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did /vr/ ever own an amstrad CPC? still worth playing today?

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Yes and yes.
Try any of the Dizzy games.

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yes, play "Feud"

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It's a ZX Spectrum with more colourful graphics. That's the best way to describe it.

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Enjoy your heaps of British tape shovelware. It has no or almost no exclusive titles.

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>It has no or almost no exclusive titles.

literally hundreds if you count all the homebrew that gets released. but that doesn't mean its good

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It has a Yamaha 3-voice sound chip and 16 colour graphics, unfortunately they also take 16k of memory to store which is a lot for an 8-bit CPU to handle, so Amstrad games tend to be very sluggish, plus you have a sizable chunk of your 64k of RAM eaten up by the graphics buffer.

They could also display 80 column text and run CP/M which made them a decent productivity computer.

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A lot of those arcade ports were bad, but trying to properly convert most >1985 arcade titles was really difficult and required a lot of time, money, and talent. So most 8 and 16 bit home computer ports were kind of destined to fail from the get-go.

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Ah, all the same some like the Spectrum R-Type were surprisingly great considering the hardware. I find Double Dragon pretty sad though, it was mutilated on nearly every system.

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even the famous "Gryzor" on CPC is only flip-screen, and missing an entire level

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Sometimes even competent coders struggled with time limitations. For example, the C64 R-Type was programmed by the great Manfred Trentz, but still has some blemishes due to the fact that he was given 7 weeks to finish it (like no rotating ring of enemies in Level 1).

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That port got a lot of nasty reviews from the British magazines at the time. I suspect it was because they couldn't deal with the idea of a continental doing an arcade port because back at the time, that was sort of the exclusive domain of British software houses.

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Flip screen were probably a smart idea considering the difficulty of trying to scroll around a 16k graphics screen.

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Nigga I ain't giving him views.

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i don't understand why the magazines overrated the fuck out of so many games

you often see improbable scores like "87%"

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Paid off by the software devs.

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>still worth playing today?

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Amstrad never even tried the US market unless maybe some of their PC clones made it here, I don't remember.

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There some great games for CPC.

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The graphics look pretty good but fuck are they slow since the CPU has to do everything.

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>still worth playing today?

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