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This thread is for the discussion of Role Playing Games developed by Japanese companies.

It's about time we stop spamming the board with JRPG threads, redirect people that make new threads to this one, similar to the FPS thread. /vr/ will be better off, less tension and more space for less discussed stuff.

To start off: what are your thoughts on Romancing Sa·Ga 3?


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And please take the sourcekids of the doomgeneral with you while you're at it.

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Ohohohoho NO, I'll keep making Final Fantasy threads out of spite and you'll better like it.

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>This thread is for the discussion of Role Playing Games
Don't, the threads on /vg/ died for a reason, actually, many reasons.
>what are your thoughts on Romancing Sa·Ga 3?
There's a dedicated SaGa thread right now, why don't you go ask there?
Most people on 4chan don't like or even know the series.

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What happened to the general there? I don't know anything about that.
>Most people on 4chan don't like or even know the series.
That's the point, to start out with something relatively fresh. Those who know about it may talk about it, and the rest may be interested by it and even try it out. That's one of the beauties of generals, people learning from each other.

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OK, but you have to make a thread for all the other genres too.

See why this “logic” doesn’t cut it?

Stay pissy. :3

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What always happened to generals, people started identifying each other and creating drama.

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This only works for genres that could sustain a general and would otherwise flood the board. JRPGs definitely qualify.

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There are dozen of JRPG fans on /vr/ I think it has a chance to work, again, it has worked fine for a looong while for FPS threads.

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we already have people who do it for free, we dont need the thread police

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Then you might want to call it something else other than JarPIG general you fucking idiot.

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That's a stupid idea though. Because for one, there's usually 2 different retro fps generals, plus threads for individual games as well, two this isn't /vg/ and lastly, because you not liking a genre as large and varied as JRPGs and wanting it all.contained to a single thread is fucking idiotic. It'll make discussion on any less popular games impossible and it'll become the fastest moving thread on the board, causing it to peranently stay on the front page.

The best way to handle it is let there be normal, every day JRPG threads, let the shit slide off the front page, let less popular games have their own fucking threads, run their course and die and let it be.

If you don't like JRPGs, then hide all these threads that are rustling your ass so bad.

Fucking loser

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dont you mean idtech1kids
since you know, half-life 2 is not quite retro yet

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What do you mean?

It's funny and catchy, I don't know. No reason to be so overly sensitive.

Fair enough even though you assumed something about me that isn't true.
>If you don't like JRPGs, then hide all these threads that are rustling your ass so bad.
Is this your way of saying: if you don't like JRPGs get off my board? lmao C'mon man.

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>What happened to the general there?
The threads eventually imploded because the big fanbases all hate each other and can't help but fling shit on each other, falcomfags began to be extremely fucking cancerous around 2012 or so, then we had a wave of rabid /jp/ shitposters and other people who bombarded the threads for almost two years, the last months of which were also a painful, near constant scat spam.
Discussion of minor franchises or IPs died out, the usual lurkers gave up entirely, same for the resident tripfags like Onso, Pram, or PHG, especially those who actually contributed by posting art or music, the only good thing that came out of those threads was making the cancerous XSEED shills and Hatsu fuck off from 4chan for good.

Basically, you don't try to put JRPG fanbases together because 90% of them hate each others' guts and hate minor franchises even more, that's what those threads taught me, and I was there since the very beginning, and 4chan's usual habit of trying to be as inflammatory as possible for the sake of it also doesn't help.
>Those who know about it may talk about it, and the rest may be interested by it and even try it out.
Ha! You must be new, fyi, this kind of stuff was already tried on the actual /jrpgg/ threads, it didn't work, and it doesn't work on /vr/, this is largely a nostalgiaboard, hardly anyone is actually interested in playing more than what they played when they were little, and SaGa games are the worst possible choice you can take since 99% of people hates them.
People who posted in the /vg/ generals were called Jarpigs.

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I see, interesting. The advantage of /vr/ is that we can organically have the general and other threads to suit needs of the moment. Having the general could contain a lot of the JRPG flood, but if someone feels they can't discuss something in particular they can still make another thread, just like it happens with FPS which, again, has worked fine for years, right?

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The DOOM general isn't actually DOOM related at all, it's a sourceport general where people talk about their latest mod projects.

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Some people tried to have stable JRPG generals in here already, actually, the SaGa community was perhaps the first to try it out but threads died out after a year or so because there's really nothing that can sustain a general on a retro board without the flow of new content, the DOOM and CRT generals are an exception to the rule because of what>>5208732 mentions, and the CRT threads being a high breed of autism that nonetheless is still kinda useful as a quick help center.
You have your heart and mind in the right place, but it simply doesn't work, especially in /vr/'s context, moreover you'll just incite people to make even more duplicate threads out of spite, because this is 4chan and that's how things work in here.
No matter how much you try you'll still have to deal with multiple FF or CT threads up at the same time and clogging the board because nobody but a bunch of us cares about board quality.

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JRPG General?


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I see. Let's hope fans of the genre give this a chance.

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Onso actually manned up, learned JP and got laid with a Korean QT while working in Japan, he actually fucking made it, unlike a lot of people in here.

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>shmupfags trying to create containment generals because non-arcade threads trigger them
Yeah nah, fuck off back to your shithole you autistic losers.

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>based jarpigs exist
Didn't think it was possible but I guess there are always outliers.

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We're already having genuine posts, stfu with you boogeyman, mangina.

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How much will I be missing if I play the PSX version of Linda Cube Again over the Saturn version?

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Saturn is uncensored.

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Is it a lot of content?

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>Want to go talk about Ys or whatever
>It's entirely Kisekai bitching or translation companies bitching

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I don't think this thread will contain JRPG threads on /vr/ because the people who make JRPG threads here are JRPG fans: they're not going to check the catalog and wouldn't care even if they knew a general thread existed. Only thing I see this accomplishing is moving the SaGa circlejerk here so they can expand their cult's reach.
Oh well, whatever. RS3 was okay, I like the art and music but the battles with randoms were never very engaging. The method of enemy progression is particularly wonky even among SaGa games as I remember facing the exact same enemies at the start of the game and at the very end. While its nice that the game lets you explore freely and build your party however you choose I tend to prefer the JRPGs with less freedom as they can actually include a series of puzzles that are solvable with the resources you currently have.

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Thing with SaGa is that many games are like you described but not as many are like SaGa. The genre is mostly Dragon Quest clones.

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I don't know who the fuck literallywho are you kids talking about but
>takes effort to learn Japanese and goes to japan to be a wageslave
>only gets to fuck a korean subhuman
I got a genuine Japanese girlfriend without moving from my city and not knowing any japanese (she's teaching me).

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>(she's teaching me).

Oh Ill bet she is

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unironically based, keep up the good work, /vr/ will finally be rid of the jerperger menace yet

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