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Of all the games on the Famicom, why the hell did Nintendo pick Doki Doki?

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...for what? I've never heard of this game before, can you give us some context?

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Doki Doki Panic became the Western version of Mario 2.

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Well, can you think of any other platforming Nintendo games published at roughly the same time that would have made a better alternative Mario sequel for the western market? Add onto them being reasonably high quality and/or have Miyamoto involved in the development.

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Did I Know? No I didn't

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>Well, can you think of any other platforming Nintendo games published at roughly the same time that would have made a better alternative Mario sequel for the western market?
Super Mario Bros. 2(JP)?

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I wondered if I should specify "not the actual super mario bros 2" because that's obviously not the fucking poin but I thought you wouldn't be dense enough to actually just say it.

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aka Super Mario Bros. 1: Autism Edition

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Did you unironically know? Doki Doki Panic was created from a prototype originally intended for a sequel to SMB before it was decided to just reuse the original's engine and general gameplay.
So it was the logical choice when Nintendo of Murika demanded a brand new game as SMB2

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You've got a lot to learn, if you don't even know about Doki Doki Picnic.

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I knew they did this, but why? Was Japan's SMB2 really that hard? I've never played Japan's SMB2, were the levels all new? Was the story new? Was it just a rehash of SMB with harder jumps?

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It was already criticized in Japan for being too much of a "Mario clone", so why not just make it into an actual Mario game? The characters didn't belong to Nintendo anyway, so by replacing them with Mario characters their work on the game wouldn't go to waste. You'll notice that all rereleases of the game in Japan have been the SMBUSA version, not DDP.

It's pretty much an official romhack of SMB. Different, harder levels, featuring a lot of questionable design decisions. It's not a great game, and it would have looked and felt ancient by the time the US would have gotten it. Skipping it and repackaging DDP instead was probably the correct decision.

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SMB2 JP is pretty much SMB1+. Couple of new enemies, wind was added (don't know if wind was in the arcade SMB1), poison mushroom, the good number of secret pipes that bring you back a level or even the start of the game.

Ever played SMB1 fully (no secrets)? Because SMB2 JP is playing that with a few extra levels just with the difficulty ranked up. I know of some that like the challenge of the game but personally I found it more frustrating than enjoyably challenging.

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The US market would have thrown their NESs out if that was the sequel they were given.

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>Was Japan's SMB2 really that hard?
Eh. Harder than SMB1, but not THAT hard.
>I've never played Japan's SMB2, were the levels all new?
>Was the story new?
>Was it just a rehash of SMB with harder jumps?
It had new graphics and some new elements added, but it played fairly similar.

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I own it, it takes brains and coordination, and that's about it. To be honest, it's not too hard, harder than the original for sure, but not crazy stupid hard or anything. Tonkachi Mario is much worse.

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Because TV Tokyo commissioned Nintendo to make DDP as a promotion for an upcoming event.

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Are you a bad enough dude to finish this?

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Because lot of the people who worked on it were on the same team that made mario 2 and later worked on mario 3

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it was made by the same creator

>Miyamoto: hey I made a rom com that would be too hard for the Americans, can I barrow your game and paint it over
>Miyamoto: sure Miyamoto-san, you're my best friend

the meeting went like that

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>it was something they already had lying around, meaning a lot of their work was already done, since they wanted to get a game done fairly fast
>they wanted to put out a sequel to the west, but not something that looked too similar to the first game, for the fear of coming off as dated, Doki Doki Panic was advanced enough
>Donkey Donkey Picnic hadn't been released in the west, and wasn't known, so to the intended audience this wouldn't come off as derivative
>some of the devs of Derpy Derpy Puppy, including Miyamoto, felt the game was going in a too Super Mario direction at times, hence it made some sense to take the game and retool it into a fully fledged Super Mario game
>the 'Lost Levels', as they would eventually be called once released in the west, were far, FAR more challenging than the original game, to the point that it really wasn't casual friendly at all, the game was good, but Nintendo was afraid of turning off less experienced audiences with a game which was too hard for them to play, Nintendo was working in a market which was still not done rejuvenating from Atari's brundlefuck, and didn't want to work against themselves

I think it was the right thing to do, because I think Super Mario Bros. 2 is a pretty fun game for what it is. We'd get the Lost Levels eventually.

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Nintendo came to the conclusion that the western market, particularly the US post-Atari, really wouldn't take strongly to a game like it in those days, and I think they were right about that.
I'm sure there would be lots of people who would love it, but the game would be too hard for a wide range of audiences (which is what Nintendo was looking for), and it wasn't new and different enough to feel novel and interesting (something it had already gotten criticism for in its home market).

It's not a Kaizo hack or anything, but it'll demand some higher performance from the player, and will pull a couple of mean tricks on you if you don't pay enough attention (such as needing to pound an invisible box to jump up on to pass a gap, but which you could scroll past and then not reach anymore, meaning you were stuck).

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But you forgot to mention it was at a karaoke bar while enjoying unfiltered cigarettes.

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DDP has more replayability than the Lost Levels

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Doki Doki was the better choice. Even at age 20 going back and playing Mario 2 on my Mario All-Stars cartridge was very difficult and 'trolly' with how they placed the warp pipes that take you backwards and the invisible blocks that knock you right into a pit. I could imagine not wanting to play that game and being very disappointed if I had it when I was younger. Mario 3 was my favourite game growing up but I still went back to play Doki and Mario 1 a little.

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/vr/ only has like 2 memes and we can't even get that right lmao

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imagine being a jap kid and playing SMB2 USA and realizing its just some shitty rebrand of a game you already played. we got the better end of the deal

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SMB2 was too old, and not particularly great. DDP was a licensed game nobody in the west would recognize. It just made sense.

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True. Lost Levels is good for a challenge run, but retooling DDP made for something much more interesting.

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The story goes that NOA execs looked at SMB2j and decided it wasn't worth releasing here. To be fair, the game got pretty negative reviews in Japan for the difficulty and for being basically a ROM hack of the first game.

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Wtf, is this a joke. You dont even have to be a /vr/ fag to know this youtube eceleb meme

>Did you know... Mario 2 was originally a game called donkey donkey picnic?

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I always felt SMB 2 USA was a much more enjoyable game than SMB 3

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I think what's stranger is that it has since become integrated into Mario lore. Shy Guys and all the other similar ones are pretty important mook enemies, and Luigi's fluttery jumping animation also comes from this (his higher jumping however was already present in the Japanese version of SMB2)

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Hush were trying to shitpost here

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Chinese developers continued the tradition of placing Mario into unrelated games.

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GRAND... ah, you know.

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Did you know?
That Super Hornio Bros. 2 was originally released in Japan as Double Dick Panic?

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>Of all the games on the Famicom, why the hell did Nintendo pick Doki Doki?
so what game is your pick, OP

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>an official romhack
We used to call those expansion packs.

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docky docky packnick > super mario brothers and peach and also toad 2: united states of america

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Actually lol’d - good troll

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