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Do you suffer from motion sickness while playing old fps?

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What would cause motion sickness in the first place?

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Not old FPS, but games like Jumping Flash give me a severe feeling of vertigo

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I always felt like throwing up every time I tried to play Quake III, no problem whatsoever in Quake and Quake II

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No. But I'm extremely high test, so I can handle just about any video game.

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Complete opposite in fact, old shit that I can play at like a 1000fps is way nicer than modern shit that runs like ass at 60-100fps etc

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Yes, I always got motion sickness when playing Doom or Wolfenstein for more than a couple hours. And since starting HRT, it's more like ten minutes... x_x

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I wish I could play blood without feeling like thowing up. Half-life too.

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>Do you suffer from motion sickness while playing old fps?
No, but they can when they are running perfectly on contemporary systems. I reloaded quake 2 the other day for its anniversary, and it is absurd how smooth it looks. It looks better than the commercials for it back in the day.

I would love to see more quake 2 threads. Doom is top dog, but q2 makes the best 3d online fps shooter.

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No, I literally play old FPS all day and I've never felt a thing.

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Why, is there something wrong with your brain, autism-related?

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I'm not prone to motion sickness, otherwise I might lose my pilot license.

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Try disabling headbobbing and/or increasing FoV to 90

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i think it's age related, I grew up playing blood and never had this problem, now i'm 30 and get it all the time

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No, I tend to get motion sickness from newer FPS games though; in general, older ones whose graphics aren't close to being realistic looking don't trigger it. But for instance, I couldn't finish half-life, kept throwing up.

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Someone posted in a thread here that Doom didn't do well Japan because of motion sickness, I've never had a problem with it, maybe cause i started playing them when I was 7 years old. Is it a jap problem or an old person problem? My dad never played games with me back in the day because he said they gave him motion siclness/headachrs.

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I'm American and when my brother and I got HL1 for PC, he couldn't play because of motion sickness but I was fine. I think I played more faster paced action games then he did before then so maybe that had something to do with it.

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I always get motion sickness from playing 007 goldeneye because of the FPS drops. I also get motion sickness from goldeneye reloaded but I don't know why.

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I did as a kid on DOOM, Quake, and such, didn't get over it until recently on modern source ports. I assume it's a framerate thing that gets much worse with the high movement speed and FOV.

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Not even slightly, even though I'm extremely prone to carsickness.

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A little bit yes.
Not to the extent that you see people getting it with VR though.

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Decent Maximum was the worst culprit Forsaken too, holy shit I’m not really one for motion sickness either, anyone else?

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Wolfenstein 3d has always made me sick. No issue with other FPS like Doom, though.

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I play a huge ass ammount of FPS and Doom almost everyday but for some reason I usually feel sick with Duke Nukem 3D.
I think maybe it's because some enemies or things are too gross.

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Just Marathon, strangely enough.

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The only game this applies to me was Jak 1 on the Vita for some reason, it had poor framerate so that's got something to do with it but it's weird because it's such a small screen

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I had severe motion sickness while playing doom, but disabling head-bobbing resolved the problem
just as >>5228871 said

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Yes. The older I get the more difficult it is. I first realized when I got Painkiller Black Edition when it came out.
I fix it in Doom by console commands playing at 70% walking speed.

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No. For me it's not the age of the game or head bobbing or things like that, but the FOV that matters. Fortunately I don't get actual motion sickness but more a mix of annoyance and uneasy feeling if FOV is way small or big in relation to the display size.

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No. But I'm sick of real 3D fps games. Can't stand anything other than Doom or Build games.

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Yes, I love how these games look but with 5 minutes playing I get sick.

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I don't get sick normally, but if I'm already not feeling too good, playing these games aggravate my sickness.

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>head bobbing makes me sick
Do you people constantly puke when you walk down the street?

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commit not alive

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I grew up with DOOM, UT, Quake 3, half-life and I never had this problem. Though playing 3d console games from gen 5/6 make me sick due to low resolution, framerate and interlacing.

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No, I'm not even sure how people get it

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It's not the same as sitting still and experiencing headbobbing, the disconnect with that is what causes motion sickness

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Quake 2 gets an unfair amount of hate.

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Hmm what could be the difference between these situations? Could it be... my head physically moving with my vision??

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i duno if this counts but falling in games. gives me vertigo. world or warcraft was realy bad at is and you died from it alot too which added to the effect. first noticed it from playing quake, duke-nukem prey much any 3d environment game like half-life even

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Quake does real quick if I don't turn off bob and roll. If I do that I can play for hours on end no problem.

Sometimes people are all "increase your fov to reduce motion sickness" but too high could be doing it too. 100 or more is too much but 80 or less is too low.

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Communism works

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go back to your stinking hole

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Used to happen to me too but after experiencing it so much it stopped happening

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I am not a pussy, so no.

Now try Forsaken or Descent. If those give you motion sickness then you are infected by the weakness of the pussy.

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kill yourself nap

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