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Gaming in Germany surely was fun
>Doom, one of the most important and iconic games in history was banned
>Half Life was censored
>Baldurs Gate was censored
>Mortal Kombat banned
lmao what did they even play in the 90's, street cleaning simulators?

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What would retro gaming be like if Hitler had won WW2?

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The problem with BG was less censorship and more the garbage translation. If you had a brain you pirated the original versions.

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We simply imported from UK or Austria. I never had problems buying and playing the games that I want. When something was hard to get or the sellers/salesclerk was stubborn, you told your parents or older friends to get it for you.

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was Doom even banned or was it sold only in porn stores?

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It was never "banned", just like every other game that landed on list A of the BPjS / BPjM.
You were simply not allowed to advertise it and make it freely available to minors.

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Indexed so the latter.
You needed swastikas or completely senseless violence to get banned.

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>tfw you never gave a shit about BPjS censors and played whatever you wanted

My dad bought DN3D on US release and we played it cooperatively over LAN. I miss him. :/

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>ads, articles and walkthroughs plastered all over the mags including front covers because it took months for games to get put on the index
>shareware versions were like on every "100 TOP GAMES ON ONE CD!" and magazine disc
>games were still freely available to buy for adults
>everyone with half a working brain and a schoolyard knew how to get the actually banned stuff

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Too busy jerking off to hentai game classics that were freely available at your local kiosk bundled with a walkthrough mag.

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Clever of them to avoid the word uncensored

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>not a wankthrough mag

0/6000000 try again.

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In BSG's case it actually DID mean "unrestricted", as in no demo, shareware or one of those weird-ass versions where the game would only include half of the episodes like that one Jazz Jackrabbit Special Edition.

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>Prolific and iconic home titles during all the 90s
>Bitches about censorship of imported crap

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That's so fucking stupid.

Games where you KILLED Nazis were banned too? Christ yuroland is a dystopia.

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It's like you are stupid on purpose

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>oh no hanz our youth are going to be radicalized by wolfenstein and we'll have another reichstag fire before you know it

God, g*rmans are pathetic. You lot sure have a fetish for arbitrary censorship.

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How normal is piracy in Germany?

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Prosecuted heavily. Funny that the government is so paranoid about people being thieves of video games when they prop up their economy by giving predatory loans to impoverished European nations. The eternal German is always waiting to ruin Europe.

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projecting much?
I'm not loaded with white guilt nonsense and I'm also against any form of censorship. I just can't take the 9000th-Jewish-pozzed-WWII-shoot-evil-Nazi-fantasy-garbage seriously anymore. Trash like this has really no place here.

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What could they censor in Baldur's Gate?

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Hans is mad because he lost the war lmao

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We never cared much, to say the least. Our machines at the Uni were in perma-upload/download use to get the newest shit 24/7.

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Shit I don't think you can even get prosecuted for downloading vidyas in France

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Killing Nazis or killing as Nazis, e.g. Panzer General, is fine, you just can't display prohibited symbols.

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Not mad, but I had nothing to do with it and I don't care about all the kvetching Jews that whine on TV all the time. I want to see my country on top, like every serious nationalist would.

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Blood and splatter.

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too bad Mahmud is busy playing Carmageddon IRL and you do nothing about it lol

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too bad skyler and tyler and jared and braxley and noah and zebulon and jayden and jaden and d'jayddh'n are busy playing Doom school maps IRL and you do nothing about it lol

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Don't want to break it for you, but I'm Czech. Never had any censorship going, including commie period.

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Oh, really, who cares. It adds nothing to the game.

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I had you figured out wrong, you're alright.

From what I understand Czechoslovakia was never too hardcore on the commie dystopia thing. The Warsaw Pact had to invade to keep you guys from leaving the Eastern Bloc.

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Whoever sits at the top of that censorship organisation has problems with:

violence against humans, so change them to robots
graphic violence like dismemberment, gibbing and in some cases even the ragdoll effects. things like this are missing in many censored versions
certain political symbols, to the point where they rewrite history, just for the sake of avoiding the Swastika

luckily I never bothered with localized trash versions

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Everyone I ever knew that was into vidya pirated and shared games with others.

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Giana Sisters on C64 was gud. Definitely better than that retarded plumber from Japan.

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>only PC games mentioned
How was console gaming in Germany?

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A dark age, full of badly converted 50Hz garbage...with stuff coming out months or even years after the US/JAP releases.

Again, importing and modding your systems was mandatory.

Luckily every game mag in the 8/16/32 bit era was full of ads from import dealers.

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Mostly Nintendo territory with the odd Sega console owner here and there.

Germany also had its own Ted Woolsey in the form of Claude Moyse who was infamous for his rather questionable translations that included German pop culture references, inside jokes and even various plot rewrites (nothing extreme but the two phases of the final boss in Terranigma got turned into two separate entities for example called Agarack and Ragnara).

The guy was also responsible for all those fucked-up Mario comics.
He basically sent some half-assed scripts to NOJ, they tried to make heads or tails out of that nonsense and got glorious shit like this in return.

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>Claude Moyse
Haven't heard that name in...uh...decades? Bet that weirdo is a tranny by now.

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Pretty much the samethingjaåan has for console gaming now

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>Bet that weirdo is a tranny by now.
What would make you think that?
He has his own publishing company now that focuses on magazines about Japanese culture aimed at girls/young women, some of which are also about BL and Yaoi.
Huh. Well, still, I don't think he's trans or anything.

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but he's definitely a weirdo

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Even afterwards they got creative when they wanted to mention a title put on the index.
I remember 'Resident Evil' becoming 'President Stiefel'.

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Using advanced ancient alien ufo technology from the secret base in Antarctica we would have had the CD32 in 1955. And everyone would forced to use it to this day.
>movies are retro games
>putting the tard in /pol/tard

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Meant to say hollywood movie games.

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It started to improve in the early-mid 2000s. Also, there's Switzerland

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Some very rough sales figures
Sega Master System - Germany: 700k, all of Europe: 7 million
NES - Germany: 1.2 million, all of Europe: 6 million
Mega Drive - Germany: 1 million, Europe: 8 million
SNES - Germany: less than 1 million (hard to find data, definitely less than NES), Europe: 8 million
Compare to home Computers
Amiga 500 - Germany: 1 million, Europe: 2.6 million
C64 - Germany: 3 million, Europe: 8-9 million

So you can see that the distribution was mostly even (except for the C64). If you went to school in a german city, you'd have at least one guy with a sega, one guy with a nintendo and one guy with a home computer among your classmates. We all played a bit of each system, taking turns visiting friends at home.

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Despite your antijewism I'd support that

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What versions do Austrians and Swiss get?

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I see. Interesting that NES sold so well but SNES did not.

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>being in Germany for studing Deutsch
>buy cod ww2 to pass time
>no nazi flag in the game
>buy red dead 2 on amazon
>delivery guy ask for my ID because the item is 18+ restricted

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So why were they offering a sweepstakes for a trip to San Francisco anyway?

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Was that official promo artwork for Quake? That's the goofiest looking Quakeguy I've ever seen.

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>Baldurs Gate was censored
Literally why?

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That's fine. I don't watch that dogshit anyway.

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Best timeline

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Zombies in Resident Evil had grey/green blood in the German version.

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Pretty much all of their covers were official art.

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What's anti-jewish about that? A tremendous amount of actors and other big names in Hollywood are Jewish.

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Tie-in contest for the game Golden Gate Killer/SFPD Homicide.

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Axel Stoll is that you?

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>even back then krauts loved railroad tycoon and similar work simulations

lmao some things never change

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it's funny how americans think they are against censorship, yet they see a nipple and they flip out. Nipples don't kill people, guns do.

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pretty much the state of console gaming in japan now

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>lmao what did they even play in the 90's, street cleaning simulators?
Well they certainly do that now.

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>what did they even play
Ultima IV-VIIp2 Half-Life 1 + OpFor Turrican Deus Ex Thief 1-2 Ultima Underworld 1-2 Diablo 1-2 Dark Sun Pool of Radiance Gothic I-II Doom I System Shock 1-2 Descent 1-2 Planescape: Torment Fallout 1 Quake 1 Turok 1-2 Jedi Knight Trilogy MDK 1-2 MGS 1 + GB Mega Man 2-3 Mega Man X1-3 Duke Nukem 3D Tetris Unreal Gold-Tournament Super Metroid Contra Metal Slug Wizardry 6-8 Might and Magic IV-VI Heroes of Might and Magic II-IV Return to Castle Wolfenstein Rayman Rollercoaster Tycoon Sonic 1-3 Lufia II Myst Freespace Mechwarrior

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File: 1.02 MB, 1656x2328, Artikel_2_Paragraph_5_Absatz_3_des_deutschen_Nippelgesetzbuches_wie_es_im_neuen_Rundschreiben_B65_festgelegt_ist.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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> Implying that's bad

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not to forget about Wolfenstein and Perfect Dark. Everyone played those games anyways, but it shattered our connection with people in charge of deciding what's good for children

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In the Commandos series dead people were replaced by bags.

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I never ever touched one of these desu. Stuff like this popped up like mushrooms after 2000. Good for everyone who gets some fun out of this, but not my idea of recreation.

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Nobody was really hardcore about it, sans maybe, dunno, Pol Pot. And seriously, all things considered, Poles had it worse. So did East Germans. Censorship was a joke anyway, since all you had to do was make things fantasy or sci-fi and censors would let fly ANYTHING, as long as it was "green ones" and not "reds"

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I mean, I wouldn't play a game where I have to shoot German soldiers, anyway.

Demons, fine. Ivans, fine. Tommies, fine. Yanks, fine.

But I ain't going to fire at German soldiers. Real or otherwise.

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I was growing up with Doom on the Atari Jaguar and an Amiga 500+ with two big boxes full of X-Copy'd games. I sure would've liked an Arcade culture though,
then again I would've blasted too much money on those things anyway and there was the Amiga, so fuck it.

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Why the fuck did they censor half-life?

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Piracy should be normal everywhere.

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Funny, because i
>played the hell out of all DOOMs
>played all the Half-Lifes uncensored
>played Baldur's Gate uncensored
>didn't care about muh Mortal Kombat
in germoney. You just had to not be a retard, unlike OP.

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they played turrican all day and did demo scene shit.

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90s, not 80s asshole

>> No.5229895

euros didn't stop playing amiga shit until the playstation came out

>> No.5229901

That's where you're wrong kiddo

>> No.5229905

also lmao @ Plebstation

>> No.5229907

But he's right?

>> No.5229908

then why do they happily shit on the snes and genesis versions of turrican and say amiga was superior? Amiga didn't get totally btfo until psx era.

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No. Fuck your kiddie consoles.

>> No.5229924

I think your reading comprehension is lacking.

>> No.5229931

I think you're a huge faggot

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If it looks like weebshit it's weebshit, you degenerate dick tucking tranny weebshit cocksucker.

>> No.5230125

Obviously meant to quote this faggot: >>5229924

>> No.5230128

*reply to
Fucking weebshits.

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>I am mentally ill and cannot separate fact from fiction

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Is there a game where you can kill Ronnies?

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You can see that just from the redditspacing

>> No.5230218

Show me a post from Reddit that looks like that.

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>Claude Moyse who was infamous for his rather questionable translations that included German pop culture references
didn't he also added the "Nie ohne Kondom" in Links Awakening?

>> No.5230249

cause, too "brutal" and such
they removed all the gore and blood, and swapped the human enemies with robots out

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I have flashbacks of the entire Killergame debate now.

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Product of Austria

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We just installed uncensor patches, you retard.

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on the bright side we got the unforgettable Generals censorship changes. Good for a laugh while you pirate the original.

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My favorite is "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade"
>movie is aired in the afternoon, uncut, with Nazis and swastikas in plain sight
>videogame is censored, on the index (so 18+) and was just shy of being confiscated
It's a German thing.

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Absolutely normal. Officially of course it's illegal, but nobody cares and nobody does anything about it.

>> No.5231187

OP is American, thou. That makes him a retard by default.

>> No.5231189

Why would I pirate shit games? Fuck EA

>> No.5231193

It's simple...(((movies))) are considered art, games are not. That's why

>> No.5232587

>Drive 20min to a different country
>Buy games
>Drive home
Wew so hard

>> No.5233581

it's just because of a dumb court-ruling from '95 re: wolfenstein3d.
>20 min
germoney is not that small.

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About as normal as eating Bratwurst and starting world wars. Since the late 80s me and my friends have always pirated fucking everything. Traded copied floppies in school, later burned CD's of PC games and PSX games. Also used computers at university and the local library to download shit with eMule and BitTorrent. Even though da gubberment was always salty as hell nobody I know gave a single fuck, ever.

>tfw in the 90s there even was a christmas themed version of XCopy

>> No.5234081

Those games weren't actually banned as much as you think. They were forbidden to be advertised or displayed in shops but you were allowed to sell and own them. You just had to ask in a shop if they carried imports of the game or not and show them proof that you were 18.

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Generals was a solid game, buttmaster. It just wasn't a real C&C game.

>> No.5234357

Suck my ass, EA drone

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Hey Murrica!
How was that Medal of Honor reboot in the multiplayer? I heard they are making Taliban a playable side...
>they named Taliban bitchboi "insurgents" because it'll be shocking to burgers to shoot at their own
Well, how about Six days in Fallujah? It seemed to be a pretty interesting take on the military shoo~
>outright cancelled because burger feelings
Wow, someone here sure has big broblems separating fact from fiction.

>> No.5236172

>25 years later
>Wolfenstein 3D put on the index again
>still forbidden and under confiscation
>courts consider it nazi-propaganda
https://www.foruncut.com/2018/12/wolfenstein-3d-auf-listenteil-b-folgeindiziert/ (German)


>> No.5236203

it's not America who flip out, it's SJW who flip out and than the MSM act like it is the majority who flip out which makes it look like as if America flip out about nipples.

>> No.5236216

Ah, G*rmany. The country that imports subhumans by the thousands and sweeps under the rug any report of their crimes, as well as inventing stories for no other reason than to turn the public opinion against others.
Not to mention the country where Nazism and Communism were shat out for the rest of the world to deal with its stench.
Why is G*rmany a country again?

>> No.5236338

That's hilarious. Especially considering the state of Germany right now.

>> No.5236350

Enjoy getting fucked by Mexican niggers

>> No.5237598

>TV licensed games
>that one ski jumping game
>shareware/demo CD compilations
Probably not retro but that's what i can remember at the moment

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Some of that stuff was surprisingly high quality like the Kellogg's platformer from Factor 5 or Bi-Fi Roll Action in Hollywood made by The Art Department.

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Hell, even the avertisement game for the freaking foreign office became somewhat of a cult classic.

>> No.5238348

>one of the most important and iconic games
LOL how retarded do you have t be to actually believe this?

>what did they even play in the 90's
Games that were actually good

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played kz manager mostly

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Just ordered them from Austria.

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>not important
are you fucked in the head or just turkish?

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>sullied gaming with FPS trash

>> No.5241293
File: 114 KB, 297x204, 014524.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5241349

>thinks gaming can be sullied
>thinks FPS is a bad genre
So I guess you are both turkish and fucked in the head

>> No.5241357

My sides

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better ban videogames and open our borders to pissed off muslims, yes franz this is ze best way to prevent another world war ja!

>> No.5241634

Your hate-boner aims at an unholy alliance of the self-proclaimed elite of liberal bourgeoisie and the few stuck up conservatives that are left here. It's mostly about control and authoritarianism, not the intention of protecting anyone from anything. It's small minded bean counters and dried-up cunts being terminally buttmad at everyone else having fun.

>> No.5241986

LAN Parties are Unesco cultural heritage.

>> No.5242969

Both SJWs and soccer moms hate sex, and tacitly ignore the other's hatred for it.

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>swap all soldiers with humans
>even record new dialogue
>beep boop the freeman has eliminated many of our units beep boop

>> No.5243585
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>soccer moms hate sex
fuck you don't ruin my fantasies

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