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Looks kinda shit.

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Jesus fuck, that is something the world needed far fewer of... Puzzle game reskins.

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lol at leaked, the hoarder dude said for months now he would eventually release this. It's probably going to be playable in MAME 0.205 or 06. We shall see by the end of this month.

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How the hell is this board so fucking retarded. Does that happen to people when they play too many nintendo games?

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Not gonna lie this is pretty boring.

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Pretty obvious that they came up with a generic puzzle concept then slapped the sonic character on it.

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It's playable now, just played it this afternoon

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I watched the video and didn't even understand the gameplay. Sometimes the block disappear and sometimes they don't? Is it random?

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You have to make a loop of pieces, took me a while to get it too.

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What? It's the same trash as all those match 3 games on the mobile. Just because it's from the 90's doesn't mean it's good. Fucking hipster kys.

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I saw three yellow trigger that were in a angled line.

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Tfw this game finally explains where the blue sphere special stage comes from. One of the music tracks is the sonic 3 special stage theme, and you have to surround spheres to make them disappear (although it works with all colors instead of just blue)

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This loop mechanic seems a little convoluted, but hard to tell without playing. Anyone have the ROM yet?

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Why does that matter?

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Nobody is saying the game is particularly good. It was location tested and dropped when people didn't like it. It's just an interesting bit of history.

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One touched the bottom and one touched the side

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the sides & bottom count as part of the closed loop.

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Thanks a lot my man, a spot is reserved for you in Valhalla

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Blew my mind when I heard that

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This game has a lot of tunes from other Sega games.

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So is the music originally from there or the other way around?

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This was made in 1991

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Sonic 3's Special stage came from SegaSonic Bros it seems.

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Noice, good to know something was salvaged from the project

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Others songs from SegaSonic Bros were used in >>5202013

Plus, a Silver Hedgehog is in it, so technically this is Silver's debut.

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The whole surrounding blue spheres concept in sonic 3 came from this

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Thanks anon!!

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oh shit love this track

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>another Puyo Puyo clone.

Fucking Sega can't get enough of these, huh?

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It's certainly no pac attack

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>It's certainly no pac attack

pac attack isn't pac attack either, it's cosmo gang puzzle

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I guess I'm just a brainlet, but just from watching it seems like a good portion of loops would be formed completely by accident or last second realizations and not primarily through careful planning by the player.

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Cry more, this game is a shit reskin no one asked for.

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>bitch for hours on end about ROM hoarders
>"Oh look he ISN'T a hoarder and is releasing the ROM"
>now get seemingly angry and bitch about the ROM being released because it isn't good enough instead of being glad that it was released at all
Fucking zoomers.

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>everything i read online is a single person
A classic

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your mom is cosmo ganged, you puzzle

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To be fair that's part of the appeal of these types of games. When you trigger a combo cascade in puyo by accident you can pretend that you're a fucking wizard to your buddies

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the fuck
never fucking heard of it and i grew up with sonic

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So is the rom online anywhere?

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Your mums cunt smells like cat pee :/

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But they are, though...?

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Only found just recently, relatively.

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> calls something a clone when it has a completely different mechanic

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interesting how scrapped the idea of the trio was: Sonic, Ray and Mighty

makes me wonder what happened (they changed it to Tails and Knux)

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Why can't all hoarders be as based as that dude?
I mean, this game is kinda shit, but it's the thought that counts.

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Why hoard it in the first place?

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my ears are bleeding

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didn't he have it for fucking years?

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Because he bought it and can do what he wants with it.
Be thankful he shared it at all.

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Epic falseflag, bro.

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Okay, not really based, but at least he released it eventually.

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Epic being a retard, bro. Tell me one thing I said that is in anyway incorrect. I don't know what he spent on it, but I'm sure it was at least a couple thousand.

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Wow a few thousand dollars. That's like a whole paycheck. Probably a lot to an unemployed manchild like you.

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Then why don't you buy things and dump them if it's no big deal? Because you're a larping child.

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Based Guru

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Because fatty fat fucks don't sell their precious hoarded treasure. They let it sit in their moldy, piss soaked basements for years or decades until they die or are forced to sell it by their mothers.

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That man is the MVP

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Hoarders truly are dogshit in vaguely human skin.

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What an asshole to try to use scare tactics

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Yeah I mean it's a piece of history and the Sonic community is crazy autistic, but still... it's just a shitty puzzle game with a Sonic skin. And the art is pretty bad, sorta DeviantART levels of bad.

Was it really worth the trouble?

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There wouldn't have been trouble if the fat fuck had just dumped it when he first got his mustard stained hands on it.

>> No.5202453

It's a missing piece that was made before Sonic 2, it was very important that this was released to the public and Sonic fans in general. So yes, it was worth it.

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Reminder that this particular hoarder still has Taito's Vertexer.


>> No.5202530

Quit being such an insufferable baby about it and contribute something if it matters so much to you.

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shoutime has released games like this before though
i'm pretty sure he doesn't upload every game immediately because it would jeopardize the connections he has to people in the industry that allow him to acquire these games in the first place (from japanese companies who will never release them to the public)

>> No.5202548

then why does he announce that he has a game to the public? just release stuff anonymously

>> No.5202591

I'd say there's a decent chance that some of the story of another being found and threats being made are a bullshit cover story.

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Build hype, show it to people so they can see what it's like before getting to play it. Some of this stuff gets more attention as unplayable, mysterious relics than as ROMs you can download and play at will. Like Sim City NES has a lot of hype behind it, but having seen it in person and playing it for a brief time, I highly doubt that most people are going to spend hours upon hours getting hyped over playing it once they're able to freely download it. It is awesome to have this stuff preserved and I am very grateful for everyone who contributes to game preservation, but chances are any hype around this Sonic game will be quickly forgotten and be little more than a novelty that some people will play on MAME for half an hour.

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Because Japan is notoriously strict about leaking anything to the public without permission, because of copyrights and IPs and whatnot. If an incredibly rare game gets leaked, the anonymous developer who originally handed it off to a collector could get paranoid that the paper trail could lead back to them and their old employers could come knocking at their door with a lawsuit.

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well, in his own words because people didn't even know about the game. he said he plans on releasing everything he has, japs are just really strict and political about this kind of shit and if he does it without people's permission he could get locked out.

yeah possibly, dunno

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Looking at the "specially modified version" of MAME used to play this, all they did was add ssonicbr(this game) to the Sega C/C2 systems. Which means no special hardware needs to be coded to make this work, which means we will most likely see this appear in 0.205. Pic related was all the new code that was added in to make the game work. Literally hooking up inputs and dip switches, telling MAME what the roms look like, and adding the game to the database.

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of course. MAME needs to be modified to add support for even a single game, but it has System C support already. nobody was claiming it was a huge amount of modification.

>> No.5202661

I'm just glad it's a standard system and not some specialty shit requiring decapping.

>> No.5202675

can anyone please upload a rebuilt mame build?

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>Hoarder trying to use mafia shakedown tactics over a 27 year old puzzle game

These fucks are hilarious

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I know what you're doing, please stop.

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I don't know why people are crying "RESKIN" when it clearly doesn't play like any other puzzle game I've seen, has anyone actually seen the game in action or just assume it's a puyo puyo clone?

>> No.5202823

It's an obvious reskin because the gameplay doesn't integrate any Sonic elements whatsoever. At least Panic Bomber and Pac Attack were puzzle games that related IP franchise elements into the puzzle.

>> No.5202824

what hoarder?

>> No.5202828

reskin of what? I've never seen any other game that requires trapping spheres of one color to make them disappear (aside from sonic 3 of course, but that came later)

>> No.5202831

And what the fuck is it a reskin of? Look at the god damn gameplay anon. It's a queer ass puzzle game that I've never seen anything else play like

>> No.5202832

Reskin in the sense they picked an unrelated tetris game and slapped the sonic character and backgrounds on it. Use your brain, zoomer faggot.

>> No.5202838

Hoarder faggot has a mental breakdown: the thread.

>> No.5202842


It doesn't play like tetris at all

>> No.5202851

That's another game liberated. What else is still being hoarded?

>> No.5202854

NES Sim City

>> No.5202883

>the gameplay doesn't integrate any Sonic elements whatsoever.
Blue Sphere

>> No.5202886

You're seeing connections where there is none. Quite autistic really, as expected of Sonic fans.

>> No.5202892

They were obviously trying to make Sonic into a brand, like with that popcorn machine and the kiddie car thing. Who knows, maybe they were desperately trying to make Sonic into a general purpose character like Nintendo did with Mario.

>> No.5202896

Mate, Blue Sphere's music is literally in the game.
Considering that and the fact that the gimmick of the game is "Surround the Sonic's with a line of a certain color" I wouldn't be too surprised if they loosely recycled this game's gimmick as a feature for Blue Sphere.

It's pretty clear that's what they were doing, especially with stuff like the two part OVA.

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Occasionally interesting but doesn't save this game from being better forgotten. Shit sucks.

>> No.5202910

Yeah, but you were arguing that the game has no connection to the Sonic series and is just a reskin when in fact it not only has unusual gameplay but it uses (or rather inspired) a mechanic from a Special Stage in the series.

>> No.5202913

> guy who's released a bunch of rare games
> hoarder


>> No.5202914

You STILL don't understand, this is a generic puzzle they slapped sonic characters on in the lat minute. It's not a Sonic game and never will be.

>> No.5202918

did you work on it? if not, how do you know they didn't want to make a sonic puzzle game from the start?

>> No.5202921

You don't need to be a programmer to recognize shit when you see it, sweet zoomer child.

>> No.5202923

I've said my piece and how this game is connected to the Sonic series. You'd need to make an argument as to why it isn't (unless, say, Dr. Mario is just a generic puzzle game Nintendo slapped Mario on).
It's more of a Sonic game than Sonic Eraser and that actually got released in Japan.

>> No.5202925

>it's more of a sonic game than the other non-sonic game
I don't have nothing to proof, the game speaks for itself. Trash.

>> No.5202926

Socks the cat rocks the hill

>> No.5202931

So, you have no argument then.
Alright buddy.

>> No.5202934

it being shit doesn't mean they weren't planning on making a sonic game from the start
they put out a bunch of mediocre-to-decent sonic arcade games at this time

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Some posters just love shitting on people who have rare things. Don't dump it? You're a piece of shit. Dump it and share it, but not the day you get it in the mail? You're too slow and therefore a piece of shit. Damned if you do, damned if you don't, and people wonder why some of this shit gets hoarded. Create an encouraging environment for stuff to get shared as opposed to one that aggressively shits all over the people actually in a position to share things.
Look at all the random things they've tossed Mario and company into. Sega was trying the same thing with Sonic. It is a Sonic game, featuring Sonic and Robotnik, and officially made by Sega. It is a Sonic game. Good or bad is debatable, and just because it doesn't feel like it started as Sonic doesn't necessarily mean that it didn't begin development as a Sonic game - and even if it didn't, they obviously made it into one.

>> No.5202942

Evidence? He's not even the one who released this, it was someone else

>> No.5202948

On the plus side it's about as terrible as mainstay Sanic games. I bet all the sonic furries are creaming their baby diapers right now.

>> No.5202950

He's released other games.

>> No.5202952

It would be nice to see people actually happy about having new-old things getting released and save from time instead of people getting apparently legitimately angry about things getting dumped.

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I've been a Sonic fan since it's very beginning, I'm ecstatic about SegaSonic Bros getting released.

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Dumped months ago.

>> No.5202967

PC Cocoron (16-bit remake/quasi-sequel of Cocoron for the PC Engine)

Marble Madness (PC Engine)

>> No.5203003

You've eaten shit since the beginning.

>> No.5203005

there is a seething anti-sonicfag, it seems

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I don't care what you think.

>> No.5203013

SoMeOnE HaS GoOd tAsTe tHaT MeAnS He mUsT Be sEeThInG

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I don't understand this game

am I a brainlet?

>> No.5203058


>> No.5203059

Nah, it's somewhat unintuitive.
rather than matching spheres, you create a "circle" or other entrapment of spheres of the same color. Those spheres, and the ones surrounded by them, will disappear.
If you've played Sonic 3 & Knuckles, think of the Special Stages in that game and how turning all the outer blue spheres red turned them all the spheres in the set into rings.

>> No.5203064

I see

>> No.5203065

Where's zelda 64 leak?

>> No.5203070

whatever you say

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The only thing leaking is the catheter bag of the revolting fat fuck who's hoarding it.

>> No.5203075

Quit mixing your fat dude fetish with your obsession with ROM hoarders. Seek help.

>> No.5203079

Seek the exit of moms basement.

>> No.5203115

Not being related to sonic doesn't make it a reskin. It's literally in the fucking word. This game is the first skin you idiot.

>> No.5203130


I patiently waited for months for this release. Super happy about it. Ignore the sad retards bitching on here.

>> No.5203136

Retard. Singular since it's one person.

>> No.5203220

Whoa, the graphics are fantastic!

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>blue spheres
that sounds better than every other song in the game by a large margin
there's something fishy going on

>> No.5203273

Sonic lost weight. Unlike his fans.

>> No.5203283

>Damned if you do, damned if you don't
You've got the cause and effect backwards.
Hoarders decide to never dump anything they have, and faggots like you defend them because, "it's their thing they should do whatever they want with it and u cant complain!!!", so they build up a reputation of being fat fucking man-children who refuse to share anything, to the point where when they do release something, years after getting it, they get rightfully shit on for generally being hoarding pieces of shit.

>> No.5203295

I swear to god, you commie fucks are so delusional.

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>> No.5203324

Sonic CD, Sonic 2, and presumably SegaSonic the Hedgehog were all in development at the same time. The first Sonic game didn't give him any supporting cast to speak of, so all three games had to come up with their own new characters. Amy and Tails stuck around, but Ray likely got the boot for being too similar to Tails. Mighty did come back for Chaotix, but by the time those guys made the jump to 3D, the very similar-looking Shadow was already a thing. Both characters just ended up victims of circumstance.

>> No.5203478

With this though, SegaSonic Bros dates before all of that.

>> No.5203607

Mother 64

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File: 556 KB, 500x375, tumblr_nzkl64yq7k1sxudx7o1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looks like Sonicmas came early this year. Merry Christmas everyone except hoarders

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Shoutime has a shit ton of unreleased arcade games that need to be dumped. Sonic Bros was just the tip of the iceburg.

>> No.5203696

Looks fun

>> No.5203708

I would say that historical games are ones that actually had an effect on the game industry, not something that virtually nobody played and was effective unknown until manchildren screeched about it on YouTube. Making a big deal out of preserving something like this is basically just hoarding trash.

>> No.5203742

marble madness 2

>> No.5203757

The going from the sky to underwater part was really awesome looking for all sprites. I bet it would be fun to play in one of those moving cabinets.

>> No.5203762

It was a previous unknown that we found out just a few days ago actually had a bigger influence than we thought. Stuff from music, to gameplay mechanics, to complimentary color design.

>> No.5203872

I'd argue that a game created by a formerly huge game developer based on what is objectively one of gaming's most iconic and recognizable characters is certainly worth preserving. Is it "historical?" Maybe not, but pretending that it is on par with Little Jimmy's First Scrapped Unity Project in terms of preservation worth is just disingenuous.

>> No.5205585

I really, really want it.

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The game apparently started as a Mega Drive game, and might be portable.

>> No.5206516

MIGHT have, it MIGHT have started as a MD game. But that could just be because the System C/C2 hardware is very similar to the MD, in that C/C2 is basically an upgraded MD. See here:

>> No.5208092
File: 6 KB, 320x224, CoXC2my.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

some more evidence

>> No.5210241

comfy palmtrees

>> No.5210256

Making a game and scrapping it affects the psyche of people that wasted time working on it, so I'd say that it shows in how it affected the industry and helped shape the quality of games that come after it due to lost man hours and patience.
If Lil Jimmy gets to join Sega one day, you'd ironically be dashing to preserve every ounce of everything he did, even posters with his ugly face on it like the rest of this idiotic board.

>> No.5210285

Definitely could work as a Genesis game and it uses assets from Sonic 1 like backgrounds, lava, etc.

>> No.5210303


delete this delete this delete this DELETE THIS RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.5212568

That's nice to know, too bad the guy porting it seems like an asshole

>> No.5212573

The guy who has it (or one of the ones who does) estimates the value at $5k, so I assume that is what he paid for it.

>> No.5212620

Assholes can still do good things.

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