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It's a first person adventure/space battle/RPG hybrid, what's not to like?

General Space Sim / 1st person space shooter thread

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The game programmer is now a trans-woman.

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I know that the Out of This World designer trooned out but Japanese programmers don't partake in such degeneracies.

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Cool game

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Some of its music is god-tier, but after a little while I found it boring. Fly to some planet, shoot some polygons, fly back to the first planet, repeat, repeat, repeat. Maybe I was just in a temporary slow patch and it gets better later.

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There is literally nothing wrong with being trans.

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>obligatory degenerate tripfag crossdresser butthurt post

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I started playing this game, but I dropped it out of laziness. It's very impressive, but it's a bit tedious.
I also wish the dithering patterns it used weren't so fucking ugly.
game probably should have ran at half-res and in low-width mode for speed (writing individual pixels is nybble level access, writing two pixels at a time is byte-level and thus much faster, and damn near every other piece of 3D anything I've seen on the machine that runs at a decent clip does this, low width mode means less screen to draw), it's a bit choppy when anything actually starts happening and you're not just walking around

I'm so glad there's finally a translation patch (well, it's nearly two years old now, but I've wanted to play this game for ages).

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You're all playing the X68000 version right?

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oooohh i loke what im seeing, is it anything like space rogue???

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star control 2

elite frontier 2

starglider 2

b.a.t. 2

damocles mercenary 2

all the best ones are the second ones

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no, its not like space rogue. it looks like a space blobber. wizardry in space,mehh i geuss thats cool.

check out space rogue on dos, not that new shit mobile game,if you want a good space mobile game go with galaxy on fire one and two.

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Maybe you can try actually helping them instead of just making fun of their suicide rates.

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the OST is pure kino, but don't post the downgraded version.

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People would be helping them by making more fun of them, unironically. Ridicule is a powerful social tool used to discourage auto-destructive behavior. What is ridiculed is, by nature, unacceptable, and people are far less likely to partake in ridiculed behavior than in what is perceived as being "cool".

Self-identifying as having gender disphoria is being perceived as "cool" in our society. We have done a study on the subject, the new generations see it as a boost in social standing. Then they cut their own dick because it is the cool and hype thing to do... and then they suicide because they've just cut open their own dick, the morons.

Trans need to be ridiculed, for their own good.

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The old ideas of what is "acceptable" are unacceptable. Social change has been and is still necessary for improvement.

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Space Griffon VF-9

It's a mech FPS/dungeon crawler-lite/survival horrorish hybrid but that still doesn't really capture the feel. Your team is sent to a remote city base on the moon, things go tits up shortly after arrival when you realise the defence forces have turned into zombies and there's something roaming around the station. Plot is right out of an old anime OVA and there's a lot of it, with full voice acting.

You transform macross style (game is clunky even in the mobile configuration though), search nooks and crannies, scavenge weapons and manage your very limited ammo while mowing down hundreds of mechs while hoping to fuck what's equipped doesn't break mid-combat. It's a slow game made even slower by constant codec transmissions from your team, found that added to the OVA feel personally though so I didn't mind it. You can even contact them yourself if they're in range and find they react to nearly every plot development

PS1 game so it's easy enough to emulate, but also there are versions for Windows and Dreamcast. And the game itself is a remake of PC-98 title Hamlet.

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The X1 version is the best. I used to go on these 3 hour long walks and listen to nothing but the X1 soundtrack.

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This looks cool af.

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This game is sick, has one of my favorite OST's of all time. Has anybody here played the translated version of star cruiser 2 yet? Been meaning to play it but haven't gotten around to it yet

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For the people that enjoyed Star Cruiser's OST check out the other X68000 game soundtracks composed by Toshiya Yamanaka,amazing stuff.
He also did an interview here: http://shmuplations.com/toshiyayamanaka/

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Yay! I'm glad she's happy with who she is.

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Here's the full OST, the uploader posted a link to FLAC downloads in the comments too

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Fuck, forgot the link


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Nothing short of revorutionary. Play X68000 for besto result.

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I love me some Damocles/Mercenary 3. Some of my favorite open ended exploration games ever.

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Very rare to see a full polygon game out of Japan in the 80s, quite impressive.

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>Out of This World designer trooned out
I'm sorry, what?