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Let's discuss about this beautiful engine and their games. Last thread >>5189510
Also, a personal question: Rednukem VS RedneckGDX. Which one and why? Are there some major differences aside the obvious change of engine? Which one of these is the most advanced gameplay-wise and technically? What about compatibility?

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Redneck Rampage is top comfy, but that first level where you have to blow a hole into a wall of with dynamite is retarded as it halted my play when I played through it the first time.

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>tfw Duke Nukem, Doom, Shadow Warrior, Redneck Rampage, and Blood are my favorite games of all time
>used to play them all the time as a kid
>suddenly start developing motion sickness
>now I can only play Build Engine games for about 20 minutes before getting sick to my stomach
>motion sickness isn't affected by other FPS engines for some reason
>can no longer enjoy my favorite games
>life is suffering

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Damn, that's a shame... And also very weird if you don't have the same issue with other engines.
New school FPS don't do that to you? Not even idTech1 that could be the best comparison with build?

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I think I get sick because of the way Build Engine somewhat 'distorts' the view when looking up/down.

Also, eye strain from dark levels and hyper-sonic run speeds don't help much either...

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Fuck, that's terrible man. Me too i'm starting to develop some problems eye-related, for now i'm using some reading glasses but that will not be enough for the long term, i think. Ironically i have motion sickness too, but luckily it's something that i perceive when i move IRL, and not on videogames. I seriously hope the thing doesn't grow bigger by the day or else me too i won't be able to enjoy my favorite games. I can only pray for the both of us

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nigga where's outlaws

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Not build engine.

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Look into the source ports. Or ask an eye doctor if there are any special glasses that can help with that. Though don't commit to paying for anything until you're certain it'll work.

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Douk = Blood > Shadow Warrior > Redneck Rampage > Powerslave

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Anyone got the fix for Powerslave EX on Windows 10? The mouse is borked to all hell and the link to the working and updated SDL file is missing.

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That's debatable, but it's probably one of the best rankings for the games that I've seen anybody post.

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You know what? I found a couple of garbage DN3D and SW maps I made(and uploaded) on one of those god awful 3rd party shovelware map CDs.

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Sith engine If I remember, Basically a modified Dark forces engine.

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What are the best usermaps released in the past 2-3 years?

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You mean, they weren't on classic/unsorted sections of Dukeworld?

Anyway, if they are for singpleplayer, then, by all means, bring them on!

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The level design in the game ranges from okay to absolute dogshit. Like the fucking mine level where even grazing a minecart that's going 5 mph is instant death. I've heard that both the expansion and the sequel are superior though.
I suggest trying some GL ports, they convert the game into an actual 3D space so there's no view shearing.

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The mine level is fucking amazing though... except from those stupid killer ghost carts

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Outlaws and DF used Jedi Engine
Sith Engine was for Jedi Knight DF2 and Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine

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Fuck Blood and fuck hitscan enemies.

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What's the deal with hitscan hate? You can't tell the difference and you also CAN'T dodge bullets that are realized as missiles instead of hitscan, unless you are the fucking Flash.

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never played Redneck Rampage, how does it compare to DN3D and Blood in terms of level design and gunplay?

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It's a charming mess. If it holds no nostalgic value for you then it's definitely a step down from DN3D and Blood.

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Objectively shit but it gets pretty fun and intense

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I see this opinion a lot, and inevitably it's from Doomheads who try to emulate their "run and gun" playstyle in Blood when that just doesn't work until you're intimately familiar with the game's mechanics.

In Blood, you have to be meticulous about carving a path for yourself; if you just walk out into the open and start trying to shotgun a group of fanatics from 30 meters away, you're going to get your shit pushed in. Shoot flares instead, throw dynamite instead, bait them on top of your detonator instead, but don't dance around in a hitscanner's line of sight for extended periods of time. A big part of being good at Blood is balancing between keeping hitscanners' view of you at a minimum, and killing/stunning them in the quickest way possible.

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Some game are not really worth being mastered though.

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The cope is palatable

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>who try to emulate their "run and gun" playstyle in Blood when that just doesn't work
So you claim "run and gun" doesn't work in Blood?
What works then? "Run OR gun", maybe?
Now, where, oh where, could I have seen a similar formula before?

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It's just that in some games you complete the vanilla campaign - and then you start doing userlevels.
And in some other games, you JUST complete the vanilla campaign. Once. Then you say "good riddance", uninstall the game, and delete all the remaining data and all the saves.

I'd personally put Blood in the second category.

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You sound like a whiny faggot :/

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pls no buli(((

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Redneck Rampage has the most underrated level design of any series in history. The sewer level is obviously the exception.

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Yo, I'm sorry for the sorta dumb post but I recently got into the build engine games for the first time. Finished DN3D and SW and I'm now starting Blood which is kind of fucking me sideways. Can you guys give some advice? I heard you are not supposed to play it like Doom but not sure what exactly does this mean.

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Rely in cover rather than strafing. Play on Lightly Broiled difficulty.

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Also, I don't know why you can be possibly struggling with Blood having finished Shadow Warrior.

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It's not 'run and gun', nor is it 'run or gun', Blood is the one and only 'crouch and bounce' FPS

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Caribbean > World Tour > DC >>> Nuclear Winter

Twin Dragon > Wanton Destruction

Cryptic Passage > Plasma Pak

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>I think I get sick because of the way Build Engine somewhat 'distorts' the view when looking up/down.
Try ports that render in OpenGL or something, then you won't get that distortion. You could also tweak light settings to see what works for you.

Some people also say their motion sickness goes away after tweaking the FOV (field of view).

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You wouldn't be the first, Wizardworks (and others) didn't ask for any permissions when they made those compilations, nor did they vet any content, hence why you can find stuff like Doom .wads with like Simpson's soundbytes and other copyrighted stuff they absolutely didn't have the right to sell.

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It was me being drunk, sorry for that. I meant mostly that the cultist managed to land more hits than the ninjas did in SW. I was being retarded and not crouching n' bouncing which not only looks cool but is incredibly helpful. I still can't do well done, but lightly broiled is a fucking blast.

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Git gud.

It does disappoint me when I see people complain about how hitscan is unfair boohoo.
It's like people refuse to develop a method to deal with a problem.

Eat more red meat.

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I'll propose this again
>Rednukem VS RedneckGDX. Which one and why? Are there some major differences aside the obvious change of engine? Which one of these is the most advanced gameplay-wise and technically? What about compatibility?

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This is surprisingly accurate.

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>change of engine

Gameplay and accuracy are similar in these two.

Rednukem pros:
>no java
>software renderer

>widescreen sprites
>option to turn on color coded keys
>option to control vehicles with keyboard keys instead of a mouse

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>change of engine
Sorry, i don't know wtf i was smoking.
>no java
I still don't get the hate for this one, or maybe that's just a meme i don't understand... I mean, BGDX was great and that runs with java. Didn't see any game breaking inaccuracy too... Hopefully someone can enlight me regarding this matter.
Anyway, thanks a lot for your response, i'm going to try the second one because it seems the best one.

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I cant get RGDX to work. Always tells me some files are missing. Anybody able to upload the full package?

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OP here, i'm pretty sure you need the original files in symbiosis with RGDX in order to make it work. So just download the latest RedneckGDX version (i think it's 0.760) and the steam or gog collection (you can either buy it or pirate it, it's pretty easy to find eitherway), then you merge both things just like if it was BGDX... If you don't know how to do it there's a readme file on any GDX version that will help you. That's how i did.

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Blood > Duke 3d > Powerslave > Shadow Warrior > Redneck Rampage > WW2 GI > Nam > Witchaven > Tekwar > the rest

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I agree with this one, even though i would've put Witchaven above WW2GI and NAM.

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Great game overall.

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Same guy from here >>5231548 and >>5230695. Jesus christ Blood is something else. Hard as nails but there is so many layers to the movement and how to use it that makes the whole thing a cocaine rush. Atmosphere is top notch, whoever voices the main protag does an almost perfect job. I need to replay both DN3D and SW but so far Blood stands heads and shoulders above these two.

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Excellent taste my man, there's absolutely nothing else like crouching and bouncing around Blood. I think most people who don't really enjoy are people who haven't figured out how it's dynamics are actually quite a bit different than Douk or Shadow Warrior

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Or anything else for that matter. I'm really glad to finally have played this game.

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What about Witchaven 2 and Redneck Rampage Rides Again?

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I can't play GDX for more than a few mins. I don't know what he did with the renderer but it literally pains me to look at it, the green flashes when you pick up anything in RR are especially awful with GDX.

>option to control vehicles with keyboard keys instead of a mouse

You can control vehicles with turn keys in the original game too, but Rednukem also added the possiblity to control it with strafe keys, I suppose GDX too.

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I don't count them separately, as they're pretty much just level packs, not even expansion packs.

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This is like saying Mega Man 2 to 6 are level packs.
They're standalone sequels, like Doom2.

RR:RA has almost as many levels as the first game, fixes tons of issues, adds new weapons, new enemies, driveable vehicles. That's more than Doom2 added.

I don't remember exactly what Witchaven2 added but I thought it was much better than the first game; so i'd rate RA way above RR and WH2 a bit above WH1

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In that case, then each of Duke Nukem's level packs are new games, as are Shadow Warrior's and Blood's.

>> No.5233603

How hard is this to comprehend?

expansion pack:
>requires the original game to run
>generally has no bearing on the original game's story

>standalone game

expansion packs are also shorter, less levels, have less new content. Not counting reskins, out of all the expansions for Duke, Blood and SW, there is literaly 1 new enemy and 0 new weapons; so I don't see how they're "not even expansion packs"

RA's story also literally take place right after the ending to the first game.

Seems like the fact that you're able to download all those games and thousands of usermaps on your computer has shaded your view of official products. You wouldn't call Mega Man 3 "not even an expansion pack"

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>They're standalone sequels, like Doom2.
Doom 1, 2, Final Doom, Master Levels, NRFTL, Doom 64, all console ports, as well as all wads, mods and source ports for Doom are lumped together within the same definition, Classic Doom. No reason to separate so similar games.

There's Classic Doom, Doom 3 and nuDoom, which includes both D44m and the upcoming Doom Eternal.

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The definition of "new game" and of "expansion pack" is arbitrary when the new release isn't significantly different enough from the previous, and is heavily influenced by marketing trends. In my view, since these games are very similar to each other, not altering any of fundamental mechanics while adding very little new content, they don't warrant the definition of "new games". I don't know you, but I can see through marketing tricks.

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and yet Doom, Doom 2 and Doom 64 all are different standalone games, so are Doom2016 and Doom Eternal, so are Wolfenstein TNO, Wolfenstein TOB, Wolfenstein 2, so are Redneck Rampage and Redneck Rampage: Rides Again,

It's got nothing to do with marketing, it's just how things are. An expansion pack is not the same thing as a standalone sequel, especially when like in the case of RA, on top of being standalone, the sequel directly follows the story of the first game and has more new content than the actual expansion pack that came out.

>In my view, since these games are very similar to each other, not altering any of fundamental mechanics while adding very little new content, they don't warrant the definition of "new games". I don't know you, but I can see through marketing tricks.

Great, so now thanks to your "anti-marketing googles" I know that Crash Bandicoot 2, Resident Evil 2 and Mega Man 3 are all expansion packs.

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>the green flashes when you pick up anything in RR are especially awful with GDX.
iirc you can change that in the options to be less intrusive

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Am i the only faggot here who thinks that Doom (hardest difficulty) is way harder than Blood (hardest difficulty)? I like the second game i mentioned way more, so probably that's why; i'm more skilled with that one (although i've spent who knows how many hours on both of those). It's just that if you play Blood like Blood and not like Doom, it's a breeze no matter the difficulty level you choose. I don't get the meme "Blood is hard", and it's only true if again, you play it like Doom. Otherwise, how can you say it's hard?

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So why does Caleb start with a pitchfork? Is it a reference to something?

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I don't think so, it's just a melee weapon that wasn't used already and it also fits perfectly with the themes of the game.

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Are you comparing Blood's Extra Crispy difficulty with Doom's Nightmare or Ultra Violence? If it's the former, sure, Doom is way harder (but only because of enemy respawn), but if it's the latter, then no way, Blood is harder.

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>and it also fits perfectly with the themes of the game
How so? I don't really think pitchfork when imagining an undead cowboy occultist.

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I'm comparing Extra Crispy to Nightmare!, but in fact, i actually have problems anyway with EC vs UV. It's just that Doom isn't that predictable, there's way more types of enemies and ways to deal with them, often there are maps too dark to even discern where the enemy is, etc.; whereas in Blood you have an ass-kicking arsenal and even the flare gun itself is useful through out the game. It's true that your foes need more damage in order to be defeated, but that's nothing some flares, dynamites, napalm, tesla or alt-fire of every weapon can't do. Even the different types of dynamites that are sometimes severely underrated are pretty much miraculous in dire situations. The level design itself is often in your favor, designed to have way more space for cover; also you can crouch in order to avoid bullets and that's already something that helps a shitton, you can jump like a spastic if you want to reach whatever place and avoid more fire and i can go on and on. There simply isn't that much of a strategy going on in Doom compared to Blood, and so it's easy to lose in the end. I'm not shitting on those titles though, i love both but for me it's a no-brainer that one is easier than the other, Nightmare! or Ultra-Violence, it doesn't matter. For me it's harder than Extra Crispy.

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I will pass for an autistic for saying this stuff but who cares... imho it's not exactly fitting for Caleb per se, but for his surroundings.
I agree that an "undead cowboy occultist" as you call it shouldn't have a pitchfork, but who knows, maybe a clasp knife or some other typical blade... But that would water down the concept of how cool Caleb is, because a pitchfork although can be considered weird from some point of view, is also something that easily becomes a staple in its "oddness".
But that's only some kind of practical thinking, in the end what i meant was that it probably wasn't that hard for anyone on that era having a pitchfork laying somewhere, i mean, Caleb himself starts on his own grave, so that's probably the first thing he managed to grasp in order to take revenge. It makes more sense that way... This would also explain why in Blood II (why does this game even exist btw) he doesn't have it anymore.

>> No.5234098

Nah, Ultra Violence is piece of cake on the iwads. Dumb enemies, run 'n gun is all that's needed, no matter the map. Blood's level design exists so that the game is even playable. Blood's maps would be perfectly doable in Doom, but Doom's maps would be very hard, if not downright impossible, to play in Blood.

>> No.5234108

I agree with this

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>It's just that Doom isn't that predictable,
Yes it is, the AI is thick as pigshit, when they become aware that you exist, they will try to b-line it towards you, no matter what is between you and them.
They'll try to work around an obstacle, but not with much intelligence, and they will not avoid hazards in any manner, walking happily into incoming projectiles, under crushers, or next to conspicuously large collections of explosive barrels.

They will also attack and advance with very little regard for friendly fire, tricking them into attacking each other, or walking into each other's line of fire, takes little effort and thinking, and usually works greatly in your favor.
The result is that these monsters are complete dumbasses and easy to outsmart, but they're also always 100% aggressive and will advance no matter what, which does add a certain intensity to combat, if an encounter is built right.
Their predictable nature means it's easy for a level author to know exactly what their behavior is, and what kind of encounters you can make.

>there's way more types of enemies and ways to deal with them
I mean yeah, technically, but a lot of them are very similar:
>guy who attacks from a distance, and tries to move forward, some of these also have melee attacks
>the guy who can do this but also has a random chance to fire homing missiles
>the guy who can only shoot, and fires sort of an arc of projectiles at you from a distance
>the guy who can only shoot, he stands still while constantly shooting towards you, until you're out of sight, then he tries to find you again
>the guy who can shoot but who can also fly
>the guy who can only bite (sometimes harder to see)
>the guy who can fly but can only charge/tackle
>the guy who can fly but can't attack on his own, only spawn the previous guy
>the guy who can automatically score a hit on you if you stay in his line of sight too long, who can also raise some dead monsters, and which other monsters cannot infight

>> No.5234235

This isn't to shit on Doom's monsters btw, because it's an example of how you can do quite a lot with a lot of limits, but I'm just saying, I think Doom's monsters are quite predictable.

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>Build FPS featuring 3 weapons from Duke, Blood, and Shadow Warrior
Which 3 weapons from each game do you choose?

>> No.5234245

Sorry, i didn't explain myself too well regarding this matter; what i really meant was that their behaviour is predictable just as you said, like cultists themselves often are; on the other hand though, other stuff like their placement in the map is not: once you see a chaingunner for example, you know that you should take cover and/or kill him ASAP, but you never know when you'll find one (at least if you don't know the map); on Blood instead even if i don't know the exact placement of an enemy, i can always take cover, crouch and ultimately i just need to throw some dynamites here and there and i'm almost certain i'll hit someone (the fact that the game shoves TNTs bundles up your ass for the entirety of the game doesn't "help" either). So yeah, the arsenal you have in this game is strictly related for how "easy" it is (again, compared to doom hardest difficulties, this always imho).

>> No.5234249

>It's like they refused to develop a good game
Eat my meat, bitchboi. Shitty games are shit, a key element in shitty games is shitty game design. Like hitscan enemies.

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File: 1.37 MB, 3263x1839, Uzi Model B, SBR.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Pistol (designated pistol, a very simple, but very dependable weapon)
>Shotgun (designated shotgun)
>Devastator (designated Fuck Everything)

>Spraycan (setting things on fire, can also be a firebomb at times)
>Napalm Launcher (high tier explosive weapon)
>Dynamite ('low' tier explosive weapon, lacks range but is SO useful)

Shadow Warrior:
>Katana (designated melee weapon, I still want to include Duke's quick kick however)
>Grenade Launcher (mid tier explosive weapon)
>Twin Uzis (designated machineguns, does not share ammo pool with pistol)

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Tesla Gun

>Shadow Warrior
Grenade Launcher

>> No.5234260

The weapons i would choose for a new whole game wouldn't make any sense together because they are too different in concept, but i can at least say my favorite weapon for each game (this will be some very hard choices, especially for Blood, because there are too many good ones and i often find myself to use each one of them almost indistinctly)
Voodoo Doll
It's a very well thought weapon overall.
It's just a lot of fun to use and again, very well designed
>Thailandese Douk
It's satisfying cutting to pieces everyone with this one

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Ooh, did the hitscanners hurt you? Should I call the Waaahmbulance so they can kiss and make it better?

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Oh, i've chosen one for each of them, i must be blind. Well whatever

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Not an argument, bitchboi. Suck harder.

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>I-It's too hard for me, therefore it's not good! S-Stupid poopy pants game!

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Not the one you're replying to, but you sound a lot like a retarded zoomzoom faggot. Why are you even here?

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File: 55 KB, 434x327, zoomer tears.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Nnnyyyyeeergh it's a BAD GAME!

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File: 2.98 MB, 640x480, blood 1997.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It IS an argument. Just fucking crouch and dodge and shit, hitscanners are easy.

Notice how this guy faces off with guys with machineguns, shotguns, and dynamite, and how in this wild shootout, he takes exactly 1hp worth of damage, and they all die?
Git Gud Or Die Trying

>> No.5234348

ITT bitches who can't into hitscan

>> No.5234351 [DELETED] 

Seems like Doomlets are unable to adopt to other play styles

>> No.5234354

Blood is the ultimate pleb filter, imho. It's piss easy if you know what you're doing, and if you die is pretty much always your fault (doors that kill you when they open are an exception, especially when their animation is fast as fuck. Seriously, fuck doors they're the real enemies in this game).

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good fps:doom, quake, unreal, duke,blood, marathon, dark forces, outlaws.
bad fps: half life , goldeneye, perfect dark, cs, cod,halo, serious sam, nu-doom.

>> No.5234453

I'm glad that somebody, somewhere agrees. I rather recently played through RR (and the expansions/sequels/whatever) and I thought the level design was great, as in among some of the best I've seen among Build Engine games, defintely better than Shadow Warrior. Each level felt unique and distinct, like it resembled what it was meant to be, the encounters felt planned well (aside from the cheap alien vixens) and outside of the sewer level, none of them really stood out as "bad". I would seriously just play this game again for the level design alone, to me level design counts for a LOT in an FPS game, so for it to be so well done in Redneck Rampage, I can forgive it for a lot of its other and more glaring shortcomings.

>> No.5234461

The gunplay is pretty bad, it has some really un-fun enemies, but the level design is great.

>> No.5234484

I've played Doom for 20 years, being one of my very favorites, and I'd easily rank Duke Nukem 3D and Blood very closely to it.
A lot of casuals complain about hitscanners and how they're unfair, they're the same kind of person who couldn't play Plutonia, just as well as Blood.

They don't seem to be very inclined to improve themselves.

Bad post.

>> No.5234574

>i'm not good at this game so i should mock you in order to inflate my debatable ego

>> No.5234586

You missed a lot of titles for both parameters but i'm not saying you are wrong... You should add nu-quake in 'bad fps' though, especially Q4.

>> No.5234631 [DELETED] 

t.baited doombabby

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>> No.5234662

SW would be better if the level design wasn't so shit

>> No.5234668

Half of SW's levels are elder god tier, the other half are dogshit tier.

>> No.5234683

>falling for a counter-bait
this fish was easier than i thought

>> No.5234770

Hey fellas, is there any worthwhile Blood usermaps aside from Deathwish? I've already beaten it twice and I need something new to get my fix

>> No.5234814

Wasn't there one called French Meat?

>> No.5235527

Bloody Pulp Fiction is pretty good. Or the first episode is, at least, the rest are just disappointingly short.

>> No.5235637

this makes no sense and sounds total bullshit

>> No.5235639

>missing Tek-War
>missing Witchhaven
>missing Ion Maiden
shit list

>> No.5235642

this is a onions post
hitscan is annoying but just do the classic duke3d shotgun then duck behind a wall while reloading.
break. line. of. sight.

>> No.5236019

French Meat and RATM are okay.

single map Rapture is pretty damn good too.

>> No.5236192

Which was god and which was dogshit?

>> No.5236337

So why play the game that is only playable due to (and to the extent of) level-designer's goodwill? I can't speak for everyone, but I personally do not get my kicks from being dependant on someone's whimsy.
Point is, what you say can be rephrased as this: level-designing slip-ups in Blood cause immediate sharp difficulty spikes (in both directions). From which follows that the game is very unstable in regards to execution-level mustakes of the mapper, and thus offers vastly incoherent playing experience.

>> No.5236354

You post is dogshit

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Douk = Blood > Shadow Warrior >>> Powerslave >>>>>>>>>>>> Redneck Rampage

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Nothing is good as Death Wish, but i'll list the usermaps i know anyway.
- The Cult
- Caleb will have his revenge in Toronto: Scum of Dallas
- Bloody Pulp Fiction
- Bloodlines TC
- Dark Times
- Legend of Ravenloft
- Inherit the Earth
- Legends of the Iconoclast (LoI Remake) Scourge of Humanity
- Legends of the Iconoclast (LoI2 Remake) Unfinished Business
- French Meat
- Somewhere Under the Sea
- The Lost Episode
- Rage Against the Machine
- Hostile Takeover
- Banzai's Addon

>> No.5236754

Duke >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> SW > Blood > RR

>> No.5236761
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Here's your (You), seems like you needed it

>> No.5236814

I hope the new Blood port gets user map/episode support. It's obligatory.

>> No.5236837


>> No.5236932
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>someone mentions blood
>instantly fplets come crawling out of the woodwork to expose how bad they are
gets me every time

>> No.5236937 [DELETED] 

series that were never good:
half life

>> No.5236951
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>> No.5237000

We're talking about games that matter, anon

>> No.5237065

I'd make some ironic post about Tek-War but I can't be assed. I heard Ion Maiden was supposed to be pretty good, is it?

>> No.5237070
File: 203 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bombshelly hit the big time.

>> No.5237076

The preview campaign is really good.

>> No.5237079

Yeah, the preview levels were great, hopefully the rest of the game is of the same quality when it finally gets released.

>> No.5237129
File: 491 KB, 1920x1080, dw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've just finished Death Wish. I'm speechless, this is the best usermap(s) for any game ever. That atmospheric settings, the overall feel, how the music plays a role, the enemy placement, the difficulty, the secrets, the secret levels, the hidden keys, the tomes, the various tricks used, even the fucking jumpscares which i usually hate (i thought i grew accustomed to them, then i found out THAT one on The Black Tower... I nearly fainted); everything is perfect, the easter eggs themselves are never cheap (for example i fucking loved how subtle the reference was for the first level of the third episode; you're in front of a mirror, in a bathroom, there's plenty of mist, Caleb says one of his iconic oneliners "Sleep Ophelia" and then you read the level's name: Whisper Peak. Fucking beautiful). I'm usually all in for shitting on everything and be a nitpicky faggot, but this time there's really nothing to say, again, this is perfect. Shoutout to Bloatoid; you're awesome man... I'm not gay but i would suck your cock for what you've done.

>> No.5237316

Another Blood incel who can't accept other opinions.

>> No.5237331

Just a reminder that Douk is the king of the build games.

>> No.5237352
File: 438 KB, 356x634, 1533773977966.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love me some Blood and Shadow Warrior but Douk reigns supreme.

>> No.5237473

You may need to revisit the buzzwords you're using, kiddo

>> No.5237485

Pretty much, I like other aspects about other build games more, but they are kind of patchy in overall quality where Duke just does everything so consistently well.

>> No.5237609
File: 1.95 MB, 490x390, pipebomb.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Others are stronger in some areas, but Duke manages to be very consistent across the board IMO. Also, Duke is just really lovable, he's a dumb asshole, but also a wisecracking badass, he's an excellent hero and the icing on the cake that is his game.

I will laugh at Duke's bloated ego, but I will also admire his macho, his strength, and his juvenile sense of humor.

>> No.5237617
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>> No.5237821
File: 1.24 MB, 1111x719, threesome.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let's post some Build soundtracks. I'll share the ones that stuck with me the most, but only THREE per game/addon otherwise i would just link the entire thing for any version out there. Hopefully you'll post something too. (This isn't a ranking btw, both the games i listed and the order of the tracks don't follow anything in specific, this is just a post of appreciation)

With these last two i wanted to share my appreciation for that version that alas, i couldn't play; although i don't know if they're legit because on the title there's written "remastered"

Duke Nukem 3D
Grabbag is a must, and i wanted to slip in at least one from Life's a Beach. Regarding that addon, i would say that every single track is top notch

Shadow Warrior
Chinese Duke fucking rocks

Redneck Rampage
Technically mediocre and sometimes very unfair, especially with the screwed up aiming; but i still had a lot of fun with this game. It's probably the fine line that separates the worst build games with the good ones. One of the best reedeming factors is obviously the soundtrack... McDonald's can kiss my butt

I still have to play other Build games so i can't post any further. The next i will play will be PowerSlave, obviously. I think i will play it on PC first and then on PS1 because i saw that the experience changes a lot. After that it'll be Witchaven that recently received the GDX blessing.

>> No.5237961
File: 75 KB, 843x460, douk2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He truly is the best Build protagonist

>> No.5238374

Duke is a great game, and gets points for being the "first". Not the first Build game, but the first influencial ones, one that really influenced the industry and led to games like Sin or Half-Life, which, despite using the Quake engine, owes just as much to Duke if not more.

On the long run though, when you've learnt each game by heart, Blood's gameplay holds up more. In Duke, all you have to do is follow the few simple steps that you've learnt to master every single enemy, but in Blood if you're on the same level there is still always a bit of tension.
I guess unless you've mastered the game to the point to do pitchfork start extra cripsy, but if that's the case, you very well know it's not on the "same level" anymore and Blood has a higher skill ceiling.

>> No.5238384

Blood has shit leveldesign compared to Duke.

>> No.5238386

forgot to mention, I could be wrong but I believe one of the reason why Blood and SW are so close to Duke was because the devs were closed to duke's devs during most of the development. Meanwhile, Lobotomy got laid off very early on by 3DR, and thus Powerslave doesn't really its influence except from what feels like a last minute "let's include bad ass protag voice lines".

>I think i will play it on PC first and then on PS1 because i saw that the experience changes a lot

Saturn and PS1 versions are more or less the same game (lot's of differences including 3-4 different levels but same chore) and I'd call the Saturn version superior.

Saturn version was released first, but PC version was made first.
note that a beta pirate version of the PC game has been plaguing it since release and is easier to find than the retail version on warez sites.
If you wanna make sure you have the correct version, the date on the exe should be Dec04 1996 (Powerslave) or Mar 19 1997 (Exhumed). Also you should have music.

>> No.5238660

That's what I used to think too, but it's pretty different. Blood levels tend to be less detailed and rely on less textures per level, but it always has cool layouts, cool themes, some cool effects and architecture here and there, and are more varied.
Forgotten Catacombs (E6M9) is probably the prime example of that, 80-90% of the texturing is that same one texture, and yet the level is fucking awesome.

I can't even think of a single Blood level I'd call "bad", meanwhile, I really don't like the trio "Movie Set / Rabbid Transit / Farenheit" in Duke.

What makes Death Wish really awesome is Bloatoid's unique sensibility.
Level design mentality is neither truely classic Build era, nor modern. it's like a mix taking some of the bests elements of both worlds.
I think that's partly why it speaks to everyone.

>> No.5238727

Maybe but Duke is just more fun.

>> No.5238771
File: 239 KB, 1280x800, blood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thank you very much for the info, that's appreciated. But i'll still play the PS1 version because i have the real hardware and Saturn emulation isn't quite there yet. Anyway, i thought that PowerSlave for DOS was a true, frantic build engine FPS, while for PS1/Saturn the gameplay is much slower not only because of the power of the hardware, but because of some drastic decisions, especially for the fact that is more like a FPS with a Metroidvania approach. (I fucking hate that word), with power ups etc.
>Death Wish
Exactly, it's not something too eccentric and out of place, it truly feels like another adventure for Caleb, a real continuation of the story but with boosted up details and other technical features. A lot of things used for the making of this usermap weren't possible back in the day, still, it feels like... Blood. It's truly well made.
That's simply not true. I got way more stuck in Duke compared to Blood, and i would say that both games have top-notch level design.
If you get the gist of it, Blood can be just as fun. Though i won't deny that Duke can nail that aspect with pretty much every kind of player the exact same moment he starts playing. It's just more "friendly" regarding this matter.

>> No.5238802

I feel a lot of Blood levels just end up kind of samey or just uninspired, like they had to pad out the episodes with some extra levels to round them all off. Like all the cathedral/temple levels or the cave levels, the sewer level and the bizarre Spare Parts that just feels like a bunch of garbage thrown together to make a level. A lot of the levels lack connectivity between them too, where one just abruptly ends and leads to the other, like how Ganglion Depths just leads to a flesh wall that is In The Flesh that just leads to Hall of the Epiphany, it's not a deal breaker but it just a little detail that Duke usually managed to do that made sense.

Though Death Wish probably has better level design than either game.

>> No.5238817

> Saturn emulation isn't quite there yet

I know the original game by heart, got a Saturn here, but also played it emulated using Yabause-0.9.15, and there was no difference whatosever.
Actually that's a lie, but the only difference was that the background image during loading screens wouldn't show, which is the most minor thing.

Everything else was correct, and when I say I know the original by heart, I mean I made a speedrun for it.

>> No.5240083

Why is that thing so goddamn brown.

>> No.5240089
File: 242 KB, 600x500, caleb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5240109

>>Death Wish
>A lot of things used for the making of this usermap weren't possible back in the day, still, it feels like... Blood. It's truly well made.

death wish doesnt use anything that wasnt available back when Plasma Pak came out for Blood. some of the "new" things like asbestos armor are unused items from the original game that were never placed in the retail levels but have always been available to map makers. really, the only thing different is the level design

>> No.5240876

I finished Blood for the second time now. Still can't do well done but holy shit this game quickly became an all-time favorite. The only thing I have disliked so far is the secret level in episode 1

>> No.5241063

Yes, i already knew that. That doesn't change the fact that something so elaborate simply wasn't possible on older machines.

>> No.5241208

Fun House? Love the setting. The only thing that wrecks my nerves is the cured section with the cycling lights. Pure BS on the two highest skills levels.

>> No.5241213

curved, not cured*

>> No.5241482

wait, doesnt gearbox own duke nukem now? how is it that 3d realms is using him here? specially after the legal battle with gearbox?

>> No.5241486

>Nu Shadow Warrior Lo Wang design
Into the trash it goes

>> No.5241517
File: 238 KB, 1920x1080, lo wang 2013.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I unironically like reboot Lo Wang much better than classic Lo Wang.

>> No.5241570

I mean I'd prefer the original but the new one isn't bad.

>> No.5241613

Into the trash you go

>> No.5241675
File: 379 KB, 1920x1080, this level of death wish is creepy for the wrong reasons, at least personally i'm inclined to think so.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whenever i play some level on Blood which features that annoying whispering the only thing i can do is mute the fucking thing. I have a very bad case of misophonia and listening some ASMR bullshit on one of my absolute favorite games is something i simply can't endure. I know it's a very wise choice in order to create even more suspense and/or atmospheric settings, but for fuck's sake i just can't do it, whenever that motherfucking murmuring starts i would seriously punch the damn monitor and vehemently slap the keyboard on the floor while screaming and insulting each and every name of the saints of the Gregorian calendar.

>> No.5241678
File: 228 KB, 1920x1080, Lo Wang.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5241682
File: 6 KB, 221x228, disgusting.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5241702
File: 988 KB, 500x281, shadow warrior swordfighting.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It was a fun game and I liked him as a dumb asshole protagonist.

>> No.5241705

Alright, /v/, we get it.

>> No.5241827
File: 287 KB, 1914x1036, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5241835
File: 238 KB, 806x694, 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5241838
File: 29 KB, 450x386, 3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5241868

agreed actually, I don't think the racist humour of the game is particularly clever or funny, and just comes across as pointlessly crass. It does make me really want a Blaxploitation build game though, now that would be something

>> No.5242142
File: 231 KB, 1920x1080, Nobitsura Kage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd be more offended by the Asian stereotype shtick when I was younger, but these days I could deal with it (I just don't really care).
I just don't find him all that funny, and his voice is sometimes REALLY grating and annoying.
Compare to Duke Nukem, who's cool, and funny, and compare to Caleb, who's also cool and somewhat funny, both also have some great one-liners, which I feel classic Lo Wang very much lacks.

In the reboot, at first I detested Lo Wang, because he's a self-centered douche and embarrassing nerd, but I grew to like him, it helps that Hoji doesn't hold back and makes fun of Lo Wang relentlessly, mocking his intellect. You're supposed to laugh at him.
However, he's not a worthless idiot, just kind of an idiot, actually kind of a cool idiot, he has some attitude to him, and he definitely can back it, the sword fighting system feels very solid, and you can nearly fight the entire game with just the sword if you really want to, this helps selling him as a capable action hero, or uh, 'hero'.

It's a shame Shadow Warrior 2 is so fucking godawful, both in terms of story and characters, but also with very lackluster gameplay (why, oh WHY did they turn it into a cutrate Borderlands clone?). The 2013 game wasn't a masterpiece with characters and story, but it tried, and mostly it worked. I cannot say the same for SW2, which feels like it takes a shit on everything the previous game did right in that department.
The idea that the new support character had to be Lo Wang's "conscious" is perhaps the most misguided idea I've ever heard in my life, Hoji was just as, if not far more amoral/immoral than Lo Wang himself, which is why they worked as a duo.

If they ever do another sequel, I desperately hope they retcon all of Shadow Warrior 2 as Lo Wang having some kind of drug fueled feverdream.

>> No.5242643

He looks kinda black, rather than Japanese.

>> No.5242903
File: 579 KB, 1080x1080, 1472778212337.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm trying to play JonoF's Duke 3d port but I'm having trouble getting it to work.

I've got the gog version of duke 3d and it works fine but I can't get any source ports to work with it.

When I try to play the game I get an error message: "Failed loading art."

Anyone know what that means?

Like I said, it works fine with dosbox but I can't get the think to work with a source port and it doesn't make any sense.

>> No.5243123

He looks Japanese in the actual game. I'm not sure why the art looks like that.

>> No.5243705



Download EDuke32, drop into your folder, run the .exe.

>> No.5243716


Need more players, or good launcher for SP

>> No.5244067

What is the general consensus on Going Postal (E4M6) map around here?

Because I have just replayed it, and I still think that it is one of the best goddamn maps in the game (ep5 included). And that it absolutely has that exact, specific high-contrast, empty, eerie, haunted look, the very best maps from the original episodes had, and could very well be seen as a follow-up to, say, Freeway.

>> No.5244073

It's not my favorite, but I like it. Still madly in love with Derelict.

>> No.5244218

first game of my life

>> No.5244383

What you waitin' for? Christmas?

>> No.5244623
File: 146 KB, 999x677, 217813295294562912371275.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That would be a great idea, actually. We had the build game making fun of the cool american stereotype, the one with the rednecks, one with a chinese samurai and so on... I wouldn't see the problem with a build engine game that makes fun of black people.
In my mind it would be set on a 90s ghetto, where the main character is a buffed up afroman, with sunglasses and some kind of sick jacket. He must go from level to level and clean it up from other gangs. Both him and his enemies would say funny one-liners, without renouncing on popular quotes from other related medias.
The items he uses in order to heal himself would be chicken wings (hopefully KFC can sponsor the game this way) and watermelon, both of these would heal a different amount of health points. Other items specific to the game could be a crack pipe and a joint of weed, the former would make him run like Duke's steroids while the latter will do the exact opposite, in exchange of temporary immunity, maybe.
The weapons he will come across are also thematic; the melee weapon could be a broken glass bottle of beer or simply some brass knuckles, while the firearms are the staples of whatever was used back in the day by gangsters; fun and bizarre weapons can't be lacking though, so my first bet would for example a Meth-Cannon, which is something that looks a lot rudimental but nonetheless is one of the most lethal things: a chaingun that would shoot methamphetamine crystals. The resulting effect is either a genuine and brutal machinegun, or maybe the same thing but whenever you use it on an enemy this one will fight for you instead.
The drawback of this game would be that Afroguy can't swim, so there aren't any water levels or sections.
The music, although the thing is set in the 90s, mustn't be something like rap or other stupid shit like that because that would be racist and also too cheap. The true black music is jazz, or blues; so levels would have a nice tone that revolve around those themes.

>> No.5244690

>The items he uses in order to heal himself would be chicken wings (hopefully KFC can sponsor the game this way) and watermelon, both of these would heal a different amount of health points. Other items specific to the game could be a crack pipe and a joint of weed, the former would make him run like Duke's steroids while the latter will do the exact opposite, in exchange of temporary immunity, maybe.
I love that you think KFC would sponsor this.

Also I think you can do an affectionate parody without resorting to crack and watermelon and chicken jokes.

>> No.5244710

I didn't think someone would actually fall for this; i was joking on pretty much everything you pointed out, without renouncing on common jokes because i thought that those ones would make the bait feel more obvious. Still, i would like a blaxploitation Build engine game, without all the bullshit i mentioned of course.

>> No.5244718

I tried that but all I get is a black screen. I can hear the sound and the input works because I can hear the sounds the menu make when I switch between menu items, I can even hear the start of the game if I just keep pressing Enter but I can't see shit. It doesn't matter if I'm in software or OpenGL.

>> No.5245661

what's your specs?

alternatively you can try xduke, it's fairly basic, but it works

>> No.5245735
File: 360 KB, 500x420, 1540702371305.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Blood is getting a reverse-engineered port in EDuke32.

>> No.5245809 [DELETED] 
File: 10 KB, 202x249, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

AHAHAHAHA Cry harder

>> No.5245813

What a fag

>> No.5245958
File: 44 KB, 350x410, nuclear winter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Merry Christmas, Buildbros

>> No.5246107
File: 41 KB, 1000x600, 1530641683637.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Blood KEX on suicide watch

>> No.5246127
File: 5 KB, 291x173, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Inb4 all unofficial ports get a cease and desist up the ass by Atari and Nightdive Studios

>> No.5246153
File: 3.95 MB, 441x480, TurboJew.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>things that will never happen and even if it were, it'll just stimulate real fans to download one of the two wiser choices (BGDX or this new hypothetical eDuke32 version) even more, by other means and websites

>> No.5246608

Top 10 Build engine levels:

1. Duke3D: Dark side
2. Duke3D: Golden carnage
3. Blood: Overlooked hotel
4. SW: Dark woods of the serpent
5. Blood: Dark carnival
6. Duke3D: Freeway
7. SW: Water torture
8. Duke3D: Derelict
9. Blood: The haunting
10. SW: Bath house

>> No.5246631

I didn't have to pay money for GDX though.

Why would you gloat about something like that? Why do you hate your fellow man?

>> No.5246927

I'm a Jewish lawyer. :(

>> No.5247064


>> No.5247280
File: 101 KB, 400x400, DN3DWTCover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've never played Duke 3D but I want to, should I get the world tour edition on Steam?

>> No.5247294

It's only $4, go for it.

>> No.5247396

Finally played through Wavemistress (Caribbean - map 4). The way I interpret it, the majority of the level, along with the blue key is set up to conform to expectations, and is basically braindead filler you can just lazily super-soak your way through (provided you don't ever run), meant to lull you to sleep. While the 1/4 of the level connected to the red key is, conversely, set up specifically to subvert player's expectations. Due to this it playes very inconsistently with the majority of the level being trivial and dull. Missed 1 secret (if this level had secret level exit, that must've been it). The lack of the playable ship's outside just makes it way less apparent that we are, indeed, on a ship, Derelict and Floating Fortress conveyed that point way better. In the red part of the level I managed to unintentionally glitch where I clearly didn't belong in two different places.
Regardless, comparing this to Derelict is a joke, even though Derelict's last third leaves quite a bit to be desired.

Played lost lagoon for the first time. Solid mindfucky Travis' fun. The solution to the puzzle with the crusher was ingenious.

Replayed released version of Toxic Dump. Nice jump to one of the final secrets (the vent in the slime tunnel with two atomic healths). I did it by popping steroids, moving crouched to the edge of the floor towards the vent, releasing the crouch and jumping all the while Duke in standing-up-from-the-crouched-position animation. It was very tricky actually, and I don't see any other way it could be done other than by jumping off the octobrain maybe. Anyway, the way I interpret the level as a whole, could be summed thus: "You are NOT playing it quite like I, the author of the level would be playing it in your place". With the final insult being the teleporter besides the normal exit from the level. Something like "Actually, I'd just jump straight to the teleporter through that traverseable unmarked wall, thus skipping half of the level".

>> No.5247398

>Lost Lagoon (Caribbean - map 5)

>> No.5247453

It's serviceable as a port, and the new episode has some pretty damn good maps (along with some acceptable/mediocre ones), but on the other hand, do you REALLY want to give Randy Bitchford even four of your dollars?

Make sure to turn on the old Duke lines, the re-recorded ones don't sound even close to as good.

>> No.5247464

Re-recorded lines sound fine outside of a few stinkers, namely the pain sounds.

>> No.5247487

I disagree. But maybe it's because the original recordings are so etched into my mind.

>> No.5247980

Derelict is legendary. All the other Build ship levels are just poor attempts to recapture that greatness. Allen Blum is clearly the king of the Build engine. Hollywood Holocaust, Death Row, Toxic Dump, Spaceport, Fusion Station, Lunar Reactor, Dark Side, Freeway, Duke Burger, Mirage Barrage and Golden Carnage are all outstanding works of art.

>> No.5248006

Allen is great, but I never liked Duke Burger as a level much beyond just the gimmick.
Also The Wavemistress is pretty good for what it is.

>> No.5248109

I've just recently started playing Blood and I've actually found the game requires a decent balance between balls out aggression and careful baiting of enemies. It's really challenged me to be able to walk into a new room and scan the environment as quickly as possible to make a decision on the fly, in a way Doom and Duke never did.

>> No.5248130

Not likely to happen. Ports boost sales figures, whether the port is being sold or not, and it brings publicity to the game. Meanwhile, shutting everything down would bring bad publicity

>Why do you hate your fellow man?

Maybe it's Kick or Kaiser still mad at the lawsuit comments in the other thread

Sure, the new EP is worth the game on sale. I don't remember however if EDuke32 is compatible with this version's GRP file, well, it should be.

>> No.5248182

>All the other Build ship levels are just poor attempts to recapture that greatness.
Nah, old Shadow Warrior builds make it apparent that Floating Fortress was in the development at least since May or June of 1996 (Plutonium Pak for Duke was released in November, 1996), as was Unfriendly Skies (those are the only two levels Shadow Warrior's actual game director made for the game). So while it is possible that it was influenced by either Lameduke's or released version of Derelict, it likely still originated completely independently.
As for the Wavemistress, well, cruise ship is plenty different to the military one, so

>> No.5248221

Also, all the beta versions of both AIRPORT (Unfriendly Skies) and YAMATO (Floating Fortress) feature just Norwood's signature, Keith Schuler's signature isn't even in the 970404 beta versions of the maps, it only appears in the released version of the game.
On a side note, compared to the 970404 version of AIRPORT, the released version of AIRPORT has shrunk very considerably. The beta version is 259kb in size, while the released version is only 171kb.
There is no considerable different in size between the corresponding versions of YAMATO.
I wonder what got changed.

>> No.5248775
File: 69 KB, 620x349, VCCCCC23-620x.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, don't give Jewbox any of your money, not even a single cent. Just pirate the Megaton Edition (because i don't think it's purchasable anymore thanks to the aforementioned JB) so you also have more (user)maps and expansions, one of them is arguably one if not the best addon ever made for a build game; Duke Life's a Beach. After you finish with that, pirate World Tour so you can play the new episode (it's very good, although not consistently so). Never played through eDuke32, so i don't know if that is also a viable option.

>> No.5248812

Megaton is bad. Outdated renderer, no classic renderer, no true widescreen, glitches.

>> No.5248826

Nothing you can't fix though. And if you do fix those, it's probably one of the best ways to play it even to this day for plenty of other reasons aside the addons.

>> No.5248838

>Just pirate the Megaton Edition (because i don't think it's purchasable anymore thanks to the aforementioned JB)
Partially because Randy wants more money for himself, partially because neither 3DRealms/Apogee nor Devolver Digital, had the full rights to the Sunstorm expansions (Nuclear Winter, D.C, Caribbean), hence it wasn't actually even legal.
The new episode in World Tour is pretty good (but not 100% consistent, as you say), worth playing for sure, but you must ask yourself "Do I REALLY want to give Bitchford money?"
Piracy looks pretty valid to me here.

Megaton had classic renderer, but yes, you can do better.
However what Megaton was good for was that it came packaged with the Sunstorm expansions, including delicious Duke Caribbean, so this was a decent way to grab just the games themselves, which you could then play with a sourceport like EDuke32.

Also I got it as a free gift on the PS3 and thought it was alright to play at the time, I hadn't ever played Caribbean so I found out that was an extremely fun episode, and not some cheap gimmick trash like Nuclear Winter. I figure a few other people were in the same boat, so I give it a few points just for exposing people to that beautiful old pearl, even if the port as a whole isn't excellent.
The port's rendition of the Caribbean soundtrack is also really superb.

>> No.5249004

You say the WT episode was inconsistent. What I read here frequently is that the Golden carnage and the Egypt maps are pretty good. How good are the other 6 maps?

>> No.5249017

Golden Carnage and Mirage Barrage are the stand outs. Bloody Hell and Hollywood Inferno are the weakest. Rest are average-good.

>> No.5249051

Cry more

>> No.5249135

They vary from mediocre (Bloody Hell) to really good (Golden Carnage).
Overall I'd say it's a good episode.

I think Hollywood Inferno is kind of ok, it's nothing special, but it's a decent enough gauntlet of action.
The final boss is comically bad though.

>> No.5249141

He has some points, the renderer is very outdated, and it's glitchy (even though I personally never experienced all too many bugs).

>> No.5249516

>neither 3DRealms/Apogee nor Devolver Digital, had the full rights to the Sunstorm expansions
I had read a tweet, iirc it was Randy himself, where he said that he didn't implement said addons solely for the fact that "they weren't 20 years old yet"... I always knew that a comment like that stank very badly, but now i'm even more sure that it was just a blatant lie to secure more purchases of this "new" version. What a dickhead, i bet he'll never even try to get those rights to begin with

>> No.5249798

How does Build compare to Id Tech in an apples to apples comparison? Is one faster than the other?

>> No.5249914

Build can do a lot more things, but is jankier, not as fast and easy to learn, and much less stable (John Carmack once said that Duke Nukem 3D looked like it was held together with chewing gum, which he's kind of right in, but then he's a very programming oriented guy who would easily look past gameplay and presentation).
I think if you asked around, "Is Doom's modding scene bigger than Duke's because Doom is easier to mod?", you would find a lot of people who would say there's a bit of truth to that.
Which isn't to say both aren't great games, Doom is just very simple with how the original game does maps.

Of course, you can upgrade IDTech 1 to do more things, if you look at Heretic, Hexen and Strife, giving you stuff like;
>dialogue systems
>item inventories
>polygonal objects (to a limited degree)
>ACS scripting
>DeHacked and similar hacking
>raising limits on visplanes and other things
This isn't even getting into really advanced sourceport shenanigans such as ZDoom, Edge and Eternity.
However, you can probably start building up the Build engine for things too, including better stability.

>> No.5250071


>> No.5250079

>Nothing you can't fix though

What? How do you intend to fix Megaton?

>Megaton had classic renderer

No, it doesn't. It's got one renderer because let's do the bare minimum and it's an outdated polymost.

>> No.5250087


>> No.5250090

Rad! More ports to choose from is always to the better.

>> No.5250098

I distinctly remeber pressing a button to swap between renderers.

>> No.5250128

That's in World Tour.

>> No.5250179

No? Both?

>> No.5250523

I am mainly interested in the differing approaches to PVS. Build, having the tangible advantage of not needing any pre-calculation, may pay a price that I am not aware of. John Carmack still defends the use of BSP, but I never saw a detailed explanation as to why.

>> No.5251097


No, just WT.

>> No.5251153
File: 345 KB, 419x580, 1523998143922.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>and OPL3(Sound Blaster/AdLib) emulation for authentic FM music.

And it only took 15 years.

>> No.5251162 [DELETED] 

why doomfags and quakefags are so autistic?

>> No.5251448 [DELETED] 

Go away, /v/.

>> No.5251450

BSP made sense at the time.

>> No.5251460

>Of course, you can upgrade IDTech 1 to do more things,

Not to mention Ken Silverman made a idtech1 to Build converter back in 1994.

>> No.5251486

That'd make sense actually, given that Doom maps are largely linedefs forming sectors. You could probably work out a conversion process for a bunch of different games, really.

>> No.5251652

High Times is pretty good until the weed effect part, which was a terrible rehash of Lunatic Fringe/Going Postal effects.

>> No.5252118

High Times could have been a lot better overall I think.

>> No.5252425

There are unofficial patches and mods for that.

>> No.5252889

As opposed to portals?

>> No.5252910

Are there any Build Engine RPGs? Or is this a case of RPG genre being nearly comatose between 1995-1999?

Doom engine got Strife, which I guess is the closest thing.

>> No.5252913

For Megaton? No, there isn't any "mod" or "patch" that adds true widescreen, classic renderer, which fixes the glitches, or upgrades polymost to a better version.

Stop making shit up. Honestly Megaton was cool for what it was, but it's a bad port, and even WT was better, although it's still not great.

>> No.5254053


>> No.5254081


>> No.5254087

Am I the only one who loves Plug n Pray?

>> No.5254095


>> No.5254110


>> No.5254123


>> No.5254131


>> No.5254140

>when you pull off a perfect dynamite toss and the remains of several cultists come flying towards you
Is there a more satisfying weapon in any game?

>> No.5254141

Witchaven has a ton of RPG elements. Pretty bad game though. Really buggy/poorly-coded too, you'd want to use EGWitchaven or WitchavenGDX.

>> No.5254146


>> No.5254148

Then fuck you.

>> No.5254152

Duke, SW, and Blood, REALLY captured how to have strong and satisfying explosions, with fun gore.

>> No.5254182

The first level just killed me, I spent an hour after finding that fat bastard, never realizing you had to whack him with the crowbar..
I later found it out, and played through it and the expansions, absolutely loved them! Even more than shadow warrior and duke, maybe even more than blood, but only maybe.. Blood is special to me <3 <3

>> No.5254278

ROFL at you complete faggots acting like playing a game makes you a man

>> No.5254328

Still angry, huh?

>> No.5254516

whoops i mean to respond to the post telling you to eat more meat

>> No.5254738

so how do I configure Mouse controls in Blood, so I can change weapons with the mouse wheel and use the right mouse button for alternate fire?

>> No.5254947

Meat gives energy and builds strength, the man complaining clearly lacks both.

>> No.5255720

If you press U in-game you will activate mouse aiming but forget about that, just play BloodGDX and forget all your problems

>> No.5255758


mousewheel is not possible though except maybe if you use an external program

>> No.5256029

newfriend here interested in trying Duke 3D and Blood, do they play like Doom where you can't aim up and down?

>> No.5256045

You can aim up and down freely, and they're best played that way.
Blood is a lot harder than Duke and Doom, mind.

>> No.5256323

Created a personal ranking of the 23 Allen Blum levels from best to worst in Duke 3D.

1. Dark Side
2. Golden Carnage
3. Derelict
4. Hollywood Holocaust
5. Freeway
6. Lunar Reactor
7. Death Row
8. Toxic Dump
9. Fusion Station
10. Mirage Barrage
11. Occupied Territory
12. Duke Burger
13. Spaceport
14. Red Light District
15. Golng Postal
16. Launch Facility
17. High Times
18. Tiberius Station
19. Faces of Death
20. Babe Land
21. Overlord
22. Stadium
23. Hollywood Inferno

>> No.5257696

Except speedruns of Blood are 100% run and gun.

>> No.5257710

aah yes nothing quite like sampling one's own intestinal gasses, don't you think so, darling?

>> No.5257810

Did you want to say something enon?

>> No.5257954

Blood speedruns are made on Still Kicking difficulty, and ain't no "run 'n gun", they're just run.

>> No.5257976

Surprisingly agreeable list, but I really don't see the hate for Hollywood Inferno, it's kind of just nothing special, like Stadium (which at least is an ok enough arena battle with a kickass cutscene afterwards).
I never liked Babe Land, I'd argue that's actually his worst map ever.

>> No.5258039

I want more Shadow Warrior levels.

>> No.5258064

Go build (durr hurr) some new ones with the SW port of Mapster

>> No.5258126
File: 137 KB, 400x388, peepee.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw you will never ever again play duke 4 player co-op with your friends from school

>> No.5258164

Play mine


>> No.5258473

OK, here are my reasons.

Dark Side wins by simple legacy. It's a map everyone likes and for a reason. It's big, it was made by impulse (a thing that is important in mapping), it looks amazing with the moon subway system and the grand landscape, and it plays like a dream, dynamic and fun.

Golden Carnage is technically the most impressive level for the Build engine so far, it looks great too, it had an idea no usermappers managed to come up with, and it's the only modern level with a classic 3DRealms feel. It's second only because it's gameplay had some minor awkward moments, navigating can be hard.

Derelict was the most original, and until 2016, technically the most impressive level with a great atmosphere, and true 3D look. It lost because it has some annoyances like the doors in the ship or the random lightning bolts at you waiting for the crane.

Hollywood Holocaust is 4th, because it's THE Duke 3D level, and still looks fresh with that haunted street and the nearby cinema. The only map in the game that plays well for both SP and MP.

I don't want to detail the others, I can make arguments to all levels why it's higher on the list than the other. The difference in the mid tier zone is definitely small, and it can change slightly by mood.

>> No.5258486

I'm having an issue with EDuke32. Some of the sound effects are not playing. But only some, for instance the enforcers' laser and the fire hydrant's water. I tested the DOS version and they worked fine, so I don't think anything's wrong with my game files. Anybody know what could cause this?

>> No.5258491

And the bottom tier:

Start with High Times. I always adore the level's Amsterdam-y look, and it has valid standards, but the new art doesn't look good with the oldschool 3DRealms art, and the final part is a poor rehash of Going Postal and Lunatic Fringe without effort.

Tiberius Station is lukewarm. It looks like a filler and has very little merits other than the cool mirrors, that Lunar Reactor didn't give better.

Faces of Death is a multiplayer level which ranks with Levelord's secrets maps. It looks nice and Blumsih for most parts, but it's still not a canonic adventure.

Babe Land... is horrible. The only map that looks like made by someone else. Lots of wrong design choice, no atmosphere, annoying gameplay, especially in the final parts. The worst "normal" level for sure.

Overlord is simply a bad boss level with some recycled Lameduke areas. The whole alien area is just bright and emotionless, unlike the sister map, Fusion Station. The boss is a joke. The episode should have ended with Dark Side's momentum.

Stadium is like 10(?) sectors and a test level primarily. It's actually not a level, but a showcase of a lukewarm boss and some cheerleaders (and a blimp).

Hollywood Inferno is the only Blum map I found downright offensive. It has no valid merits, just a soulless boss corridor, and a badly designed Hollywood sign, and an absolutely pathetic boss with a pathetic cutscene after. Shame on everybody who was involved.

>> No.5258518

>Dark Side
Episode 2 maps are on auto-dislike. Into the trash it goes.

>Golden Carnage
Trash from a trash port + fuck Bitchford

Agreed on Derelict and H.H., they are god-tier while H.H. is also uber-iconic

>> No.5258547

>DS and GC are bad for arbitrary reasons
Get the fuck out of here.

>> No.5258571

I can do whatever I want

>> No.5258580

Well, then you can blow it out your ass.

>> No.5258607

Your face, your ass, what's the difference?

>> No.5258647

FYI Allen Blum designed Golden Carnage (allegedly in the 90s) not Pitchfork.

And hating E2 is a dated meme now. Try to catch up with the 2010s. E2 is god tier, and Dark Side is the Jesus Christ of the Duke maps.

>> No.5258723
File: 808 KB, 250x187, coffee crystals (decaffeinated).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5258727


Did anyone mod this shit out of the game already?

>> No.5258738

I hate E2. Fuck E2 and fuck you.

>> No.5258749
File: 26 KB, 600x418, cd3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5258771

I was playing dukematch when you were still swimming in your fathers' balls

>> No.5259549
File: 789 KB, 922x1098, bytch.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just played through the original 4 episodes of Duke over the last couple days. How does everyone rank the episodes? I'd say Shrapnel City > L.A. Meltdown > The Birth > Lunar Apocalypse. Shrapnel City #1 because it has the great city theme but with more enemy variety than L.A. Meltdown and more charm than The Birth.

>> No.5259882

3 > 4 > 2 > 1
I used to like 1 the most but over time I realized I only really like Hollywood Holocaust, Red Light District, and Death Row.

>> No.5259925

>Shrapnel City as favourite episode
It's the worst episode of classic Duke 3D (not sure how to rank with episode 5, it's better than most levels, but inferior to Mirage Barrage and Golden Carnage).

Shrapnel City is the episode without novelty. The lowly shark aside, there is no new enemy. There is no new weapon. There are no new effects used, except maybe the subway in Rabid Transit, but that was poorly designed. Just compare it to the subway level of Ion Maiden, like night and day.

It had levels that were clearly done in a few weeks before release to finish the game in time. Lots of cuts had been made in other levels (ie. Rabid Transit, Bank Roll) due to framerate issues. The issue didn't occur as badly in the first 2 episodes, because the monster count was lower there.

Overall, episode 3 levels felt like a half-baked alfterthought, and its levels were designed mostly for dukematch.

It has good levels though: Flood Zone, LA Rumble and Freeway are great levels. But there is not a single "epic" level there, which looks as ambitious as various penultimate levels of other episodes. It also got stagnant after LA Rumble. The middle part is absolutely clueless with the blocky and ugly Movie Set, Rabid Transit or Fahrenheit.

>> No.5259932

I'm wondering how those levels looked like before the cut. Sewer, which was an unreleased level by Levelord, looks so much better than anything in episode 3 (including maps like LA Rumble or Freeway). It's a god tier, epic map, that wasn't properly finished with the missing sounds and the beta version of monster count (ie 5 skills, much more than should be). It was the only map that could have been the Dark Side/Derelict of its own episode. Tour de Nukem was somewhat a remake of it, but it didn't look as good, has too many bad modern usermap tropes, and there is no real "France" in that map.

>> No.5260212

>t. "muh clearly superior tastes"-measuring contest

>> No.5260654

Well I like Ep3 the most. City levels are my favorite setting in Duke and 3's were great in my opinion. The only map I didn't like was Movie Set.

>> No.5260759

Dumb question, but how do you guys evaluate level design? Aside from obvious elements like soundtrack or setting? Of course I can tell, whether the level plays good or not, but I can never put my finger on what exactly affects my experience.

>> No.5260808

The main important things for me are:
1) layout
2) good gun fights
3) awe and cool factors (effects, explosions, whatever)
4) architecture
5) theme

originality is overrated

in b4
>what makes those things good

Well a good example of "not good", is when you have a room full of enemies, but it's designed in such a way that it encourages the player to fight most of it through the doorway.
That shit is just bad, Dusk for instance, is very often guilty of that.

>> No.5260943 [DELETED] 

>originality is overrated

Couldn't agree more. By the way, is Dusk any good?

>> No.5261262 [DELETED] 

dusk is not retro

>> No.5261642

It is if you play it like Duke or Doom. It's not if you play it like Blood.

>> No.5261810

Of course it plays differently, but there's still parts of the game which are just rough.

>> No.5263240

What makes a layout good? I can see good architecture is being something relatable and detailed, but this "layout" term is used without any context by anons here.

>> No.5263274

>Redneck Rampage
I like the consistency in art direction and style. Textures and sprites are fitting well together stylistically, unlike in some other FPS of that time.

>> No.5263282

I like the whole "build realistic places with low tech engine" approach. Maps doing that are so much better than just abstract mazes.

It's also nice to have the whole thing revolve around a theme, not just slap a few houses and a street together.

The map also needs a "wow" moment, even if it's just small. Pulled of by effects, scale or pure mapping skills/autism.

Rewarding secrets are also nice.

>> No.5263395

It's hard to put into specific words, it's something you just know when you play it. It's easier to name examples of what makes a layout bad - extensive backtracking without any repopulation, unintuitive switch hunts, pointless dead-ends, etc. Good layout is just fun and rewarding to explore.

>> No.5264310

>Lusten to Duke Nukem soundtrack
>E1L2 music is called "Taking The Death Toll" and is grim and depressing in tone
>E1L3 music is called "City streets" and is more lively and upbeat

Do you think they got these two mixed up? I always thought neither of them suits the tone of the level.

>> No.5265034

A good classic Build has a layout and architecture which at the same time makes the place believeable, "realistic", but also keeps the cool and arcade factor; and this also applies to non-real places like Lunar Apocalypse.
Pure 100% realism is boring, the appeal is the balance between the two. This is why the arcade room in E1L1 is upstairs through an elevator or why Hotel Hell only has 2 rooms, and this is also where the "cool/awe" factor draws in.

Interconnectivity and partial non-linearility is also important, but the dosage has to be right, and it has to be done in such way that you're not losing the player along the way. When 2 paths present itself, it should be obvious if path A is the "main" path and path B is the "secondary" one, or if both paths are just as valid. It is also often used to make the mandatory backtracking more fun by giving a different way to go back to where the player needs to go.

Another important factor in Build is the 3D. A lot of things have to revolve on this 3D factor by having multiple floors, zones at different Z levels, etc, whether this is achieved via Sector over Sector, Room over Room, teleporting via elevators, or all at once.
The 3D is also an important part of the progression a layout should have, have placers where the player's goal is to go up, or down.

Of course there are general traits but you'll find them in every good Build map and you'll see there is plenty of room for diversity with these few traits

>> No.5265045

>interconnectivity and partial non-linearility is also important

These aspects are also often presented not just on the big scale (going from room A to room B), but on the small scale (nagivating room A).

The basic example of that is having a room with a central structure and the player can go around from either side. For instance the big room with the window opening showing the earth in Warp Factor... or the vast majority of Alien World Order maps have this trait under the same basic way. For instance in Bloody Hell with going around the big building, and then right after that once you're in the museum going around the toilets area.

The way WT does it is the "easy way out" of doing this, it's simple, efficient, but a bit boring when repeated so often. There are other ways to go at it.

>> No.5265093

I finally played Duke 3D for the first time and it was by far one of my favorite games. I bought Blood and Shadow Warrior also but is there any other games you would recommend? since the Steam sale is still going

>> No.5265115

Nah. But then I have Duke3D ingrained into my brain almost as hard as Doom.

>> No.5265116
File: 28 KB, 380x380, whatsthis.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5265118

Had the same thought. I think they got mixed up.

>> No.5265124

Once you've played those and their add-ons, you'll want to play to play Redneck Rampage, its add-on, and its sequel.

If after that you still haven't had your Build fill, check out the DOS version of Powerslave, make sure you don't download the beta version commonly shared on warez sites.

If you're still begging for more Build stuff, then there is NAM and WWII GI, which you should play on Easy with savescumming on; Witchaven 1 and 2, and Tekwar.

Non-Build: Dark Forces is actually very Build-like in many aspects. People also often seem to think Outlwas is Build, although I personally think it's a very overrated and subpar game.

>> No.5265148

Why do people keep saying Blood is really hard?
I have no problem beating Blood on well done, but I'm getting slaughtered in Shadow Warrior on who wants wang
The fucking bees are really pissing me off

>> No.5265435

Turn the fucking mouselook off.
And walk only during precision platforming, while running everywhere else (when you run, you turn, from keyboard, faster).
Shadow Warrior is more or less as twitch as it gets.

>> No.5265438

Oh, yeah, also, don't, you know, AIM. Just turn in the general of the enemy and fire immediately. You simply don't have to time to allow yourself the luxury of adjusting your aim precisely.

>> No.5265443

>turn in the general direction of the enemy
>don't have the time to allow

>> No.5265454

Once you've played the big 3, there's not really much else worth it. It's best to just stick to mods and maps of those games. There's always Redneck Rampage out of curiosity, but no much else interesting, if we're specifically talking about Build. I guess it is inevitable that someone will mention Ion Maiden, but that game isn't released yet.

>> No.5265462
File: 41 KB, 780x520, ousuzumebachi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

These are Japanese giant hornets, nightmare fuel.

>> No.5265464

No wonder they were a major fucking bad guy in inuyasha

>> No.5265471

The original Redneck Rampage is very hit or miss, in terms of its levels, but has some of the legit most interesting maps in the big 4 (more like big 7 - counting also Plutonium Pak and Plasma Pak as 1/2s, Rides Again and PowerslavePC) "canon" campaigns.
It has plenty of shit and mediocre ones as well though.

>> No.5265505

Noticed the uneven quality. Some really good maps and then some that made want to pull my hair out.

>> No.5265867

So I finally checked out on the Doom levels by the lead level-designer of the original Redneck Rampage, Alex Mayberry.
I've played through starship.wad (haven't managed to find the exit though), sharshp2.wad (dropped somewhere past the halfpoint), shadow.wad (haven't managed to find the exit), and one level of pdgate.wad (completed first, started on the second, then decided, I've had enough).

So, uh, I am just going to vent a bit.
That person, quite obviously, didn't have a single clue, as to what he was doing. As much as I don't like Sverre Kvernmo's level-designing brainfarts, he was at the very least above the "let's me fling random shit at the wall, then proudly pat myself on the back, without even checking out, what actually ended up sticking to that wall" level this '"mapper'" exhibits in full swing. I mean, you still have to be a full-blown natural born degenerate masochist to enjoy anything ever created by Kvernmo, but at least he was obviously, so to say, "on a mission", and his levels had consistency and direction, even if that direction was up a figurative asshole. This here, however, is just some toddler's scribbling. Probably, even Willits' maps from raven.wad were generally less inept than this random trivial meaningless dogshit, and early Willits is quite a tough target to surpass in that regard.

Seems to me like Mal Blackwell was the only more or less genuinely interesting one out of three.

>> No.5265873

Powerslave (DOS version, the console version is a very different game) is pretty damn good. It doesn't have the interactivity and special effects that the big 3 Build games had, but it has solid gameplay and some really good level design. Make sure to download the fan patch that modernizes the controls and fixes some bugs.

>> No.5265875

So, what works in one game does not work in another...I guess?

>> No.5265892

Dude, they were designing that game for three years, they haven't managed to come up with better movement and shooting code during all that time? I mean, while technically playable, Powerslave's mechanics are reeeeeeally stretching it at times. And don't even get me started on the points where you have to restart the whole level, because you died on the part of the level that requires a magical item to complete, only there isn't any mana anymore, since you've already wasted all of it on your previous attempt. What about the jankiest animations ever? About the absolutely retarded bosses? That motherfucking spider boss in particular? I mean, who in their right mind would look at that bossfight and then would be like "Yup, totally what I had in mind"?

I mean, that game looks nice, sounds nice too, levels seem to be satisfyingly convoluted (although you later realize they are supremely linear for the most part), but the actual experience of playing it is pretty underwhelming to say the least.

>> No.5265907

Wow that pic is disturbing. These things are worse than spiders.

>> No.5265910

Wikipedia article basically states that those things sting like motherfuckers as well.

>> No.5265913

City Streets, despite its name is great fit to Death Row, and would have been a terrible match with RLD's bar music.

The titles might suggest they mixed them up.

>> No.5265919

>Dude, they were designing that game for three years

Not really. It's complicated.
From the what I gathered, 3D Realms dropped them, in the same way they dropped Monolith, except much earlier on, so they got stuck with an outdated version of Build.
Also, while Monolith found a publisher and was able to fully concentrance on the only (PC) version of Blood, the publisher Lobotomy found made them make console versions as part of the deal.

On top of this, they quickly realized porting the game as is would be a mistake due to the lack of CPU power of consoles in regard to how CPU heavy 2.5D engines are (think Doom on Saturn)... while on the other hand making a game for Saturn this early on was the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the dedicated 3D architecture of the console which, at the time, was not standard for PCs.

So, you're stuck with an old Build version, with no support for Build and most likely not have the source code for it, and you now have to make a whole new game, which takes time; meanwhile your already outdated PC game tech is becoming even more outdated as things went really fast at that point in time.
The PC version was actually 99% done LONG before it was released.

I know the game is flawed but you have to understand the circumstances. Lobotomy were actually pretty damn awesome. You have to realize how "Quake-like" the Saturn version of the game really is in terms of tech and level design while having been mostly developed at the same time as Quake and only released a few months after, these guys were badasses with shitty circumstances that still managed to make 2 flawed yet awesome games in 1.

>> No.5265928

And which were Mal Blackwell's level in Redneck Rampage?

>> No.5265942

Well, Qteam/Monolith obviously retained their access to the source code (I mean, there even was that famous leak), why would it be that Lobotomy wouldn't?
All I'm saying, is that, judging from the PC Powerslave, their priorities seem kind of weird. So, okay, we are making a campaign that is at least 1.5 times as long as it needs to be, judging from the selection of assets we have - so that the player gets to see some of the same stuff several times over - but, no, we can't possibly make it play better, God forbid.

I'd rather believe that all of their programmers transferred exclusively onto the console version, and thus completely forsook improving their Build fork, than that they didn't have the source code.

>> No.5265949


I'm afraid of these monsters more than that Shadow Ninja with his pityful napalm.

>> No.5265950

Hell knows. I am judging his work by his Doom levels, Eden and Redrum.

>> No.5265952


There is Build source code, and game source code. Build is designed so each dev can make his stuff on top of it without really touching the "Build side".

Unless I'm mistaken, Monolith did not have access to the Build source either, it's actually a pretty famous thing to know they reverse engineered part of it when they were unhappy about some stuff with it.

So yeah, Lobomty they couldn't "fix" the engine,couldn't fix the controls (Tekwar has the EXACT same control issues), couldn't make it run above 640*400 without insane lag, etc etc and considering Silverman (and Build with it, unless i'm mistaken) was being contracted by 3D Realms at the time, while 3DRealms dropped Lobotomy, I don't think they could "upgrade" their version of Build either.

and considering they had a new console game to make I doubt they had time to reverse engineer like Monolith did. In fact, I'm ready to bet the console version is the reason why, on the game side this time, some things remained very unpolished on the PC version as well.

>> No.5265954

Also, after having transferred to another publisher, who asked them to look at consoles they ASSESSED the possibility of porting their Build code onto Saturn before concluding that a straight port will be impossible. What that heavily implies, is that they very much did have all the source code they needed to make that assessment.

>> No.5265959

>In fact, I'm ready to bet the console version is the reason why, on the game side this time, some things remained very unpolished on the PC version as well.
>I'd rather believe that all of their programmers transferred exclusively onto the console version, and thus completely forsook improving their Build fork, than that they didn't have the source code.

Anyway, thanks for the info.

>> No.5265960

Or maybe the 2D/CPU thing is what they told the press because it's simpler to tell that, and really had no choice but to remake the game because the deal they got when 3DR dropped themand/or the lack of Build source made them unable to port the game to console?

Honestly I'm pulling this one out of my ass, but considering that Monolith which remained longer with 3DR did not have access to the Build source, and considering how much alike Powerslave and Tekwar are, I doubt Lobotomy did either.

>> No.5265969

Monolith had help from Silverman himself. He visited the team a few times. He helped with the Room-Over-Room hack which was later perfected in Shadow Warrior.

>> No.5265975

Actually, come to think of it, I didn't realize up until this moment, than, code-wise, Blood is somewhat of a "polished turd". By "turd" meaning outdated Capstone-worthy, if not worse, iteration of Build engine, and by polished meaning more or less Duke's level of fluidity.

>> No.5265993
File: 171 KB, 200x200, HtcQ.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>BS opinions

>> No.5266070
File: 3.63 MB, 1920x1200, shelly.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ion Maiden when, fellas?

>> No.5266075

Not retro.

>> No.5266079

Silverman ultimately shat on their work with Blood though, or at least complicated their job a lot just because he was kind of a cunt.

>> No.5266084

I agree with this. Actually i had way more problems with Doom instead of Blood. Maybe because at the end you can play Doom like if it was Blood but you can't do viceversa... And i am very accustomed to Blood's playstyle by now.

>> No.5266089

Really? He seems like a nice guy. Whiteout his guide = no Blood at all

>> No.5266103

Screw this post >>5265124 Redneck Rampage is very good in concept and soundtrack but it's a very broken game, they screwed up even the fucking aiming system among other things. He's right regarding NAM, WWII GI, Witchaven 1-2 and Tekwar, although they're someway or another even worse than RR. If you're willing to play PowerSlave please do so and remember that the PS1/Saturn version is also very nice, although the latter isn't Build but who cares, really... I would use an emulator just for that; Outlaws is great, it's like you're Clint Eastwood on some Leone's spaghetti western movie and overall it's just a fun experience. Dark Forces is also pretty good if you like SW.

>> No.5266149

I explained myself in a very wrong way, you're right. I was just reminiscing some exchange of messages between Ken and who was iirc Nick or Matt of Monolith. It passed some time since i read those files and i can't found them for jackshit. I think Blood wiki has those but i can't seem to find them out. Nothing too big, mind you, but it was clear that there were some diatribes, like for example him not fixing some ridiculous shit or something and Monolith getting upset because they themselves couldn't do anything about that if not waiting for Ken... But at the end of the day, all those people are very good indeed. I don't want to sow any darnel especially because i don't remember about it well.

>> No.5266229

>spergs about RR's aiming
>recommends Dark Forces
>mfw concussion rifle

>> No.5266405

I didn't recommend Dark Forces myself, learn how to read previous posts please. Also i said that it's pretty good, not great; and even that only IF you're a SW fanatic.

>> No.5266617

Fair enough.

>> No.5266650

On a second glance however:
>Also i said that it's pretty good, not great
>Outlaws is great
>Dark Forces is also pretty good, if
The word "also" hints on that you are using "pretty good, if" strictly as a synonym to "great".
>and even that only IF you're
"if" is pretty different from "only IF", in my opinion. "if" marks a sufficient condition, "only IF" - a necessary and sufficient, or, in some contexts, maybe even a necessary one only.

>> No.5266882

Are you a literal autistic? Those two aren't synonyms, it doesn't matter how you look at my comment you won't get that kind of idea... I hope. For the other thing, just look at the fucking context. Would you play Barbie FPS if they said to you that it's a very well made doom clone? I don't want a response, i want to help you and maybe you yourself will arrive at the conclusion that you wouldn't play a SW FPS if you never watched SW... I think, there are exceptions but we're not considering the latter. Also, in all fairness, i'm not a native speaker and i still don't use semantics the correct way, i do some kind of errors sometimes and i don't explain myself that well either. Can we please stop with this trivial off-topic now or you want to measure dicks some more?

>> No.5266969

There should be a common agreement that Duke was the easiest game of all. I would recommend that to newbies who know shit about oldschool FPS.

>> No.5267078

If you play Duke at difficulty level 'Damn I'm Good' it has its fair moments of bullshit, but yeah, nothing like fucking Extra Crispy. I finished Blood that way without savescumming and it was the most tense hours i had with a game, ever. I don't regret nothing though, shit is ridiculously fun.

>> No.5267298
File: 122 KB, 413x372, tumblr_oebabx4FuD1vhnsyko3_500.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ow god the comfy

>flashbacks of playing this game with my older brother through LAN on our shitty computers in 2004, during windy winters in the Brazilian countryside while drinking coffee with milk that our mom made after lunch

>> No.5267314
File: 740 KB, 3000x2880, 1433371466557.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5267487
File: 332 KB, 1440x900, wgr2_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Besides Dukeplus and Siege Breaker, what are some other top tier mods for DN3D or other BUILD games?

>> No.5267552

what do you guys think of these videos?


>> No.5267574

They are entertaining. I am waiting for the continuation of his Blood series.

>> No.5267590

He really sucks at times, especially in Blood.
That wouldn't be so much of an issue if he didn't call himself "pro". Also he should be playing on pistol start.

>> No.5267612

Civvie is one of my favorite channels.
He has a great sense of humor and really good editing and I'm really happy that his channel has been growing so fast recently.

>> No.5267636

>He helped with the Room-Over-Room hack which was later perfected in Shadow Warrior.

>Other features like room over room were added by individual developers

both Blood and Shadow Warrior RoR were made in a different way and by the game devs. it's a hack in the game code.
I don't know how they did in Rides Again but it feels to me like they just copied cool features they saw in SW; although failed to make RoR as well since it's used in areas which are purely cosmetic and where you don't shoot enemies through

Well not really to such an extent, Blood was made with a more recent version of Build that Powerslave or Witchaven were.

I know which e-mail you're talking about but you need to have a little perspective. you don't know the context, you don't have the point of the view of the other person, in fact, you don't know what was asked of that person, and in fact you don't even know if what was asked of him was part of the work he was supposed to do or if his contract to help Monolith extended to such an extent.

>> No.5267727
File: 1.02 MB, 1543x3000, LETSPDUKE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

image is a bit outdated now but there's still a lot of stuff there

>> No.5268109

>he talks about it in the first seconds
Civvie, i know you are here.

>> No.5268116

>complains about room full of cultists
>proceeds to showcase how much his dynamite throw aiming sucks

Yep, he sucks for a pro.

>> No.5268164

I mean seriously this is so painful to watch I have to watch it in small doses

>> No.5268189

I agree with pretty much everything you said except the last parts. For starters, it's not like i don't know what was asked, it's more like i can't remember. It was something tangible and guessable from the messages, although in principle... For the other thing, it was pretty straightforward the fact that they were talking about something which only Ken had the means and right to fix, something about how BUILD was coded, something that upon fix would benefit not only Blood alone but every subsequent game running on that engine.

>> No.5268191

>He plays it like DOOM
I hate e-celebs so goddamn much. The real issue is the brainlets encouraging him.

>> No.5268195

so how are you supposed to play blood?

>> No.5268206

Crouch, take cover, don't go out in a room like you are doomguy or something, use dynamites efficiently (including the proximity and remote ones), use the right weapons with the right enemies, use alt-fire often and with criterion, jump and run if the situation demands it and again, fucking crouch. He's doing nothing like that and he calls himself a pro.

>> No.5268209

I mean, he flat out says he plays it like a pussy normally but for the sake of entertainment you goes all in.

>> No.5268215


>> No.5268231
File: 7 KB, 106x118, maranax.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he plays it like a pussy "normally"
>that means off-camera he's even worse
>he thinks entertainment is playing a game the wrong way
>he's still obstinate to call the serie "PRO BLOOD" only to mislead novices and make them think the wrong things
well, i can only say SONUVABITCHMUSTPAY

>> No.5268238

I know bloodfags are autistic but jesus man, calm down.

>> No.5268271

>use the right weapons with the right enemies

How are you supposed to know this ahead of time?
Really makes you think.

>> No.5268282

By experimenting? You don't play around with weapons to find out what they do in a game?

>> No.5268284

>i don't know how to play the game so i blame the ones who can actually play it
Calm down Civvie, with some little dedication you can achieve that too
You don't, smartass. Never heard about "trial and error" ?

>> No.5268289

You're supposed to experiment and find out instead of persisting in something that obviously doesn't work.

But again, the problem here is that he calls himself "pro". He'd call it "let's play some motherfucking Blood" I wouldn't be complaining.

>> No.5268310
File: 24 KB, 536x320, blood usermaps.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i will never have my fix again after motherfucking death wish, right guys? what else should i play? http://dukertcm.com/knowledge-base/downloads-rtcm/blood-addons/

>> No.5268318

Just keep playing Death Wish again and again. Last time I played it 5 times in a row.

>> No.5268320

Anyone know if I can set my mouse sensitivity in BloodGDX more precisely than using the slider in-game, with an autoexec.cfg or editing an .ini or something?

>> No.5268325


Just like i said: >>5268130

>> No.5268339

You guys are right. Death Wish was literally the best thing that happened in my life since it came out. Already played it 2 times, the 2nd one with all secrets and secret levels but maybe i'll play it even more today just for the hells of it. Regarding what you >>5268325 said at last, what do you mean precisely? I think Bloatoid will never inflate that thing like BD, he probably know already that thing is beyond perfection just as it is.

>> No.5268419
File: 96 KB, 600x567, SW.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is Shadow Warrior harder than Blood?

>> No.5268436


>> No.5268442

i'd say that Blood can be hard but fair, SW can be hard but mostly because of "fuck you" design

>> No.5268453


>> No.5268461

Death Wish might get some Bloodbath levels in the future and possibly a 2nd secret level for Episode 2, but the main campaign is already very long and won't be receiving anything new outside of bug fixes. v1.5 got rid of most of the annoying stuff like spam and heavy backtracking so there's not much left to do with it.

>> No.5268503

Yes, it's already good as it is. Those two features are very welcome but i don't mind what we have currently.

>> No.5268541

I have answered some other anon in the Blood remaster thread (>>5203882). I am sure that Death Wish is a great mod, i am going to play it on the end of my Christmas holidays, but hype trains like the one that >>5263949 rides with
>Death Wish is the only Blood mod you really NEED though
are rarely a healthy thing. Both for mod and the fan community.

>> No.5268561

It's a fact though. I am the same one who posted this >>5268310 and before that screenshot, believe it or not, i had even more addons to play... But nothing came even close to Death Wish; frankly, in comparison they seemed like amateurs. Play all the way through DW then come back here on these threads, i bet you'll think the same. You're right regarding the fact that this isn't exactly the best thing for modders who maybe will get discouraged, but on the other hand this might create some fair competition which can only benefit the common players

>> No.5268581

Yeah, I'd hope that Death Wish inspires people to make more community content instead of discouraging anyone. DW is about ~30 levels but there's a lot more floating around that's worth playing. PBF, Rapture, and French Meat were all good imo and AitD (final) is great if you want to try something that doesn't follow the traditional gameplay style.

>> No.5268587

Mapedit does more to scare away content creators than people like bloatoid do to bring them in

The first step to rekindling the Blood mapping community is to have a soluton for Blood mapmaking that isn't 21 years old and requires a DOSbox wrapper

>> No.5268589

Maybe, but i am still afraid for its future. Blood and other Build games are certainly not Doom in terms of the modding, the tools for map making are not that easy to pick up, so it is much less likely that someone will get into mapping by simply doing something for shit and giggles and sharing it. And elitist shitpost like
>lol what a shitty map, it has NOTHING on muh glorious DEATH WISH
is pretty much the worst reaction to witness for the author. And i am really afraid of the possibility of this happening, especially because Gggmanlives video on it exists. I would be very happy if it is just my overconfidence though.

>> No.5268606

This is a major issue too. I hope at least mapster32 is usable.
Anyway, what's the opinion on that nBlood thing?

>> No.5268610

Was there a problem like this for Duke3D? Designing with Mapedit is VERY similar to making Duke maps.

>> No.5268658

duke nukem's editor has been modernized though (mapster32)

>> No.5268731

That will never happen, if people aren't dumbasses enough they'll realize that pretty much everything coming towards this game will be a gift, obviously the minimal requirement would be putting at least some effort on it but nothing too fancy like DW does. Obviously some retard will do the comparison but i don't think the entire majority would, especially because on websites like moddb everything is welcome. I think you're doing too much the comparison Brutal Doom which was fine and all for a change but evolved into something disgraceful with Death Wish which frankly, doesn't have anything to do with it. It's not about elitism, it's about being realistic. That doesn't change the fact that me, like many others, will gladly play many more usermaps and it doesn't matter if the quality doesn't reach the ceiling.

>> No.5270228

>Anyway, what's the opinion on that nBlood thing?

Looks fucking great, and considering how great and accurate rednukem is, I have high hopes. I can't stand how GDX looks personally and this will have classic and polymost renderers.

>> No.5270593

>buy Blood during Steam sale
>have to move around using your mouse
Wtf, is this how people use to play FPS games?

>> No.5270604

Some did, I didn't back in the day.
I found that using the mouse for moving is REALLY good in Wolfenstein 3D, where there's no real up or down, but for anything where there's height and aiming up or down, it's worthless.

Play around with the settings some and see what happens.

>> No.5270621

>have to

you don't "have" to do that

I keep being amazed by how people these days are unaware of something called "setup.exe".
I mean what the fuck, do they play all their DOS games in 320*200 with default controls? Do they even install games or do they just buy/pirate gog/steam ?

Is this /vr/ or is this /v/ ?!

>> No.5270645

No shit, asshole. I'm talking about the default settings.

>> No.5270653

Don't listen to the purists.
Do yourself a favor and get BloodGDX

>> No.5270715

>"Pull my finger! Ha Ha Ha!"

>> No.5270724
File: 33 KB, 600x600, just.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>No Caleb
It hurts

>> No.5270749

Do you want to wash wang? Or do you want to watch Wang wash wang?

>> No.5271084

>a spiritual successor of Amiga mascot platformer leaging the crowd

>> No.5271090

>It's like people refuse to develop a method to deal with a problem.

Because the way you deal with the problem is fucking boring, like someone made a modern military shooter in 1997

>> No.5271203

>modern military shooter
>with all the fucking wild jumping, strafing and ducking and crawling
Are you Down's Syndrome?

>> No.5271216

It has some cool art design - and ironically - some of the nicest and ABSOLUTE FUCKING WORST maps of any BUILD game...not counting MethWar and Bitchaven.

>> No.5271221


>> No.5271235
File: 56 KB, 585x682, spurdo monitor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5271264
File: 11 KB, 222x222, dude_lmao.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The drawback of this game would be that Afroguy can't swim, so there aren't any water levels or sections.
Damn it, that got me.

>> No.5271689

duke nukem

>> No.5271768

darm, what a shit of nuts

>> No.5271892

-duke nukem

>> No.5272067


>> No.5272092

Blaad is overrated

>> No.5272094

Overrated but still great.

>> No.5272095

learn to spell, then bring something that isn't a non-argument

>> No.5272428
File: 59 KB, 540x493, 621643275305cac3c50b831b5074156a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are there no modern ports to Powerslave?

>> No.5272620

How was Indiana Jones? I have it on steam. Bought it because it looked similar to Tomb Raider.

>> No.5272632

There's Powerslave EX, which is no longer officially available but can be found if you look. Unfortunately mouselook won't work at all if you're on Windows 10. But thankfully it has controller support, and the game is pretty fun with a dual stick control scheme.

>> No.5272858

No, there really isn't. At least not yet. It's like everyone's into reverse engineering build games these days so maybe once they're done with the main games they'll do the other ones, the ones which are probably simpler anyway.

>> No.5273114

Powerslave EX is based on the console version, right? I liked the PC version way more.

>> No.5273119

Dude behind BloodGDX said in his Guestbook that he wants to port DOS version of Powerslave too in the future.

>> No.5273132

Blood is too much of a pain in the ass to get set-up to run properly with modern day controls

>> No.5273136

What do you mean by modern day controls? BloodGDX feels modern enough to me. BloodEX should feel even better.

>> No.5273148

see? What did I tell you, another "what is setup.exe" tard

>> No.5273193

>I know how to drag setup.exe to dosbos.exe I'm such a le smart old gamur xD

>> No.5273198

How come kicking alien bastards in the face whilst shooting them simultaneously is so satisfying?

When a filthy pig cop gets in your face you can shoot them AND kick em for some extra damage

>> No.5273334
File: 616 KB, 1047x852, 57409809235.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because it's cool.

>> No.5273353

Randy Pitchford is a faggot BUT his mission impossible level is just so fucking good.

It's dense as fuck, lots of cool well hidden secrets that hide all the weapons, references out the ass which I always feels is necessary in Duke cus it's a pastiche to begin with.

And it's got lots of nice touches like when the "this tape will explode in 1 second" explodes it actually leaves a crater in the desk. Shit like that really gives a level soul.

He's still a cuck though.

>> No.5273373

Zoomers are not welcome here.

>> No.5273389

Blood had the GDX fate. Witchaven, Tekwar and Redneck Rampage too. It's only a matter of time when we'll have PowerSlaveGDX, although that's being optimistic because if i recall correctly, there isn't any sort of source code available for that one and so some serious reverse engineering would be required.

>> No.5273393

>even better than BGDX

>> No.5273398

Stop falseflagging Randy. I will still pirate World Tour and you can't do anything about it.

>> No.5273408

Why do Bloodfags have such a hateboner for Kaiser?

>> No.5273409

>Randy Pitchford
what's he up to these days?

>> No.5273412
File: 36 KB, 480x472, 1497589698859.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did you listen to this today?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_cB70AhrCE

>> No.5273413

Borderlands 3.

>> No.5273414

His secretary ran off with a couple of million dollars of his, which was pretty fucking hilarious.

>> No.5273415

I never even implied that, stop throwing out sentences out of your ass. I was merely stating the fact that BloodEX isn't absolutely better than BGDX.

>> No.5273416

Thanks Duke

>> No.5273418

My maps gre... I mean his maps great!

Him and his wife's personal assistant stole like $1,000,000 and his Battleborn hero shooter flopped spectacularly so he's likely rushing Borderlands 3 through development to make some quick cash back.

>> No.5273419

And you know that how? I'm not saying it is or will be better, because it obviously isn't out yet, but I've noticed both here and on /v/ that people who claim Blood is the best thing since sliced bread tend to shit all over Kaiser.

>> No.5273420

It'll surely be better from accessibility standpoint.

>> No.5273424

What's the fairest difficulty in Douk? Sometimes these games just make bullet sponge shit and it's not fair. Is Duke fair enough at higher difficultys?

>> No.5273426

Douk enemies blow up pretty easily. For the actual bullet sponges the game gives you the Shrinker to deal with them.

>> No.5273428

Duke gets a bit cruel at a few points, but it's never unplayable.
Enemy Territory was a nightmare on pistol start for me, however.

>> No.5273429

Lurk more, people uses to shit on Kaiser even of /vr/ for plenty of reasons. Not saying he's that bad personally, he's done better than many other devs but at least on this one i can safely say he's way late to the party... Also, we'll have to see if his version of abandonware behind payment will offer the same things BGDX offers for free.

>> No.5273432

It's not about who does it first, it's about who does it best.

>> No.5273440

Some software/hardware pioneers would like to disagree with you. You can't catch lightning in a bottle twice...for the most part.

>> No.5273445

But BGDX isn't the first Blood sourceport though.
Yes, because ultimately you can buy it on Steam with maybe achievements and trading cards, good grief. I'm not saying i don't agree with you because i know that's what many people want for some strange reason, but i still don't get why it's so difficult to literally drag and drop the content of BGDX on the Blood folder... How is that not accessible? Even the installation of mods themselves work in that simple way.

>> No.5273471

I didn't claim GDX did it first. Also Kaiser has put out nothing but high quality shit so there's no reason to believe BloodEX will be any different.

>> No.5273485

>Spawns a Battlelord directly behind you

Heh, Nothing personal Duke

>> No.5273505

True, in fact i've never said it will be bad, just very debatable for plenty of reasons. Although to be fair even the main guy behind BGDX released nothing but high quality shit with time... And he doesn't tell you you must pay for abandonware. He accepts donations but that's a whole other story, nobody forces you to finance it.

>> No.5273521

I could deal with that in progressive play, but the thing is that on that level, there's not all that much ammo around (or health), so if you pistol start, you're not bringing over ordnance, armor, or a portable medkit like you could in normal progressive play, you only get what you can find, which isn't that much.
Combine this with a frankly rude amount of sentry drones, and like three battle lords, and you have pretty slim margins for fucking up. You gotta make every shot count (if you even can scramble together enough shots), and you really can't slip and take too many hits at all.

>> No.5273532

One spawns behind you on the stairs of the train level too. So there's one behind you and one in front of you in a stairway filled with bombs

>> No.5273552
File: 1.44 MB, 498x249, tenor (15).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Also Kaiser has put out nothing but high quality shit

>> No.5273601

I'm actually much more upset about that one, because there's almost no way to actually avoid getting hurt.

>> No.5273619

If you're talking about Occupied Territory, you're wrong. That one is a brilliant level, which was actually polished for being a boss map in LA Meltdown. It ended up in Lunar Apocalypse despite being made for bossfights. But it's still amazing, pussies should stop whining and start playing well.

>> No.5273626
File: 339 KB, 1680x1050, time to crash this party.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5273867

Is it just me or are the sound effects in Duke even worse sound quality than Doom or other contemporary? Have people made a high-quality replacement/remaster pack?

>> No.5273895

Apogee Sound System

it's ASS.

>> No.5273925

If there's something that Megaton Edition does way better than Atomic, is the sound quality.

>> No.5273929

>Although to be fair even the main guy behind BGDX released nothing but high quality shit with time...
He did BloodCM though.

>> No.5273937

It's purely the sample rate and resolution of the provided samples. 11KHz mostly I think. I don't know what's the technical limit on .VOC files.

Many of the samples are from commercial sound libraries, like the ones from Sound Ideas. It would take some serious searching to get all the original sources together.

>> No.5273945
File: 1.72 MB, 480x258, 1531332411236.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>And he doesn't tell you you must pay for abandonware

abandonware is a myth, a pitiful excuse for warez sites and pirates to give themselves a better conscience.
video games do not become "public domain" in 20 years, and even if it was the case, the regulations of public domain vary from country to country.
Some company does own Tekwar, Witchaven. Because fighting piracy is a lost cause doesn't mean it's right to pirate.
Hell, you can even find Duke3D on "abandonware" sites which should tell you just about everything you need to know about "abandonware.

>Many of the samples are from commercial sound libraries

>MFW I hear the Battlelord shout in some movie

>> No.5273946
File: 77 KB, 625x416, p9iGegz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>with time

>> No.5273960

Besides, him not telling you to pay for the games doesn't make him cool, it just makes him Russian.
It's not racism, just the fact that piracy is a lot more embedded into east european culture.

In europe, the piracy rate increases exponentially the further east you go, and it's been that way forever.

>> No.5273962

>he thinks buying abandonware on gog is the right thing to do in order to inflate his debatable ego
Seriously though, i don't buy that shit. It doesn't matter if you buy the rights from some corpse who detains the rights and then sell a product again, especially if the money i'll spend on it won't go neither to the original developers nor the same software house but only to a debatable redistributor... So yeah, i will continue to "pirate" abandonware.

>> No.5273963

Hey, I beat it fine, and I enjoyed it, it's just that it was far harder for me on pistol start.
For that matter, I like similar rough setups for Doom, like E4M1.

>> No.5273970

I don't even know what's the point of this post

>> No.5273971

If you buy retro FPS games in 2019, 99% of the time the money goes to some unrelated faggot publisher (who don't even update it to run on modern PC's), not the actual developers.

>> No.5273978

I'll fix that for you
>If you buy retro FPS games in 2019, 99% of the time the money goes to some unrelated faggot publisher (who don't even update it to run on modern PC's and if they do so, they just use what was already existent thanks to the community and not to them), not the actual developers.

>> No.5273982

>especially if the money i'll spend on it won't go neither to the original developers

That argument doesn't hold.
You buy Doom Eternal or Wolfenstein 2, you think the modeller or level designer is getting a share of the price you paid? That's pretty naive, in all honesty it may be the case, but most of the time they just don't get royalties like that.

Meanwhile, the original Shadow Warrior is literally owned by George Broussard, last time I checked. You buy it on gog or steam, chances are he was part of the deal.

Bottomline there is no way for you to know if "the devs get money"; and that state of mind is flawed to begin with because it implies that the publishers don't matter, sometimes the same publishers that were the only reason you got to know about the game to begin with, or the only reason the game got made in the first place.

>> No.5273987
File: 289 KB, 1280x800, cha-cha's galore concert.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wish i could know which song was used for this specific scene... YouTube doesn't seem to have it.

>> No.5273989

I'm not going to give you any more money Randy.

>> No.5273993

Finally, I'd also like to add that Mega Man 9 would have never been made if the NES MM games weren't top sellers on Wii's Virtual Console.

MM9, which, while not the first popular "retro throwback" game, largely contributed to expanding that market. For instance I don't even know if games like Bloodstained Curse Of The Moon would exist in a timeline where nobody buys old games and MM9 doesn't get made.

>> No.5274002

or to make it more related to this thread, in that timeline SW Redux, World Tour with its new episode made by original devs, Ion Maiden and Dusk would probably not exist.

>> No.5274007

You're talking regarding specific subjects though, i was talking in principle. Still, even if what you said is obviously true for some games, i wouldn't still buy them. What's the point if you sell them and they're always broken someway or another? (That's the case with Steam). What's the point if you sell them and the relative patches to fix their compatibility issues and whatnot are not even made by you but from the community who doesn't earn jackshit? (That's the case with GoG). Again, it doesn't matter if you purchase the licenses from some living zombies, you're still doing it for mere profit without even giving a single shit if something doesn't work correctly.

>> No.5274015

A couple good throw-back games doesn't make amends for the tons of nostalgic bait bullshit though. And let's draw a merciful veil over that World Tour bullshit. Only good thing was the new episode that i promptly cracked: it was good but not consistently so. I prefer my original version which has more things let alone three beautiful addons.

>> No.5274025

I'm fine with the concept of Virtual Console; "Here's a classic game ported for your convenience, that'll be 1 to 5 dollars please."

But execution could leave something to be desired, further, Nintendo seems like they aren't going to continue doing VC anymore.
Looks like it's piracy for dinner again!

>> No.5274026

>three beautiful addons
Oh please, Caribbean is the only one worth a shit. DC is for one playthrough just to say you completed it. Nuclear Winter is putrid shit and I wish I could take back that playthrough I did.

>> No.5274037

Funny you only replied to that point. Silence means consent, as they say.

>> No.5274042

Because I wasn't apart of the discussion and jumped in to point that specific part out.

>> No.5274054

Thank you for your connotation, then. Maybe i was just used to real shit like Duke Assault so i couldn't see myself what was shitty about Nuclear Winter. I agree it's not perfect, though. I myself i only played it one or two times max, only at christmas days... DC and most importantly LAB are way, way better; but that wasn't the point. It was just the first thing which came to mind the moment i thought about World Tour and the comparison with the real Duke.

>> No.5274058

I'm not telling you to buy every piece of turd labelled "retro", I'm telling you that buying the old good games and the new retro good games is the only way to ensure you'll get more good commercial sourceports and good new retro games; while also telling you that abandonware is not a real thing for 99% of games and that the "devs don't get money" argument doesn't hold for two reasons.

Although you're free to keep your head in the sand, just remember that when you pirated Shadow Warrior, World Tour, Dusk and Ion Maiden, if everyone was like you wouldn't be playing them.

>> No.5274084

>I'm not telling you to buy every piece of turd labelled "retro"
I understood that; i was trying to point out other things that you're promptly avoiding.
>buying the old good games and the new retro good games is the only way to ensure you'll get more good commercial sourceports and good new retro games
That's simply not true. Just look at the GDX fate many BUILD games received. Regarding "good new retro games", i don't think developers are basing their games just for how well the retro tag sells. Surely it's a bit of that too, but the ones who manage to do real good things are often (if not always) veterans who are passionated about it since years and they know that if they do something well they would sell it just as well.
>you're free to keep your head in the sand
That's you though, who're just spitting out the same thing over and over without replying to what i've asked earlier.
>you pirated Shadow Warrior, World Tour, Dusk and Ion Maiden
Silly you, i have Shadow Warrior since '98. I don't need World Tour for the reasons i've already mentioned before. DUSK i think i'll buy it sooner or later because guess what? It seems good and money will go to the right people, hopefully they can finance more projects that way. For the latter, i don't buy early access games, it doesn't matter how good they are. I can wait.

>> No.5274095
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>> No.5274184
File: 1.07 MB, 617x776, Randy Pitchfork.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5274213

>not caleb's pitchfork
one job

>> No.5274245

I also agree with this.

>> No.5274254

What you said it's obviously agreeable but you totally missed the point

>> No.5274275
File: 119 KB, 1280x800, one eyed monks rule.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What does this mean? Google isn't helping me on this one.

>> No.5274305

>Ion Maiden
No way I pay a penny to that giant flaccid e-penis called Hendricks.

>> No.5274348

This is a nickname for "penis"

>> No.5274357

i think caleb's weapon being a pitchfork is a hell of a lot cooler than something that makes more sense, like a bowie knife or whatever, because it just dials up the weird macabre atmosphere of blood just a bit more. it's the same reason Caleb doesn't find a single revolver despite being a gunslinger, because a flaregun or a tommygun is weirder, less generic, and a hell of a lot more fun than a typical revolver.

>(why does this game even exist btw)
civvie11's videos explain the tragic story of blood 2's horrible development:


basically GT were the ones that owned the rights to Blood and Monolith were only the developers. Monolith were probably 2/3rds of the way done with Blood 2 before GT absolutely fucked them and booted the unfinished game out the door.

>> No.5274384

So they just put a sex joke on Blood without any particular reason? I don't know anon... Everytime there's an easter egg or a simple quote on this game it's always clever and most of the times on theme with the setting... This is neither of these, though.

>> No.5274427
File: 8 KB, 480x360, 1530532753901.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he thinks civvie is entitled on saying anything about Blood
lol, maranax you fucking pallex

>> No.5274525
File: 1.88 MB, 480x264, 1514605709294.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lunar Apocalypse is good. The level design is great, the atmosphere is great, the sentries can be annoying but typically you're given enough space/time to deal with them. My problem with it is that it just doesn't feel like Duke. The tonal shift from L.A. Meltdown to Lunar Apocalypse (and then to Shrapnel City) is so huge, they feel like different games. There's none of the light-heartedness or interactivity of the city episodes. It's dark/atmospheric sci-fi mazes like an Alien or Marathon game.

>> No.5274539

Pre-bar/stripclub parts of Red Light District, and the wholes of Launch Facility and Freeway are very Episode2-esque in their eeriness, despite taking place on Earth.

>> No.5274548

It's just a straight combat level with Blum being an edgelord and cosplaying Romero ONLY GRANDER. As is Toxic Dump. It's straightforward to a fault. Also, no jetpack is just a mapping mistake, since no jetpack = no shrinker = ridiculous ammo shortage.

>> No.5274567

Also, that's my problem with Golden Carnage as well. It's a straightforward combat level that is exactly what you expect it to be based on what it initially seems. You trail back and forth along a straight line. Also MANY SUBS (because, you see, Toxic Dump could only have one sub due to framerate restrictions), also TEH AWSUM MANY EESKPLOUZHNS MUCH DEVASTATOR final bossfight. It doesn't challenge your preconception is any way, it doesn't do anything new whatsoever, it just gives you the same stuff you've already seen, although bigger in scale and with more enemies at once. It's straightforward to a point of being a timesink.

>> No.5274612

The word I was looking for was "trivial". As in "already seen/heard somewhere else and probably, although not definitely, a quote", NOT as in "trivially easy". Those levels could be hard, but they are quite predictable in principle even the first time around.

>> No.5274635

Why are pig cops specifically LAPD parody's when they are deployed globally?

Shouldn't the be themed based on location? Are the aliens from multiple different that work together or are they all engineered from a base alien species in control?

>> No.5274654

Episode 1 and most of episode 2 (Blum maps) definitely felt like the same game to me with the same kind of eerie atmosphere. Freeway, Derelict also felt like episode 1 and 2, probably because they are also Blum levels.

Episode 3 on the other hand felt like a different game indeed. It had different type of levels with different design principles. Some episode 2 maps, notable Levelord's maps, ie. Incubator, Spin Cycle and Lunatic Fringe felt like episode 3 style too. Strangely enough the only episode 1/2 style maps from episode 3 (other than Freeway) were the cut ones: Sewer and Sweeney.

Episode 4 was again a different game, the third different game actually. This had more jokes, more vivid colours, more crowded locations. Derelict felt E1/2, XXX Stacy felt E3 in style though.

>> No.5274660

Golden Carnage also felt like an E1/E2 map to me. Don't get your straightforward sentiment. It's no more straightforward than Freeway for example.

>> No.5274709

It's just a joke which takes in consideration the word LAPD with LARD instead, there's no need to look between nonexistent lines. I bet the word LARD isn't even an acronym to begin with and it was made purposefully for the pun and nothing else.

>> No.5275140

Is "Lameduke" worth playing? Has it been polished up or recreated in a port by fans?

>> No.5275148
File: 50 KB, 640x480, duke caribbean pigcops.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think they made the pigcops for the original episodes, where they would appear in the California area, and then didn't really consider making a bunch of new graphics for each level in World Tour, 20 years later.
I won't hold that against them, because that would be an assload of work and I don't even know if they still have the original 3D models to work with, especially if it was all just editing the letters on their back, many people wouldn't even notice at all.

In Duke Caribbean though, they are decked out in vacation clothes (and their shirts are paletted for different colors), which is neat.
God, I love that expansion so much.

>> No.5275470

I wanted to like that expansion but the level designs repeatedly spawns enemies like those missile launcher dudes behind you at times. It's just cheap and lazy and frustrating so I dropped it.

>> No.5275483

Sounds like a personal problem to me.

>> No.5275501

Episode 2 is the best. It has the craziest layouts, the craziest architecture, the craziest effects, great gameplay almost all the way through, and fantastic atmosphere. The only weak maps are the secret ones, which is fair since they're secret and gimmicky per nature.

I feel like people who'd rather play Movie Set/Rabid Transit/Farenheit over ep2 completely miss the point of what Duke3D is all about and their focus is exclusively on the surface of things, like "le humour".

>> No.5275632

Episode 2 and everything in space is garbage.

>> No.5275790

Blow it out your ass.

>> No.5275902

Kyle Katarn might want a word with you

>> No.5276176


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