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Why did it fail? There has to be some behind the scenes drama. It's a super polished action game, one of the best for the SNES. And why a pornstar for a cute kid's game?

None of it adds up.


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I've seen this thread a million times before.There's not much to say about it.

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But why did it flop? What's the backstory on the game? So many questions.

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>It's a super polished action game
I wouldn't go that far. It's alright but to be honest the controls and level design could do with a lot more polish.
Coz it wasn't that good.

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What are you even talking about? Is there some conspiracy behind this game?
The Super Famicom is chock full of these cutesy, colorful action platformers.

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Definitely a hidden gem and the ost is great. Can't tell you anything else.

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what is this game and why should I play it?

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it's mega man zero, if zero were a cute anime girl

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Pack-in-Video released too few copies of the game, that's all. In fact they didn't have a real hit until Harvest Moon later.

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Yeah, it must have been super tiny amount, considering how much the game goes for now. I think Magical Pop'n should have gotten a PS/Saturn re-release. Proably not enough interest for an American release, but I'm sure the JP fans would have liked it.

I've been checking through American-Euro gaming mags frmo the era to find more info on the game, and nothing mentions it. Normally a lot of games, even JP only ones, get a preview or some news. But nothing. That implies that there wasn't that much promotion of it either.

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It's babbies first hidden gem but it's such a good and fun game regardless.

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It's cute but it's like a 7/10 at best. It was a Japan only release, relatively short, and didn't have much advertisement.

Honestly the game just kind of makes me sad. The woman who provided the voice for the main character had a miserable life that ended in a miserable way. I feel sad for her and always think of her when I see the game now.

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>relatively short,

Yet everyone jerks off about mega man games...

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Zero magazines covered it. I presume some JP mags did.

It's not that it's JP only. Western mags covered those games all the time, especially in prviews. Here is YS V for instance:

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mega man has far more replay value

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Only for speedrunners or something.

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>And why a pornstar for a cute kid's game?
Not until recently Japan has been really lax about including AV (Adult Video) actresses in things meant for children.
In the Tokusatsu: Henshin Hero tv genre you had AV actresses have regular roles on super hero shows like Super Sentai and Kamen Rider. Those were shows watched by kids but mom and dad weren't too far away. Handsome actors were for mom and sultry AV actresses or gravure stars were for dad. Having an AV actress doing voice over in a video game is not strange because that is a draw for men who are fans of her. Within the last few years the practice has wane because of the existence of the internet. Kids can now find out more on these women and down the rabbit hole they go.

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I don't see why it's a big deal as long as she does her job properly. Why is it doing porn in the west has to be a fucking carreer death sentence and somehow Japan is supposed to be the highly repressed country.

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>AIDS awareness activism
>died of pneumonia


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you implying she died of aids?

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Probably. She was sexually active during the right time frame. HIV incidence is low in Japan, but not unheard of. Pneumonia could also be code for suicide or drug-related death, but assuming it was just pneumonia, the likelihood of it being lethal to someone that young is low, unless your immune system is shot. I don’t know what kind of AIDS drugs are available in Japan; people here in the U.S. can live pretty normal lives now.

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Eh, some strains of pneumonia can be quite deadly if not treated in time. And we're talking about Japan, a country where some people die from the common cold.
But yeah, AIDS + pneumonia is quite the red flag.

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Japanese are prone to hyper-obsession.
The last thing you want is kids getting over to porn too soon. Becoming obsessed with some AV actress and neglecting life and what not.
It was different before because the Japanese adult industry made it next to impossible to buy X rated shit the old fashion way. The internet made it easier.
The west doesn't like the idea of porn stars crossing over for similar reasons.
You normalize porn stars in TV and movies then boys discover porn too soon and some think it glamorizes porn for girls thus they try to follow suit for fame.
You're condoning the biggest legalized prostitution ring in the world.
Most JAV actresses don't like what they do and don't try to pretend they do either. While western porn stars play it up as something good until they're no longer wanted then they end up on some talk show blasting it.

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B-B-B-But think of the children!

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>Sports Nippon had reported that Ai Iijima was suffering from hay fever, pyelitis (ascending urinary tract infection that has reached the pyelum (pelvis) of the kidney), cystitis, and acute backache. She had written in her blog that she had kidney problems and inflammation of the urinary tract and bladder.
If it were AIDS we'd never know.
Japanese women are susceptible to sicknesses like cancer, organ failure, and more.
While some women in other countries an bounce back Japanese women can be pretty frail especially when they're aged.
And in Japan if the family doesn't want to announce the cause of death they won't, if the person has PR or an agency they might cook up a common cause of death and release that, Wikipedia mention the police but they too can be bought off or asked by family to say something else.

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Anon you kind of have to.
A child lack critical thinking, self control, and can build bad habits that last a life time.
In one of the most safe places on earth to raise a child you think of the children so they don't grow up complete invalids.

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That is bullshit I found out about porn at age 11 and now I'm a successful adult shitposting 12 hours a day about a dead porn actress on a forum about cartoons.

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Hotdog! You're a winner, son!

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Name 3 Please
I stumbled upon this in a collectorfag thread and wanted to know why it was worth so much money. It was really fun and I played it on my SD2SNES. It took me two sittings to beat it. It doesn't have a lot of replay value though and it doesn't have a save feature but it is a really good game, especially compared to a lot of trash we got in North America that I still bought and played and beat.

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>It's a super polished action game
it's barely above average, nothing special.

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>But why did it flop?
Probably because, as he said, "there's not much to say about it." Combine that with it's not that good of a game and you have your answer.

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>Not a good game
>barely above average

I'd love to see what 2D action games you guys consider actually good.

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It's the 90s anon. If a game fails, it's due to bad advertising. It's as simple as that.

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Stuff that's not on Super Famicom perhaps?

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Honestly looking at gameplay of it, it reminds me of most platforming games on the GBA.
I will say it's a decade ahead of it's time due to how polished it is, but that's pretty much it.
Overall it probably just got lost in the messload of platforming games in the 90s.

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I guarantee they didn't print enough and didn't have an advertisement budget. And none of the American-Euro mags I've read mention it being at any of the big gaming shows in Japan.


And since most of those games weren't that good, Magical Pop'n has shined through. Way more memorable.

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Honestly it's not just advertisement, but it's primarily due to the period it came out in. Social norms in the western world were vastly different and it having a female protagonist would've easily disregarded this game as "for girls". Moe wasn't even a known term yet and anime in general wasn't a household name until around 1997.

On top of being shunned on how it looks, gameplay from games that came from Japan wasn't as huge of a factor back then unless said games were massively funded by Nintendo, Sega, Konami, etc. In fact, there's plenty of well made Sega Genesis games that were left in the dust due to lack of advertising.

Yeah it sucks when created games like this remain obscure, but sometimes that's just how it goes.

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It's a sidescrolling 2D cutesy/kiddy game released on a system with a wide plethora of games that also fit that description during a console generation where they more or less dominated the market, and was Japan only to boot.
Don't worry though, it's a great game and probably has a huge amount of youtubers who will call it a hidden gem thus increasing demand and making physical copies grow in price.

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Wait. Who is the porn star?

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>Wait. Who is the porn star?

your mom

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Bailey Jay

>> No.5178606

t. my mom

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>kirby 3
>do-re-mi fantasy

Threw an extra game in for you.

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>I stumbled upon this in a collectorfag thread and wanted to know why it was worth so much money.

Primarily it's rarity. Likely only a few tens of thousands of copies ever released.

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I put Magical Pop'n in my top 5 SNES side scrolling action games:

>Demon's Crest
>Magical Pop'n
> Kaizou Choujin Schbibinman Zero
>mega Man X

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What is this meme I always see? I played it several times and did not have fun.

>do-re-mi fantasy
This is a great game but not as good as Magical Pop'n in my opinion. Both were a lot of fun.

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The voice acting in magical pop'n is terrible. Not only is the acting really bad but the recording quality is terrible AND it's mixed poorly, it's ten times louder than the other audio. What a mess.

>> No.5180361


Of course the sound quality won't be great since it's a SNES. Makes me wonder why they didn't go for PCE-CD, or Saturn/PS. CD audio and voiced cut scenes could have helped a lot.

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The best games are the most well-known ones. Talent makes itself known.

There are no hidden gems that are above an 8/10.

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>The best games are the most well-known ones
pleb opinion, it's not entirely wrong but it implies lower sales = lower quality which is still wrong

>> No.5180483

On the snes you have stuff like Valken, Hagane, Contra 3, Ninja Warriors Again, Super GnG, Sunset Riders, Castlevania, Wild Guns, Actraiser, some shmups etc, those are great action games in my book.

>> No.5180495


Magical Pop'n is as good, or better than those games.

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Shut up pedo

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if you have a fetish for dead jav actress sure, otherwise cookie-cutter platformer

>> No.5180528

>cookie-cutter platformer

Up stab, downstab, slide, crawling, whole list of spells and sub-weapons. The moveset is a mix of the GBA-NDS Metroidvanais meets Zelda II. Controls are tight. Maze levels focusing on exploration. Graphics on point with highly detailed sprites and a huge array of smooth animations.

Cookie cutter? Please. It's one of the better SNES games period. Few games are this polished.

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>Why did it fail?
It didn't.

Not every game has to become a franchise.

>> No.5180548

yeah too bad most are irrelevant and plays like a cookie-cutter platformer in the end
>Maze levels focusing on exploration
this is cancer for an action game

>> No.5180572

Oh you're one of those simpletons too dumb to wrap their brain around mazes. Carry on.

>> No.5180583

no you fucking retard the point was that there are much better action games on the systems, mazes are completely irrelevant as they don't make a good action game

>> No.5180586

>this is cancer for an action game

Good thing it's an action-exploration game. A proto-metroidvania.

>> No.5180590

oh so it's part of an inferior genre, okay then

>> No.5180592


Exploration is fun.

>> No.5180593

But it's not some brain dead shmup that you play on memorization, it's a tansaku scotformer or 探索 プラットフォーム.

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Considering how hard OP is defending this average game, I think all the million threads we had before about this game were made by him as well. Like the FF8 aspergers guy.

>> No.5180597

The board scope is limited to products from before 1999 it's only natural that topics might repeat.

>> No.5180601


Nice one OP. You're brainded defense of this bland game is pathetic.

>> No.5180602

memorization is the most important skill in video games, if you hate it you may be the one braindead here
and your mediocre game is too basic in exploration and too half-assed in action to be any fun

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Memorization skills are completely trivialized by savestates. You fail it.

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save-states trivialize your brain, you might as well watch some let's play for that you zoomer shitter

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Hot take: Women who engage in sex work are perpetually marked as undesirable for employment or relationships, because in a western country literally the worst thing a woman can do is exercise agency over her own body and it's something she has to be perpetually punished for. We live in a society, etc.

>> No.5180670

yeh maybe five years ago, but femenist women now are the most fucked in the head retards with cognitive dissonance protruding from their roastie roast beef meat curtains.

>> No.5180680

Sex workers are shunned because most people don't want people with loose morals and looser pussies around. Pretending it's anything other than that is as stupid as pretending you're not a dude.

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Any game with an up/downstab is 10/10 for me.

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How was the game received in Japan? Anyone know of any reviews?

>> No.5181068

Rather, how hard you're attacking the game.

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Video games!

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>The best games are the most well-known ones. Talent makes itself known.

A game can not be released or have a big ad campaign but still be great. It could be business troubles or problems things like that.Or the game came out late for the system and they didn't think it worth it to localize it. That's the case with Magical Pop'n.

>There are no hidden gems that are above an 8/10.

I can think of a few:

>Magical Pop'n
>The Adventures of Little Ralph
>Harmful Park

>> No.5181465

That's easy: You're thinking too deep.

>> No.5181757

imagine SEETHING this much that pop'n is miles superior to your shitty basic games that you need to intentionally act like an autistic sperglord just to try and shit on it and get shutdown every time in the process

>> No.5182543


where's taht from?

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Does she wield a sword or a wand? Never got that.

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Anyone know what this says?

>> No.5183045

On this note, if you want Mega Man but Mega Man and Zero are cute anime girls, play Rosenkreuzstilette

>> No.5183046

Meanwhile there are two kinds of professional illustrators in Japan. Those that did porn and FUCKING LIARS.

>> No.5183053

There is a reason why so many smut artists in Japan use pseudonyms.
Voice actors too.

>> No.5183373

Look at the credits for an old Japanese game, everyone used aliases.

>> No.5183527

That was enforced by their respective companies to prevent scalping talent and employees going rouge staking their claim in making a game.
It's not the same as doing voice work on a yaoi anime and not wanting that to be discovered when you make it to main stream voice acting.

>> No.5184046

It was because videogames were seen as childish and not really for an adult audience.

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>Magical Pop'n
>Pop'n Magic
>Pop'n Tanks

Why so many pop'n games in Japan, and why did they all die off?

>> No.5186051


I think "poppun" just means bursting with fun and energy.

>> No.5186071

Why not MegaMari? I honestly prefered it to Rozen.

>> No.5186159

>Why not MegaMari?

I don't like fan games.

>> No.5186226

Me love u long time

>> No.5186586

And you like Rozen with OCDonutsteel level shit story and character designs? I know the game itself is pretty good but hell if Megamari at least is more bearable despite being Touhou.

>> No.5186685


What's with the zoom in the gif?

>> No.5186772

Magical Fap'n

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The worst is the blatantly traced sprites.


>> No.5187812

Not an excuse, children can develop warped sexuality through pornography.

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>but the game is good why isn't it popular
What retarded logic is this, there's fucking tons of great games that never became popular, even in the Super Famicom case alone you just need to look at Umihara Kawase. Being good doesn't necessarily equate with being popular with the general crowd, everyone should know this by now

>> No.5188019

"Traps are gay."

>> No.5188025

There're also other factors such as marketing, pricing and trends most of all, etc.

>> No.5188836

>探索 プラットフォーム.

ha, you're trying to be clever? They actually call it a Pop'nvania over there!

>> No.5190628


yeah, it's mostly because it was released so late in the sfc's lifescycle.

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What about the Pop'n Music games?
Aren't they set in the same universe as Magical Pop'n?
Do they ever reference each other or have any shared lore?

>> No.5191795

Magical Pop'n?

More like Magical POOP'n! What a shitload of fuck.

>> No.5192158


Pop'n Music is a side-series in the Pop'nvania series. It focuses on music, while most of them are platformers. There's also Pop'n Magic, a PCE-CD puzzle game.

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