern in hype cave, gloves in Thieves Hideout, and a moonpearl in skull woods, all of which pointed me towards dark death mountain.

At DDM, I escorted the old man home, who gave me the boots, then I saved and exited to trek to the eastern end of DDM, using the cape I had got earlier to avoid the lionels. Once there, I did a single chest check with the boots in hookshot cave (You can bounce off of a pot to knock yourself far enough back over the pit and check a chest), checked super bunny cave, then wound up leaving with nothing to really show for it. I then realized I needed to do Aghanim for light world access, who's now in Ganon's Tower spot (Because it's inverted mode).

Except I didn't have the hammer. I had a bow from superbunny cave, which was great, but it only had 30 shots, and I only had ten bombs. I had already used most of my arrows, shops didn't sell any extra, so I spent an extra 30 minutes farming them from enemies, after which I cleared Agh. I had got a bug net earlier and thought it kind of useless (Though I could catch fairies in bottles, so it provide a lot of effective health to work with), but it turned out it was absolutely required to beat agh, since it was the only way I had to reflect his shots without the hammer in swordless mode.

>> No.5269687

PoD had either Fire or Ice Rod, which made combat even easier, and PoD for sure had the hookshot and the Titan's Mitts, which put swamp in logic with a mirror I picked up from EP. After clearing those, I hit swamp palace for its six items, then finished up TH and SW, which yielded only the Cane of Samaria.

I got a hint earlier in PoD that the Pyramid Fairy had a unique item, so after clearing PoD and swamp for their red crystals, I checked it and got the book for my trouble, which allowed me to go mode desert palace for its pendent. Got Quake in there, which opened up the front of TR (Not needed anymore since inverted lets you enter through the back door), cleared all of TR and got the Ether medallion, giving me access to Misery Mire as the final pendent dungeon I needed, letting me do a ped check and complete the game since the goal was pedestal this time. Didn't even need to set foot in Ice Palace or Ganon's Tower, but everywhere else except for Skull Woods was required.

Not a horrible seed, I just don't like that I had to clear Agh with only a bow and bombs, which took forever to farm enough arrows for. I had got creative during that OHKO seed with how I killed stuff, so at least my combat was on point when doing it all.

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File: 11 KB, 302x250, Screenshot 2019-01-03 23.14.00.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I haven't played today's seed yet (I've been down with sinus drainage all day), but for anyone who's just starting out in LttP randomizer, it looks like a fairly easy one. Easy difficulty (Start with six hearts), open progression, light world start, goal is to kill Ganon.

>> No.5269927

Neat seed. Get hookshot and lvl2 sword early, and 5 more hearts before the first boss.

>> No.5270878

Hookshot is one of my favorite items to get early. Most enemies can be stunned with it, some can be outright killed, and it lets you traverse death mountain east for paradox cave (7 chests) and spiral cave (1 chest). It's also one of the items needed to go mode swamp palace, and in my opinion the most elusive since the relatively few items that require it mean that it can show up pretty late.

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>clear first boss
>still no glove or boots or moon, boss gave me compass, sage gave me heart piece
>go wipe Agh since it's all I have access to now, already cleared everything else
>get to dark world, ledge of pyramid is lvl 3 sword
Alright, but now what? I can't reach any other chests, I've cleared everything I can according to the tracker, and without gloves, boots, or the crystal I can't do any other areas. The monkey needed to get into the first dark world level doesn't show since I'm not in link form. Pic related is current status. Can't go through the castle escape area since a small key never dropped. Explored the desert palace in the light world, but without gloves I can't finish it.

>> No.5271268

Have you claimed the mirror in the dungeon escape sequence? You can drop into it from the gravestone in the northwest of the graveyard.

>> No.5271294

>Gravestone in the NW
The one behind the rocks? I have no glove. I can't seem to pull the gravestone back either.

>> No.5271308

I think Glove was in Kakariko village, if I remember correctly, book was there for sure. Try the bombable wall in blind's hut.

>> No.5271505

I got all 5 from blinds hut, I got the whatever from the kid with a bottle, I got the whatever stuff from the well, I got the bombable hut in the SW, I got the back of the tavern, bought a red rupee for 100 rupees from the vendor, and got the lantern from the race. No gloves.

>> No.5271609

Not him, but I'm impartial because I'm not playing LttP rando. If you can point me to a solver/walkthrough for generated ROMs, I'd be happy to find the location of the gloves for you so you could find out without anything else being spoiled. Not sure if one exists, but I poked around the alttpr site and couldn't find one.

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File: 17 KB, 776x718, Screenshot 2019-01-04 16.46.22.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's in chicken hut, actually.

>> No.5271643

>an attempt was made.wmv

>> No.5271947

A Link to the Super Metroid is really ambitious, but most seeds end up with you immediately going to LttP and staying there for an hour or so before you get the morph ball, allowing you to go places in SM. SM is better randomized on its own, but LttP is the better game to randomize because there are so many more item locations and more potential locations locked by logic.

>> No.5271953

To alleviate that, put on morphball assured so you can pick it up at Brinstar. Getting it early won't always mean you can start in SM, but it does give you a lot better likelyhood if you also get a super bomb at some point.

Personally, I think it allows for greater choice in where to start, but it also further opens the seed and gives a lot of locations to check right off the bat. I don't think racers like it as much for that reason since it adds more randomness based on who checks what first.

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File: 12 KB, 307x254, Screenshot 2019-01-04 18.45.21.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Today's seed for LttP is inverted again. Normal difficulty this time, so probably a good introduction to Inverted for those unfamiliar with it.

Does anyone know if FF1 or SM has a daily seed as well? I'd post those too if they do.

>> No.5271968

Even with morphball assured, you're going to spend more time in LttP since there's more to check and do. It's a great idea in theory but in practice it's not as balanced as it should be.

>> No.5272058

I had completely forgotten about that, thank you. Managed to get through the second boss and third boss, and got lvl 4 sword and lvl 3 armor. And even more hearts. Finally got boots, titan mitt, crystal, all I could really use is hammer. Hitting the witch next since I finally got the mushroom somewhere, then thieves den.

>> No.5272073

Someday I want to try a randomizer, and I'm glad they accessable and not "you NEED to know how to block-clip ultra glitch 360 into boneless to win" like most challenge driven rom hacks out there.

But at current I'm just content to watch the races.

>> No.5272084

still just getting heart pieces and heart containers

is there a way to finish water temple without having the tune to raise the water? I only got one key with the iron boots, and the only place I could open was the sinking elevators with another locked door at the end

>> No.5272201

I found a hint from Agh's tower for the hammer, it was in a pretty unfortunate location. My advice about it is to just clear as much as you can without it, unless you feel like dipping Ice Palace to go get it.

Thankfully, I never really felt like I had to double dip much because I was missing it.

>> No.5272205

That's what's turned me off of rom hacks for years, most of the time someone making a hack is doing it because they love the game, they're very knowledgeable about the more esoteric glitches, and they pass that difficulty off into the hack itself. Most of the time, default difficulty for randomizers don't require any skill you wouldn't have to use in the base game.

You can divide most randomizer's difficulties into two parts, the exploration and the combat. Exploration is mostly just knowledge and knowing what items are required for what checks, and for new players, you can use trackers that most popular games have to learn the ins and outs. For combat, sometimes you get something easy (Like yesterday's LttP seed, giving up the blue mail early along with a ton of hearts), sometimes you get something difficult. I've had a few seeds where I've had to fight Blind as my first boss, which led to me getting creative on how to do him (Found out the Cane of Samaria can trivialize him).

>> No.5272209

Cool cool. I've played some 10, 12-ish randomized games across several platforms, and only one of them truly required anything advanced, and that was the Super Metroid VARIA seed I did (and by extension, I suppose SM:Arcade as well). I had some crazy moments in SMB3, MM2, MMX... but nothing that required anything outside of a normal skillset.
That's not to say there aren't randos outside of Metroid/Zelda that require advanced techs, but they seem to be few and far between in my experience.

>> No.5272365

Eh, that place never really bothered me. Having lvl4 sword for Moldorm was really nice, since it allowed me to 2-shot him, and made that battle MUCH easier.

>> No.5272546

Either I'm missing a chest in IP, or today's seed requires a bomb jump to complete the dungeon. I think I've got every chest available in IP (Which had the hammer), and I still don't have the big key to get to the boss or get the final chest.

I'm going to take a look at IP's map and make sure I'm not missing anything, but I'm pretty sure I've got all the chests I can.

>> No.5272970

>Hold on, everyone knows what a randomizer is.
>A randomizer is something about which I shitpost this exact shit every week

>> No.5273310

This has been a /vr/ general for over 3 months, the threads stick around for 6 to 8 weeks. Don't tell me you can't hide threads lmao

>> No.5273357

It's just /v/ here to complain about people discussing and playing videogames again. They can't stand people talking about or playing videogames. You'll notice they show up every time a new translation is announced to post "WHO THE FUCK CARES?"

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Ah, makes sense. Can you even imagine typing out posts about video games when you don't even play them?

>> No.5273541

if you have logic on, i think it assumes you have to have iron boots + zelda's lullaby to beat. i'm sure there's speedrunning tech to beat it without tho

>> No.5273624

I have ironboots + hookshot, but I cant find zelda's lullaby. So far I only get tunes from points where youre given songs in the game, but Malon didnt give me anything and I cant remember how to trigger zelda's horse escape

Might have to try the quick run to the fire temple icon, but Im pretty scrub at it

>> No.5273680
File: 5 KB, 256x224, Final Fantasy (USA) 21CE7880 !QLRHRHP!HHdHJ!fPeXeZZd!FdX!!!4BAAAB.2019-01-04 17.26.16.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Had a pretty brutal earlygame in this FF1 run. Team was Monk/Thief/White/Black, i had no good offensive spells, Matoya's cave was Ice Cave, the Wizards inside had Glare, and the Wraiths had Nuke. It was only because i found a helmet that cast Lit3 that i managed to get out alive.
Playing this really makes me realize how brutal the earlygame is for this.

If you have the longshot and the 2 or so chests you can access hold the Boss Key, yes.

>> No.5273705

>You got a Blue Rupee!
>That's five Rupees!

how many blue rupee chests are even in ocarina of time?

>> No.5273715


Wheres the second chest? I cant lower the water

>> No.5273727

Last time I did an FF1 chaos seed with randomized entrences and dungeons, I found a NUKE helm in Elfland for 1700 gold, which trivialized everything. Which was great, because my first dungeon was three floors of the water shrine followed by the bottom of marsh.

>> No.5273761

There's one accessible on the second floor, past a hallway with a few spikes and stingrays. Also it's not in logic but the cracked wall below the first ZL spot can be blown up with a bombchu, and the chest opened by using Iron Boots+Hookshot+mashing A after the hookshot hits. Doing this may get you the Boss Key without ZL, but keep in mind it's a sequence break.

I play with a full forced party. Once got Thunder Pirates back before there was an option to prevent such a thing, and i only had 3 white mages and a black belt

>> No.5274926

>i've been here since summer
lol. Fuck off dumb underage cunt. You're the cancer that's killing this place.

>It's just /v/ here
Indeed. (You) are both proof of that

>> No.5275064 [DELETED] 


Do i have to be above to do it? I cant release one underwater

>> No.5275070

actually, ignore this, But I cant open the chest, I press c-left to hookshot and he just "falls" for 1 second in place

>> No.5275095
File: 29 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot 2019-01-05 22.44.48.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The LttP seed today has some "useful" hints.

Also, I'm once again thinking this once requires an Ice Palace bomb jump. I don't think I've missed any chests or switching orbs to allow me to get in to the boss otherwise, and I'm pretty sure the big key is locked in the big chest (Which happens in skull woods sometimes since the big key isn't needed to finish the dungeon). At any rate, even if you don't need to bomb jump, you can clear Ice Palace far earlier than you should be able to, which will speed you up considerably, but you'll also need to fake flipper into it. Several dungeons aren't required to complete, and IIRC, swamp, eastern, and hera all have nothing of value.

It's a pedestal seed, so clear times are much faster. It took me two hours to clear today's seed. It's generous with mail upgrades and swords, I got most of them without needing to enter a dungeon.

>> No.5275097

you just mash A after the hook hits the chest

>> No.5275106
File: 79 KB, 528x396, 1516506541240.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

managed to have enough momentum to fall diagonally to the area with the spikes you have to hookshot over and hit the gem to disable the chest, and inside was

another heart piece

>> No.5275108

weird, it kept dropping me and then it suddenly worked

>> No.5275132
File: 625 KB, 498x494, 1529466148525.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5275151
File: 2.29 MB, 1024x896, ipbj.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For those interested, I've attempted to record an IPBJ. I -think- seeds aren't suppose to require it, but the last two have sort of proved otherwise (Or I'm missing something in IP, which is very possible.).

In the webm, you start off by entering the door to the firestick room, then holding right. This will line you up with the wall as soon as you turn, forcing you out of the doorway. From there, you want to position yourself so that the bottom part of your shadow (Sorry my sprite isn't Link, but the shadow for him and for Celes should be identical) is covering the spiky part of the side of the platform. Immediately place a bomb, then move downwards so that you're covering the spike in the video halfway with your shadow. If done correctly, it'll propel you across the gap and let you leave the switchblocks up, which later will let you skip getting the big key for the boss and jump directly down to him.

Also, time it so you don't get knocked back into the pit from the firestick like I did.

>> No.5275159
File: 885 KB, 1024x896, fakeflipper.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also, for a bonus, the incredibly easy Fake Flipper. You simply get as close to the edge of the screen as you can, then jump in the water and immediately hold left so that you screen transition when you land. The game forgets to check if you have flippers or not, and lets you swim. This lets you check hobo without flippers, and also lets you check Zora without gloves.

Note that if you get hit, the game is likely to do some strange things that would require a reset, so avoid that at all costs.

>> No.5275180

I don't have a webm of it, but there's also another part to Fake Flippers that lets you check the fairy cave up near zora. Strangely, if you have the moonpearl but NOT the flippers, you can activate a water walking glitch by entering the fairy fountain cave and exiting, which makes you walk on water. You can use that to check the two chests in the fairy cave, which lets you see both the chests, the zora ledge item, and zora's item (Assuming you have 500 rupees that is) in one go. However, if you collect Zora's item, you won't be able to get the ledge item because it interrupts waterwalking's state, so if there's valuable stuff beyond zora, you're going to have to make a second trip.

For example, today's seed had a progressive sword on the ledge, but Zora had a required item. I chose to make a trip back to get it, which took a couple of minutes, but netted me the butter sword at the time. Most people who are actually competing for time probably wouldn't bother since the level 4 sword isn't actually effective against some bosses.

Fun fact, some bosses, such as Mothula, aren't even coded by default to take damage from the level 4 sword, and were patched specifically for randomizer to take damage as if you had a level 3 sword. This is because it's not technically possible to get the level 4 sword, to my knowledge, in the base game before his fight.

>> No.5275212

couldn't you do the following to get gold sword before Mothula?

>get hammer
>get hookshot
>get firerod and leave skull woods
>get titan mitts and get tempered sword
>go and beat dungeons 5/6
>get big bomb and blow up fairy fountain
>get gold sword
>go to mothula

>> No.5275224

I could be wrong, but I think there's something that stops you from advancing to Misery Mire until Skull Woods is complete, something like the the flute spot not appearing until you finish it or something else. I could be wrong on that, but when someone was commenting on a seed I was playing, they mentioned that little factoid. I assume it's true, but I haven't ever tried to do it in the base game.

Would be interesting as a way to mess up anyone who's using a game genie for gold sword/red mail early on, suddenly some bosses are invincible.

>> No.5275228

The bosses aren't invincible, you just have to poke with your sword instead of swipe

>> No.5275232

That's interesting, but it makes sense. Pokes seem to do different damage than swipes, almost like a tier below your current sword?

At any rate, not an issue for randomizer, so don't worry about getting a gold sword early.

>> No.5275348


>> No.5275919

Hey, thanks for the webms and informative posts, my man. It's funny how these threads go- there's never been so much LttP discussion before! I'ma snag the webms and parts of your posts for replies near OP next time, kinda like what I did with SM:Arcade.

>> No.5276065

What's funny is that I'm actually a bigger Super Metroid fan, I don't know how I settled into LttP instead of SM. I was doing the combo randomizer for a while, but then I started on LttP only because the combo doesn't work on 3DS's emulation and I needed to practice my LttP skills anyway.

>> No.5276314
File: 26 KB, 776x718, Screenshot 2019-01-06 13.58.18.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Retro, inverted mode.
>Seed has me kill blind with four hearts and blue mail with the hammer, dip skull woods, dip PoD to get a sword and flippers.
>No where left to go but Aghanim.
>Kill him, explore the light world as an opera floozy.
>Can't open chests but can talk to people.
>After pondering how to get to Zora to get ripped off, I realize I can talk to the bottle merchant.
>He's got the moonpearl.

Longest I've ever had to spend in bunny form. It did make for an interesting seed though.

>> No.5276646
File: 30 KB, 776x718, Screenshot 2019-01-06 16.07.25.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just realized I've been missing a chest in Ice Palace my entire life.

>> No.5276987

Timed-OHKO today. Easy mode, open, swords randomized, and ganon is the goal.

So, there's a timed mode that can be added to LttP randomizer. The quick rundown is that you start out with a set amount of time on the clock that ticks down as you play, in the case of easy, 20 minutes. Once this timer hits zero, you're in OHKO mode, so instant death to anything that deals damage. The caveat is that some of the more useless chest drops (Single rupee, five rupee, etc.) are replaced with clocks, which add time, thus move you further from OHKO mode. On easy, you can find up to 30 of these clocks, each of which gives you four minutes on the clock, so assuming you find them all, you get 2:20:00 of non-OHKO mode. Better get moving, because Ganon as the goal is pretty long.

For those who dip down into OHKO mode, since this is on easy (Also works on normal), there's a few tricks you can use to keep yourself alive. Capturing fairies with bugnet is a great way to give yourself extra lives, picking you back up on death as many times as you have bottles. The cape and the cane of Bryna are both highly valuable (Particularly the cane since it drains magic slower) for outright invulnerability. The oft underused Cane of Samria is also a very capable tool for attacking things, giving you a throwable object on demand than can splinter into projectiles. Focusing on certain bosses, such as Trinex in turtle rock and Helmasaur in PoD, will mean you can save the cheesable bosses until later, just in case you run into OHKO mode.

>> No.5277096

Hey, how are you playing as Celes in LTTP? Are there other characters as well?

>> No.5277097
File: 11 KB, 256x224, ALttP - VT_no-glitches-30_normal-open_randomized-ganon_0xvJk5z4yJ017.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he doesn't know
there's like 100+ player sprites

>> No.5277116

In the LttP randomizer, there's a sprite selector when you generate a seed. You can change the color of your healthbar, change the beep speed of the low heart warning, and change your character sprite to any of the dozens available. I use Celes a lot just for the change of pace, I thought about making another character to put on it, but I'm not really a spriter.

>> No.5277409
File: 2.81 MB, 1024x896, boots clip.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok, forgot to read the most important part of the seed settings. REQUIRES MINOR OVERWORLD GLITCHES.

If you do this seed, prepare to go full retard at a few spots. In the interest of saving you time experimenting on -where- to use the glitch, I'll just tell you what to use and where.

There's something called a boots clip, you can use it on diagonal cliffs in the overworld by pushing yourself into them at a specific pixel. Executing this while holding a sword slash, then releasing it while holding towards the direction of the cliff, causes you to teleport upwards or downwards a bit. In doing so, you can clip through various boundaries and wind up somewhere else. I had to use a boots clip near the lumberjack hut to get on top of death mountain near the tower of hera, then use another on the cliff to the east to bypass the need for a hammer. For my troubles, I found the hammer on the floating island, which I think now lets me complete the seed as normal.

Informative, but I'm not a fan of glitches this big. Still, might be worth learning if you ever have to do a glitch seed.

>> No.5277427

Can someone verify if this is a good? I don't want to download lostboy.dolphinporn.exe.

>> No.5277451

You know what, I'm that guy and it's not quite right. I tried it on the LttP randomizer and it was slightly wrong. [b1] instead of original. This is the one I grabbed and patched successfully a couple of days ago, pulled it from history:


For reference, here's the /vr/ thread that I mentioned made by an admin from the-eye:
Seriously, they have a TON of cool stuff other than ROMs too.

>> No.5277738
File: 5 KB, 256x224, Daily Challenge_ Jan 7, 2019000.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also, you'll need to clip in the Dark World a little southwest of the arrow minigame to get into misery mire. The titan's mitts are in the shed. Those are the only three clips you'll need (Once to get into death mountain from lumberjack, another time to get into the sky and walk/swim to floating island for the hammer, and finally to get in to MM to get the gloves.).

This seed took like 5 hours despite what the time thing said, but a lot of that was spent looking up how to preform glitches and figuring out where to do them at, along with rewinding when I accidentally broke the game. I spent a lot of it in OHKO, and just to taunt me, the GT big key was in the first chest, but I kept going to find additional clocks so I didn't have to fight the gauntlet OHKO. Ped check wasn't needed, neither was the green pendent, so my second dips of EP and PoD were wasted time.

>> No.5277895

the frog chorus gave me a recovery heart

a FUCKING recovery heart

>> No.5277921

ok, so is cucco fluttering into zora's domain patched out, or am I just shit

>> No.5277929

>Hold on, why is this cancer still here?

>> No.5277930
File: 2.26 MB, 1024x896, arrow minigame.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A great thing to know for inverted modes or retro modes, or retro inverted modes, is the arrow minigame south of village of outcasts. For 25 rupees, you can attempt to hit targets for an exponentially increasing reward.

The trick to it is to stand as close to the shopkeep from the left, then fire an arrow whenever a squid thing is lined up with the second banner in the background. You can do this three or so times before the hands get out of sync and start blocking your shots, which can be reset by leaving and reentering.

For inverted, it's often a little difficult to get the 80 rupees for the digging game early on, which can sometimes block progression. For retro, you're probably going to want to buy a bunch of keys to complete dungeons faster without having to solve each room to get more, so farming up 1500 rupees should set you up for your major purchases (Digging game, bottle merchant, King Zora, PoD monkey) and give you plenty of spending money for an arrow purchase and a half dozen keys or more.

>> No.5277973


GOAT randomizer

>> No.5278004

do pieces of heart only give Pieces of heart?

I think Im running out of options here

>> No.5278023
File: 16 KB, 320x375, 1523669792905.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.5278027

for what? Ocarina of Time? In the dev version the overworld hearts/skulltulas show what they hold

>> No.5278543

OH-kay I didn't know about this one. I'm intrigued and interested.

>> No.5278582


I love the heretic randomizer of oblige.
It can make some pretty good maps, although they sorta suffer from all looking the same if you play long enough. And sometimes it can be difficult to get a proper ammo balance (either WAY WAY too much or way too little)

>> No.5279154

You can watch someone drink themselves to death in this


>> No.5279625
File: 11 KB, 304x252, Screenshot 2019-01-07 18.08.07.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Standard inverted seed today, uncle assured sword, no glitches, goal is ganon. Hopefully this will be a fairly clean run, since the settings are tournament valid.

>> No.5280131

>SMB Melee
Neat concept, but brutally fucking hard pro level only stuff.
Fucking awesome, some of the enemy placements when randomized can be a bit brutal.
Same as above.
Same as above, except if you let it remove water you can get some fucked situations. Random yoshi abilities is awesome.
Pretty neat, if grind heavy. You might get lucky and get some good drops, or be halfway through the game with mostly starter gear. Make a map.
The original, still great. Best on an emulator so you can actually save your progress.
>FF6 Beyond Chaos AC mode
>Dragon Quest 3
Seemed kinda neat, but the stat gains got broken fast. +155 Strength on a single level? For seven levels in a row? It also locked up for me when I threw the sword in the volcano. Though it is entirely possible that was due to already having the dragon at that point, I've never tried that in the regular game.
>Mega Man X
I kept it light to try and avoid bugs, and it still gave me a game breaker about halfway through. Others have reported success.
>Super Metroid Arcade
Lots of fun, but even on easy it still might ask you to pull some perfect jumps and infinite bomb jumping and a few other techniques. Biggest offender is the overuse of underwater rooms while making Gravity Suit somewhat rare and temporary on top of it.
>Super Metroid Varia
Neat, though it can lead to a lot of backtracking since rooms are jumbled around which will throw you off.
>A Link To The Past
Pretty cool, but you'll probably need the item tracker handy to avoid getting stuck. Being able to change Link's appearance is nifty.
>Zelda 2
If you let it randomize the overworld, you will wind up with a giant mess to explore where any square can be anything. Seems neat beyond that, but I haven't played with it that much.

I'm thinking about CV2, SCV4, or one of the Mega Man randomizers next.

>> No.5280486

Not a terrible seed, my real time was 2:38. Probably my fastest inverted run ever.

I forced myself to forgo killing Aghanim 1 for the red mail though, I'm not great at combat, but even I can complete Zelda 3 with enough blue potions.

>> No.5280507
File: 367 KB, 568x454, 1533467782543.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>LttP randomizer
>Open, Keysanity, keys can be found in any chest for any dungeon, including the big key.
>Goal is Pedestal.
>Clearing dungeons here and there, complete most of the overworld before realizing it's an agha seed, so I bust through CT for dark world access.
>Only things available are PoD and TT, both aren't completable with the keys I have.
>Dig through TT since it has a decent item density, find gloves level 2, so I go on a big overworld hunt.
>After clearing out all of village of outcasts, part of skull woods, the smith, the purple chest, stumpy, grove, k45, and the tablets, I come up empty.
>First chest in PoD has the mirror, rest of the dungeon has every key for Hera and some others.
>Find the hammer in Ice Palace, and the map to MM.
>MM is the last pendent dungeon I need for victory, but I hold off going there since I can't full clear it.
>Finally bite the bullet and go.
>Fire locked chest has the big key.
>To add insult to injury, the hint just above the chest mentioned that a piece of heart and the MM big key are fire locked in MM.

I also mismarked the cane of samaria on the floating island as a red potion, and cleared literally every other spot (Which was everything except for Turtle rock and Vitrious) before I finally went back and started checking locations I'd marked down but hadn't collected. If you take notes, make sure they're correct ones!

>> No.5280898

About Zelda 2-- all encounter areas on the overworld should be surrounded by a tile of a different type.
Hopefully the only mess is to remember where you've already been and what was there.

>> No.5282008

>someone read my cancer

>> No.5282405

>I'm thinking about CV2, SCV4, or one of the Mega Man randomizers next.

Hit up MM2, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. One of my favorite parts is simply aesthetic - there's some 50-60 new songs added.
I don't know much about the MM3-6 because the pages are in runes and I haven't bothered yet. All I know is they are listed as endless rogueless, so something more like SM:A, I believe.

>> No.5282431

Thoughts on OoT's letting you block specific locations? Personally I always block Big Poes because that's a fucking awful check that's ended runs before

>> No.5282441

I don't do OoT's randomizer, but I know doing the same in FF1 lets you really shape runs based on where incentivized items are. There's a huge difference in how runs play out when Marsh or Earth potentially have something beyond random treasure.

>> No.5282450
File: 2 KB, 210x195, problem.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>enter marsh cave
>Shadows have LIT3

>> No.5282460

>Entire party dies except for the guy with the ribbon.
>Immediately death touched by crawls afterwards.

>> No.5282476

If it's a forced early Marsh Cave and you have stuff like that you may as well reroll the seed.

>> No.5282491
File: 13 KB, 1024x224, DM is fed up with your shit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5282509

Completely locked out of fire temple, and i think i set it so the bridge needs medallions

If i cant get the medallions from all the other dungeons im fucked

>> No.5282587

I think that's why it's generally not on for tournaments. They experiment with it sometimes, but it can sometimes grind runs to a screeching halt as the players try to figure out how to dive it before the other.

Personally, I like places like Marsh to have non-key incentivized items like Masamune, Excalibur, etc. It's still not useful in tournament brackets since players immediately ignore chests and extra locations as soon as they reach go mode, but it's more fun for people who don't speed run since they have an optional way to power up beyond a grind.

>> No.5283414

Holy shit is Vitrious hard with the hammer only. Same for Aghanim, timing it to reflect shots on agha 2 is a painful experience.

>> No.5283442
File: 290 KB, 680x680, 1526078349800.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>phantom ganon drops the dungeon map

>> No.5283467

>fighter sword bowless capeless vitreous

>> No.5283470




>> No.5283480

I'd probably take that over hammer only. With the fighter sword, I can bat the eyes away in a larger arc, making the fight somewhat easy, if tedious, by sliding up and down the wall on the side. With the hammer, I can at best bat away one eye at a time, and by the time I recover from the swing, another eyeball has ran into me, unless I'm doing it from south to north, though that means I have to be dead on with the hit since the range is small.

I certainly prefer cape+sword vitrious though, holy shit does that make it easy.

>> No.5283490

you can try throwing bombs, but swordless just doesn't sound fun

>> No.5283506
File: 5 KB, 256x224, Daily Challenge_ Jan 9, 2019000.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I made it through. I want to die, but I made it.

Funnily enough, Ganon wasn't even the hardest boss I faced, Agha2 probably took the most time, but I had a quick death on Vit from trying to bomb him. I kept either getting hit while throwing bombs because I'm terrible, or getting hit from the lightning because I'm not paying attention. I only finished him because I chugged three potions to keep me alive.

God help me if I ever get a hard mode swordless seed, or an OHKO. I've only passed on one seed so far, an inverted easy OKHO, and I'm trying to not do that anymore since I've started streaming my runs.

>> No.5283957

>3 pendants as well
i bet ped was something shit like 5 rupees or 10 bombs

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