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Why do they turn into a weird melty/biological monster out of nowhere? There is like one line of explanation about them from Kuja and the protagonists never react to two little jesters turning into a bizarre organ mess that vaguely looks like a jester.

Is there ANY explanation at all?

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weren't they just based off Mana and Közi from Malice Mizer?
The Final Fantasy devs around that time were huge Mizer nerds, look at Squall.

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I don't know what most of those words you just said mean

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Malice Mizer were a japanese visual kei band that were at the peak of their popularity in Japan in the mid to late 90s, and the Final Fantasy devs often took inspiration from them.

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you're better off not knowing

wash your stinky cunt, fujoshi

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Why the bitterness, incel?
Also, not my fault the FF devs happened to like one of the most popular bands in the late 90s.

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FF7 broke Squaresoft as their unprecedented response lead them to try and outdo themselves, actual quality of game and story be damned. FF8 struggled to have a cohesive narrative; by FF9 it was really apparent. They took at least four separate stories and patched them together in the hopes it would work. It's no wonder Enix had to bail them out, and it's particularly a shame even that move couldn't stop the trend, well into FF15.

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originally they were one character in the story just called "Zorn" but were made to be two characters probably to reference both the red and blue moons and make an allusion to Palom and Porom, both from FFIV which along with III is where the bulk of IX's plot comes form even if it's completely senseless.

As to why they turn into a weird monster when they fuse back together, who knows. IX's world is full of a lot of nonsense like random blue skinned humans, hippo people and humanoid frogs dressed as chiefs to the point where a guy with a monkey tail and a small kid with yellow lights for a face pass without comment

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Please fuck off forever

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Haha, calm down buddy.
I'm not a fujoshit, but I noticed your bitterness.
Again, not my fault that the FF devs liked Mizer.
Honestly they have some good songs.

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You got dumped/rejected by a Gackt fangirl, huh?

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Seriously, how can one band be so based?

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>look at Squall.

Who was actually based on River Phoenix

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Klaha >>>>>>>>> Gackt


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It's like I'm looking at five different flavors of Edea.

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None of them even compare you stupid cunt

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Square was way better than Enix, and Enix ruined square.

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Call him an incel, he recoils.

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I think they just get turned into a monster by Kuja, right? They sold their souls to the devil, because they're a pair of opportunistic sycophants, and that was their reward. I forget exactly how it goes down, though.

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Meltigemini is the original form, he's split into Z&T.

The fag board is this way >>>/fa/

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t. deluded closeted homosexual can't come to terms with the fact final fantasy is fujohomogaysex central

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Nice try fujoshit but I'm actually killing all those fags you love so much.

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Final Fantasy is totally gay, just deal with it.

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You again' We already told you that it's not anybody's fault that the FF devs liked Malice Mizer. And also they have actually good songs, homosexuals or not (Mana actually likes girls, he has had and will always have more girls than you will ever have dude, not that it's hard to score more than you, lmao)

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This is one of the more interesting thread derailments I've seen lately.

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I like how gay this thread is. Don't stop now, fellow /queer/s .

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That is actually terrific modelling for a 2000 game on a 1994 console.

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>Kuja states that Multigemini is their true form.

He could just be speaking metaphorically about how ugly they are inside.

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Really great art.

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The game looks great.

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I like Malice Mizer and I'm a straight male.
Be less insecure and you will be happier.

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>I'm a straight male

You mean "closet homosexual"

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googled it, seems legit
also they turn into a monster for the same me reason Baigan does in IV


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Rick Astley wasn't gay

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Nope, you're just projecting.

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I regularly have threesomes with my girlfriend and other girls, if I listen to gay J-rock shit I'm still more of a man than this trap crooner generation

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Same here, sometimes we play some Malice Mizer music in our threesomes, this is a classic

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>this thread
>these fucking jesters
>this atrocious music
what the absolute original FUCK is going on

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>atrocious music
Let's see what kind of music do you like.
MM is objectively kino

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This is good, sounds like something from Symphony of the Night

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<3 <3 Can I join either of you in your sexy j-rock threesomes?

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Not to be rude, sevenleaf, but I only accept natural females, otherwise I get too fucking jealous. No other man can touch my girl.

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I was wondering that too. I just beat FF9 for the first time about a week ago, and I beat FF15 not too long ago too, and for the first time in my life, I realized that these Final Fantasy games, they're just straight up nonsense. 15 was egregiously bizarre, but even 9, which was overall fairly cohesive, was still complete nonsense. I wonder what they're thinking when they write out the plots for these games, what it is they're trying to accomplish. Because absolutely none of them make a single lick of sense.

They're fun, I like them, but they're insane. They're like if a dog with a brain tumor somehow made a game.

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I don't think that's rude.... If trans women aren't your preference, then I'll find someone else who's down :P

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Go back to your containment board, namefag.

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I rate this thread vr/10

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They have multiple writers working with very little communication between them and sometimes entire plot threads get deleted, which is the reason why we have unfocused mood swings like Cloud going snowboarding immediately after Aeris's death, Zeifer disappears after squall gets impaled by an icicle never to be seen again or Freya's plot goes to an abrupt halt after the Yggdrasil gets invaded and never gets resolved.

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Fuck you ffvii is perfect

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Mana is officially /vr/.

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He didn't say it was bad just unfocused (which it is)

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WTF, this video is seriously fucked up

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It’s not hard when the game just uses pre-rendered backgrounds and ultra low detail 3D battle sequences.

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>Why do they turn into a weird melty/biological monster out of nowhere?
It's Final Fantasy.

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>trans woman

Why would you do this to yourself? Certainly, it must be for the attention?

I simply cannot envision any circumstance in which changing my gender would be to any significant advantage, aside from these scenarios:

1) Changing my identity to hide from the authorities
2) Desiring endless, unwavering attention from those around me
3) Having an inexplicable mental illness like discoveries from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/V._S._Ramachandran


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It's a troll you fucking retard. Stop responding.

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Dang, alright. I'm pretty lit right now- just thought I'd ask questions that I usually don't have any interest in asking.

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>it must be for the attention?
I mean. I wouldn't call that a downside.

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No men in skirts with mental illnesses allowed

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maybe they just don't want to be treated like a man anymore. maybe they're small and weak and it hurts them.

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not fujoshi, and I know who Malice Mizer. Much as I hate to gatekeep, but you can't be into 90's Japanese media, and not know what Visual Kei is.

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Most are fat slobs but in their minds they must think they are a cute twink.

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>game finally lets you choose your party at disc fucking 3
>oh just kidding garnet is virtually unusable because she has a 80% chance to ignore all commands

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Funny fact : They're called Pile & Face in the French version, which means Heads & Tails

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Thats not funny

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