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Would a Kirby RPG in the same style as Mario RPG be a good idea?

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not really but it sounds like something they would do

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That's from a hentai doujinshi.

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In the 90s, yes.

Now, no.

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I wish most Nintendo series could get an RPG spin off. Metroid, Star Fox, any of them!

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I would demand that a Metroid RPG has Houston as one of the other characters.

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I always wished they found a way to work Houston into one of the games, he was a fun character. Old Bird eventually did, i can't recall seeing anything about him before these comics and I was surprised to see him in that brief shot in Zero Mission.

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A Star Fox RPG in the vein of Panzer Dragoon Saga would be fucking cool. Star Fox Adventure is good but that's more Zelda "action-adventure" than RPG.

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But '90s nostalgia is a thing

A Star Fox and Metroid crossover could work in my opinion. Have it be a darker comedy than the usual Mario RPG they make now.

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Kirby has more lore/worldbuilding than Mario, honestly. I'd love to see a Kirby RPG that takes you across the galaxy and uses all of those bits that were thrown around, like the corporation from Robobot or magical wish-granting sun computer.
Also Meta Knight, Dedede, animal friends and Bandana Dee would make great party members.

Perhaps you could travel around space in Halberd? That'd be cool.

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Imagine Metroid RPG where sidequests involve you actually bounty hunting.

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Terrifying thought: Remember Me was supposed to be a take on Houston.

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My point is that it's less about nostalgia and more about every rpg trope has been done to death a million times. If it was fresh and came out shortly after say SMRPG, it'd be a hit.

Now it'd just be a cash grab by Nintendo. You want Super Kirby RPG, what you'll get is Kirby Sticker Star.

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