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Not sure if this belongs in /vr/ or /v/, but is this thing worth getting in 2018? I just want to play emulators on it.

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No. Get a N3DS or N2DS.

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This probably. PSP is pretty dogshit for SNES. It's decent for other early stuff though as well as PSX and there are a few good native games as well.

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can it at least play the dkc trilogy well?

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No. It can play them and you can complete them, but they perform and sound like shit.

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Emulators, no. Arcade comps and PSX games natively, yes.

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>I just want to play emulators on it.
what do you want to emulate?

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I still play mine pretty often. Of course there's better stuff out there now, but I'm not shelling out 300$ for a GDP® YTMND++ just because Starfox runs like shit on my PSP I bought for 20$. I can live without it. PS1 games run great, everything up to 16 bit era besides SNES runs excellent, and I'm happy with the SNES games that do run fine. I'm gonna buy 14 more PSPs just to spite everyone shilling GPD or whatever overpriced bullshit is "better" for retro games.

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> PSP is pretty dogshit for SNES
As someone who has tested about 200 games for it the good to bad game ratio it around 60/40. Older and launch Nintendo titles run almost perfect but you get into trouble with the newer and more graphically impressive releases. You can squeeze out some extra performance if you fiddle with the frameskip on some games.

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What about the Vita? The prospect of a portable emu system with a OLED screen sounds appealing but not if the hardware can’t even handle alot of SNES games.

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if you are a cheap bastard you can squeeze years of playtime out of it
hell even most SNES RPGs I threw at it ran fine, finished DQ3 on it not so long ago, shame for some stuff like Ogre Battle tho

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I never tried but would guess no.

>the good to bad game ratio it around 60/40

Yeah. I consider that pretty much dogshit.

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>What about the Vita?
not the same poster but I can tell you that there aren't as many emulators for VIta, neither as polished, than there are for the PSP, however since you can run custom PSP firmware on the Vita, you can run the emulators designed to run on the PSP on the Vita.

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The vita's emulators are no better than the PSP's. In fact for some consoles (GBA mostly) your best bet is to run PSP emulators in PSP mode.

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Is there an input lag discrepancy between the two though?

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I enjoy and get great use out of mine, but you need to find very specific forks of emulators to do so.

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vita has much stronger hardware
but if you just wanna play snes games do it on a 3ds

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what forks?

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Does it run them better at all? I was never happy with PSP emulation of most GBA games.

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No. Maybe if it was $30-40 for a psp go. For such a small amount more you can get android based shit that actually has working emulators. Ignoring some retards that couldn't get their android device working with emulators, android is second to only windows for emulators.

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GPSP in PSPemu runs faster than GPSP in Retroarch.

Mariokart runs at 60fps in GPSP PSP compared to 57fps with stuttering in GPSP Retroarch or 55fps stable in VBA Retroarch. I don't have an original PSP to compare with.

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I've been looking at the PSP, the Vita and just getting one of those expandable/telescopic controllers to basically turn my phone into a handheld for a couple months now. I decided on just getting the controller just this week. It hasn't arrived yet, but I'm excited for it.

From my looking around (note that I don't live in the US so I have some other considerations):

The PSP is decent, but it's surprisingly lacking in some departments. If you can get it for dirt cheap then sure, I guess. I decided against walking around with another device, charger, etc. and was a little worried at the screen and a bunch of other stuff. I'm also skeptical of relying on an old handheld.

What got me into this was this sudden new hype around the Vita. It started to look really fucking good but apparently there's performance issues that the Vita has with native games. Looking past that, when I decided to go ahead and started adding up the costs, they started to REALLY add up pretty quickly and it started to seem too expensive for what I wanted it to do. I thought the proprietary storage killing it was a meme but it looks to be very much true. I may still get one if the price goes down, at least for the Atelier games. If you can afford it and don't care about the performance issues that the hype train seemingly ignores then it looks like the best option.

I'm fucking broke though, so I just decided on this Bounabay telescopic controller I found on Amazon. Maybe it'll be shit, but it's cheap, the battery life is supposed to be really good and I always have my phone on me, which is also powerful enough to do what I want it to do. Again, I don't know what the controller is like yet, but I can post here with an overview once I get it if you'd like.

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Different video game systems

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a lot of those controllers are garbage, hope you didn't go for the cheapest one. I have a pretty good one but I still use my Vita because it's smaller than the controller anyway. only downside is my phone is much stronger than the Vita so I can't play N64 games and other newer consoles on the Vita.

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Dogshit is this "SNES is virtually unplayable on PSP" meme. It's far from perfect but it's not the trashfire people make it out to be.

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I got a vita and I've been playing a ton of GBA games via the PSP mode. It's great at it. Also has an impressive library of native games on top of emulating most /vr/ games

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I'm running gba games with the PSP mode on my vita and they are just about perfect.

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Theres an adaptor for the vita that goes in the cartridge slot that you can micro sds into. It'll run you like 10 bucks. If your Vita is hacked like it should be then storage is dirt cheap.

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Yep. Been getting into the psp library lately with ppsspp and it has a ton of great games. Been running them at 2x resolution on my phone, and some of them look great on the small screen too. Kingdom Hearts bbs could pass for a ps2 game. Same for Dissidia Duodecim and a few others I've tried so far. Some surprising hidden gems too, like The Red Star. Super fun and challenging beat em up/shoot em up hybrid but no one knows about it. Great library all around.

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Its main purpose is a portable PSX emulator. Anything else is a bonus.

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How is the Sega Saturn emulation on this?
I want to emulate Saturn, Sega CD, 32X, GG, MS and Genesis

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>Different video game systems
what systems, psp emualtes efficiently only a few, being the most modern the first playstation.

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thats funny bro
i have hi10 tablet for that

also does ps2 and with better battery life because lol intel 14nm

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can you run retro arch on a psp.

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Everything the PSP the Vita can do better. If you don't care about PS1 games pick up a New2/3DS.

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I haven't played in years but if it's still bad at snes I know the GBA and genesis emulators on it were good so the GBA version of donkey kong country would work if you were okay with that

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I'd link you but the amount of searching I put in originally isn't conducive to finding them from source again. If you're still interested I'll copy them out and file share later today.

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It cost me around $40. I really like the look of the telescopic controllers, so it's a real shame that the best you can get is one that's only not too terrible from some Chinese manufacturer.

Didn't know about that, thanks. Maybe I'll grab one in a couple of months.

You can, but as far as I know not all of the cores you'd expect are ported over.

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that would be great anon

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Ok so, GBA and SNES forks. GBA's is specifically tuned for the 2000/3000 line and I believe needs a BIOS copy pasted into the first folder. Haven't had any problems or slowdowns with it that can't be attributed to bad ROMs. The SNES emu runs pretty well and is all ready to go as is. Everything I've tried is playable, maybe not perfect but I'm not picky.


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And in terms of alternates, if you run a 1000 there's another GBA fork specific to that. These are the main ones I've searched and got use of, though I've also emus for GB/C, WS and Genesis, they aren't anything special that can't be found on Wololo or wherever.

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No. Get a N3DS or N2DS

I want to know about emu on these, how good are these emus for it?:

snes ?
psx ?
turbografx ?
gba ?

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snes works fine for (almost) every game, you can use the official virtual console or snes9x, look here https://wiki.gbatemp.net/wiki/Snes9x_for_3DS
gba is native, you can create an installable package from a .gba rom using a tool, feels good playing my years old yu-gi-oh wc2006 savedata on a nintendo console
I've heard ps1 is unplayable unless for rpg, don't know for turbografx
nes too is good

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Only if you're a poorfag. Get a Vita, it's an upgrade in every single way now.

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thanks anon

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Not OP, but I have the Vita 2000 as well. It's really good, though I really want to buy the 1000 models with the OLED display because it feels like I'm missing out. My friend has it and the joke about the "piss filter" is completely true when looking at them side by side.

Anyway, Vita is great. It would be my all time favorite if there was any way to output video signal (not for recording, since it is literally unplayable like that).

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Thanks anon. Ill do some more research for the tg-16. it seems to have the most random issues with emulators that arent 100% complete.

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You can remove (most of) the piss filter by enabling full rgb range in the registry editor. It's literally just the same problem as the PS3. Even then, I still prefer the Slim since most OLED models are over the hill now and at the point where they're more inaccurate than the LCD.

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>GBA emulation sucks
>SNES emulation sucks
>2x integer scale results in a postage stamp image

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>Use Retroarch instead of PSP emulator ports
>Use Retroarch instead of PSP emulator ports
>Vita screen resolution is exactly double the PSP. Just scale as you would on a PSP and double it you fucking moron.
Was it really that hard?

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>VBA Next runs worse than PSP GBA emulators
>Still sucks
>Doesn’t even understand I’m talking about integer scaling in RA
I have a N3DS, Vita Slim, OLED Vita and PSP. No one should get a Vita over a N3DS. The SNES VC and native GBA BC blows the Vita’s offerings out of the water.

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I'd rather not play any SNES or GBA games on my Vita than use the eyecancer N3DS screen.

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Enjoy your squinting and slowdown lmao.

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No problem, I'm glad to help.

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And I'm saying if your integer scaling makes your games look like a postage stamp, you're scaling them wrong. It shouldn't be any different than a PSP, since it's just double resolution.
Although your argument is moot if you're shilling a N3DS, a console which actually has a postage stamp sized screen.

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Even with integer scale limiting the game's vertical size to 480 or 512 pixels, it's still bigger than a N3DS screen.

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It’s not bigger than the XL. I’m from burgerland, and that’s the only model we got. At least until they released a few LE regular size N3DS models. So I typically don’t include the XL part.
>It shouldn’t be any different than a PSP
And that’s the problem.

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>He'd rather take a garbage quality 240p display over a god tier QHD one with integer scaling

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Still bigger than an actual GBA. The PSP did suffer from not having enough vertical resolution to do a 2x integer scale, but the Vita can do 3x without any issues.

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>Garbage quality
The IPS panels found on some N3DS XL are higher quality than the ones found on the Vita Slim.
>god tier
Not with that piss filter.
>muh OLED
Won’t last more than a few years at this point.

It can do a 3x scale when it comes to GBA games, but the software isn’t good enough for that to matter. IMO, anyway.
The Vita is the most cucked handheld of all time. Shitty library and its competition became the true successor to the PSP.

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The Vita's somewhat better for SNES games if you can find one <=3.65. It can run almost all non-Super FX games with >retroarch and the Snes9X 2005 core. Much nice dpad, too. Supposedly the New 3DS runs games even faster (single core CPU performance is the key with emulators) but I don't have one to test.

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The Vita in theory can be much better at emulation than the N3DS, it’s just that no one wants to optimize emulators for the thing. By the time it got blown wide open nobody cared anymore. It’s kind of a bummer. If RA performed better and had some pre-scale filters available, I’d probably use it over my XL.

But it don’t, so I won’t.
The Vita sux.

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How many goalposts are you going to move? Now I know why they call you "people" nintendrones.

>> No.5195438

Don't sweat it, my dude. You know how people act on this website.

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>By the time it got blown wide open nobody cared anymore.
But people did care. Literally everything is getting regular updates again as a result of Hencore. Even fucking mGBA got an update recently, despite everyone else moving onto retroarch cores.

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I don’t care for Nintendo or most of their IPs.
I’m not moving any because none of you Vita niggers have yet to score.

RA is getting updates on nearly every platform it’s on. How many of those are Vita-specific and not just bug/crash fixes and changes to the UI?

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I'm not talking about RA only though.

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What else is there? Barring mGBA, of course.

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Ive been playing mine since launch.
Dirt cheap nowadays, and supports alot of console emulation. SNES emulation was never an issue for me, but I dont really play that much of it. PS1 emulation is perfect for 95% of games, and roms are available in .eboot format for your convenience. Out of all the PS1 games Ive played, Ive found only 2 that didnt work: Monkey Hero and Devils Dice.

The actual PSP library itself is damn good too. The lack of L2 and R2 buttons can be a little bit annoying for some PS1 games, but you get used to the alternatives. (Recently 100%'d both Oddworld games which both use combinations of all the buttons, so its not a big deal).

My only complaint is a lack of platformers for the PSP's catalogue.
Other than that, really amazing device. Im well aware there are other devices on the market nowadays that are far more powerful, but a PSP will set you back about £20. A 32gb microsd card+adapter is about £8. Damn cheap.

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If you can get a PSP, you can get a Vita.
Get a Vita or a N3DS.

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RetroArch can take care of your worries.

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Pros and cons of a Vita and a N3DS:

Pros of both:
Pretty much both emulate everything you could ever want. Vita gets the most out of Retroarch and GBA running in PSP mode while 3DS has the virtual console and a couple of specific emulators.

Both are portable and easy to get secondhand.

Pros and of 3DS:
> SNES is near perfect. Even on an Old 3DS you can play most games at 60fps with Snes9X. On a New everything runs fine.
> NDS games are wonderful.
< Don't bother with PS, it's not playable. Possible but unplaybable.
< On New, the Top screen is a little wobbly (this is by design so the hinges don't break as easily as the NDS) so forget about playing 3DS on a bumpy bus or car if you value your stuff (or get a hard case to keep the screen in place)

>With Retroarch and PSP mode you can play almost everything Retro at full speed.
>Sone SNES games may get some hiccups but only graphic-intensive games requiring special chips like FX or SA1. So, very specific cases.
>Can run PS flawlessly because it was built for it. Besides, L2 and R2.
< NDS barely runs.
< While SNES is super playable and not as bad as people make it out to be, on 3DS is still better, but just SNES.

So basically, do you want better portable SNES or better portable PS?

>> No.5196419

Open the Homebrew browser and see for yourself

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the best solution is still to have both a n3ds and a vita

>> No.5196757

>So basically, do you want better portable SNES or better portable PS?
but at least vita can emulate a good part of snes library quite well while n3ds is dog shit with psx

>> No.5196806

N3ds has perfect GBA because it plays the games natively. Far better SNES, Genesis, Mame and NES emulation in addition to NDS games. The only thing it’s missing is psx games. But it does everything else far better

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Not retro. If we're bringing in the big guns, then Vita also has PSP, and remote playback for PS3, PS4, and PC. And it plays most GBA games without issue anyway. Literally the only "game" I've had issues with are those GBA Video carts, and even then it's only Pokémon and Dragonball GT that have issues.

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>“””””big””””” guns
Nah fag.

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No. Get a switch or vita.

>> No.5197045

There’s a ton of compatibility issues with many major games on PSP. The N3ds also has streaming support so that’s really a moot point. Not that you’d want to stream on either console anyways. It really comes down to do you want nds, 3ds and perfect GBA? Or OK gba support and excellent PSX. But it’s silly to say that the vita excels in anything else. The battery life is worse and it has worse Genesis, snes and nes emulation. And N3Ds can emulate many arcade titles and even most CPS3 games. Which is a far cry from what the vita can do

>> No.5197058

>tons of compatibility issues
Such as? If something’s not booting switch to Sony’s offficial driver and set the clockspeed to default.
>Worse Genesis emulation
It can run Genesis Plus GX full speed with every title you throw at it, unlike the N3DS. The battery life is leagues better too. I don’t know what you’re on about.
It can run the same NES cores the 3DS can, but with better performance. Unless you actually think the NES VC is better than Nestopia UE.
>And N3DS can emulate many arcade titles and even most CPS3 games
So can the Vita. What’s your point?

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Hard to miss something you've never had I suppose.
First I've ever heard of PSP compatibility issues on the Vita. And definitely the first time anyone has ever claimed the 3DS has a better battery life. And why wouldn't you want to stream? PS3 can be choppy, but both PS4 and Nvidia Gamesteam work perfectly. The rest of your post is equal nonsense, as pointed out by >>5197058

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Having to use frameskip ta all is dogshit

>> No.5199754

Vita clicky buttons and dpad are gross. Psp feels way more authentic, but the screen is worse so it's a tie I guess.

>> No.5199771

>He actually prefers mushy buttons
That’s a yikes from me

>> No.5199773

Who let the zoomer in?

>> No.5199797

Your mom let me in desu

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Is a specific firmware version needed to emulate on the vita?

>> No.5199861


Anything under 3.69 (the latest firmware, released 3 months ago) will work, but 3.67 and 3.68 require you to run h-encore every time you boot up your Vita. There's a 3.69 exploit, but the developer is waiting until Sony discontinues it.

I don't think either portable is worth it for emulation alone. They're 7 year old systems, they can't run every retro game and their battery life is poor. Just get a controller for your phone.

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there are some very cool games on there. I recommend patapon. the psp is also good for jacking of in the shower.

>> No.5199871

So is your phone kiddo

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I dont own a smartphone. i hate smartphones..

>> No.5199884

I'm sorry gramps.

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Vita is the way to go. Don't let some retards who have no idea what they're talking about tell you otherwise.

>> No.5200014

Is there a way to run Brave Fencer Musashi on a PSP?

>> No.5200018

Place the PSP under your PS1 while the game’s running.

>> No.5200021

I tried that, but I cant play with the screen blocked by the ps1
send help

>> No.5200028

I have a psp 3k, go, vita 1k, a n3ds and a 2ds. For the psps and vita i only ever play ps1 games on it, i use the go when i want to play on the tv. for everything else i just use the n3ds. all the official emulators aside from nes vc look and run good. not to mention native gba and ds support.

>> No.5200047

I want to play Final Fantasy 7, 8, and 9 on my PSP. However I am confused as to how to correctly swap discs.

Do I emulate each disc seperately (as seperate EBOOTs) and then just select each one when my save file is at the correct point? Or is there a way to compress the discs together into a single working EBOOT?

I have googled but haven't been able to find a straight answer. Please can someone knowledgeable help me.

>> No.5200051

Just download the already converted PSN EBOOTs of each individual game. Not disc. Game. There will be an option to switch discs in the emulator menu.

And yes, you can combine all the discs into a single EBOOT. The option is only available when using the “classic” mode in PSX2PSP. However it’s pointless to do so because, again, there’s already official EBOOTs of FF 7-9 available.

>> No.5200056

Thanks friend.

>> No.5200057

No problem anon. Happy gaming.

>> No.5200435

transparent case

>> No.5200851

>as well as PSX
I havent managed to get a ps1 game to work on my psp
works fine for gba, wish I never bought it though

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>Phone emulation

>> No.5200969

That's a blatant lie.

The latest Media Engine version of SNES9x runs DKC fine.
DKC is not a complex SNES game. It has no special chips.

PSP runs standard SNES titles without special chips FINE.
That said, it is HORRIBLY outdated, and a Vita is a much better choice.

>> No.5201161

>I havent managed to get a ps1 game to work on my psp

>> No.5201173

He probably doesn’t know you should set the compression level to 1 when converting games in PSX2PSP.

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File: 2.99 MB, 270x333, fail.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I havent managed to get a ps1 game to work on my psp
i bet you're trying to fit original psx cds into the psp

>> No.5201180

I remember trying pre-made psp conversions and they wouldn't work. I think someone just ran a batch script and didn't check them.

>> No.5201204

Some PS1 classic games are listed on the playstation store as only available for PSP but not the vita. But the vita is newer hardware, so if hacked can it play these PSP-PS1 ports?

>> No.5201279

yeah but connecting to the store with cfw is another step, better to just go full rogue and look for "alternative" downloads.

>> No.5202130

>One wrong-way driver? Hundreds!

>> No.5202343

you damn skippy I dont know
well now I do, so thanks
why not 9 though?
yeah that didnt work, I dont mind so much with the PSP, but how in the hell am I gonna fit these big CDs into the new PlayStation Classic ™ my mum has bought me for xmas??

>> No.5202496

This post by someone who has never actually used a Vita.

>> No.5202625

Dumbass, I have one and been using Retroarch for everything. Absolutely no problems at all unless you're one of those autists who swears can count 60fps with their eyes.

>> No.5203907

You’re better off using GBA emulators in Adrenaline, but everything else is fine. That poster suggesting ALL its emulators are barely better than the PSP’s is fucking mental.
Have they compared Nestopia to NesterJ, Genesis Plus GX to the PSP port PicoDrive, or Gambatte to MasterBoy? I don’t think they have, otherwise they would have never made such a stupid statement.

>> No.5203913

>You’re better off using GBA emulators in Adrenaline
That's exactly what I said.
>With Retroarch and PSP mode
Buuuuut it was my fault for not specifically saying the PSP mode was for GBA.

>> No.5203952

based and redpilled

>> No.5204040

Get a decent android phone that has a good controller attachment peripheral.

>> No.5204112

the PSP is really only good for PS1, i dont use it for anything else.

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