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I remember walking into GameStop this one time in the late 90s and they had this demo kiosk with a Joystick (not pic related, just an example) that would simulate different situations not just through vibration but also by moving the stick around and hardening/loosening the grip, the demo offered a few scenarios that were accompanied by sound (there was no screen involved), like : firing a gun, flying a plane, boxing match, activating some kind of magnetic device, and shifting gears on a car, from what I remember. I believe this was only for PCs.

Does anyone remember this? What was the deal with it? Seemed like a cool idea that would have been better than the shitty rumble that became the standard. I didn't even have a PC back then so I never heard from it again. Did a lot of games support it back then? Is it worth hunting one of them down for the experience?

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There are a bunch of force feedback joysticks, not sure which you saw back in the day

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There were a lot of controllers like that and a lot of games supported it. In some cases it was well done and gave it a degree of realism and in others it was just a gimmick. Whether it's "worth it" is up to you.

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I had this thing, it was supposed to be the best FPS. It was fucking terrible. Absolute here's your controller bro tier.

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Last I checked, force feedback is still in use. Any serious flight simmer should have one.
Fun bit of tmi- Years ago, I got a ff joystick, attached a hole made from sponge covered with soft plastic bag, and used a test software to make it rock back and forth at maximum strength and frequency. It felt very good, but I don't do it anymore.

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>here's your controller bro

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>i accidentally the entire controller

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I had the one pictured. The games that supportd it only made it vibrate or pulse a little. All that complex feedback in the demo, no game devs bothered to implement. What a waste of summer job money.

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Microsoft Sidewinder Forcefeedback Joystick complex rumble features are fully supported in Microsoft Flight Simulator 98/2000/2002/2004.

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Oh yeah, Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 1-3 use the MFS Engine, so it's fully supported in those too.

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picturing anon fucking his customised joystick is a joy to behold

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