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Garbage year

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>shitting on wario land 2 and grim fandango

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dont forget cancer that ruined and casualized gaming like half life and mgs

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Exoddus is better than Oddysee

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I don't give a shit about either of those but if you say that grim fandango is trash i'm gonna kick your ass

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Wow that's bad taste lol

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inferior to monkey island, so yeah garbage
Starcraft ruined rts

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What about Thief?

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I played Final Fantasy Tactics that entire year.

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inferior to ultima underworld and system shock.
Better than pop garbage like mgs, hl and oot.

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How the fuck do you compare drastically different genres like that.

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How the fuck do you compare drastically different genres like that. Ultima is not better than Half Life you fuck, they were made for different demographics and you're just not part of the target audience. MGS and OoT is trash though I'll give you that.

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having high standards does that.
thief is more cerebral than those games but not as much as previous lgs games.

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There are series I like in there. But no, no specific games I still play in the list.

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if you acept that mgs and oot are garbage(and ruined gaming) then hl is garbage too.

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>>muh linear level design
>>muh cinematic games
fuck mgs and hl.

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>Tekken 3, MvC, MSX, and Xenogears are garbage
Yeah, eat shit you vapid twat. Go back to /v/.

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also see>>5131265

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Why are you comparing apples to hamburguers you fuck

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>b-but my Half-Life
Who gives a shit about those games. I didn't mention them in my post.

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normies loved and praised those games instead of thief(the worst lgs game but deep enough to be good).

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There will NEVER be a better video gaming year than 1998. It's an indisputable fact.

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muh pop garbage games.

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Don't argue with him, he can't even speak english

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1999 was worse.

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Oh, so you're a baby back butthurt bitch because they didn't praise your overrated stealth shit meme game. Thief fans are an insufferable bunch.

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you are too stupid to understand complex games like thief.

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OoT and MGS may be slightly overrated, but that doesn't make them trash you stupid fuck.

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Or, just maybe, the game is overrated drek that hipsters such as yourself fawn over because you prefer being contrarian. Get the fuck out of here and go back to /v/, hell I doubt you've ever played Thief.

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what about the cancer that ruined fps games half life?

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Yeah that's trash.

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no, it casualized fps valve drone.

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T. Hipster contrarian autist making blind assumptions
I bet your entire taste consists of only /v/core games like Planescape and Melee. Done giving you any more yous.

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ITT: npc cant defend their popular trash

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>le funni NPC maymay

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Thanks for outing yourself as /v/ermin trash

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prove me why hl and mgs didnt ruin gaming.
one positive contribution.

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sarcasm, or bait?

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desu I'm guessing sarcasm. There are very few people who don't love at least one game on this list. I don't understand why WCW/nWo Revenge, Roll Away, OoT, or the Game Boy Camera are on this list though. Maybe they sold a lot of units and I never heard.

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ITT: faggot is salty because Thief isn't popular

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Some good games in there, but definitely a huge drop off from 97

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>everyone agrees its the best
>my hot take is to say its the worst

Your /v/ is showing.

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>everyone agrees its the best
>this is what ocarinafags actually believe

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I don't really care about Oot. But being a contrarian doesn't make you smarter. There's a shit ton of good games there.

>muh x ruined y
Suck a thousand nigger dicks.

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