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There's just something about Tenchu.

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I liked killing the women.

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it's a great pick-up-and-play, there's not a steep learning curve, the controls are intuitive, the combat and executions are satisfying, variety of items provides strategy, soundtrack and atmosphere are absorbing, story is dramatic and engaging, there's a lot to like about it, it's a bit unpolished and the sequel smoothed out those rough edges fairly well, occasionally feels clunky and imprecise, still a lot of fun

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me too.

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>ever harming the innocent

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they gave up their innocence when they sucked off a warlord

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Based and redpilled.

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The soundtrack is the most memorable part for me.

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It's the Dark Souls of stealth games.

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>There's just something about Tenchu.

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I nutted.

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That’s a pretty nice ass for PS1.

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I just wish Tenchu 2 was better designed, and you'd be able to actually get Grand Master fairly.

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The supernatural stuff in the endgame and sequels was dumb and unnecessary though.

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How does it work in 2? In 1 it's kinda unsatisfying how you can get spotted a bunch, how you just need a lot of stealth kills for GM. But on the other hand the AI's so janky it'd probably just be annoying if it were more strict.

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I want to ask something: why is that, when you jump over an enemy, sometimes they insta-kill you even though they didn't see you? For example: if you jump over one of the kunoichis and manage to land in front of them (your back turned to them), they slash your throat? Because for an enemy to get you from behind is pretty much impossible - and the enemy must actively be seeking you, but this just happens randomly.

It happens very infrequently, but it still manages to fuck up some perfect runs. In the PS2 games, sometimes the women with umbrellas also do it.

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I never had this happening to me.
But I'm curious though. If you're able to capture it somehow I'd try to replicate it.

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It's pretty rare to happen, and I can't reproduce it consistently. It mostly happens randomly. Even if I jump and land in front of them (back turned to them) 10 times, they never land the instant kill.

Here's a video of it in Fatal Shadows (I think it's Tenchu 4?):
(skip to 0:13, ignore the cancerous intro)
From all of those, the spinning top instant kill is actually pretty easy to get - just stay far away from the kunoichi (alerted) and let her throw the spinning top at you, and don't block it.

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