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The great debate

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World because you can return to levels on a whim and it has the cape and blue Yoshi. Indb4 "too easy" its fun and thats what mario is all about

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I got world. Decked out in Blue Yoshi, wearing cape, with another cape in the chamber.

Name another game you can be as strapped.

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World, 3 is such a close second though. But I really like being able to return to older levels in world and find more secrets

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Both are not fun. Mario is boring as fuck.

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3 i find it has a lot more variety in level design/themes.

And world feels really short, my first playthrough was maybe 4 hours, definitely didn't play all levels but found the special world, no guides etc. World has tons of mechanics that aren't properly utilized. Cape is too Overpowered.

Yeah smb3 can be short as well due to flutes but I consider them more a replacement for savegames.

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SM3 is obviously better. SMW is a rushed, half-finished, broken game that's ass at times.

The fact that there is even a debate leads me to truly suspect I'm in a Truman Show and y'all conspiring to troll me.

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SMB3 is harder. There's no debate over that. But the stages are shorter due to the NES limitations. SMW is clearly easier, however it really explores all sorts of things with level design. If SMW was harder, i'd say its the perfect platformer, but its amazing as it is, even if the cape is overpowered and the spritework on some models is questionable, its the better game of the two.

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SMB3 because it reeeeaaally flashed me harder at the time

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I prefer SMB3

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World because its more fleshed out. It really is the PEAK mario game as far as mechanics, power ups, and level design. Save slots are nice too.

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I prefer 3 honestly. World is good, but I could never really get into it. I wish SMB3 had at least half as big a modding scene as SMW does.

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I often think SMB3 is the better game overall and have played through it more times but for some reason I have very strong nostalgia associations with Super Mario World. It's something about those first Super Nintendo games I played as an 11 year old kid.

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>wah wah, muh shitty opinions, u must be trollin'
"SMW is obviously better. SM3 is a rushed, half-finished, broken game that's ass at times.

The fact that there is even a debate leads me to truly suspect blahblahblahblah"

look at it. REALLY look at it. this is how stupid you look.

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Super Mario Bros. 3 is the better game.

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SMW is a better game, but SMB3 has more charm.

Also why are you ignoring SML2.

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3 has far more secrets, powerups, stage designs, and level length that doesn't outlive its welcome.

W has shitty music, samey stages, terrible music, and feels very padded out.

Its like comparing Pokemon Gen 5 and 6. All the creativity and effort went into Gen 5 (Mario 3) while Gen 6 was the very definition of a medicore next-gen sequel that got rushed out to show off new tech (Mario World).

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>shitty music, terrible music

did this really have to be restated

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Both the music and graphics in SM3 are bright and fun without being childish at all. I don't see how they have anything childish. The bright music in SMW is very, very childish/babyish and same with some of the sprites... the dark music like in the ghost houses/castles/world maps in SMW can be ok.

tl;dr: SMW is for babbies.

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then why are you in this thread REEEEEEE.

Also, 3 was superior. The cape broke SMW.

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I feel if they gave you more incentive to collect dragon coins in the SNES version people wouldn’t have spammed the caps so much. I sure didn’t in the GBA port when I was trying to 100% it.

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Behold /vr/, land of no discussion and opinions that you could apply to any two games without people noticing the difference. This could have been a thread comparing "Secret Quest" to "Escape from the Mindmaster" and nothing would be gained or lost from using the exact same comments if you swapped the names out.

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fuck off, we have this thread every couple of months. I got burnt out arguing the details of level design last time. I can't carry your weight in every thread, asshole.

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Its not just about this thread, its about almost every thread on this board. for a place thats supposed to be about discussing games very little discussion about video games actually happens here.

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Being mad doesn't make me wrong. Almost none of the comments in this thread say anything about either of the games we are supposed to be "debating"

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That's not true, I chose my words carefully to apply specifically to SMW compared to SM3.

The funny thing is that your comment could easily be applied to lots of posts on this board but you just were too dumb fuck incompetent to use it the right way. Enjoy your pretend view from your imaginary pedestal.

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Most people dont have the ability to elaborate. They're rats trained by their masters to earn cheese rewards

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The whole point of my post was that it could apply to many posts on this board. I'm not denying that you were comparing SMB3 with SMW, I'm saying that the idea that you said anything meaningful or made a coherent argument is laughable because of how vague and shallow most of the posts here are.

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Again: rats in a box hunting cheese rewards. That anon isn't speaking with you. He's getting a dopamine rush from copypastaing your post in a way he thinks gives him superiority.

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>gen 5

The series was just dialing it in following Gen 2.

Three at the most.

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No. I didn't intend to repeat myself there. My enormous dislike of SMWs music must've really gotten through.

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Sure it's meaningful, it's giving my opinion. People like to share opinions, they don't always have to be deep, intensive arguments. Experts talk in a few words about complicated things all the time, perhaps you just don't get it. I'm not saying that these are highly deep, meaningful discussions no, but they're not meaningless.
Check out Dr. Jung over here. Nice delusions of grandeur based on the idea that exchange of opinions without writing essays is inferior. I admire your imagination.

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The difference is your opinion had nothing to do with either game. Certainly you can frame any of the opinions I responded to within the context of a game, but they are equally meaningful if you framed those opinions within the context of any game. If I'm being generous I can say that maybe the comment about SMW having a modding scene isn't applicable to a huge number of games, but it's kind of a moot point when SMB3 and SMW both have robust modding scenes, and once again that comment fails to make a point about the mods or the games they are modding.

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He will write 100 words asserting his superiority in snide ways for a dopamine rush, but will never once think about the facts he presents in his posts because he cannot think. His masters didn't train him to think. He doesn't have the ability to reason like a man. He is a rat, or livestock at most. Destined to be milked for his trivial efforts and then die.

No one will even understand the point you're making when you try and correct him. No one but the people you didn't have to quote. The people of the living.

Come home white man.

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Of course it had something to do with the games. This is my comment: >>5198758

I would say that about no other two games. Miyamoto is on record admitting SMW is rushed, I think it's half-finished because it seems like it's heavily unbalanced which should have been restructured and padded a bit to make it harder or in some places easier. It's broken because of the cape. It's ass at times because some of it's bogus. I might say that last one about other games. There are no other two games I talk about like not being able to understand the other side, I usually respect other opinions in game rivalries.

What do you mean could meaningfully apply to any other two games? Like you could find some other games and try to fit those words to them? Obviously you could do that but they wouldn't be a real person's opinion. You could "meaningfully" say Fast and Furious 8 is the best deepest movie ever, that doesn't make it right.

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>fellow /pol/ anon detected

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SMW is better. They are so close, but looking back SMB3 was the more impactful and better game when it was released.

If one game was rated 100 the other would be a 99. They are so damn good and close it’s not even funny.

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>It's ass because it's bogus
Even when you try to elaborate a little you still stoop to pointless insults. Calling the game "half-finished" in and of itself says nothing, although I appreciate that you are trying a little harder now. Look at you, beginning to form an argument by referencing a specific mechanic in the game! Next time maybe you can regale us with a hot, original take about how Super Mario Bros 1-1 teaches you the game's mechanics through it's level design!

I do agree that the cape is overpowered because a decent number of stages have ample flat ground to gain speed, and few obstacles, which in turn allows you to clear those stages with the cape without encountering a single enemy or platforming challenge. I just wish you chose a less well-trodden point to bring up.

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Then go find somewhere else to shitpost if you don't like the culture here. If you can't deal with that you'd probably prefer something with user names.

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Nah, I have a lot of fun with this place, and we actually do have some decent threads from time to time. It's just fun taking the piss out of some of the more low-effort stuff people post from time to time, I don't mean it personally. We are out on an old games board, I'm sure we would have at least a decent time hanging out and playing old stuff together.

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Which system plays these

>> No.5200037

why do you waste your time here?

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>I'm sure we would have at least a decent time hanging out and playing old stuff together.
I’d be surprised if 30 minutes went by without someone wanting to beat the shit out of you.

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3 is the better game, world is baby mode but fun.

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If SMW was any good people wouldn't feel the need to mod it to be a better game. SMB3 is perfection. A Love letter to platforming.

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SMW has some of the best music in the franchise

>> No.5200204

SMW is modded because people want more of it, not less

>> No.5200215

theres 3 hacks too that are better than the base game

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Mario was about challenging platforming and concise level design. That went out the window completely with World.

>> No.5200250

i'd argue mario was one of the easier trilogies on NES that's why people still play it. extremely casual friendly from the first game onward

>> No.5200290

Works because it’s the first Mario game I actually owned.

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SMB3 is modded too.

>> No.5200425

>"Th-th-the cape ruins it!!!"
Then just don't use the cape.

>> No.5200427

Not as heavily, it's more a diversion. I think it's almost expected that to be a big SMW fan you have to play hacks.

>> No.5200463

SMW hacks are super constrained by how deeply entrenched Lunar Magic is in the community. That editor has crippling limitations that hacks/fangames for other Mario's simply don't have.

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I'm more a fan of SMB3. I suppose I never gave SMW a fair shake, but I just never liked its aesthetics: SNES sounds are terrible to my ears 99% of the time, and SMW's visual design is...bleh. Further, I kind of disliked the long, samey feel of SMW (which got exacerbated when I learned of its 96 exits, filled with secrets and other such things) -- compared to SMB3, it felt like Nintendo was just testing the waters to see how far they could go.

SMB3 just felt like a smooth, coherent experience. It also doesn't hurt that I enjoy its sounds and think it has the best physics of probably all 2D Mario games.

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The big thing Mario 3 did wrong was how criminally underused the Fire Bros. are. Should've chucked out a few Boom Booms and replaced them with some Hammer/Boomer/Fire bro teamups. Games still lightyears ahead of SMW despite these issues.

>> No.5200512

it isn't the player's job to balance the game

>> No.5200524

You're whining about a non issue. If you don't like using the cape, don't use it.

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You remember when /vr/ was comfy?

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>SMB3 is harder
Why? It's a pain that you can't freely move from world to world (is there a romhack that lets you do this?) but I beat 3 a year ago just picking it up and playing it for a couple hours

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mario world has better controls and camera but mario 3 has better variety, challenge and just overall feels like a much more polished and complete game

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>that pic
mkay here come the tears. muh childhood wonder for games is coming back

>> No.5200739

>at the gates of Bowser’s Castle
>3 Tanooki Suits
>3 Hammer Bros Suits
>3 Frog Suits
Let’s do this.

>> No.5200741

Ah yeah that frog suit will surely come in handy

>> No.5200778

>3 Frog Suits
Do what?

>> No.5200793

3 is harder because you can't revisit stages. In World you can farm lives like mad and power yourself out with the secret area. Now 3 shits out lives like nobodies business if you know where to look, but they aren't a renewable resource like in World.

You guys don't run Koopas castle with the Frog Suit?

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>it isn’t the players job to balance the game

>> No.5200809

makes more sense to be able to farm lives in world since when you load a save you lose all you had

>> No.5201046

That's just fixing something they broke. Lives should've been retained to begin with.

>> No.5201047

so saving and sram and what gets written was all new and super janky
for example the game saves your midway if you have one, even though the only way to save your game is to beat a certain level.
So you only benefit if you get a midway, stop trying that level, move on to a different level you can save at, and then beat it.

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3. The costumes were way more fun and the theatre gimmick was brilliant.

>> No.5201051

I don't think he said it made him interesting

>> No.5201190

tbf frog suit is kinda useful for that big room with the fast falling donuts everywhere. also makes the laser statues easier to dodge with the longer air time

>> No.5201207

Anger issues buddy! You might want to go cool off somewhere for a little bit, you don't want mom to find out you have been throwing your controllers again.

>> No.5201214

why would someone throw a controller when you got a perfectly good face to break desu

>> No.5201237

SMB3 is more nostalgiac for me, loved it as a kid. But besides that, the controls of SMW feel a bit more slippery than SMB3 to me.

>> No.5201240

Uh-oh, internet tough guy here. You should know that you have been reported to the cyber police.

>> No.5201241

Half of the costumes were either barely used or only had practical use in certain stages.

>> No.5201270

Report me too because I wanna strangle you with a controller cord

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World and it's not close. I liked mario three when it came out but mario world was like heroin. Used to play three a bunch in elementary school, but when world came out it was my lifr had changed and standards immediately got higher

>> No.5201365

Do you really like seeing (You) appear in this thread this much? Try a little harder with your shitposting.

>> No.5201387

Hello retard. You didn't just quote multiple anons, you quoted multiple anons who were clearly arguing with each other. I am one of the anons and you quoted the arguments I was having with someone.

How dim do you have to be to think "hurrr, I sure showed them" by that kind of post? It's beyond my imagination a person as dumb as you exists.

>> No.5201398

I'm the guy you have been arguing with, and you just swallowed the bait whole once again.

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>> No.5201420

except that just means one less powerup in the game. The Leaf isn't overpowered in SMB3, even if it's the best normal powerup, because the content is more challenging.

>> No.5201428

the rarity of the hammer suit and to a lesser extent, the tanooki and frog suit are what make them so enticing and cool to get. smw just feels like such an ankle-deep freebie-fest in comparison with its powerups

>> No.5201437

Look at this ass blasted dweeb lmao

>> No.5201514

SMB3 is not really challenging. Maybe when you're a kid, but as an adult I find its difficulty relatively the same as World. Even Dark Land can be cheesed once you save up enough p wings. The difficulty of this game is greatly exaggerated. This is coming from someone who just replayed it a week ago. I barely died, even on later worlds. You could argue SMB1 and SMB2 were somewhat challenging thanks to the lack of cheese, like feather and leaf. But the truly difficult Mario game, the one nobody can deny, is Lost Levels. That is the fucking Mario game with challenge.

>> No.5201594

I agree, SMB3 is pretty run-of-the-mill until world 8.

>> No.5201645

Not who you're responding to, but it's casual friendly because it has very precise mechanics which can be easily figured out and used well from the get go. It's very well developed in that regard, and the level design is also fleshed out well to compliment the well crafted mechanics. All of this is much more noticeable when they came out amongst a sea of other games poorly designed that don't understand subtlety in platforming; I see this poor workmanship a lot in people's first attempts at videogames as well.

I think the boot was the best power up in SMB3. Who here loved the boot? Too bad you couldn't take it with you.

I've never consciously thought about OPs question, but I think the people who claim SMB3 is the better game are objectively right. Looking back, SMW was really pretty, like a cartoon, the spritework really polished, and it feels definitive of a AAA title. SMB3 is more fleshed out definitely when I think about it, but SMW feel a lot better in the quality of life department, being able to go back and forth to levels, simplifying the power up structure [only being able to keep 3 if you include Yoshi at a time, as well as, making them prevalent most everywhere], and the levels and bosses do feel bigger perhaps more depth to them (this is probably predominately due to the nature of 8bit vs 16bit).

Both are enjoyable, but SMB3 explores more by comparison (I think they both break new and different ground), as well as being an objectively better game mechanically I think if SMB3 were redone from the development perspective of SMW that would be fun too--in that regard, I mean item utilization, level retracting (even back and forth between worlds) and added depth even character to bosses (uniqueness more so, instead of fighting the same guy in the same room in each fort); that sort of stuff might be pretty cool, but then it might be less distinguishable from world.

>> No.5202956

>Indb4 "too easy"
Hold on, do people say that? World is by far harder than 1 or 3.

>> No.5203063

that's the biggest "point" people cite for smb3 being better than world

>> No.5203123

>Mom, this game I've been playing for the past 30 years seems easy to me now.

>> No.5203146

at least he hasn't been saying the game is hard for 30 years...

>> No.5203176

we're talking about a relative comparison
is it harder than SMW or not?
Basically nobody ever gives a shit whether something is hard or easy by your personal fucking definition of hard.

>> No.5203189

Neither game is hard, they're both made for children. They both were beaten by millions of children.

>> No.5203264

nigga what? mario world only ever gets as hard as like the pyramid level in mario 3

>> No.5203269

Well what would you consider to be the hardest level in smb3?

>> No.5203275

It's too hard to just pick one, give me like 3.

>> No.5203279

3 is better by far.

>> No.5203287

in other words you have absolutely no idea how to participate in a discussion like this

>> No.5203291

I don't think difficulty is a valid way of grading two games that weren't meant to be difficult.

>> No.5203771

SMB3, the physics are better in my opinion.
Also the music and visuals in World, fucking hate them, kinda like Super Mario All-Stars. They fucked it up. The biggest problem with World for me is running. It just doesn't feel like running in the same way it does in SMB3.

>> No.5203820

I know there are hacks for saving in smb3, and im fairly sure you can save in the gba port anyway. But is there a hack that lets you return to previous levels?

>> No.5203825

Thats just shitty schooling, I noticed a lot of people will just make a point and never explain themselves or back anything up with opinions, something you should learn at school, but a lot of schooling is multiple choice these days.

>> No.5204015

>like rats in a cage
god stop, don't encourage him. No it's not and no he didn't make any point. You're really not some superior being looking down on us poor uneducated folk. Like you can imagine it all you want but it doesn't make it reality.

He got the shit kicked out of him for being so wrong and was then ignored, now leave it alone.

>> No.5204138

in all-stars you can cycle back through all the worlds you've beaten on the file select screen

>> No.5204525

Who's playing the same game for 30 years - some shitty speedrunner?

>> No.5204527

There you go with binary-thinking again. The games have challenges and consequences for failing the challenges. To say the games weren't "meant to be difficult" is to ignore the fundamental design of the fucking games.

>> No.5204924

No, its a fundamental problem with how murica works, they dont want you to think.

>> No.5204956

Who said anything about playing the same game? If you've played it a lot since you're a kid all the way to now (even with big stretches in between) you can't expect it to hold a challenge. It's like if you watched a tv show straight through 20 times and started complaining about it being predictable or boring - no shit. Besides, there are plenty of places you can mess up in SM3, unlike SMW where apart from a handful of occasions it's almost impossible to die. As far as I'm concerned SM3 has a perfect learning curve.

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