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Since remasters, re-imaginings, remakes and remastered collections are really popular these days, what game or series would you like to see this done for next? I would like to see a remaster collection for the PS1 and PS2 Tenchu games. I don't want to see a full blown reimagined remake of the games but some more minimal changes that enhance gameplay would be welcome.

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>ruining good games with nuversion remakes
no thanks

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I would like to play those games with better tech. Nothing too fancy, better framerate, animation, collision detection and camera controls would be nice.
I remember at the time of release t1 already felt like it aged poorly. I'm exagerating. But i remember having problems mostly with clunky controls, camera and the likes.

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>ruining good games with nuversion remakes
Does the original cease to exist?

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Please don't respond to the brain-damaged, Anon.

This is the reason I love Perfect Dark 360 so much.

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No, but remakes are heavily shat upon here by collectors due to fear of them making their copies less valuable.

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Spyro is literally the only one I 100% wanted, and I’ve wanted that for 10 some-odd years now. I guess I wouldn’t mind a newer Dark Forces or Megaman Legends to stimulate Capcom into making a conclusion. Beyond those two games I can’t really think of any retro that would hold up in todays market. Perhaps Ape Escape maybe?

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>that would hold up in todays market

That is the thing though, they could also do a re-imagined remake of the game similar to REmake and FFVII. It could be a remaster, a collection remastered, a remake or a re-imagining of an old game.

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> Remaster
I really with they stopped using this term, it's a dishonest way of disguising what's essentially a light remake as something more marketable.

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>at the time of release t1 already felt like it aged poorly

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Visual improvements (better draw distance, less tearing, clipping, texture warp etc) + slightly faster movement speed and you're set.

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I don't think these visual improvements would work on the first two Tenchu games. Like Silent Hill, they were kind of developed to work with that draw distance, or at least it feels like that for me.
If I had to choose between a remaster and a remake, I'd probably go with the remake. Acquire is still around and they know how to make good games, specially Ninja ones. The problem is that Fromsoftware own the rights, so we're fucked.

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I don't know why, but I adore the controls in Tenchu 1. I think it's because the game was designed around your limited movement so it feels right to move around in that world and when you are in fights. Maybe I'm retarded and prefer simple controls but I do enjoy it, and if a remake did happen which fixed those 'issues' then I don't think I wouldn't enjoy it as much honestly.

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Nah, I like it too; it's a game about spaced and deliberate movements, and tank works very well for that. Boss battles were always a problem with constant camera swinging and slow turning speed though

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Would you want more or less shit in the world?

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Tenchu 3 was basically a remake of 1.
I would like to see anything new Tenchu related, but somehow 1-2 really need that low-res atmosphere.

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Which Tenchu game is that?

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Tenchu 2 I think.

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I just want an HD re-release of Policenauts with rescanned artwork (the PS1/Saturn/3DO version graphics are hand-drawn) and anime FMVs remastered in 4K from the original 35mm film negatives.
I don't get why video game companies don't remaster FMVs if they're sourced from film, since they can be remastered even up to 4K.

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That would be lovely.

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Here are some examples of games with FMVs done on film that could've been digitally restored and remastered for the re-released versions.
The FMVs in Mega Man X4 could've been remastered in 4K and they could've cropped out the letterboxing in the Mega Man X Legacy Collection but no, they didn't, and they just upscaled the PS1 cutscenes and not actually digitally restore them.
Same goes for Mega Man 8.

Just look at how great the remastered HD versions of Dragon's Lair 1 and 2 and Space Ace.

But I would start forgiving some of Konami's wrongdoings if they at least did a remaster of Policenauts with rescanned artwork and digitally restored and remastered cutscenes.

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in no order :
Parasite Eve
Duke Nukem (literally just hd sprites and textures, not 3D models, no other changes)
Doom (same)
C&C (coming)
Dune series

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Because they tend to not retain the source files. Remember that storage was quite expensive in the 90s, and uncompressed resources, especially movies, were of staggering size.

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where can I read more about this?
also konami had lost things in an earthquake iirc right?

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But this is analogue film we're talking about, not digital files.

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Someone saved my webm
Here's that same area but on the US version.

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Nah, I'm actually you posting from the future, sorry.

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I made that one too.
And this one too. Try to not look at the butt.

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remakes are a creative cancer

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