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just getting this one out of the way

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This game sucked though. T3 was way better.

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Jump kick your way to victory.

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Underrated af game

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You all have shit taste.

Except this guy, this guy is cool.

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Also every single fighting game Capcom made for Marvel during the 90's.

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send in the car

send in the caaar

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kek my friend and I used to quote that to each other. I love you.

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Well, it’s better than the shitty Acclaim games.

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That reminded me of this

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Blocks your path

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>super nintendo version
so this is what having no discernible taste looks like

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>Turtles in Time
>jump kick your way to victory
Only if you're absolutely retarded, dash attacks are the optimal way to play
I'm not saying it's a great game but come on now

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Having 6 people to play this was pure kino. Too bad the 6 player machine was super rare

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Truth, I've only ever played the 4 player model.

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Im already at full health!

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I never see this game get any love

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I’d say the snes and genesis games are both good in their own ways

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It was bloody hard but really good. Had tons of fun trying to beat it with my brother.

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Most Star Wars games of that era were great, but man this and it’s sequel take the cake for me.

Is there a better licensed game franchise out there than Star Wars?

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This was epic for me as a kid in the early 90s, yes its short, but its difficult and the no saves and 1 life dynamic of the game made it a great challenge

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this is what got me really into FPS, yes its doom with a jump button, but the whole aesthetic, i was a starwars fanboy anyway lol

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way better than the T2 sidescroller

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Just about anything from Capcom or Konami.
Personally, Area 88/U.N. Squadron

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Ghostbusters MD

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I'd probably say that if I saw your face.

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The games are still shit, though.

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Lucasarts in general had a good idea what they were doing with their video games, the snes Star Wars games and their licenced point and clicks were good

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They're not but your face sure is.

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Ooooh >>5128861 was talkin bout your face, talk about his mama

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Eh, the Sega CD one was better.

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you can say whatever you want about my mama but you'll always be uggo af lol

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The X-men arcade was crazy yep

Personally I can’t confirm this but I remember the mission impossible game for N64 being pretty entetaining

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Played through it last year. It's rigid and very linear with one correct way to do things for most missions and none of it is really dependent on skill, but I still had a great time with it. Just a good spy game with fun and unique missions. Kind of ahead of its time in how it plays, honestly. It's not far off at all from how many modern games are structured.

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I hated the level with the toxic gas, where you had to run around collecting masks or medicine or something to survive (time limit). It's the reason I didn't beat the game on the hardest setting (on easier settings either you only needed one mask or it just lasted a lot longer iirc).

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This game had no right in being as good as it was.

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Batman on Genesis

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All the Batman games on the 8/16 bit consoles are good. The NES ones in particular are fucking fantastic with great graphics and music.
TMNT is kind of a mixed bag but monstly good as well

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Nah, Batman Forever sucks balls and the only good part of Returns on Sega are the driving stages in the CD version.

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The general rule is, if it was developed by Japanese devs, it's probably good. If it was developed by western devs, it was probably bad.

There are some exceptions to this (Batman and Robin on Genesis for example) but not many.

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Super Star Wars

Had a blast playing it, still enjoy it though.

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The Jawa Sand Crawler level always frustrates me too much to play beyond it.

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Daffy Duck in Hollywood and Bugs & Lola was good
as was all the Speedy Gonsalez games

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Better than X-Men Arcade

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are you fucking serious? when somebody asks what is the worst game you've ever played that pile of shit is probably the first game I think about most of the time.

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Toy Story 2, Small Soldiers, Episode 1 Racer.

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you must be thinking of a console port, probably the SNES version.

The arcade version is actually a great game, but the SNES port is broken, unbalanced garbage.

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Not him but that's still the easy part of the game. I don't get why they have the reputation of being so hard.

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Mega Drive one

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Boring tech demo that played like shit

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mad cuz bad unironically

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> unironically
worse than tech demo. it was trash.

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Once you figure out that you can look up or down using the L/R buttons, and where the instant death drops are it's simple as fuck.

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okay fair enough
didnt know there was a difference but i'll take your word for it

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and NFL Blitz 2000. I'll never stop bringing that up

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Alien Trilogy's first episode is amazing, second episode is fun but too easy, third episode is full of lazy levels with obscure secrets you need to find to progress. I would recommend somebody who's never played it before to just play through the first episode and only bother with the rest of the game if they're still having a blast, but it really does get worse as it goes on.

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Why was this game actually good

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Pretty cool in it's day. Decent enough game.

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This is game is ridiculously overrated

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Only one I've ever come across happened to be this one. It was at an amusment park in upstate NY. Myself and my two brothers sunk ALL of our quarters to win. Three other kids happened to join us and we had a blast! I specifically remember picking Storm. Good times. It was there for one summer and than vanished.

Reminds me of playing Gauntlet Legends with random kids.

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I tend to agree. There's nothing really wrong with it aside from it being a pretty generic beat em up under the nice graphics.

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Aged like milk.

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Y'all fuckers have shit taste. I might as well contribute.

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Are you even trying?

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awful game

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McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure

One of the best platformers on the Sega Genesis staring Roland fucking McDonald. The game was made by Treasure, who also did Dynamite Headdy, Gunstar Heroes and Alien Soldier. It's a better game than Ristar, and I like Ristar.

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Man this game makes me want to buy some shitty McDonald's food

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Also Mick and Mack Global Gladiators is an alright b-tier Genesis platform shooter. It is made by Virgin and plays like an Earthworm Jim prototype. Weird 90's shit, pretty good Tommy Talarico soundtrack though.

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I liked mckids

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You know. McKids is a pretty good Super Mario Bros. 3 clone. Oddly, there were quite a few good McDonalds games back then...


And speaking of Virgin, I also liked Robocop vs Terminator on the Genesis. It is a decent platformer/ run and gun.


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amazing game, love that capcom blue big blue cabinet. Sideart is so sick.

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Don't forget about

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Thank Christ, I thought I was the only one who felt this game was meh. I never understood the fascination with it, I always thought it was meh even when it came out. TMNT Arcade and TMNT3 were much better games.

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Top tier scrolling beat em up. Perhaps thr best ever!

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Does Micro Machines count? It was based on a toy line.

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i prefered the megadrive version