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what do you think about the valis series?

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It's alright, would have been better as an '80s OVA than a game.

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i hate that angel cop is a fucking meme now thanks to 'XD jews so funni'
it had some fucking good animation despite being kind of shit overall

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>it had some fucking good animation despite being kind of shit overall
So it's anime alright.

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> would have been better as an '80s OVA
It WAS an 80s OVA;
>Genmu senki Leda / Leda: The Fantastic Adventure of Yohko, (c) 1985.
>Valis first game (c) 1986.
Valis, in typical Japanese disregard for respecting others work, is a ripoff. A fun ripoff depending on what version you're playing, but a ripoff none the less.

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Oh shit, I did not see that coming.

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i grabbed all 4 games for pc engine but still need to play through them in order
seems solid enough

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overrated weebshit that makes the PC Engine look bad

the genesis versions are even worse

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generic telenet shovelware

only saving graces are the music and the cool cutscenes for the time

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everyone knows X68000 version is best.

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It's a janky piece of shit with shit physics.

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Can't think of any other video game series than Valis that originally started as an average video game series thats now turned to soft core hentai.

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>soft core
Valis X has got impregnation, belly deformation, orc rape, worms and shit.

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that's the best part though. non-shit psychics are for casuals that want their games to be easy.

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Bit of a stretch but I can think of suchie pai going from family friendly to porn to family friendly again.

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Valis II is indeed awesome despite playing like pure ass. That game has heart. I love the crazy-as-fuck trashy story for the game on the 68K. WolfTeam was swinging for the fences and struck out but I admire the effort.

Otherwise, I'd say the best games are Valis III and Valis I (the PCE remake), which is probably the best-playing Valis game.

Valis III I think I prefer on the Genesis, if only because it cuts out that frustrating water level. PCE is still good.

For anyone playing the series they need to be warned that it is in fucking LOVE with cheap enemy placement. IV is the worst in this regard. A lot of the game is Megaman "enemy jumps out of the pit while you jump" syndrome on steroids.

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Valis wasn't he only Telenet property they turned to porn, they also made an Arcus Odyssey erotic game named Arcus X

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The only character that had any possibility of depth in the whole series was killed off in the first game. Although the Castlevania style whip chick was pretty cool.

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Bitch's annoying to fight in the remake, she has a full screen lightning attack when her health gets low that kills you in one hit.

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The near death music was pretty cool but really never heard since it only played outside of boss fights.

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I've yet to figure out how to avoid it. It's not quite one hit KO, but it takes off so much health it might as well be.

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Yuko is a slut!
Don't post sluts on /vr/!

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Valis 1 PCE is pretty good
Valis 3 is decent
Valis 1 Megasis is pretty bad
SYD of Valis is terrible

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Yeah, the only real chance you have of beating her is to wail on her like crazy(while trying not to get hit TOO much), so that you have enough HP to survive that blast. She was my brick wall for the longest time in that game...

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Crazy bitch takes off something like two thirds of your life if she manages to get that damn spell off. The last boss is a breeze compared to dealing with her.

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Agreed, especially since that's the only level you get the bomb upgrade for your sword, which makes Rogles even MORE trivial. I hated how many times I had to restart that level just because of her, but it did finally get me to the point where I could take her on. Not sure if it legit helped, but I always used the Flame spell after a while too...

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I liked the porn one

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Valis was an 80s OVA
Badass THICC bikini armor warrior princesses fighting evil demons

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>THICC bikini armor warrior princesses

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Anyone know if the manga was any good?

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I was obsessed with Valis III. I got it for Genesis at a flea market back in the 90s and something about it really resonated. I became a god at that game.
by the time I saw there was a 4th one on SNES I had moved on though.

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They aren't very good games.

The first one on Genesis and the second one on PC-98 are good sound tests, though. Good music.

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Fuck, this looks like Manowar doing Sailor Moon

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The real 4th one is on PCE, the SNES thing is a very poor remake.

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I love how weebs are eternally buttblasted at that porno despite it being a reboot and not part of the original "canon".

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It gave some serious backstory to everyone...and apparently Yuko got horizontal a few times in her journey as well(no joke). There is at least one /d/ scene, so anyone 'reading' it should be aware of that. Wish I had the time to learn Japanese, or that it was translated, though.

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the computer versions of II have much better music
so anime

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This thread is making me wish there was an /ar/ board for retro anime. Platemail bikini swordswomen with brightly-colored hair and big pauldrons FTW...

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For such a terrible game, it legitimately has some of the best vidya tunes ever.

Its too bad that the console versions of 2 have a crappy soundtrack, because the PC version is basically unplayable.

Genesis, having a similar soundchip, could basically have had the same music. As is does with the first game. But it doesn't even have a real version of 2 (no, SD doesn't count).

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needed more porn games

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Porn games suck. All of them. Actually needs more
But with less weird /d/ shit.

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I don't think the 4th game (PCE) is as bad as they say.

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Still waiting for the day a copy of this gets dumped without any degradation; been wondering forever if the MSX serial port can be used to dump VHDs 1:1 or if the newer 1:1 LD dumping method can be ported to it.

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always loved these games, despite how clunky they are

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not enough edge senpai

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Nizetti's theme is the song of the Holy Royal Purple Penis of Nippon (pbui).

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I really love the first stage's theme in Super Valis IV and the OST in general was great enough for me to finish the game. The other games I've tried are average and I never got around to finishing them. Would have made a good 80s anime.

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>look at this faggot

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For me it goes so far into frustrating territory that its improved controls are wasted on an overglut of enemies perched on ledges waiting to swat you to death if you so much as let one of their pixels touch the screen. Losing your double jump for story reasons is also lame. I kinda like it but it is tied with, or worse than Valis II on the PCE for me. Valis II is laughably barebones in every department but music, but it at least isn't THAT frustrating.

4's music is great though, I'll concede.

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Not him but who are you paraphrasing?

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>not him

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true, only faggots play the Valis series, let alone be proud of it

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Faggot here, can confirm. And I'm damn proud of it.

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To be perfectly honest with you my family, Valis is jank as shit but at least it's way more playable than the ocean of generic JRPGs on the PCE CD.
All Wolf Team/Telenet games have this obnoxious weeabo jankshit rought around the edges quality to them but they're so much fun. Reminds me of browsing 90s OVA catalogs on old magazines, the OVAs are shit but the art is gorgeous and the writing is stupid fun.

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It's funny that the games are flagship titles for the PCE, though Japan loves those endless series of RPGs (like Tengai Makyu). I like them though as you hint at calling Valis a "flawed" series is generous. Very generous. At least 3 on the genesis turned out to be a fairly good game. 1 on the Genny is awwwwwful!

Their probably is because they rode the anime boom - enough to even get horrific dubs in the west.


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Why do you prefer Valis 3 on Genesis? The PCE version is so superior. The soundtrack and awkward english dubbing are great. One of the levels require you to freeze enemies and use them as stepping stone, this was cut from the Genesis version.

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OST is better on Megasis imo, the PCE versions of the music lack a bass and make the tracks feel soulless in comparison, best example is the title theme.

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>One of the levels require you to freeze enemies and use them as stepping stone, this was cut from the Genesis version.
I hate this level, so it being cut is a point in favor of the genesis version! You do miss the graveyard stage/Rogles fight, which IS a shame, though it is an anti-climactic fight, lol. Did the writers even know why or how he showed up again?

I think the music is somewhat even, though I favor most of the PCE tracks. Japanese VO is great, but the English is, well, it's fun for what it is.

I think the Genesis ver controls a -little- better and the game looks a -little- nicer. The PCE is high up there, and I think I'd both rate them about equally good but with my preference being the Genesis version.

Good comparison. I think some tracks are easily superior on the PCE (Ningenkai, the stage 1 theme), others are equal (Makai and Iceland), and others the Genesis takes it (opening and credits). The opening for the PCE version just sounds bad for some reason.

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That sounds unusually good on the PCE (its too quiet but the instruments are all good). Compared to something like Hellfire, where the Genesis' FM synth absolutely shits on the weak PCE remix, this one is actually very good. I don't think the Genesis version is really better, just punchier.

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Anyone have pictures or a video link of the silly alternate Valis 3 prologue for the Japanese PCE? I can't seem to turn up anything after searching about.

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I only know of this

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Average at best. No game in the franchise is "legit good"

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Legend of a Phantasm Soldier is legit good

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Breaking real world physics by sliding across the air and gaps was pretty damn funny.

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It's as average as the other games.
I don't say bad, just average. It's a product of its time

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There should have been a spinoff game/series with Reiko as the main character and the bad guys win.

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Still better than a Jarpig plus there's upskirts pantsu

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Should've used the other Mai

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