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what are some retro space games you stupid cunts

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x-wing, tie fighter, wing commander

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Escape Velocity. Gameplay is super basic but it kinda reminds me of Morrowind in a way. You start out as the weakest thing in the galaxy before eventually becoming the strongest. You play the game mostly for its writing and the combat is mostly a formality as you go from writing point to writing point. With the last game Nova you can download mods to play each previous game in their entirety as they run on the same game engine. But seriously there is a lot of writing. I think the third game has more words than the lord of the rings

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StarControl and Galactic civilizations. Once you've played these two you start to see their copycats everywhere

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Freespace 1/2 and XWing/TIE fighter
don't bother with the wing commander games, they suck in comparison

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Try Master of Orion 2 if you haven't already.

Freespace 2 is so fucking good. I have to replay it. Do you know what I have to do to play the story over co-op?

Escape Velocity Nova is to this day the only game that gave me motion sickness.

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Wing Commander series
Colony Wars series

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escape velocity is damn good

I enjoyed the combat a ton personally, especially in nova

you can play campaign missions in co-op but you have to manually select each mission and I don't think you get the movie intros. kinda disappointing last time I tried it with a friend

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But in regards to connecting, is it TCP/IP? Is there anything special I have to do or install to make it work? And are there mission briefings at least?

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Man, I used to emulate apple systems just to play Escape Velocity. EV 1 or 2, I guess, as Nova came out with its release on windows.

Just checked Ambrosia SW and they're still charging 30 freedom bucks for EV Nova. Bloody ridiculous, for a game that came out in 2002...

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>Just checked Ambrosia SW and they're still charging 30 freedom bucks for EV Nova. Bloody ridiculous, for a game that came out in 2002...

Yeah they're one of several apple software devs who left all their old games on life support as they went to exclusively make iphone apps when it first came out. Its kinda depressing looking up random developers of mac games I liked from back in the 90s only to discover they all universally moved over to make shovelware for the iphone. I'm convinced apple paid them a huge amount of money upfront so their catalog looked good when the thing launched.

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I used to love these games, but they feel kind of boring to me now. Dogfights are always the same cut throttle and rotate to win, shit gets really repetitive. Just seems like the skill ceiling tends to be really low and there's never really any reason to break away from the basic tactics.

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>openly being a slobbering retard with no shame

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