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Games that are impossible to beat without save states.

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Imagine being so shit at games that you have to beat Castlevania with save states

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I can get to the end of 4 without save states.. It's too much for me once I get to Frankenstien's monster and what comes after.

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It's actually pretty manageable with the Holly Water, even if you don't cheese out the Death Battle

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If you "game over" you just start again at the beginning of the level. I'm not expert at this game or games in general but I've beaten this game at least twice now

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I beat it and I'm a submissive trap who sucks at games. It has infinite continues dude, and the patterns are pretty fair.

You just need to die more to get better.

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The GBA version, at that. Look at the filename.

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if this game was impossible it wouldn't be a damn classic now would it

suck it up pussy op

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ok guys i'll replay it and man up..
Fuck anything past the mummies desu

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I thought the same thing until I attempted a Castlevania Gauntlet for the entirety of October. Here's some protips: The holy water turns most bosses into your bitch, and stop grabbing new sub weapons so you can find the II and III blocks that let you spam throw your sub weapon. If I can beat this game on original hardware, you can do it without save states.

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it's a bait thread. These always are

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Save states are the reason you can't finish games.

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OP here, I made it to level 6... Those last two rooms before Dracula are my worst nightmare.
So far I have just cheesed every boss with the Holy Water.. At least without save states, right?

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Get this filthy pin up out of my sight.

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Found a watch, made those two rooms easier. It's actually not that hard when you cheese everything with Holy Water. I made it to Dracula without save states!!

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I legit completed this game before save states and Nintendo Power on my country.

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You were all right.
I am terribly ashamed of myself.
I was able to do it without save states, but I cheesed everything, it would have taken me a millennia without the Holy Water.

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Don't lie you filthy nigger.

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I'm not lying you rude faggot. I sat for two and a half hours since I made this post >>5162353
I was already warmed up from playing it with save states.

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Jet Set Willy is a classic and the game is literally impossible unless you dick around with some officially-provided codes.

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Holy Water
But other than that the game is mostly doable by just knowing when to jump and when to attack. It's a pretty rhythmic game. Frank and Death are hard because of Igor/scythes. Frankie and Igor are somewhat manageable with just the whip, only because Igor freezes when you hit him for a couple seconds. If you're good with the i-frame timing, you can lock him while you mash frankie away.
Death's scythes are a different story, they're random and you really can't help if two of them spawned just over you. Your best bet is getting there in full health (doable but hard), and then wish for luck with the scythes. I never tried a whip-only run, but the first time I beat Death, I used triple cross, I refused to use Holy Water thinking it was like cheating. But now if I want to blast through the game I just lock Death with holy water and go to the next level.
Levels 1 to 3 are really easy once you know them.

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Battletoads for the NES.

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It's so much harder on *most* emulator setups die to input lag. I can clear all the castlevania's without continuing on rear hardwear and a crt but on a emulator and a slow lcd? Struggle the entire time.

With that said I got a raphnet adapter for my snes pad and a super fast 4k TV and I think I've gotten to the point where I can't detect the lag.

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are you serious? hahahaha

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Retroarch has latency reduction better than ShmupsMAME (core must support savestates).

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Forgot to comment pic. Finally cleared Castlevania 3. Final attempt was no damage whole final stage + Dracula. Pretty fucking fun game.

Also, fuck Stage 9.

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The Japanese version is more forgiving.

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Dude on YT can do it in like 11 minutes

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what were they thinking with the bonus stages?

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>classic game
>gba file name

gr8 b8 m8

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>Jet Set Willy is a classic

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Imagine being so secluded from human contact you think this thread isn't bait.

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>I can get to the end of the easiest game without save states
Aren't you special.

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He still probably used a lot of continues. Not counting Death on CV1 without holy water, most of the later part of IV is harder than 1.

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>most of the later part of IV is harder than 1.
IV isn't the easiest game in the world like most meme it to be but 1 is harder.

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Hey dude this is the OP, I started Castlevania 3, I'm stuck here. What do I do?

I meant stage 4 of Castlevania 1, I mentioned Frankenstien because he's the boss of that level.

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Nevermind, didn't realize you can stand on the top of the spiked platforms.

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>IV isn't the easiest game in the world like most meme it to be but 1 is harder.
1 is only harder if you decide not to use holy water like a mong.

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still harder than IV m8

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Congrats, anon. I'm glad you were able to overcome it. And don't worry about "cheese," if you played within the boundaries of the game without save states or cheats then it's all fair game in my opinion.

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How the fuck do people manage the hallway before death, even with holy water I can only manage up to 50% of that holy fucking fuck i hate medusa heads aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I can clear everything beforehand with 0 hits taken then I lose all my lives in that corridor piece of shit

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you can cheese through CVIII with sypha's lightning ball spell as well. even the drac's final form.

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when you try a run through CVIII make sure you get Sypha and hold on to the lightning ball spell, it's that game's equivalent to holy water

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The dungeon stage of CV4 is harder than anything in CV1.

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>it's that game's equivalent to holy water
ACTUALLY you want him to get the ice. It's much more common and he can freeze things and kill them in 1 hit.

He is going to want the lightning for shocking death, though.

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Even though the game fucks up and says to "take him with you," it is really female and she hooks up with Trevor.

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When I said he, I was talking about Anon.

Still could be a gril either way, so I'll concede my mistake.

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I disagree. I've had an easier time replicating good runs through the hardest of IV's levels where I usually feel tested by CV1. Even IV's hard mode is easier than 1.

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I miss bootsy

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Imagine being so elitist for games that a 25% of a century years old that you call people who aren't basement swellers faggots

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I beat this game for the very first time tonight. Did it without save states just so I could see for myself if OP was a huge faggot or not.
Wouldn't you know it, OP is a huge faggot.
Funnily enough I tried beating this game with save states when I was in high school and that just made things harder. I'd save before every boss fight so I tried to brute force every boss. Of course, I didn't realize that holy water was absolutely based. I never made it past Death back then.
Great game though, glad I finally beat it.

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