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Magnavox Odyssey maybe?

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Literally everyone knows about this, thanks to faggot ecelebs like AVGN.

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are you 12? heres an actually obscure console. RDI Halcyon

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anyone here own one of these? worth it?

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>this thread again with new kids who think SMB+Duck Hunt is rare
wew lads

Yes. Mine are. I picked them up for a few bucks each and now they're worth hundreds. An actual FM towns is much better if you actually want to play games.

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They're not worth it at all other than to say you own it.

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Technically a console because of Mega-LD

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The Arcadia 2001

>Made by a radio company who wanted in on the video game craze
>About 35 games released over two years, all by only two companies
>Was such a pitiful failure that stores started giving them away https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qti75VyN4cA
>Only interesting note is that Bandai made some licensed games for it

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I love that the Pippin had literally no video games. Nothing suits Apple better.

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can you educate me a little?

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oh shit sweet deal. Should've made it a 2600 clone as well. Love my gemini. It's like having an atari that was designed in the 80s.

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When underages make their first /vr/ posts.

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I used to want one of these bad as my ultimate novelty, but when you see the video-quality for the LDs, it's a turn-off.

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>i'm so funny

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Amstrad Mega PC. I tried to convince my mum to buy one of these in 93. She was smart and got us a 486 DX4/66 a year later.

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>Also in this year:
>In South Africa, 21 political parties approve a new constitution.
Worked out real well, didn't it?

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I watched that e-celeb vid too.

Top marks to SB for entrepreneurship I must say. He clearly has the business chops to surpass Puffy and Dre in the long run.

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The Net Yaroze, just so I can have the excuse to say I have one complete set.

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Yet i bet you don't know the first thing about programing eh you bugman?

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not anymore ahahahaha. suck it euros

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>this thread again
>no game.com again

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Not much, especially C, which is too cumbersome to bother with nowadays. The unit is worth for triggering jelly fags on /vr/, though.

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>C is too hard
>Says he'll learn C++ because it's what all the best games are made in


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>can't into reading comprehension
wew lad

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It's most well-known titles were idol dating sims

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You never met one of those kids that said stuff like
>I'm going to learn Japanese because I want to go live there and make games
>I'm going to learn C++ because all the best games are made in C++


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>Literally everyone knows about this, thanks to faggot ecelebs like AVGN.

Honestly a lot of people heard about it before Youtube was even a thing because of the bad Zelda games. I'd like to think OP is just trying to trigger /vr/.

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go eat a bowl of fuck, you retard

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What is /vr´s opinion on this guy?

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I lost the memory card.

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Cuck sandwich with bastard sauce who can't play games for shit.

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>but when you see the video-quality for the LDs, it's a turn-off
The quality of the games themselves should be turnoff, pleb

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Well yeah, but if your system is gunna play Laserdiscs then you'd at least want LDs to look good.

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So what's the access card for?

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South Africa failed because of white people and drumpf

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>Apple and Bandai team up to make a console
>Apple does no marketing and pushes it all onto Bandai
>Released the same time as the PS1 and N64
>Launch price was more than $600
>Less than 30 games in console's entire life with hardly any third-party support

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I have. Bu't I've met just as many readingcomprehensionally challenged kids who sperg out about someone saying something they never said.

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I wanna get one and play it on this

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Problem, anon?

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A feel bad for him. He doesn't even seem to like video games all that much but the views kept coming and people kept sending him shit so he couldn't really stop.

If you watch the Rental Reviews you can tell that he's a lot more enthusiastic and for once seems to know what he's talking about.

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Good shit.

Obsure consoles:
Cassette Vision
Gakken TV Boy
Casio PV-1000
SG-1000 (to some)
Vectrex (slightly)
Hanimex HMG-7900
Fairchild Channel F
The Coleco Gemini (an Atari 2600 clone)

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>controller is a gray gravis pad
Kek I never noticed this before

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Super A'can. 16-bit console released only in Taiwan in 1995. It used similar hardware to the genesis with a better graphics chip. Only 12 games were released for it

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I wish Samsung would still make consoles

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that's pretty interesting

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not /vr/ but he's one of the only youtubers that /v/ universally loves

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Low Score Boy did an entire video of it.


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When did you first realize the AVGN character is based on Mike Matei?

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Dat Don Quixote game though... with a fast forward and no loading times, I still might give a playthrough a try.

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will always tower over anyone who complains about him here

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>He doesn't even seem to like video games all that much but the views kept coming

Feel bad for Spoony lol

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That is a rare one. What are the hidden gems on this bad boy? Don't at me bro, I'm only pretending to be retarded, but really wtf kinda games were even released on this thing.

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Wasn't the first ever Dragon Ball game on this thing?

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Ok, that's the reason why... Kek, because of white people...

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Came here to post this

Managed to score one of these off a guy who was selling it as a DVD player for 40 bucks. Came with the Karaoke PAC as well.

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Nah son, the Laseractive is now decently well known as a curiosity in gaming history thanks to YouTube memers.

Not too many people know that NEC made a version of it with their own branding in Japan due to a dispute with Pioneer.

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Yeah, released after the 12th episode, because the ending is just Oolong wishing for a good pair of panties. Why the fuck do I remember this?

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Some Black South Africans still adhere to a hunter-gatherer lifestyle.

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Nothing was ever released. Not even the console.

True. They hunt Boere and "gather" their belongings.

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No console is obscure then. If "memers" are what you think means known consoles.

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Does anyone know what system this is? Some NK picture.

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It quite clearly says Micro Genius.
There's even a wikipedia page for that brand of famiclone.

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I use my CDi as CD player, just cause I can.
There's no good reason to buy a meme console other than picking it up for cheap.

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Was 10/10 until avgn movie. Now its "meh" but still enjoyable to watch.

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This word gets used wrongly so often I can't figure out in what context you even mean anymore.

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I have a game.com
the only reason I have it is because some guy was selling it complete in box for 5 bux and that was wild

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Anyone who can read the label knows

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Everyone knows what a cdi is due to the terrible Zelda games...

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Probably not retro, but i still wanted to mention Zeebo; it's such a weird machine... No one loved it, with the probable exception of proud, poor third worlders. Still, software houses like Electronic Arts, Activision, Namco, Capcom and id Software invested on it, due to its characteristics; the following videos are some game versions of famous titles, for the aforementioned Zeebo.

Quake II
(Probably the best of all): Resident Evil 4

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It's less retro than a wii fucktard

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>probably not retro
>help i don't know how to read

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You fuckd that one up huh Gilder

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I'm a huefag and have one. It's pretty annoying to jailbreak it.

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Why should you jailbreak that, though?

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>probably not retro
>unquestionably not retro
>help i don't know how to read
Cool irony kiddo

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thanks for the (you) daddy

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not retro

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It doesn't even exist you dumb nigger

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that makes it even less retro then

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I got one a few years ago for pretty cheap as well, but it wouldn't properly play any LDs, just kept ejecting them (worked with CDs though) and didn't come with any PACs (but it did come with the Pioneer-branded MD controller).

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To add all the games that came out for it? There's a pretty alright version of double dragon.

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now THIS is a rare console.

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Not in this thread bozo

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My laseractive exists to play tg16 games. My nec pvm exists to play tg16 games. The fact that I don't have a matching nec laseractive is going to eat at me now.

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N501 was a better looking machine

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Had a Vectrex back in hs, no pics.

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>feel bad for him

The guy makes a living making videos for youtube and even got to achieve his dream of going to Hollywood to make his own movie. There's no reason to feel bad for him. He seems like a cool guy to hang out with and talk about music with too.

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Have fun replacing the battery, boy.

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