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So, I know the snes and n64 goemon games are great, but how about the nes/gb/ps1 games?
Also, feel free to talk anything about the goemon franchise.

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Never played the PSX Goemon, but I'm not a huge fan of the NES/GB ones.

I do like Mr. Goemon for arcade, though.

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GG2 is fantastic, GG1 is alright but better on the MSX.

Akogingu is good, Daikaiten and Shin are mediocre and Kuru Nara Koi is shit.

Dynamite is the only good retro handheld Goemon.

My favorite is either GG3 or MNSG.

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Anyone played the Ebisumaru spin-off?

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>Also, feel free to talk anything about the goemon franchise.
Sweet. So we can now talk about non retro goemon games because some faggot said it's ok

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