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Why did they think it would sell?

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Vr was big at the time

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What they needed was a headstrap and BattleZone

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>Vr was big at the time
It's funny how massive a meme VR was in the early-mid 90s and when it finally gets invented and rolled out to the masses in 2010 no one wanted it

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*the 2010s

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It's nintendo, they could stamp their name on a turd and sell it

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I don't know about the 90s but that's absolutely true today.

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exactly! hahaha
3D was was going to be the next big step since at least the 70s, but i'm glad than companies are willing to take a risk.

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Blame the 3D movies oversaturation.
Remeber when that was a thing in tail end of 00s and early 10s? Every single fucking movie had to be in 3D. As in - lazily slapped in 3D effects in post-production, rather than designed from ground up with it.
So when roughtly the same time 3D googles rolled in, peole were already fed up with it as a cheap, gimmicky way of ripping you off.

In the 90s they would also get "Company of the Year" award for doing so.

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VR is stuck in a perpetual cycle of brief moments of being the next big hot shit thing interspersed with lengthy cooldown periods while everybody gradually forgets about all the fundamentally unfixable problems that make it terrible. teleroboxer was p. dope though

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virtual boy is a crappy attempt at VR anyway, much more accurate to call it a steroscope game since it basically emulates that

3D has come and gone as a gimmick for over a century. Current VR is pretty damn good though, and way beyond the stuff they were doing in the 90s, even if the games aren't all there.

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on the other hand tho, Wii U.

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Guilty as charged, have that and a vb and pretty much all of the other ninty consoles

In my defense I have a gaming capable desktop so I didn't see much value in the sony or ms exclusives

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I have one still
Literally never used it in my life

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You missed out on some good games. Someone stole mine, I'm still pissed about it. Red Alarm was pretty serviceable and the fake Punch-Out! game was fun.

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Why not

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because console hoarders just use them to fill their shelves and the empty husks of their souls

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I never feel like getting off my ass and buying 6 fucking AA batteries and when I'm outside I'm not exactly thinking "hey I gotta pick those 6 aa batteries to play 10 minutes of wario land until I have motion sickness"

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VB isn't about motion sickness, it's about eye/head/neck/back pain. Also 6 batteries isn't a problem at all if you ever use portables or the heavy hitter devices like a nomad or a super scope. A pack of 8 rechargeable AA batteries is pretty cheap, and not much more is the cost of a VB AC adapter.

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Is it true nintendo has the guy responsible for the virtual boy and wonderswan assasinated?

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>sega nomad
I never got too far away from an outlet when I had one, fuck that battery life.

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Yeah, and the earth is also flat

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One of these 2 things are true

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The earth isn't flat you dumbass

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Because it came out with the wrong generation, came too late. 90's Boomers like me like it but Zoomers ditched it.

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So, how did Nintendo get away with it?

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I wanted one...

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If there isn't a ton of evidence jap police don't bother

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>No one wanted it
What mental gymnastics are you pulling to say no one wants VR these days?

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Because it never happened, retard. It's just one of the more retarded urban legends that some idiots (like you) still fall for it. Also Nintendo didn't made Gunpei to leave Nintendo. He already planned to leave Nintendo before VB's failure. He just left a little earlier than he planned. Besides with Wonderswap being Japan exclusive (and still niche even for Japan's standards), I doubt Nintendo saw him as a threat for competition. Also with same logic they would kill Fire Emblem creator that left Nintendo made his own Fire Emblem style game for Playstation.

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They didn't. They rushed it to focus at N64.

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>t. seething retard

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