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I hate this faggot

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me too, his battle cries are beyond gay. He is actually really fun to play though imo.

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my favorite character from the street fighter series. definitely most fun to play with. insane reach, quick as shit and can be anywhere on the screen almost instantly. also probably the toughest computer opponent from the original IMO. Vega rules unless you aren't skilled enough to use him

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My favorite fighter in the game. Footsies is such a fun playstyle, especially once you're in someone's head and you let them wreck themselves.

Never thought I'd see a Vega thread. I love you, /vr/.

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His faceguard is kind of weak. Wouldn't you think he'd have more protection for his face without having metal on skin.

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vega rules, faggot...

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>implying I didn't just call him Wolverine

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Don't hate him just because he's beautiful~

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I think he has an aversion to splashing ugly blood on his skin and his list of what he considers ugly is pretty lonh.

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Losing to an autistic kid in Super Mario 3 can have detrimental affects on your psyche.

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The claw in his portrait always looks tiny when compared to how it is in the game.

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The secret is to pick E.Honda.

Also if you're ever in Japan call him Claw. Otherwise everyone gets confused.

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Handsome fighters never lose fights...

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>also probably the toughest computer opponent from the original

I used to shit myself going up against him on higher difficulty levels when I was younger. I could breeze through the competition and chip away at all the other bosses, but this fucker - you just couldn't tell where he would be next.

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It was his jumping Forward kick or jumping Medium Kick if you prefer. That thing had a stupid hitbox and it would stay out forever.

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You have to let him jump off of his wall because he falls slowly when he does. Then you just jump in on him and keep that foot out as he wakes up. He'll try to beat you to the air (and fail) or backflip, which takes long enough that you can just keep jumping in on him.

Just wait for that wall jump.

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Doesn't change the fact that it literally beats every other air move in the game and stays out active forever barring the exception of Chun Li's jumping LK. I know how to beat Vega, it's just super annoying. WW Vega's has ridiculous hitboxes on his attacks.

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I've always wanted to play a Street Fighter game where I could play as World Warrior boss Vega with his light kick that hits like a fierce kick and has a stupid hitbox.

Also I miss being able to climb the fence even though it really just sets you up for failure against anyone with a brain.

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People actually hacked some of the early WW gamecode to play as the bosses. There was some really odd stuff when you played as them.

For instance, doing M.Bison(Dictator) scissor kicks wasn't even a charge motion, it was done by pressing one kick button only. Mind you though his scissor kicks didn't do any block damage in WW which probably explains why it was just done with a single button only because i'm guessing it would have registered as a regular move and not a special move in the game code.

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I played around with some of this with my Game Genie and World Warrior. I recall Vega's crouching fierce could be held down for rapid fire and it did stupid amounts of damage and stun.
Also don't throw as Balrog unless you want to break the game.

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Oh and by crouching fierce I mean light punch. It just did damage and had the sound effects like a fierce punch.

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Shit i didn't know there were Game Genie codes to play as the bosses in the ports, i've only ever seen people mess around with it on arcade. Playing as the bosses was really gimmicky though because shit was highly unstable when you played as them.

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Yeah, they exist but like their arcade counterparts, shit is unstable as fuck. gscentral.org is where I got my codes from. Take a look sometime if you're interested.

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Me: "I'm maining Vega as of right this second."
Bro: "Prepare to die in ignominy claw-fag."
Me: /performs Splendid Claw ultra for several consecutive wins each time yelling
"SSSSSSSSSSSSPLENDID! OOOOH GAAAWD" in a high pitch voice and feigning a faint.
Bro hates every second.

Pic is me when my best character to this day is Vega (i'm on the left.)

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I'm a Bloody High Claw user myself. One of the most fun things to do is finish off a person when Vega is going up to the opponent's wall with BHC. It's this sudden Ultra KO flash and then they have to sit through the whole animation anyway. It's just glorious.

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i feel the key to using Vega properly lies in ensuring your oppenents can best be described as victims and while you may not totally crush them (or even win at all), they are certainly suffering every moment they play you.

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A yodeling hispanic bullfighter ninja bishounen.
What a weird background.

He's quite hard to fight (since he was planned as the actual final boss)
and just as hard to play, but it feels rewarding once you master him.

The actual fags are dhalsim buttonmashers and hadouken spammers.

He's my favourite SFII, but not overall.

Sakura > Makoto > Vega > Sagat > Cammy > Adon

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Meh, Balrog is a pretty cool guy, he's no Zangief, but who is?

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Plenty of characters can easily take him out with fierce/roundhouse aerial attacks when he starts his fencejumping. Or if you're Ryu/Ken then just Shoryuken his ass when he jumps.

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Was my favorite enemy. Specially in the animated series.

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Man, I miss having him crawl all over the fence on his stage. Why'd they stop doing that with him?

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>Why'd they stop doing cool, unique special stuff with him?

>he was planned as the actual final boss
In later installments, he was not planned as the actual final boss.

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I always lost to this guy as a kid.
Then again Bison would have pushed my shit in even faster.

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>"hadouken spammers"
>losing to shoto spam

inb4 "hadouken spammer detected"

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I'm not sure you know what this word means...

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It means faggots who like tourneys.

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Except that it doesn't...

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Except that it does, period.

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No, really, it doesn't. It never has, and using it wrong isn't going to change its meaning.

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I see you are not in a hurry to produce your own, supposedly correct definition, though.

Good day, fag.

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Why should I when simply tying "tourneyfag" into Google will show you, in no uncertain terms, how you're using this word incorrectly.

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>not knowing what tourneyfag meant
oh wow.

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>googling tourneyfag
oh wow.

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I am using it correctly, though. If you want to prove me wrong, provide your laughable definition. If you can't or don't want to, you can go.

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Only you're not, and by now you've no doubt figured that much out. You're never going to admit it because this is the Internet, but I can at least hope you'll use it correctly in the future now that you know what it means.

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>Why'd they stop doing that with him?
Because tourneyfags must tourney and fag.

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lol, samefag

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By now, you've embarassed yourself too much. You can't produce a definition and support it, so you just scream "googuru". But it's ok. Just go. Thankfully, you weren't even wearing your tripcode this time.

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You're so embarrassed you were wrong about something on the Internet. Nobody knows who you are, dude. You don't have to start pretending to troll to save face.

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I was an am right, though. I even allowe dyou to learn by providing the correct definition of "tourneyfag".

Looks like you didn't know what the word meant at all, ebcause you insist on a different definition, but are ashamed to post it.

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It's real easy to hit it up on Google, as I mentioned. You obviously did, saw that you were wrong, and now you're mad. I can't really help that. Sorry.

Also, take some deep breaths and relax. You're really mad, and it's starting to affect your typing.


Slow down, killer. That poor keyboard can't take much more.

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>It's real easy to hit it up on Google, as I mentioned.
I actually did. my definition was, of course, correct.

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No, it wasn't. Which is what you found out and can't admit to.

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Is that why you are so afraid to post your definition, which is supposedly different, while you keep posting "u mad" reaction images?

Is that, in general, why you even have reaction images on your hard drive?

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There is no "supposedly different" about it. And you are quite obviously mad. Again, I can't fix that.

Also, mentioning dumb shit like "googuru" and reaction images are just attempts to steer discussion away from the fact that you were wrong.

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As I said, there's no need for words, since you failed to even produce your own definition, let alone defend it. I produced mine immediately, for example, while you keep on the charade and reaction images.

You should learn to admit when you're being retarded, even if only to yourself. Remove your posts and go offline for a few days, get a breath of fresh air. You need it badly.

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> I produced mine immediately

No, you didn't. You have yet to provide one at all, actually. Then again, I didn't ask. But I suppose I will now...

You were responding to a post about Capcom changing Claw's behavior in later SF titles. How does this fit in with your definition of tourneyfag?

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Denial. I see. That's kinda sad.

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Yeah, I kinda figured this was the answer I was going to get. At least you know what the word actually means now.

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As I said, delete your posts and take a rest fromt he Internet. You'll probably feel better after a while.

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Stay mad, I guess.

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Well, it was an okay thread while it lasted.

Go ahead and nuke it please, mod/janitor/supreme being.

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Look, if you keep clinging to the straws like that, you'll never get better. As I said, you should learn to admit when you're stupid. Especially when you're being THIS stupid.

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Huh? Get better at what? Just stop being angry, dude.

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You're obviosuly unwell, because you're arguing with the obvious, cling to your denial and post reaction images left and right.

You know the person is not fine when he loses an argument this badly and then posts a "u mad" image macro.

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Look, man. You were wrong. You don't have to admit it, and I'm sure you're not going to. All I wanted was for you to understand what the term meant. It's a term not often used outside of Brawl, and is NEVER used in SF circles. But you already know that now.

I'm sorry you're embarrassed about it. As I said, no one knows you you are. You don't have to keep shitposting in the hopes of getting a janitor in here to delete your embarrassment. You can, I guess, but there's no point. No one here knows you.

Here, I'll cheer you up. Have some Yipes with his waifus.

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Are you trying to copy me now or something?

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Dude, c'mon. You don't have to pretend to troll over some minor butthurt. No one is buying it.

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You sure are "buying" it, what with the denial and reaction images.

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>maybe if I want for a while, he'll go away so I can get the last word in


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>maybe if I wait for a little while, he'll go away so I can get the last word in