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i'm sorry, but it's not that good.

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This bait-on-life-support thread is now a /k/ thread

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i'm sorry, but /k/ doesn't know shit.


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lel. seething /k/tendrone blinded by nostalgia goggles.

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>if I post the same bait thread every time I come back from ban and people get tired of it they’re all just nostalgiafags!
I can smell the mold from between your fat flaps through my screen. $100 says you think sneedposting is the pinnacle of humor

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im sorry but fuck you
i want to fucking play this again since years just for comfy sake and i am not a freaking gamer or nerd at all

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You're right, but these regular bait threads do nothing more than encourage its defense force.

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Just dropped in to say you're right.
Replayed it again recently and most stages or stars make you go "ugh, not THIS one". There's few actually fun stages you look forward to

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I feel like this board suffers from severe Groundhog's Day syndrome

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This is one of the few big name N64 games that isn't massively overrated

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considering its time and place, SM 64 is very fairly rated

all those n64 games circa 1999/2000/2001 that get circlejerked over were behind their times and very overrated, though

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It's not only not that good it's fucking bad, real fucking bad
anyone who still believes that the 64 wasn't the absolute hands-down worst console of it's generation is lying to themselves

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Heh, epic pwn my fellow hardcore gamer. It truly is amazing how many people on this board have yet to realize that everything Nintendo does, Sega does better. They aren’t the intellectuals like you or I. *chuckles softly*
Why are Nintentoddlers allowed on this board? They're a fucking embarrassment and make real mature gamers like me look bad for even occupying the same board as me.

>b-but Nintendo excelled at making platformers!

Bullshit, Nintendo didn't excel at one god damn thing. I take that back, actually. They excel at one thing. Nintendo excels at being for bing bing wahoo babies and manchildren who run away when they see blood because they are immature babyfags and can't handle a deep, dark, serious game like I can. Sega and Sony had games that reflected the inner darkness of my soul from having two Christmases since my parents were divorced, while Nintendo did kiddy shit because nintentoddlers are fucking babies who never had to rough it in high school like real people, like me, who had to deal with bullies and preppy douchebags since they didn't understand my real power...

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If this is serious and not a joke then seriously, I mean seriously, kys now. Nothing personal, you just weren't meant to be. Something's gone very wrong... abort, abort, abort, no matter how late.

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Mods delete this shit. We get it every 3 weeks

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I find it funny how CBFD is censored more by adult-ass- gamer- Microsoft than kiddy Nintendo. Yes Nitendo did not really want to have to do anything with it besides allowing it to be on the system, but still, it came out...


Doesn't sound too bad an interval

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More like every week. It's the most stale thread topic ever

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It's worse than any other board on here for sure, not just in these repeat bait threads but in conversation in general, people literally end up saying the same things in the exact same way over and over because they're discussing games they and everyone else on earth have discussed to death already.

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>he watched the KingK video

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This post is great pasta material.

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Every board on where, 4chan?
>looks at you like you're a crazy person.
This is the only board on 4chan that isn't a toxic cesspool of radiation poisoning. If you could somehow filter all the shit (which is a lot) then you could call it a quality board, that's the only thing preventing it from being good.

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That’s because it is a pasta you newfag

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Honestly, I have to agree here. Probably partly because I grew up playing the 8 and 16-bit consoles, but still I couldn't help but feel that despite being a 1st party Nintendo release, 3D platforming was still in its infancy and it showed. Not a bad game, but one had definitely hasn't aged that well.

Pretty good hijacking there, mate.

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It's shit compared to Spyro

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i dunno, i found it pretty fun
i guess i did play the DS version first and then emulated the N64 version, i never had a N64
>inb4 oh but you emulated its not the same!!!!!

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>i'm sorry
Yes, that's correct

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Care to elaborate?

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I grew up playing Spyro and I think that 64 is a better platformer.

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there have been threads shitting on The Last Jedi daily for over a year now on /tv/.
On /v/, any thread is a complete 100% crapshoot whether you'll have anyone make an interesting post or if it will be a huge crowd of reddit-tier shitposting morons.

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It's fairly rated for now, in the sense that it is way the fuck better than Banjo (and I thought Banjo was way better back then for similar stupid reasons I preferred DKR to MK64 back then).

Bottom line is that Mario is fun to move as soon as the short opening cutscene ends. The difference between that and having to slowly find Bottles in 5+ places across 3+ maps before moving bird and bear isn't boring as fuck is more than enough tie breaker for people considering playing either now.

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You're comparing Mario and Banjo as if they're trying to accomplish the same thing. The truth is, Banjo-Kazooie is more of an adventure game with 3D platformer controls and level design: you collect items and give them to people or use them as keys so that you can get to other places where you get more items to get to more places. The focus of the experience isn't on the gameplay itself, which is frankly pretty boring, it's on the personality of the game and the context of what you're doing. It's just like how no one plays adventure games because they think walking around and solving puzzles is fun in and of itself; people play adventure games for the characters and the story and the settings around the puzzles

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kys like literally go to greenland rn

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What's the best emulator for this?

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a final fantasy thread died for this

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Wii Virtual Console.

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on PC I mean

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Project64 runs it perfectly.

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No problem. Have a good 'n.

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I kind of wonder... is OP some massive fan of SM64 that keeps making this thread every time. Pretending to criticize it while at the same time repeatedly putting it up there as one of the most iconic games of all time.

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>is OP some massive fan of SM64
>implying that Nintendo doesn't post here.

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I find the game to be very fun to this day, but will admit that its luster is gone. It also has a strange subtle darkness in the daytime scenes, which is a bit unnerving, making the haunted house tame in comparison, as an adult anyway.

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How many times do we have to teach you this lesson, old man?

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I feel like this board suffers from severe Groundhog's Day syndrome

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I like Mario 64, not banjo. I didn't like banjo as a kid either, which is strange cause I love gex games. I think if gex had a better camera it would absolutely shit on any 64 platformer, but it's still better than all of them by a small margin. Sm64 is not a bad game by any means, it's just the best the n64 had to offer. Spyro is far better than sm64 and banjo, I don't understand the love for banjo, it's mediocre even by n64 standards.

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The last good Mario game was SMW2: Yoshi's Island. Everything since then was a retarded provocation against humanity.

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Mario should have just stuck to jumping onto flagpoles at the end of levels. This game is just a 64-bit 3-D shameless rip-off of Jet Set Willy m8

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wii vc wad in dolphin

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fairly sure its the same guy spamming the same shitty threads here and on /v/.

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