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post your favorite shmups

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After playing Ikaruga it's really hard to go back to lesser shmups.

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You all know.

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Way overrated. Sad thing is that I actually own this on the GC, Steam, and for some fucking reason decided to get it the Switch also.

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I like it, but that's not gonna ruin all the other great schmups out there.

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this, if it didn't hurt my hands to play i'd go for the no miss.

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No one besides mentally ill losers like these games.

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whats up with ikaruga posting
how often do people pretend to like it too much just so the "shits overrated" posters will crawl out of the woodwork?

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then you must be an expert on them. what are your favorites?

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I know I'm basic

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Because it’s a staple of every shmup topics.

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>no u
shmupfags are pitiful

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>it's another jarpig raid on shmup threads episode

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All of you are wrong

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>that 5 minute first stage

why not play an actual good r-type like 1, 2 or final?

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>not Delta

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Ikaruga is pretty much the Laphroaig of shmups. It's an odd and unusual taste (extreme memorizer with color switching mechanic) that for some reason has become every pleb's first "sophisticated" shmup/whiskey, and is usually the only thing in the genre they drink/play.

(also Dreamcast psychosis)

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Do you know where you are?

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The weirdest thing is people parroting it as the best even though they haven't played it, or even worse, haven't played the genre period. Why this happens, I have no idea. Best guess is that the game is different in an obvious way, and people that don't like these games tend to dismiss them as too samey, therefore this one must be the best since it's unique unlike the rest.

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Another quality post brought to you by /v/.

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I'm guilty of doing this.
I actually do like the game though.

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you know shmup virgins who think ikaruga is the best shmup ever may be annoying, but contrarians who react to them by pretending it's not a good game are probably more annoying. yes we get it it's overrated as all hell, but it's still a damn good game

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I like Xevious too, chill.

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Ikaruga is a good puzzle game, but a lousy shump.

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Hey shmup guys, does twinkle star sprites count as a shmup?

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MagMax (1986) Famicom / NES

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Does it have horror elements?

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No. If we want we could say that the only horror elements would be the dragon bosses and the fear of restarting once you used all your magmax units, but no, there isn't any actual horror element.

It's just the shmup i've played the most, the music stuck with me since i've first played it, the option of going to the surface or underground was likable and finally the idea of using a spaceship that can be upgraded up to a whole giant robot was something i truly appreciated. Simple things, really. I'm fond of this but it's purely a nostalgic factor, i would bet there are way more polished games on the same console, launched the same years of this one.

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No. If we want we could say that the horror elements would be the dragon bosses and the fear of restarting once you used all your magmax units, but no, there isn't anything that can be technically called "horror" on this one.
It's just the shmup i've played the most, the music stuck with me since i've first played it, the option of going to the surface or underground was likable and finally the idea of using a spaceship that can be upgraded up to a whole giant robot was something i've truly appreciated. Simple things, really. I'm fond of this but it's purely a nostalgic factor, i would bet there are way more polished games on the same console, launched the same years of this one. Sorry for blabbering too much, i get way too excited when i see a (you).

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Call me a boomer, but nothing will ever beat the originals. space invaders, asteroids, defender, galaga,

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If only this board was spammed with true classics like these instead of PS1 Final Fantasy

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Summer Carnival Recca is so impressive.

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Particularly on an emulator that lets you play without the original flickering.

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no shame in that pick. Awesome music and demanding skill.

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I'm not good at shmups and I don't think I've ever actually beaten one without cheating, but I liked radiant silvergun

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erry tiem

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>it's actually another tired shmupg raid on vr threads episode
The fact that you still don't have the self-awareness to realize why no one wanted you on this board anymore is telling.

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>shmups verboten on jarpig board
The games are legal, deal with it.

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I have played this game more than any shmup ever. Back in the day my group of friends played this just as much as we played SFA3.

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That's cool, have you scored in it in recent times?

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No, I haven't. I really should go back to it, the game is just awesome and I wish there were more like it!

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What's special about it? I haven't played it nor have seen any other play it either in my time with the shmups community, I only know it by name.

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It's a one on one versus shmup. The top player takes the role of a boss, taking multiple shots to kill. The players have life bars, although the top player can shoot orange bullets in patterns that one-shot the bottom player. There are a number of power ups and the top player can also change into a boss form, turning into a giant mech that sprays bullets everywhere. One of the power ups switches the roles of the players.

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Sounds interesting, I'll tell a friend to try this on Fightcade (I guess it's there) soon.
Doesn't it have a 1 player mode, similar to Twinkle Star Sprites?

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It does, yes. Unlike Twinkle Star Sprites the players share a screen, though, so it's quite a bit different. My friends and I were all super into fighting games but this was a different thing for us to play when we got bored and it turned out to be the game that got me into shmups.

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every time what?
ive never posted in one of these threads before

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It's what I had as a kid, so I love it to this day.

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It's just that Treasure shmups seem to attract less experienced players.

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probably because its flashy and has cool music.
i also liked galactic attack on the saturn

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They're not bad, far from it, just an interesting observation.

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The 30 year old boomer meme isn't an insult, unlike zoomer.

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Nice bait. You’re still a fag tho.

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No it’s not really that great and not really fun either. Press hype caused this game to become legendary. At the core of it, it’s pretty basic. What made it stand out is the unique polarity gimmick of the time combined with artistic flair which otherwise would be a boring game.

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Play Mars Matrix

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Go play Mars matrix

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I love Ikaruga, but there's more out there, I'm getting tired of it getting so much focus.

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Okay, but the Dragon Spirit series exists. Honestly no idea why that isn't bigger than Xevious. Better music, graphics, aesthetics. Not even the arranged version of Xevious? Come on anon.

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That's why I posted that pic, even thouth OG Xevious is still good.

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>Whines about III's sloggy 1st stage
>Praises Final which is entirely made up of longass, sloggy stages

Man you are retarded lol

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the best

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absolutely /vr/

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Any tips on gitting gud in Xevious?

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It's been a while since I played, but I'd be happy to share what I remember!

This game has tons of depth and a huge skill ceiling despite seeming so simple to the newcomer. Once you get good at it, the sense of flow feels incredible, maybe even better than Tetris IMO.

1. Positioning and flexibility.

Picture the center of the screen. Now move down, maybe to the bottom third or quarter. Think of that as your "neutral position".

Every time the screen is empty of enemies, try to get back to neutral position or as close to it as possible. This will up your survivability drastically because it gives you more evasive and offensive paths to take as well as more time to react to enemies (One of the hardest things about this game is the enemies and projectiles from all sides).

Your ship moves very slow. This makes increasing flexibility essential (by being in neutral), so you don't get boxed in. You can stop doing this when appropriate if you memorize the spawn locations (I cant remember if you can memorize all of them or just the ground targets). This will probably happen without really trying, but will happen way faster if you just pay attention a bit.

2. Use a turbo controller for the B button, but not the A button. Just always hold down the B button and focus your attention to timing the A button because accuracy is critical.

3. Practice your aim with bombs. With practice, you can *consistently* clear adjacent bases (even the 2x2 cluster) with a single bomb. The amount of time saved makes you more likely to be able to get back to neutral and be ready for the next spawns.

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>>5203091 cont'd

4. Here is my aiming flowchart with bombs: Approach "weak point" of target (for example, the point at the very center of a 2x2 square) as quickly as possible. First move diagonally up and towards the target until you are directly below, and then make minor adjustments left and right as you approach. This is both the fastest way to get to your target AND it also gives you the highest chance of hitting the weak point since you have time to make adjustments. Once you master this technique it feels amazing when you can consistently take out clusters with a single shot.

5. Get a good feeling for how much time it takes for your bombs to travel from you to your target. Get good at extrapolating the position of moving ground targets. Note how fast they're going, and kill them with a single bomb. Some of them turn; pay attention to the position on the background where they change direction to a cardinal direction. This will be the same location every time, so you can actually plant a bomb before they turn that hits them AFTER they turn. Hugely satisfying.

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just burned this game and i quite like but fuck it's hard! the bullets being so small actually makes it harder because you really have to pay attention to what's flying around.

thanks for the rec! gonna try and get through level 3 without dying tonight, got through level 2 after a couple hours yesterday

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Am I hallucinaing? Is this /vr/? Nice.

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>>5203091 cont'd

Another thing I wanted to gush about: this game shares the amazing mechanic (that goes back as least as far as Galaxian) where you can't fire another bomb if another one is onscreen. This may sound like a downside, but it is honestly one of my favorite mechanics, because it makes marksmanship emphasized in a way that just isn't possible in games where you dont have this "limitation". I love the feeling of surgically precise shots over mindless blasting, so I love the fact that Xevious rewards this gameplay style so much.

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dedicate your life to xevious

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better than dedicating it to FFVIII like that one guy here that gets hundreds of (You)s

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there's a revision with more colorful enemy bullets too!

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Thank you sir. I have a soft spot for Xevious but it gets pretty crazy with the bullshit if you don't die often and I get overwhelmed pretty easily. I imagine most of that also applies to Dragon Spirit as well.

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I'll admit that if I want to play Xevious, I'll play Xevious Arrange on the Xevious 3D ps1 disc. If only to listen to different music...

And Xevious 3D, but that game is super frustrating and the perspective makes it hard to judge your hitbox, which is common in early 3D shmups.

OT: pic related
If DariusBurst had the level variety of G-Darius, it might be a perfect game. Alas, so close.

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No problem


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Damn this board sure loves old school games like shmups, eh

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ddp daioujou, i just love everything from ost to scoring system

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I never thought of this as a shmup but, yeah I guess it is.
A friend and I got really damn good at this back in the day.

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I love Final but it gets lots of hate. i dunno why

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Giga Wing, Blazing Star and Alpha Mission 2.

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It, Section Z and the holy SideArms are the 3 best arcade games that Capcom made in the 80's.

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I have respectable clears/scores in a bunch of shmups. Ikaruga is simply in its own league, for people with actual taste.

Any person who doesn't have complete shittaste can see that this game is absolute top notch.

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Eh, my tastes may be shit but I really like these:
Darius Gaiden
Sexy Parodius
Super Darius 2
Galaga 88'

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My favourites:
- Thunderforce IV
- Gokujou Parodius
- UN Squadron (Snes)
- R-Type
- Ikaruga
- Space Invaders '95
- Fever SOS

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I forgot to ad Last Resort too.

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Your taste is excellent. Galaga '88 was the first arcade game sequel that impressed me. Sexy Parodius, R-Type, go on with your modest self.

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For me it's M.U.S.H.A


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mushihimesama is still too new, but it is one of my favorites
rayforce/gunlock is probably my favorite /vr/ shmup. not a fan of the sequels, but the first game is still fantastic.

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rayforce is awesome, but it's a pain to play honestly
games which require constant point-blanking are mostly quite frustrating to play

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>Smash TV
>Nex Machina
>Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions
>Gunbird 2
>Air Blade
>Radiant Silvergun
>Assault Android Cactus

I only really started playing SHMUPs seriously two years ago (though Smash TV was a staple of my childhood) and these are the ones I've really enjoyed so far.

I still need to dive in on Raiden/Gradius/R-Type/Darius but next up is gonna be Cave's catalogue I think.

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Stick to the -Fighters spinoff series.

Gaiden + Turbo button will take you to heaven


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Galaga '88 and Space Invaders '95 are the only oldschool wave-based shmups I know of that are genuinely fun today

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my vigro

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hard without being a slow-bullet hell. a lesson shmups forgot

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the only version i can beat (coz of the slowdown)

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I'm that guy and actually, that game is not really that hard. There are way harder games in this style, check out Same! Same! Same! 1P Ver.

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It started as an insult, but it stopped being such when people took it as a compliment instead.

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>I have respectable clears/scores in a bunch of shmups.
Can we see?

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this, and my favourite run&gun is either Metal Slug X or Gunstar Heroes.

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What's a good "beginners game" for this genre? And also, do you think it's more fun than Starfox?

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Hellfire and Gynoug for the Genesis got me into it.

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The best beginner arcade shmup 1CC is Batsugun Special Version (first loop) on MAME, as far as I'm concerned.
And yes, Starfox sucks, it's a sluggish experience, try better games like Space Harrier.
Thunder Force III was my first clear.

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Anyone else like this one?

Nice, blocky, distinct visuals, and blaring ear-raping synth music are kind of integral to the shooter experience for me.

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My vote would go to Arrow Flash for the Genesis/MD. Even at the hardest difficulty, it's easy as fuck, and you have a 'panic button' for the uber rookies. But even so, one can get a solid taste of what the genre can offer.

>> No.5213797

It's probably my favorite shmup and by extension game, the speed module is the greatest thing ever.

>> No.5215174

I tend to prefer faster based shmups that more Cave style bullet-hell. It feels less like I'm memorizing paths and more like I'm getting more skillful at reacting.

-Raiden Fighters
-Space Megaforce

>> No.5215193

Cave is actually more about reacting than old school shmups which are much more memo based, and I don't say memo as a bad thing in the slightest. They have RNG in the patterns while older games are much more static.

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Best Irem game ever.

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This for me as well. Dabbing on the neo-boomers too afraid to like things past 1990

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Cutoff for /vr/ is Dreamcast so I wasn't sure if Touhou was allowed OK.

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the way I see it the sticky was made in 2014 and it sets the cutoff at 1999 with the dreamcast. it's clearly a 15 year rule, so at this point we should consider ps2, gamecube and original xbox to be okay. also up to perfect cherry blossom is fine since that was august 2003

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This board is already shit enough as it is, no need to include more shit

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Does Strikers 1945 ii count? That's my jam. And 1942

>> No.5216565

Strikers 1945 II is one of the best games ever, for sure. Have you 2-ALL'd it? Totally worth it.

>> No.5216610

You can't really go wrong with Psikyo. Almost all their shmups are based.