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Anyone here likes the console version of PC FPS?
I personally love Duke64, to the point i even play the mod to make Duke3D be like 64.
Quake 64 is also one I really like playing on the system, mostly because of the ost.

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Doom 64 is also the most kino of the vanilla Dooms

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Quake II on N64 is the best version if you ask me. Nothing like 4-player couch multiplayer in Quake.

That's technically a sequel and not a port.

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This kinda describes me for single player fps, but it's more like I want to play ports like 64 Doom on the N64. Quake 64 and Quake 2 on N64 are also the comfiest way to play for me. Hexen, Wolfenstein, Goldeneye (obviously)... I only want to play them on console, playing them on PC just doesn't interest me (underage PC elitists can suck dick). However for multiplayer it's a whole different ball game and I do play on PC for that, it gives you a competitive advantage.

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best grabbag

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>Damn, those alien scum are gonna pay for shooting up my ride.
>Where is it?
>Ahhh that's better.
>Sips hydrant water
>Hail to the king baby!
>Ohhh that's gotta hurt!
>What a mess!
>Let's rock!
>It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum... and I'm all out of gum.
>It's down to you and me, you one-eyed freak!

Best game, hands down

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what did he mean by this

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The N64 is an absolute treasure trove for theae games, and I agree with the other anons that these games are even more fun than their PC counterparts. Playing Quake 64 in the dark, basking in the glow of the CRT, listening to Alice in Chains and getting high is one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had. These games have incredible atmosphere, and they're all fucking great.

The reigning king of all console FPS is still Perfect Dark, but man, the four id Software games on N64 are still some of my favorite shooters ever. Glad to know other people appreciate them too.

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Zero Hour > Duke3D

Cum at me bros.

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Blood is better I'll take that to my fucking grave

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I would like megadeths more if it followed lee Jackson's extended theme



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Quake II for PS1 was very nice, especially the deathmatch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNZbhH1oQYE
for the same console i've also liked a lot Duke Nukem: Time To Kill, but that's not a FPS, so i won't start any OT blabbering about that one.

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i heard someone ported wolf3d to the n64, is that true?

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>the gun changes were better, especially the different ammo types
>secret exits
>could save the babes
>level changes that accommodated coop better
>megadeath covering the intro
>prototyped the controls of what would become the standard for FPS, just instead of a right stick you had the c-buttons
>just less sexual themes
Grenade launcher in particular is kino as fuck

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Yes but only the shareware version, also there are some issues with it.

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time to kill was awesome

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Absolutely. I love how Duke 64 has so much more than the PC original.
I know people complain about the lack of music but I love it. It gives it a whole new creepy atmosphere.

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>This came from the N64

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Powerslave on Saturn is fucking great.

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To be entirely fair, Duke64 has some cool stuff. I think it's really weird that the original doesn't let you rescue the babes, that seems like a weird omission.

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