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Yesterday, On Doom's 25th anniversary, John Romero announced an upcoming unofficial Episode 5 for the original Doom to be released in February.

The mod will (OF COURSE) be free. But there is also a boxed "Collector's Edition" that comes in 2 versions (with one considerably more expensive than the other). (This was skipped over (presumably mistakenly) in the Doom General, so I'm making a thread for it for people who missed the announcement.)


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And yes, the OP image is a screenshot from the mod.

Anyway, here's the "basic" collector's box.

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<- /v/ is that way

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And here's the super expensive version.

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Oh, and I probably should have mentioned in the OP that it's titled "SIGIL".

Here's the print that the box comes with.

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Here's the USB drive.

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And here's a close-up of the "coin" that it comes with.

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I'm gonna buy this and make a trip-attentionwhore unboxing thread, and then I'll rip the soundtrack just for you guys <3

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If this isn't shilling at its finest, I don't know what is.

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OP is totally not Romero.

And by not I mean he is.

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Yeah, Im thinking he's back

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I wish

This was all over doom general yesterday, u slow ass

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so, you're still working on "Blackroom", right, John?

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Make me your bitch daddy

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Why does this ring a bell

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I dont get it
I read the page extensively but it doesnt say if you get the soundtrack part of the WAD even if you download it for free or you have to buy the boomer edition to get the MIDI tune soundtrack to play along with the WAD

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it's just a CD with known songs and one new song.
If you check the stream, it's just the CD playing seperately from the game. No tracks are assigned to levels, etc

I'm sure by default it just plays the original game's midi

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so the new so shilled soundtrack from whoever-the-fuck isnt integrated in MIDI format into the WAD like custom music for fan made MegaWADS?
what the fuck?
does he actually expect people to buy this cash grab scam?

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doesnt this damage you floppy disc drive?

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It might be unofficial episode, but for me this is pretty much as official fifth episode as one can be. Much more official than Bethesda Doom games anyway.

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I'm stoked.

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The "collector's edition" is just that: For collectors. The game is 100% free.

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Well it's not a game, is it? It's just a level pack that you still need The Ultimate Doom itself to run, no?

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I appreciate the talents of Romero and Buckethead, but this is just super-generic metal tat.
I'll play the episode, but fuck all this shit.

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Wtf I'm Romero's bitch now.

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Yeah. You just download the mod (when it comes out) and play it with the base game's wad file.

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You don't actually put it in a floppy drive....

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Does it have any new enemies or guns

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>John Romero announced
>unofficial Episode 5

So it's just something John Romero cooked up one day then? That sucks. I'd love to have seen it be an official release.

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Why is this a Doom mod? It'd make way more sense to just make a new game. Sigil is kind of a cool name.

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You know what I wish Romero did? Daikatana Remastered, in style of Super Meat Boy or HalfQuake, to fully realize the idea of "expert FPS". Like a 'kaizo' style FPS.

The game could have automatic checkpoints like every other room, but is otherwise balls to the wall hard/hardcore and you can die super easily. Also remove AI companions because while they add difficulty, escort missions are annoying.

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Better just make an actual Daikatana remastered. Just rework the game, and fix the problems.

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To be fair, that kinda exists in form of community patches. They fix glitches, improve companion AI and let you disable companions alltogether.

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I'm disappointed it's s not an actual functioning floppy

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> A pewter statue of John Romero's head on a pike.


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Is Romero actually making the levels?

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> But Baphomet glitched the final teleporter with his hidden sigil whose eldritch power brings you to even darker shores of Hell. You fight through this stygian pocket of evil to confront the ultimate harbingers of Satan, then finally return to become Earth’s savior. In summary, rip and tear!

Deepest lore.

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It's like a 8yo wrote it. So pure, so sincere.

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What are John Romero's favourite community Doom wads?

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>I'd love to have seen it be an official release.
Look at this corporate cocksucker, Jesus.

It's Romero you fucking douche. That makes it more than legit. Doesn't matter that it's not le uffishull.

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Apparently only the boxed version gets the buckethead soundtrack. I'm kinda confused. Does it just get an extra CD, or will the music actually play in the levels and loop instead of the midi? Regardless someone will pirate it eh?

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>Q: How did you choose the music for the levels?

> A: It was a gruelling decision process to choose which Pikes to use in SIGIL. There are literally hundreds of choices to consider. The decision process came down to song length and mood. One of the levels is very dark, so I chose a super creepy song that is really different from the rest. I also like the longer songs to have fast and slow parts that might sync with the action onscreen.

Sounds like there is midi music for the levels as well as the buckethead CD.

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Man, I want the t-shirt, but I'm not spending that much money to get it. I wish it came with the standard edition. I hope they'll be available to order separately.

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that just looks stupid with the connector sticking out on the side

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see >>5215713

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fuck off Brenda

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Doomworld incels showed their true colours with this project. A free Romero episode for them for the anniversary, and some if them are just moaning and bitching. How retarded some "people" can be.

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You could mod them in.

I'm not. I haven't had a working floppy drive in a decade, and most of my memories with them are bitter.

Yes. He said that if he saw good sales, he would be interested in doing another set of levels in the future.

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Google Daikatana 1.3
Protip, it's what you want, fixes everything.

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> the actual floppy disc is exposed

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Go die please.

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Everyone on /vr/ knew that already. I don't get why you created this when the thing has already been inserted on the news of /doom/ threads the moment it came out.

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Where's the best place to get all of Doom from?

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Every single game platform.

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Well, yeah, but is there a consensus for the best platform to play on? I'm considering Steam, though I'm open to better suggestions.

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the steam version just bundles the IWADS in a 10 year old build of dosbox and the gog version a 5 year old build of dosbox afaik. best bet is to just grab the iwads from one of those and put them in a source port.

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On PC. Though the more recent console ports are passable.
The old Playstation versions were pretty good, though not quite the originals. The N64 version was a completely new game.

Don't get it on Steam, it's censored, just pirate it instead.

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I got Ultimate Doom on Steam and ran it through GZDOOM. Seems uncensored to me. For one thing, the red crosses on the medkits are present, which I know was a censoring.

>> No.5219196

go away NSA

>> No.5219237

trademark infringement, not censorship

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>/doom/ threads
I'd wager that the majority of /vr completely ignores that r*ddit zoomer colony.

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>1993 game

>> No.5219363

I didn't know it.
Cry more faggot.

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Anon, are you retarded?

>> No.5219369 [DELETED] 

Then you should lurk more, you absolute faggot.

>> No.5219378

I checked Doom II, and all the Nazi elements in the Wolfenstein stages are present as well.

>> No.5219409

I think it's the Doom wads in 3BFG that's been DeRedCrossified

>> No.5219420 [DELETED] 

No you are the faggot anon

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Stupid kid.

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You don't wanna fuck with me nigga.
I'm a big tough guy irl.
Come say that shit to my face pussy nigga.

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lol, mad faggot

BFG Edition, and also I think the Classic Complete release.
I think the latter dummied out the Nazi iconography from the Wolfenstein levels, and reworked the SS Troopers to generic Zombiemen (but with fucked up sprite offsets, suggesting someone just hurriedly loaded them into the .wad and didn't bother testing them or fixing them up).
This is fucking Germany's fault, they can also be blamed for the Gameboy Advance ports having green blood back in the day.

>> No.5220089

Germany ruins everything.

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>mods deleting posts as they please
>posts that were neither baits nor shitposts
Sorry for the OT, but i must say that jannies are truly the top faggots of this board.

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Isn't "BFG Edition" Doom 3?

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BFG Edition was a re-release of Doom 3, for modern PCs, but also for consoles, so you could play it on XBox360 and the PS3. It included the expansion Resurrection Of Evil, as well as a small XBox exclusive campaign.
In the original Doom 3, there is a flashlight, but it's a weapon you select, and you can't shoot a gun while using it, only swing the flashlight as a club, and it sucks.
In the BFG Edition, the flashlight weapon was deleted, your flashlight instead being mounted on your armor, and having a limited, recharging battery, like in Half-Life, you'd just toggle it with a button. This is much more practical, and somewhat mirrors the popularity of various flashlight mods.
Some say this ruins the horror atmosphere, but I'll be blunt, Doom 3's atmosphere for horror is quite limited and repetitive, if you've had one of its cheap jumpscares, you've had them all, you kind of grow immune to them in short order, just finding them trite and frustrating. I'd much rather just have the better flashlight contributing to making it a better shooter, and skip the weak horror charade.

BFG Edition also came with the old games; Ultimate Doom, Doom 2, and also the episode 'No Rest For The Living', which previously was exclusive to the XBLA port for the original XBox. No Rest For The Living is pretty good actually, hard, but fun. If you haven't played it on console, you can download the .wad and play it on PC with whatever sourceport you fancy, would recommend.
Playing the old games, I'd say they've got great controls, compared to some of the original console ports.

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So Sigil is gonna be spun off into its own game right? I don't really see the point of this otherwise.

>> No.5222364

He's probably using the physical boxes as a means of raising capital for a project.

>> No.5222493

No, you fucking retard. It's just a Doom mod. How the fuck are you saying you "don't see the point" of a Doom mod on /vr/ when half /vr/ is just Doom Modding General?

>> No.5222512

He's not going to make any real money out of these boxes. Past production cost there is probably less than 5-10$ left out of the 40bucks, and he still needs to pay for the art and music too.
He may make more of the bigger box but not that much and even then that box will sell less; not that the regular box may not be selling into the thousands either.

>> No.5222740 [DELETED] 

>mods deleting posts
>posts that are neither baits nor shitposts
thanks for the censorship, you absolute faggot. i thought we had freespeech on this shithole... seriously janny, i wish for a brain tumor for you and all your family

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Is this going to be canon??

>> No.5222865

This will be the real 4th episode.

Episode 1: Romero
Episode 2: Petersen
Episode 3: Petersen
Episode 4: noncanonic retardation
Episode 5: Romero

>> No.5222869

Romero gave away two of the levels in his twitch stream, and they weren't impressive. One looked like a 3 minute ride at best, the other had weak design and also looked like short.

>> No.5222896 [DELETED] 

This is obviously a babysat thread. One of our janitors is likely a Doom general thread poster. I criticized said general thread earlier on and that post was deleted, but the angry responses to my post were not. Take that as you will.

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File: 159 KB, 1026x734, John Carmack - Doom 25 years.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Except Romero blatantly said that it happens after episode 4, so suck it down and git gud, fucking zoomer.

>> No.5222920

Top kek. What exactly are they getting mad about? What the fuck?

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>you aren't allowed to make money out of mapping, rrreeeee!
>buckethead doesn't fit Doom, rrreeee!
>he's using this to sell his next project, rrrreeee!
>he's not the only guy who made Doom, rrrreeee!

>> No.5223021

Why do we have to wait 2 months when the wad is practically done?

>> No.5223098

I see no problems with any of these.
It's not like back in the Dai-Katana days where he had the gall to outright said he did most of the work on Doom.

I'm assuming because of the physical copies. The .wad itself will be free, but I guess he wants the incentive to remain, so that two months from now, it won't be "Whatever, I already played it."

Could also be that it still needs polish, we've seen what, two or three levels or so? There's more that needs to be done, and we've only seen the Deathmatch arena of one map I think.

>> No.5223448

This just reeks of trying to cash in on another company's IP through his past association. He should just make his own game. In fact if this isn't promotion for a new game called Sigil, then I don't see the point.

He should retrace the ID's series. First make a 3D game with low polygon environment and 2D sprites. Low budget, tests the water for interest. This can re-use the maps from Sigil for episode 1. Then if this game is a hit, make a fully 3D game with more complex lighting and more polygons (roughly equivalment for Quake or Quake II). Keeps the budgets low, and focus on gameplay and action.

>> No.5224862

I'd guess it's not fully done.

>> No.5226319

ffs stop being a faggot

>> No.5226359

He's right though, those complaints are all really stupid.

>> No.5227080

He's a bigger fucking faggot than anyone else.

>> No.5227173

Then justify the complaints.

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You take that back, Buckethead is a national treasure

>> No.5228320

He's shit.

What I'm worried about is whether or not the music will even fit the game. Trent Reznor is shit, too, but his Quake soundtrack fit that game perfectly.

>> No.5228413

Trent Reznor is alright.

>> No.5229338


>> No.5229489

In the twitch stream, Romero showed us a level with two shotgunners at the start. That level without the hodgepodge is 3 minutes long, and literally has 4 rooms and some cakewalk.

I hope this won't be a standard for this episode.

>> No.5229490


>> No.5229529

what the fuck happened to that new FPS he was supposedly developing?

>> No.5229572

I’ll be sure to report it.

>> No.5230014

He did great for Quake, and I like some NIN songs. But then, I don't know what kind of music you consider good and appealing. Maybe you like Moby or something like that.

Who knows? People have asked about it on his stream, but he's been quiet, his wife haven't answered anything either.

It was called Blackroom, and he announced it a while ago, but apparently he felt that he got a too lukewarm response and thus wanted to retool it some.
Ever since, he hasn't mentioned it, some suspect the collector boxes are intended to raise needed money for Blackroom's further development, but on the other hand he also said that if Sigil is successful enough, he'd love to do another levelpack, which seems like it would conflict with the busy development of another game (even if building levels for a game such as Doom is rather quick and simple, particularly with modern programs such as Doombuilder, as compared to how much more modern games often construct their maps).

>> No.5230470

lol I actually was confused as fuck by the "cakewalk" part until I saw your second post

>> No.5230772

True that. I hope the levels won't be insanely hard like E4M2. And hope they will be longer than what we saw from that level with the shotgunners at start. 9x5 minutes of gameplay will end very quickly.

>> No.5230809

Honestly I'd be pretty glad if the levels hover somewhere at the level of early E4 difficulty, they're hectic and tense in how you're constrained with supplies and have to avoid injury, and to make the most out of monster infighting and the ammo you have available.
Maybe tone down the amount of Barons (not removing them), because trying to face off with like three of those at once when you'd struggle to have the ammo needed for just two can be more tedious than fun.

But then again, Ultra-Violence is Ultra-Violence, it's meant to be the hardest.

>> No.5230825

I like Moby and Trent that guy just sucks

>> No.5230960

*raises paw* Nightmare is the hardest akchully

>> No.5231078

Nightmare was added basically to spite people who complained that UV wasn't hard enough, I feel it's more like a gimmick difficulty for certain speedrunners, than for someone who just wants to enjoy the game.

I'd say that UV+Fast Monsters is the real highest difficulty.
Also if you ever do that paw shit again I'll telefrag you.

>> No.5231080

Moby can get stomped by Obie.

>> No.5231190

I'm pretty sure it was said that all the games were balanced around Ultra-Violence as the default difficulty.

>> No.5231223

The first two maps have bullshit difficulty. It shouldn't be a norm. E4M3 difficulty is just right.

>> No.5231226

HMP is the default for casuals, UV for the fanatics.

>> No.5231237

Reminder that John Romero is a degenerate washed-up shitbag.

>> No.5231242


>> No.5231249

The original 3 episodes aren't even hard on UV, only E4 actually turns up the heat significantly, and only maintains it for a few maps.

>> No.5231254

I swear to go do if you trash talk buckethead again I will shit down your neck

>> No.5231263

Why are you angry?

>> No.5231264

I like the E4M1 difficulty.

>> No.5231287

I dont care if its early e4 difficulty, just as long as it doesnt turn into E1M1 Final Doom shit where it turns into FPS Kaizo Mario right out of the shoot, literally.

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File: 522 KB, 777x500, gitgud.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Final Doom

>> No.5231310

>buckethead soundtrack
thats kind of neat desu. i wonder if it will be something like this.


>> No.5231405
File: 55 KB, 239x239, 1543514671302.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>le expected "git gud" response

Yes, yes, I know I suck at Final Doom. Too bad its amateur game design.

>> No.5231418

Will it have Midi music? I really really want to play a "modern" game that will output midi to my Sound Canvas.

>> No.5231443
File: 204 KB, 1262x926, OfCoarse.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"I’m a Mac person" Of coarse you are, Romero....

>> No.5231449
File: 182 KB, 537x549, skelesneak.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you admit you suck at the game, it's absolutely not Kaizo tier. Kaizo tier would imply it can literally only be played by 100% perfect rote memorization, and you have to struggle through endless repetition, cruel fake-outs, and unwinnable scenarios.

Neither TNT nor Plutonia qualify as any of that. They're designed to be harder than the original game, but they're they're not by any means among the hardest.
For that matter, they do have difficulty levels, if you can't do Plutonia on Ultra-Violence, then don't do Ultra-Violence, there's always Hurt Me Plenty or Hey Not Too Rough
They're not bad design at all (well, the last couple of levels of TNT could be much better, but most of that .wad is good).

>> No.5231450

He's alright, but he's kind of a huge douche.

>> No.5231492

Well yeah, drug habits can make you a really unpleasant person, but I think we were discussing just the music.

>> No.5231493

I hope Romero won't continue with his annoying habit of making narrow corridors and even narrower platforms for his levels.

It all started around Doom 2, when he grew a habit of making hard to move around platforms in levels like Tenements or Living End, or narrow corridors like in Abandoned Mines.

That went even worse in the atrocity called E4M2, which was an unplayable level. E4M6 also had this habit of "platform above, lava below" shit, and you have to know all parts of the level to survive.

Tech Gone Bad was going back to classic style a bit, but it still had some of these issues, but they were tolerable. E1M4b got into an alarming level of narrow platforming again, but still more or less ok.

But from what I see in the Twitch, now we are back at E4M2/E4M6/Map29 style, and that means no freedom of movement, lots of catwalk platforms and other annoyances.

C'mon John, you know better what made Doom good: fast and free movement. Why the hell did you restrict the player from moving well around the level? Fix these issues before release ffs.

>> No.5231505

>Living End is bothersome
>E4M2 is unplayable

>> No.5231525

Imagine being able to just casually contact fucking Buckethead of all people and ask him to to write some tunes for your hobby. Neat.

>> No.5231752

the id guys knew trent reznor which is a way bigger deal

>> No.5232025

He was those guys you idiot.

>> No.5232075
File: 71 KB, 960x960, A49685FD-D56A-4FA3-BF85-AF63F40916E9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>a cardboard box
>2 stickers
>a coin
>a book
>a cheap t-shirt
>a pewter (read: cheap) statue
>a couple of CDs
>a gimmick flash drive
>166 fucking dollars
Holy shit what an atrocious value. Are modern “gamers” really this braindead?

>> No.5232078 [DELETED] 

not retro

>> No.5232082

You think modern gamers are the ones he's targeting as an audience?

Doom is retro.

>> No.5232083

Modern gamers don't care about Doom. The best part about that boxset is that the shirt comes in an XL.

>> No.5232086

But do older gamers buy cheap Chinese trinkets for outrageous prices? It just doesn’t make sense

>> No.5232087 [DELETED] 

a february 2019 release is not retro
also doom is hot shit with all the retro kiddies

>> No.5232238

Nope I'm Romero

>> No.5232383

You need a better job/a job if you're this astonished about something costing 166 bucks

>> No.5232393

We're not letting you forget about Blackroom you $700,000 hack. Doom was the peak of your career and most people still think Sandy Petersen was better than you. (Not me though, I actually liked the Romero levels)

>> No.5232521

You forget that this is /vr/, where someone screams bloody murder if they find a copy of Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt being labeled at $2.
Also though I think you're very much right, I kind of didn't feel like spending $166 on this here, and just went for the small box, it coming out to about $60 with shipping.

>> No.5232525

How can a sane person with some standards say Petersen is better? Monster Condo and Spirit World aside, he was only making hackwork for both games.

>> No.5232534

I don't know, tonnes of people worship the guy.

>> No.5232594

He made lots of good maps in E2 and E3, and his best work can be seen in Quake.

>> No.5232614

The only half-decent map in E2 in Containment Area, the crate level, and that was mostly made by Tom Hall.

E3 had no good maps.

>> No.5232623

lol @ the shirt only being in XL. they know their audience!!! ;)

>> No.5232682
File: 24 KB, 500x372, abstract.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh, I quite disagree with that.

>> No.5233675

There are some major setbacks, though. The lighting is 'softer' and not as dark, taking away from the original aesthetic. Textures are also lower quality than they were on the ultra setting in OG Doom 3.
I'd honestly recommend just playing Doom 3 and installing the duct tape flashlight mod, and killpixel's widescreen crosshair (assuming you go down that route).

>> No.5233678

Forgot to mention, the original WAD files are also censored: no wolfenstein imagery or red crosses on health boxes. So even in that case you're better off just downloading the WADs elsewhere.

>> No.5233696

Imagine being retarded neough to pay $166 for a free wad in a box full of useless tat.

>> No.5233826

Just because you can afford something incredibly stupid and overpriced doesn't mean you should buy it.

>> No.5234782

well that's some bullshit

>> No.5234818

I like the boxart, but I don't think I can justify paying for even the standard edition considering its for a free WAD.

>> No.5235128

Does this make it impossible to use the modified IWADs to connect to an MP server that's using an original IWAD?

>> No.5235146

I think so, yes.
Thank the nation of Germany, and the Canadian Red Cross, for taking a shit on vidya.

>> No.5235190

you guys are just assmad that Romero is about to make you his bitch.

>> No.5235209

Here's a link to Romero's videos., https://www.twitch.tv/theromero/videos .

Yeah, it's doesn't look that good and you wouldn't expect it to be that good. After all, with so many thousands of custom doom levels made over the past 25 years, there is god-tier stuff out there that this isn't going to get close to touching.

Sigil is mainly for nostalgic people who are fans of Romero.

I don't see the point of shitting on this for it not being god tier. All you can really expect is something mediocre with a few interesting moments here and there. Plus you get the satisfaction of playing something made by Romero himself, if you are interested in that.

>> No.5235975

The twitch videos didn't look good, but the snippets in the trailer looked awesome. Particularly that hide and seek game with the cyber with zigzags on the ceiling. That looks like god tier.

Also Tech Gone Bad was god tier. Phobos Mission Control was demigod tier. It had flaws, but those pool areas were sexy.

So I'm optimistic. Also godtier userlevels are rare. Some people are wanking to the likes of Ancient Aliens or BTSX, but I found both to be goddamn boring beyond the ostentatious and sprawling presentation.

I expect Sigil to be the best thing for Doom since NRFTL.

>> No.5235984


>> No.5236992

I don't expect them to be anything other than meat and potatoes levels. That's fine. He's clearly not going for anything complex (which he shouldn't, because then it wouldn't feel like the classic experience, which I'm pretty sure is what everyone REALLY hopes that this will be like).

>> No.5238448

2019 looks like it has the potential to be one of the best years in gaming in a LONG time. There is so much cool shit scheduled to come out next year it's almost beyond belief.

>> No.5238719

Like what? What comes to mind for me,
>sekiro:shadows die twice (really fucking hyped for this because miyazaki is literally god and this looks fantastic)
>DMC5 (except I really dont like that one faggot in black they showed, hype lessened because of him)
>Ion Maiden
>Doom Eternal
>Upcoming Infinite Ward Call of Duty, so sue me, their multiplayer is great, Infinite Warfare was fucking amazing

This gen is honestly much better than last.

>> No.5239731

Samurai Shodown
Cyberpunk 2077
(potentially) System Shock 3
Mortal Kombat 11
Blood remaster
the stuff you mentioned

I'm probably forgetting some stuff.

>This gen is honestly much better than last.

Early 7th gen was actually pretty great. Whereas early 8th gen was arguably the worst era ever for gaming. Things have improved in recent years though.

>> No.5239751

There was some pretty good 7th gen stuff IMO.
Not as strong as 6th gen, not by far, but still not bad.

>> No.5241334

7th gen seems to be the consensus worst gen (aside from 1st, which barely even counts as a "generation"), but it's actually underrated.

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