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Best robot master?

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Best stage music: Shadow Man, Pharaoh Man
Best weapon: Metal Man
Most fun stage: Star Man
Coolest: Ice Man

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Best ass: Guts Man

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The one and only

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Astro Man

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>Coolest: Ice Man
oh you

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Look into the sky
It's a bird, it's a plane
It's Airman, bitch
And I'm bringin' the pain
I got a fan install in my grill, no lie
I'm gonna blow your ass straight off the map

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Shadow Man as drawn and imagined by Ariga

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No Man-Here's a picture

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Neat story with the Robot Masters. In 1 they were all designed by the team. Kitamura made most of them, and then Inafune and Tomita made the last two. For the sequel, Kitamura wanted to borrow the idea he saw in Toku shows where they get the fans to design enemies via a contest.

Now, they cheated a little in this. The team already chose the "theme" of the bosses beforehand, so they could start before the contest was over. Then they chose designs to fit the theme. But Inafune had to then polish these designs to make them into actual proper designs for 2.

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