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What kind of hidden gems do you think he will find in the walls of his basement?

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Support MetalJesus on Patreon so he doesn't have to have a job! Back the "another brick in the wall" fund on lickstarter also, stretch goals include new carpet and replacing that leaky toilet in the basement!

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Hey guys, Metal Jesus here. Now as you know my house was recently condemned so In this video we're gonna be burning boxes of source code for warmth.

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You sound salty.

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did this motherfucker just cause the price of mold removal to go up like everything else on his channel?

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Top 10 rarest mold spores growing in my house.

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>this thread

How will Plastic Paco ever recover?

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I'm kind of surprised he showed the exterior of his house in that video. Seems like kind of a risky move considering how easy it probably is to find out where he lives, and considering the value of his collection.

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That's what you get for hoarding tons of cardboard in a moist environment without even having the smarts of running a dehumidifier down there.

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I never liked his videos but sucks for him mold is the worst. If he can get suckers to give him money then hey congrats.

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Not as salty as the blue cheese the dude has throughout his house, that shit can be stout if it's "free range".

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Hidden Spores episode 1 soon

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Just emulate everything you autistic fag

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Hey guys, Metal Jesus here with my buddy the immortal John Hancock. You may notice we're doing this video from an underpass since my house was demolished.

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you guys hate everything, especially yourselves.

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>you guys hate everything
I like video games.

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just because i hate myself doesn't mean i can't hate people worse than myself

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No you don't.

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Metal Jesus is the man you wish you were. He has all the games you like. He has actual friends. And he doesn't have a job. You're jelly as fuck.

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Why am I laughing at some guy's misfortune? I don't even watch his videos, I just know him as a character from /vr/ threads. I'm still laughing, though.

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he does work, he's panhandling right now

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