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Only 6 days until /our guy/ Pinokiwo releases his long-awaited single, "Sega's games are the best in the world"!
You're supporting him, right /vr/?

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Holy shit what a disgusting weirdo. I don't want my Sega associated with this trash

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Sega is not yours, though. Thankfully.

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I don’t support international commerce, so no, I am not.

Also, he has quite a lot of head behind his face. It’s rather egg-shaped.

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Trans faggotry has invaded Japan too? Time for another nuke.

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>American zoomers think anyone wearing make up in an artistic way is "trans"
Absolute state of 56% zoomers.

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>Time for another nuke.
Gotta ask Daddy Israel first, amerilard-kun.

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What's wrong with having an egg-shaped head?

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Why are you guys so obsessed with image?
This is a song (about based Sega), you're not buying a night with the guy.
Also why are you so triggered that this isn't western? Do you even know where you are?

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t. mutilated penis freak

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Yes you are.

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I'm making fun of americans because they're Israel's guardian dog. I'm not from Israel, lol.
Also, don't americans also get their dick cut when they're born?

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Segafags belong in the trash

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t. angry Sonycuck that doesn't get any artist making songs about Sony's games being the best in the world


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>someone attacks Sega
>respond by attacking Sony
Are you retarded? They aren't even rivals

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>They aren't even rivals

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Sony is often accused of killing the Dreamcast.

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Come on quit joking. Sega's last good system was the Genesis

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Naomi was their best era.

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Makes sense, all I ever played on DC was CVS2 and MVC2 and once I had those on PS2 with a better controller the system was done
I don't know what Naomi is.

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I was just joking actually, but japanese Sega fans are more against Sony, Square and Bandai, as Pinokiwo in his song says.
The Nintendo vs Sega rivalry is more of a western thing.

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Interesting. Why against Square? They weren't really a competitor, they just made RPGs for the PSX. Did Sega want them to make games for their system?

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Actually I'm not sure. I suppose it's because Square rarely (if ever) made games for Sega's systems.
I know that the hate for Bandai comes from the merge that was going to happen in the late 90s, and then Bandai backed off, making Sega lose a lot of credibility for investors, and then having to settle for a merge with Sammy (a pachinko company)

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Dude has a girl's haircut
And is dressed like a girl on the poster he's holding

The evidence is stacking up.

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I believe the concept is that he's an android or something like that. Actually, "pinokiwo" is japanese katakana for pinocchio, so yeah.
I get that things in America are pretty bad anon, but don't project.

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Imagine if all the PSX Squaresoft games appeared on the Saturn. That would've made me jump ship immediately

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Look, no heterosexual male would have that haircut. Frankly, very few homosexual ones would either.

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You care too much about haircuts and apparel to be hetero IMO.
The important thing is that he is releasing a single about Sega, not his looks.

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You clearly know nothing about the Japanese view of sexuality

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>You clearly know nothing about the Japanese view of sexuality

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Good thing you've come to terms with your homosexuality, anon-kun.

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I know they're the most sexually repressed nation on Earth, and thus they instead release that in the form of a booming hentai industry, fetishizing minors and rape, and apparently dressing up like trannybots.

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Meanwhile America is so inscure they lose their shit at the sight of a man in drag.

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This guy is not even a trap or in drag, he looks like a mime.
Fucking americans and their insecurities/projections.

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Nah, times have change. Now if one person dares to not celebrate that man in drag, then they we lose our shit about that person being a homophobic bigot.

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Maybe people are calling you a degenerate bigot because you are one.

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He sounds like a decent guy. Why should anyone care what mental patients think?

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I don't know what happened in this thread, but I hope whoever derailed it is a miserable sack of shit and offs themselves in the near future. I wanted to find out more about whatever this is.

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You should simply expect this when the OP's picture has a crossdresser on it.

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(copypasted from another thread in the archive)
I present to you: ピノキヲ (Pinokiwo).
A Sega otaku from tokyo who somehow managed to record his own songs and distribute them and even perform at some venues (although most of the times he peformed at parks or the street).
Well, "Pinokiwo" was actually the name of the unit, the guy you see singing and dancing is called Uyuni, and according to him he's just a support, non-official memeber of Pinokiwo, the only official memebers are his Dreamcast (which he uses to produce the music) and his ex-girlfriend, who isn't on the band. But basically it's just him, Uyuni.
He praises Sega (although he also seems to like the Famicom, and he uses a power glove as part of his costume), and most of his songs are about Sega, but one of them really stands out, it's called セガのゲームは世界1ぃぃぃ (something like "SEGA's games are the world's beeeeest!", which is actually a slogan taken from a Dreamcast ad campaign in Japan). This song is like a sort of march where he praises all the consoles Sega ever did, and claims Square, Ban Dai and PlayStation are gaming's death.
The martial-like chorus really stuck on my head, "SEGA SEGA SEEEGAAA! SEGA NO GEMU WA SEKAI ICHI!"

The guy is mental, and I love it.

Here's a full concert of him, this stuff is really fucking rare, most of his songs were distributed only at live concerts and in a very inconvenient format (mini-disc), so it's good someone uploaded this full VHS to youtube, I think it has most of his songs, and luckily it has Sega no game wa sekai ichiii, it starts at around 33:15


also LOL at the anon who thought pic related looks like a "girl"

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You mean Pinokiwo? He's just playing a character you dumbnumb.

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but.. that DOES look like a girl.

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It's crazy how people in this thread would probably accuse ancient kabuki of being trannies.

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>that fucking adam's apple
Anon, I...

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Pretty sure it's just one closet homo who is obsessed about this guy being a tranny.
He probably got a boner from OP's pic and is trying to repress his homosexuality by projecting onto others.
Pinokiwo is just a wacky guy who wears mime-like makeup.

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Some women have one too, m8.

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No, whoever >>5138308 was referencing.

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It's okay anon, if you like the guy, just accept it.
Stop trying to convince others that he looks like a girl. If you like him, you like him.

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Maybe I like him BECAUSE he looks like a girl. Did you ever think of that?

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>he thinks Pinokiwo looks like a girl
You'd go nuts over Mana, I guess.

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It's more like Israel is just a glorified military base for America to retain control over the Middle East from.

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Nah. Whatever that... thing is, it's gross. Take it back.

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>he doesn't know Mana

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Yeah? I don't remember Israel soldiers fighting for USA, but I remember USA soldiers dying for Israel.

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>i-i-it's not like I'm attracted or something BAKA

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It's either us or Russia. I think you'd rather have us.

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NOW who's projecting?

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My little anon can't be this tsundere!

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I think you're attracted to ME at this point.
And if you've been imagining me having a hunkalicious bulge, then you've been quite correct in that assumption. Soak it in :3

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>I'm not a dere tsun-tsun-tsundere
>it's not like I like you or anything

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That just looks like Sugita.

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Anon are you okay?
Are you having a stroke?

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Hey 4chan remember your yonger years? 'Cause I 'member and I won't let you forget.

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Well look, I work nights and I need to get to bed now. How 'bout we call this one a draw? It's been a quality internet slapfight and I salute you, my worthy opponent.

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I really want to like sega but I hate their name
It is one of the most cancerous things with modern gaming, games as a service
And they were always more westernized than nintendo and by that I mean americanized which is another blight to games

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>Genesis>Dreamcast>Saturn>>>Master System
Sega was undoubtedly at their creative best with Dreamcast/Naomi era.

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>Dreamcast = Mega Drive > Master System > Saturn

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Genesis > Mega Drive

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Like Nintendo hasn't been cancer for decades

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This. Ameritards are so insecure about sexuality they see everything as sexual.

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>games as a service
I thought they started out supplying equipment for US bases in occupied Japan during the 50s?

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Well it started as an american company it funders were americans

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Well during our /vr/ era they were mostly cancerous to game developers so that means nothing to me
I do hate the censorship and localization of their games, but sega and NEC did the same
I always bought used games or rented them so I dont know if they were too expensive compared to the competition
I dont know what other anti consumer you can say about them

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he dresses up like a little girl tho.. 2 nukes weren't enough

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holy shit what a tryhard commercial for a shitty game

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just say dreamcast lil dick nigga
that's extremely gay and cringe. i like sega too (but not as much as i like N64)

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they're all degenerates right?
hold on i thought japan was down with prostitution and casual sex?

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Sigh, Naomi is not a Dreamcast you doughnut.

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jesus fuck kill it with fire

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In Japan you can freely have extramarital affairs and the wife is so subservient she doesn't even mind. Dog bless that country after America.

>> No.5140074

Also you can freely rape women on the subway and they won't even report you because they're too ashamed of increasing the national crime rates. Dog bless Japan second only to America.

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You fucking weebs are pathetic Japan is not your promised anime wonderland. Your kind of autistic behavior would be looked down upon IN Japan.

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Why does he have a lady haircut?

>> No.5140091

It's already looked down upon here, so why should I care?

>> No.5140092

You should because you think Japan is a weeb paradise and moving there is going to fix your social problems. Actually the Japanese don't give a fuck about anime.

>> No.5140096

I know it isn't, what I mean is that I don't give a crap what they think about me liking their stuff (anime, manga, games, movies, etc...).

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>thread is about a song about Sega
>incels instead focus on the physical appareance of the musician
>not only that, but they think mime make up has something to do with transexuals
Zoomers... were a mistake.
Although to be fair it's not their fault entirely I guess, they just grew up in a shitty enviroment.

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You're on 4chan, a cesspool of insecure kissless virgins and homosexuals in denial, what did you expect?

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Here's the thing, Nintendo has total badasses like pic related representing it. How can Sega compete?

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Long hair? pink shirt? OMG a tranny!
(I'm trying to reenact how zoomers behave, did I do it right?)
I doubt it's just 4chan, it's the modern humanity in general.

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All the badass NES kids moved to Genesis. SNES didn't have a cool kid image at all - it was the Mario World Final Fantasy system.

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