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I'm a massive JRPG autist, and I've been going through some older JRPGs that I have yet to complete. I had this game as a kid and never got too far, but retained a somewhat positive view of the game from what I could remember. I've been playing it for a little over 5 hours now, and holy shit, what an absolute garbage fucking game. The plot, characters, battle system, animations, and translation range from mediocre to horrendous. I often see people saying this is one of the PS1 greats, but I'm starting to think those people have rocks in their heads. Does this game improve at all over time? I'm already in too deep and my autism won't allow me to drop it until I reach the credits.

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Yeah it's not a good game. It was rushed out as a cash grab right after the explosion of FFVII's popularity, when everybody was trying to get something that looked like FFVII onto the market. It wasn't well received at the time, a bunch of people in my school had it (including myself), and like you, nobody really got far ad nobody really talked about it much a few days after buying it.

In recent years, this and Legend of Legaia have gotten a second wind as cult classics, I see them posted all the time in greatest RPG threads, they are really don't do anything well. That's not saying every game that got bad / mediocre reviews back in the day is a bad game, but these games really earned it.

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Meruru an overpowered cutie though.

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>Does this game improve at all over time?

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I've owned the game for 10 years. It's really the definition of a mediocre JRPG. Not remarkable, but not shit. Everything is just painfully average. Personally I couldn't force to myself to make it past the 2nd disc.

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It's pretty rubbish. So is suikoden 2.

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Are you guys fucking crazy? I played the demo (not the full game) in the day and it started an itch to play I haven't scratched to this day

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You couldn't bring up LoD for the longest time without FUCK FINAL FANTASY THIS IS THE REAL DEAL!!!!! for some reason and was treated as some kind of underground sacred cow. The worst part is that you'd often hear about how much better the Additions made combat than regular turn-based input, but in reality it just dragged out every encounter which were devoid of strategy to begin with. Dragoon forms were even more brain dead, gave less tools for the player to use, and actually lagged behind in damage output eventually.

There's some memorable stuff buried in there though, and it's hard to forget stuff like GUSTA'WIND DANCE, the solid pre-rendered BG art, and the bizarre gimmick alone of 90s magical warrior anime henshins.

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there's the castle and ship music, and there's rose.
that's pretty much it.

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yeah i didn't like it that much but i played it as an adult, has it's charms though.

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>it was rushed out as a cash grab
The game took over three years to develop and had one of the largest budgets at the time.

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And yet it still ended up an uninspired turd

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This is one of those titles that you really need to stress the subject of the "game" and it's genre.
There's hardly anything to the "game". You press 'x' or sometimes 'o' to perform addtions. That's it. It's a painfully basic RPG.

I like the story. The setting. The visuals. The milieu. It's got a lot of flashy and unique battle animations that are fun to watch. But none of that has any bearing on the "game". How you the player actively participate in it is what makes it a bad game.

But, if you're one of those people who play for "the immersion" and frequently call visual novels "games" like a retard and can't imagine why people are consistently let down by inaccuracy of your recommendations. Then yeah. You'll probably love this "game" too.

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Hating popular/good games doesn't make you smart.

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I even like visual novel style games like Snatcher, but this shit is just painfully dull.
Oh look, somebody died.. who gives a shit, they had no character development anyway.

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You forgot to mention how you can only use magic when transformed

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>and that's it
no, the game had more than that

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Lavitz death scene was character development. It changed the team dynamic and set the story on a new course.
>Who gives a shit?
What is wrong with you? Were you raised by psychopaths and expect your heartstrings to be plucked for you? Do you believe writers want to manipulate your emotions? Congratulations, you're dead inside and that's nobodies problem but your own. The expectation of sympathy is all on you buddy. Maybe stop abusing pain meds and learn to shed a tear. It's actually cathartic.

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>Legend of Dragoon
shit sux

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Legaia is fucking ass. Good ideas, abysmal implimentation. Playing through it as intended is a miserable experience. So this "second wind" is either coming from people playing through it with cheats, or suddenly being extremely forgiving towards it for now particular reason.

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You’re a ducking poofer you know that

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You’re a fucking poofer you know that

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Use [spoilers]these[/spoilers] please.

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Of course the death scene was edited. In the original he doesn't die at all. He gets fucked full nelson infront of Prince Albert by Zackwell in order to reveal the moon gem which was part of Prince Albert's prince albert.
In the heat of the moment Lavitz made a pact with the Zackwell. But before he got dragged to hell he tossed his dragon spirit to Albert, you know, to replace the moon gem. But really it was an iconic nonverbal confession between 2 men. So. Progressive.

The English version doesn't even try to explain why Prince Albert was half naked or what they did with Lavitz's body after he "died".

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I'm the person you replied to and I agree, I bought it during the playstation RPG craze of that era, and it was an awful slog to play through. Every time I see it posted in one of those threads it's hard to believe, because nobody cared about that game when it came out (same can be said for Dragoon.) I think there are a lot of kids who missed out on that era and are searching for nostalgia by propping up any games they read about online that sound unique or have the look of something that they feel like resembles the stuff people actually did like back then, for example, Legend of Dragoon looks like it fits right in with FFVII or FFVIII if you just look at screenshots of those games, but if you actually play through it the experience is just a bland linear cash grab.

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Mel Bu Frah Ma!

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Though I had enjoyed a few rpgs prior, I really got into them back then with FF7. It was a craze indeed. I saw through LoD and never bothered even giving it a rent. Legaia otoh... ugh. Such a terrible mistake. I'd like to help steer kids in the right direction, but admittedly I've been searching for PS1 rpgs I either missed/passed on/or otherwise only tasted via rental. Still love rpgs and thank FF7 for. While also cursing it knowing I'm currently juggling five different rpgs.

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A 3 disk game with FMV
Voice Acting
Prerendered 3D Backgrounds
Articulated in-game graphic cutscenes with emotive face textures the likes of which Final Fantasy wouldn't have until the Ps2 era.

>Cash grab.
Who are you trying to fool?

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your taste is fucking abominable

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4 disks. But to be fair there's not much on the last disk.

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Legaia isn't horrible when you consider it came out in '98-'99 and it was never a big-budget game to begin with. For what it is (a mediocre PS1 RPG with grindy gameplay), it's still far better than Legend of Dragoon (a mediocre PS1 RPG where even the gameplay sucks). It feels like Legaia had at least a spark of originality and thought put into it, while Dragoon was basically a soulless corporate product made entirely by yes-men, which led to so many poor design decisions.

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Yeah it's no surprise the only people who praise Legend of Dragoon as a masterpiece and one of the all time greats are people who grew up with it and/or played it as their very first JRPG. Not to say it's a bad game (and the hateboner for it around here is ridiculous) but it definitely wasn't the FF7 killer it was hyped up as. I'd still rank it higher than the "OOT killer" though (Dark Cloud, now THAT is an overrated pile of shit)

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You just destroyed that guy.

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Who here collected all of the stardust? I didn't.

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>So is suikoden 2
You got a single fact to back that up?

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Dude all people talked about back then was how it was "Sonys FF7". PS1 warriors either shilled the hell out of it or called it out for being generic as fuck. The worst part is that Sony already had their own extremely promising rpg series, that they threw under the bus to try and make LoD a thing.

Being better than shit like LoD and Beyond the Beyond doesn't make it above average or even mediocre. Yes. It has ideas. That's all it has. The game was clearly made by an inexperienced dev (in fact it was their first game!). Even back then, a minimum of standards had been set for things rpgs should & shouldn't do, and Legaia failed on almost every level.

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>The worst part is that Sony already had their own extremely promising rpg series

What was it called?

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Wild Arms? While a little on the generic side, the first one did far more rights than wrongs.

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That is completely outside the subject.

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>world map 2
my nigga

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>excellent music
>memorable characters
>cool story
>magic items are worse than trash
>Dragoon additions are fucking impossible and the magic attacks become useless by Disc 3
>great graphics
>huge world
>shit character progression
Overall it's an enjoyable, "big budget B-movie" kind of experience.

Also it has the greatest ending cinematic ever made:

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Thankfully Dragoon is neither.

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