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>games without a save or password system and limited continues

How did you boomers play this shit back then? The biggest offender is pic related for me. Only 3 lives and you can only earn continues by collecting rings in a stupid and annoying bonus stage.

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How do you beat this fucker? He literally 2 shots me.

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>stretched to fit screen
>can't beat babby's first platformer
>call to the boomer meme

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Agree. There is no way anyone could legit be this bad at games that they can't beat Sonic and are complaining about its difficulty.

Some people really are very bad at games so other try to be decent and help them. When people make jokes like this, it's kind of sick, like mocking retarded people.

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Hate to break it to you OP but Sonic 1 is a bad game.

Actually, there are no good Sonic games.

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Play the Sonic Jam version.

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Well it's not that I can't beat it. I was just discouraged from playing it any further after finding out about this. I think it's bad game design/artificial difficulty.

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>artificial difficulty
So what's your ultimate objective here? To waste other people's time? Well you're already wasting your own.

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>The biggest offender is pic related for me.
You are like baby.

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But that's like, karma, chameleon.

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Sonic 1 is good up until the 4th stage. then everything afterwards is slow agonizing memorizing stages.i dont mind them atleast the 5th stage but i can admit the game changes a bit there to not be as interesting or take advantage of sonics gameplay

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U, D, L, R, A+start

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>>babby's first platformer
thats kirby

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>playing sonic
>wasting your time
Gotta agree with you on that.

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You can get lives from collecting coins in the1.1 revision.

Still though, the game is pretty bad. Going from Green Hill zone to Marble is prolly the biggest dip in level design there is in any game.

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Yes, I can tell you are.

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8 bit sonic is better

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i literally beat this shit at 4 yrs old

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yeah anon, all games from the past suffered from bad game design. Now go and play some fortnite, now that's a good game

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S1 isnt that difficult iirc

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for fucks sake you can collect the rings every time you get hit it's not even hard

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I've seen children who are on the spectrum with debilitating learning disabilities fucking dominate Sonic The Hedgehog with no fucking issue.
Fucking figure it out.

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learning and repetition.

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there was that one time when my friend tol me i could see chris from sonic x at the end of the final boss if i managed to somehow prevent dr robotnik from escaping (i had to jump with him)
kept trying and trying for years

those golden days of made-up stuff and no internet


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Just shoot at it until it dies.

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um if you played that when it came out, you're too young to be a boomer

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Months and months of practice.

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By gitting gud and not being a whiny faggot about it.

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I remember the first time i finally beat sonic 2
a little shit with a big wood paneled tv balanced on an upside down milk carton. I was so stoked. And then from then on, I could just pick it up and beat it whenever I wanted.

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Sonic 1 is the best Sonic

Sonic 2 is the real worst offender, that game feels like it's five hours long

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fucking metropolis

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Imagine crying about a 15 minute game not having saves.
The absolute state of the ADD generation of children.

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Try Sonic 2 on the Gamegear if you want a bad time.

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Good advice.

If you don't want a cheat, Green Hill Zone Act III is a stage you can easily get 3 free lives, kill yourself and do it again. Pretty easy to get a good stretch of lives to cushion through some of the more trail and error non-sense in some states.

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I can't even COMPREHEND being this bad at video games, what the fuck is wrong with you? I could beat this shit before I was even speaking full sentences. You keep picking up rings and grab a continue if you need to. It's easy. It's so fucking easy.

I weep for this generation.

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Fuck this game man. No saves, no passwords, how the fuck am I supposed to beat this!?

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Get gud.

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m8, if you managed to die in Sonic the fucking Hedgehog then you have bigger problems to worry about

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Dude.. it's Sonic, not Dark Souls.

One life is more than enough.

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I didn't waste time with inferior games, even the nes could do saves.
Just take a hit and pass trough

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Sonic 1 only has like what? 6 zones? Come on now.

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Punch the other player until he falls down. He can't block your shots if he's not conscious.

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psst! hey kid! do you want some savestates?

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>I've seen children who are on the spectrum with debilitating learning disabilities fucking dominate Sonic The Hedgehog with no fucking issue.
You're acting like being autistic *hurts* your video game playing skills.

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Git gud faggot

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we didn't have thousands of affordable games at our finger tips, so you just kept playing what you had until you beat it.

unless you had Bayou Billy. everbody gave up on that ridiculous piece of shit

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Things were different back then. You don't really get sent far back due to check points and auto saves. When you ran out of lives and continues and got sent back to the title screen it was game over, and I mean it is time to turn off the game and put in a new game or do something else. Video games weren't something you autistically grinded out from game over after game over after being thrown to the title screen many times in a single day.

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You played it until you died, then you turned the shit off and went outside to play because what else were you going to do? I spent most of my younger years outside playing in the dirt because a NES game was only good for a few minutes before you got your shit wrecked, so I could marathon all my games as far as I could get in like an hour and then had to do something else.

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I would play football (soccer) all day every day if I could. That's what we used to do when we were kids. Then after elementary school for some inexplicable reason, it seemed harder to get people to play street football. There were clubs but they were like once a week, and they also had autistic, rigid people running it that wouldn't just let us play. By the age of 14 or 15, people stopped playing street football and I could never understand why. I wasn't a great club player and I believe that they didn't give me the ball enough to play, also my knee never recovered perfectly from one injury (excuses) and eventually quit club football but shit at 33 years old I'd go out in a heart-beat to play street football for hours again. I can get a similar experience with videogames sometimes still, but you don't get exercise, you don't build muscles, balance, powerful lungs, they're ok but it's not the same. It's how natural all that is, it's so good for people, no wonder people in modern society are getting so fat and autistic.

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