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They did it. They actually fucking did it. Fuck Konami


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>PSP port

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Just kill yourself you braindead retard.

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>no HAUH, HAH, BLORUGH yells
unacceptable. As corny and terrible as some of the dialogue could be in the original, the voices are still better, Alucard's original deep voice is spectacular.
Except for the new Maria, she's way better in the new dub.

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What is the problem?

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They used the better localisation and dub? Nice. Hope they bothered to touch up the item descriptions too.

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Nah, it's just the PSP port. The port was also made by Sony, so they can't mess with the game content.

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The PSP translation would have been fine if Sasuke didn't voice Alucard. Such an unfitting voice actor choice.

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Yeah nigger i know that, that doesn't change what i said you fucking retard.

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Fuck off and don't go replying to posts pretending to be me.


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It would have been a nice touch to keep the original dub for posterity - at the very least as an option.

Many older anime films released on Bluray/DVD do this. I know I ain't buying a copy of Akira that doesn't have the voice of Leisure Suit Larry doing Tetsuo.

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>It would have been a nice touch to keep the original dub for posterity
I would have been happy if they only kept the original Richter/Dracula conversation. Like how Square kept the "I,Garland, will knock you all down!" and "You Spoony Bard!" in the FF1 and 4 remakes.

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What the fuck are you on about zoomer?

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Hopefully, Sony can at least fix the out-of-sync audio. That one's presumably on them and not Konami.

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those sound effects are awful

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Blame the PSP for changing them.

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>Blame the PSP for changing them.
>the PSP
>for changing them
Based paranoid poster, skynet isn't real.

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Who's paranoid? This is literally the PSP version, so every change it had carried over, for better or worse.

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Yes, but the PSP didn't change anything. The development team wasn't composed of a team of underpaid and overworked PSPs trying to make the best they could of a bad situation.

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How do you know? If the US Military has a room of PS4s to make tactical decisions for them, the rewrite could have totally been made by a room of PSPs.

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1. Maria's new voice is much better.
2. Death's new voice is great.
3. Certain remastered designs look great.
4. They kept the music the same, thank goodness.
1. New sound effects just don't feel right.
2. Alucard's new voice is good, but doesn't have that deep voice Belgrade had.
3. Dracula and Richter sound kinda boring.

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would you pay for a version of Zero Wing with a fixed translation?

what if Nintendo changed the dialogue in the The Legend of Zelda to "Here take this sword." in every eshop release?

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Meme inaccurate translation was replaced with different meme inaccurate translation.
PSP/PS4 version is easily the best one feature-wise. OP is a massive raging autist.

>Zero Wing
Actually I would. The Japanese version has 35 secret endings that are the programmers going progressively crazy, that were completely cut from the Euro version. And they're hilarious. Not "lolol look at this shitty translation" hilarious.
They could do these games with an omake mode for the translated versions with both the old and proper translation.

>The Legend of Zelda
You mean the game Nintendo changed its translation in 2003 to reduce some of its shittyness?

I thought no one would be so retarded to actively oppose retranslations of objectively shitty translations. I guess you are the target audience for Breath of Fire II's GBA/VC versions.

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>The Legend of Zelda
>You mean the game Nintendo changed its translation in 2003 to reduce some of its shittyness?
Only to change it back in 2008?

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Aaand it's the same as the PSP version, literally nothing new to offer aside from trophies and some changed sfx

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Everyone knows the military has crews of Xbones doing covert ops over seas because of Microsoft lobbyists in Washington.

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The most you are gonna get with these kind of ports are an art gallery and sound test menu. PSP game is easily piratable and emulatable anyway.

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Literally no reason to buy this when a better version exists

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Entitlement. Seriously, just play the game. Who the fuck cares about shitty voice overs in a fucking Castlevania game of all games. Be happy they even released this pack, you fucking morons.

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Caring about the original dub is literally rèddit.

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>Actually I would. The Japanese version has 35 secret endings that are the programmers going progressively crazy, that were completely cut from the Euro version. And they're hilarious. Not "lolol look at this shitty translation" hilarious.
>They could do these games with an omake mode for the translated versions with both the old and proper translation.

Heh, implying ANY localization company would want to do that, NOPE, at best you just get an even memeaer shitty localization.

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This. They've re-released it a million times anyway, it would've cost them nothing to at least offer it as an option. It's not autism, it's nostalgia, it's what the majority of people who've played the game expect and nostalgia sells.

I'm so fucking tired of lazy PSP ports to 8th generation consoles though. Maybe I'm not the target audience for this because I know what the hell an emulator is but I don't see how it's acceptable in any way.

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lmao, might as well just play in Japanese at this point

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I don’t ever want to listen to Japanese. English is objectively better than Japanese. There’s more words, more nuance for anything that isn’t saying please or thank you. Plus it doesn’t sound like machine bug people talk.

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Agreed 100%

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>machine bug people talk
jeez that put horrible images in my head,..,.

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If it's the PSP version of SOTN; it's better:
>extra familiars that were taken out of the western version of SOTN originally
>japanese audio and english subs (who the fuck cares about dubs and memes at this point)
>playable Maria
>a new ending theme composed by Michiru Yamane, instead of the r&b "I am the wind" from the original, or the Lament of innocence reused track from the Xbox Live SOTN
But you memers will keep complaining because the "what is a man" meme dub isn't there, you'd actually prefer the game to have less content but have that shitty dub. Just watch it on youtube and call it a day.

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Shouldn't this be in v not vr?

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1. They're ported from the PSP release, so they're more or less the official definitive editions of the game.
2. Art gallery
3. All the perks from being a PS4 release
4. Memeing fags get BTFO
5. This is more funny than good, aside for the PRESS OPTIONS BUTTON prompts, the button tileset is straight from PSP with the white-colored face buttons. They gave even less than a fuck.
1. SOTN's music is buggy and doesn't loop properly like it did in the PSP release.
2. SOTN's translation is still a hot mess. And I assume the Yuro translations didn't change from the laughable state they were 11 years ago.
3. What twisted reason is the Interlace option even supposed to serve?
4. They didn't port the Rondo remake, which could have very well justified the $20 price tag.
5. Could have been called Dracula X Requiem.

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>gayfaggot voices
>good hunter

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>caring about dubs when there's original audio and subtitles

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>lame-ass nipshit dialog

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They're not subbing the actual Japanese dialogue though.

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As opposed to angloshit dialog, right?
Maybe so, but at the end of the day, how much dialogue is there in SOTN in total? 5 minutes?
Why are you focusing on a non-gameplay thing so much?

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Someone should do a fan dub of SOTN with actual romanian language. Doesn't make sense to have dracula speak japanese or english.

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>awful sound effects
>shitty version of Maria
>no I am the wind
PSX > Saturn >>>> PSP

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>complains about sound effects
>but puts up with the Saturn's slowdowns
>likes shitty r&b that has nothing to do with Castlevania instead of a new Yamane music piece

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Why would you place the PSXtreme version on top? It's the most barebones one.

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>Why are you focusing on a non-gameplay thing so much?

Part of why I love SOTN is the tone set by the dialogue, even the narrated one at the beginning. It helps me dive in the world, exactly like with ROB. It just so happens that each English translation is needlessly shallow on key parts like relationships between the characters and some other details. Like, if you weren't getting the Japanese dialogue, you would never guess that the reason Death was able to steal Alucard's stuff wasn't because Death had superior magic powers or some shit (otherwise he would have used them later), but because Alucard was completely chill in that moment, he didn't even process the thought of Death doing something against him because they were all but relatives and Death still addressed Alucard with the utmost respect.
Maria speaks like a feminine fedora tipper in English, while she's a much more contemplative and down-to-earth character in the Japanese dialogue.

Besides, the translation does get somewhat in the way of gameplay elements: see the inventory. It's not that I'm focusing on it for my sake or whatever. I already own the PSP release and that's what I play. If they actually went and did something more I might have considered buying it on PS4.

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The video filter options are laughably bad (look up the Interlaced filter), but SOTN plays well on PS4. Trophies are the only addition, but I'm glad they didn't make further changes to the game. Also, the PSP Alucard Armor glitch still works, which I've never done before now. Having a blast wrecking the early game.

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>angloshit dialog

The campy English dialog is leagues above the boring nip garbage.

>> No.5126195

>(look up the Interlaced filter)

This must make it in the top 3 useless, dumbest options ever devised for a video game. Like someone sat in and thought "CRTs were supposed to interlace and shit, right?" without any prior reasoning. I guess you could kinda dub it 3DO mode.

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>Only to change it back in 2008?
And 3DS, then go back to reuse the updated script in every single version released after that?

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Yeah, no, that meme is old.

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I never found it funny to be honest.
I'd rather have actual good actors like Norio Wakamoto instead of some literally who anglo amateurs.

>> No.5126224

>Norio Wakamoto


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Google exists.

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So what do you defenders of the "campy" (aka Shit) anglocuck dub do when the first 3 minutes of the game is over? You keep playing the most incomplete version of the game even if you already got your dose of WHAT IS A MAN meme already?

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>some forgettable generic nip voice

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Good job anon jr, you learned to use Google and Youtube!
Now go, go play your meme version. WHAT IS A MAN! haha, so funny right? So funny.

>> No.5126239

I don't think Dracula's original English VA was an amateur, but he was definitely misguided in channeling the inherent majesty of his character like Wakamoto did. The new script definitely had a hand in it.

>> No.5126243

It's a much bigger deal to have original audio than the meme translation but they obviously should have included the meme translation as an option. But we are talking about spoony Konami here.

>> No.5126245

The meme translation is on Youtube if you absolutely need to have your dose.
Personally, I'm sick of the meme after all these years, based nu-Konami for ignoring it. It would have been sad if they used that old meme to capitalize on it.

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These don't count, they're all imperfect Cell deliveries. He usually sounds much more soothing than this, which is what people like the most.

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I'm honestly thinking of porting the translation and voice acting from the INFERIOR original burger version to the PSP version. Most of the voice acting they recorded the first time isn't even heard in-game because how sloppy the localization coding was.

Though the fan retranslation is far more deserving of this.

Yeah that's a soft-lock right here. Game waits for an animation that never happens because I overwrote the tag calling it. Sue me.

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kojima had the right idea of leaving that shithole of a company's

>> No.5126258

Sooo is it the Japanese rondo? Or the gimped one ee got in America?

>> No.5126260

Kojima was one of the reasons Konami became shit.

>> No.5126265

Kojima was the "genius" who had the idea of hiring some spanish developers to make Castlevania GoW clone instead of making more in-house stuff in Japan.

>> No.5126267


Didn't played it yet but i am suspicious. Skipped and different sounding effects are usually a symptom of buggy emulation. In other words this may be a straight emulated PSP version and not a port at all.

>> No.5126268

Just the fact that it's called Rondo means it's the Japanese PC Engine release. The SNES version was called Dracula XX in Japan, not Rondo of anything.

>> No.5126270

The jp one with dual audio and soft subs in english.
They never released gimped dracula x on anything not nintendo (snes, wii u, 3ds)

>> No.5126274

I think he was asking if it's the original Japanese without the censored werewolf and the original german narrator.
Everybody knows Dracula X SNES is not a "rondo version" at this point in time.

>> No.5126276

Oh, I see. Then no, it's obviously the international release.

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I agree with you that it's not a big deal if you're actually going to play the game, but Konami's primary motivation here is to sell the game. The bad translation memes sell, even though Wakamoto's death scream in the opening scene is better than all of them. Also all the journos won't shut up about the disappearing memes so getting any hard info about the quality of the port was difficult ahead of release. There's also the nostalgia factor for some people.

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>somehow I'm seething because I'm tired of an old meme that was never really that funny
go play your incomplete ps-x version, nobody gives a shit.

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>hates fun

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>Also all the journos won't shut up about the disappearing memes
This alone should be a reason to support this version then, fuck journos and fuck memes.
Anyway, if this PS4 version has audio issues, just stick to the PSP version. I hear PPSPP emulator works fine.

>> No.5126289

>Most of the voice acting they recorded the first time isn't even heard in-game because how sloppy the localization coding was.

More information?

>> No.5126291

I envy your ability to have fun with so little, anon.

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Like your GF

>> No.5126294

I already picked it up, mostly for Rondo myself. I picked up JP SotN earlier this year before the announcement. So far I have to say I have no real complaints aside from the title screen looking like shit and the stupid interlace mode, which is kind of hilarious in itself.

>> No.5126301

Ignore him, every istance of unused dialogue, unless it was actually unused in the JP release as well, is at fault of censorship/Igarashi thinking they were lamest thing even for an untrained Japanese ear.

>> No.5126304

Seriously though, if you enjoy the meme dub, that's fine. Just don't force others into accepting an incomplete version of the game just because of a meme you can see on Youtube anytime.

>> No.5126312

Don't let your hate for jornos, awful memes, and awful localizations overshadow your hate for konami.
If you want an easier way to get rondo x collection legitimately, go ahead and buy it. I would still recommend pirating the psp version.

Instances of cut audio include the familiars, the priest's ghost and every single voice acted death cry. Some scenes that were voiced in Japanese are silent in English, but the audio files for everything is on the disc. It's a textbook case of localization team incompetence.

You should probably rather ignore >>5126301 who's a bad localization apologist.
The was zero censorship for SoTN, if anything the localization ADDED religion bashing, copyrighted monster names and didn't touch the werewolf sprite. There were rather cuts and sloppy programming to meet sony's no jp voice acting rules (the fairy), or because IGA found the american voice acting so offensively horrible at times he told them to change some of it (like first scene with Death and Alucard going "NoooOOOoooOO!!!", you can weep and morn the localization team's creative vision so cruelly oppressed by the evil chink game director)

>> No.5126320

Not him and not trying to legitimize any regional changes, but I actually prefer the priest being silent. It's one of those cases where less is more.

>> No.5126325

>You should probably rather ignore >>5126301 who's a bad localization apologist.

Did you pass your reading comprehension tests?

>> No.5126331

Did you run out of arguments?

>> No.5126332

>Instances of cut audio include the familiars, the priest's ghost and every single voice acted death cry. Some scenes that were voiced in Japanese are silent in English, but the audio files for everything is on the disc. It's a textbook case of localization team incompetence.

The only one I know of was a potential bad ending that was cut from both versions.

>> No.5126347

You haven't answered my question, which any of your arguments rely on.

>> No.5126350

The major plot-related bosses would diss you if you lost to them. English versions of these lines were recorded but not used.

>> No.5126352

>The major plot-related bosses would diss you if you lost to them. English versions of these lines were recorded but not used.

Neat. I remember hearing Japanese when I died to a few bosses in the JP version, but didn't know what they were saying.

>> No.5126361

Seriously though, if you enjoy the lame original dialog, that's fine. Just don't force others into accepting a butchering of a classic localization of the game just because of a bunch of generic nip voices you can hear on Youtube anytime.

>> No.5126368

...and on the definitive PS4 release :^)

>> No.5126459

Until they fix the audio sync (which is likely never), it won't be.

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>worse than the original

>> No.5126478

It's not about the licalization though, the PSP SOTN includes the missing familiars from the original japanese PS release.
Enjoy your incomplete version though, at least it has the funny meme western journalists like so much, right?

>> No.5126480

What the fuck does this have to do with Castlevania

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>missing familiars
>literally one recolor and one out of place looking cartoonish meme nose demon reskin, both useless

>complains about memes

>> No.5126486 [DELETED] 

The comedian devil tells lame jokes and the singing fairy sings an albeit VERY cool vocal song, but other than that they are identical to the already available devil and fairy that were in the PSX version. I don't think their inclusion is a big deal.

>> No.5126495 [DELETED] 

The Goblin saves a bit of time in the mines by hitting the button on the first pass. Without it, you had to go all the way to the bottom of the mines, get the Imp, then climb all the way back up.

>> No.5126498

I looked into it and apparently in the US version they replaced the N. Devil pickup with an early Holy Sword item that is too overpowered and breaks the game difficulty at that point. In the Japanese you were supposed to grind for a Holy Sword drop in the upside down castle.

>> No.5126513

So you're fine with having content removed from the game?
If I need the "what is a man" meme, I can always look it up on Youtube, any time. I don't though, because I'm not a meme kid nor a journo.
the familiars were useless, like most things in SOTN, but it's still content you can use in the game. You're fine with having it removed, right?

>> No.5126530

I think the fairy song is beautiful, but the biggest problem gameplay change was they replaced the N Devil with a broken early Holy Sword pick up.

>> No.5126531

>>japanese audio and english subs (who the fuck cares about dubs and memes at this point)

Huh, you mean Dubtitles? well its Sony after all.

>> No.5126532

They did it years ago.
It does ruin the atmosphere of the game but eh it's fine.

>> No.5126535

>I think the fairy song is beautiful
It really is. I was surprised they even included an english version, which surprisingly is pretty damn good too, I might like it better than the japanese even.

>> No.5126543

I have made this arguement many times before, but it's not just that translation is bad it's that it has character. Each line is a joy to hear. Not to mention it fits the b horror movie stylings of Castlevania.
In the redub it's just bland and lifeless. Memorably bad is better than completely unnotable.

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File: 20 KB, 300x500, 177336-839053_491c1c359fe3b_large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Keep screeching that, it doesn't change the fact that it's useless kickstarter reward tier garbage "content" and even worse LITERALLY a LOLCAT tier meme inserted into the game. Good riddance.

>> No.5126558

Even ignoring the dub preference the sound effects are off. Usually it wouldn't bother me so much but the sound design in SotN made even the simplest action be extremely satisfying.

>> No.5126581
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The thing is, it wasn't a "kickstarter reward", it was just something else that was in the very original release of the game, and that they took out of the western release.
Also I don't know why you want to twist things around and make it seem as if the familiars are "memes" and not the What is a man dub, which is the actual meme here.
Picture it like this: If they had taken out the voice acting completely from the PSP version, I'd also be calling them out for removing content. But they didn't, they included a new dub (as shitty as it may be) and the original japanese voice acting. So we get even more content.
Yes, content. Does it bother you?

>> No.5126583

What sounds are different? I played both versions but didn't notice it.

>> No.5126584

Why is there still that "Final Stage: Bloodlines" error in the beginning?

>> No.5126587

Damn near all of them.

>> No.5126601

Watching videos for both PSP and PS1 SOTN now to see if I can hear the differences but I'm not sure.
Any particular sound I should be paying more attention to?

>> No.5126624

>Why is there still that "Final Stage: Bloodlines" error in the beginning?

The Final stage of Rondo is called "Bloodlines". If anything, it might just be Japanese ignorance at the localization of the MD game, which was called Bloodlines. it causes confusion. It was called Vampire Killer over there.

>> No.5126663

PSP port or not, it's still fucking stupid that using Mist Form still requires pressing both shoulder buttons.

>> No.5126737
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mfw I can just emulate both games and the Saturn version on retro arch because I familiared myself with how to set things up correctly it's easy really but really immerse myself I gotta buy the REAL DEAL to gain experience of playing it on the real crt instead of the usual scan line shader but it won't certainly be cheap of course.

>> No.5127041

I recall hearing not too long ago that the final stage of Rondo of Blood wasn't actually called Bloodlines. Don't know if that's true or not though.

>> No.5127043

Listen for when Alucard picks up the Cube of Zoe

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He's drawing a comparison to Silent Hill HD Collection because this release of Symphony does change things from the original release, arguably for the worse. Are you brain dead?

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You heard wrong.

>> No.5127230

>rondo of blood

>> No.5127246
File: 53 KB, 410x360, snapshot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fine dioshit it reads 血の輪廻 which is more accurately translated as endless blood cycle or blood reincarnation.

>> No.5127250

So yeah SotN is wrong.

>> No.5127262

>all this pleb arguing
>when the transltion hack exists and is the definitive version

the effort they put in still amazes me. ps1 Konami games were a mess to modify.

>> No.5127265

you sound like a fag, and you proved my point
>an endless blood cycle
>blood reincarnation
Not Bloodlines.

>> No.5127268

Yeah you fucking faggot I agree with you, I was wrong. Choke on a dick.

>> No.5127271

Only definitive if you value a straight translation with no localization at all.

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File: 2.00 MB, 240x180, retarded.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>hur durr hur hur dur hur I get angry when I'm wrong durr

>> No.5127283

>a straight translation with no localization at all
that's exactly what I said, definitive

>> No.5127292

Idiot, I could kill you just with my bear hands, kiddo. I'm just kidding by the way I'm not actually angry.

>> No.5127293


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>I'm just kidding by the way I'm not actually angry.
fair enough anon

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Chill out you fags, stop taking the internet so seriously

>> No.5127308

I agree. It's an iconic dub. It's one of the things that stands out about the game. Hopefully they left the Kenny G soprano sax ending credits song alone.

>> No.5127325

>Hopefully they left the Kenny G soprano sax ending credits song alone.
If you mean "I Am The Wind", that's gone too. Licensing issues.

On the plus side, Michiru Yamane made a fairly-nice replacement song for it.

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>which is more accurately translated as endless blood cycle or blood reincarnation

Or, you could actually be smart and call it Rondo of fucking Blood.

>> No.5127373

I thought rondo referenced the musical genre. Interesting, I'm learning things in this thread.

>> No.5127376

That's the thing because 輪廻 is read as rinne and not rondo. They did a cool thing there by comparing a rondo, a musical genre with a repeating theme, with an endless cycle which is what 輪廻 means. Pretty cool stuff.

>> No.5127380

Nah fuck off the Voice Acting was great besides Richter, especially alucard and Dracula. The psp voices are so boring.

>> No.5127383

It does, it's just that Nips love them double meanings, you see it all the time in media when furigana has little to do with the actual Kanji.

>>5127376 Beat me to it.

>> No.5127386
File: 146 KB, 640x480, dramatic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>People actually prefer the boring VA of the psp version.

I mean if I wanted srs bsns VA id just go with the japanese VA. At least the dub used on the ps1/XBLA is entertaining.

>> No.5127387
File: 65 KB, 1097x1080, 1531549371267.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I fucking hate how underage retard fucks like this automatically assume old VA in games is bad and "funny." Fuck you and your ilk. I bet you think Mega Man X4 and 8 are "Epic!"

>> No.5127389

...are you saying that "doctah wawey" is good VA?

>> No.5127390
File: 20 KB, 400x400, 1532209769818.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Maria's new voice is much better.
>Death's new voice is great.

Literally kys you fucking moron.

>> No.5127391

The sound that plays when you level up, pick up a heart/life increase or when you get a special item like cube of zoe. Its oddly pitched in the XBLA ver too.

>> No.5127393

>shitting yourself over artistic license taken with translating
You're only saying shit to get brownie points for playing Bloodlines on Genesis beforehand
this is /v/ caliber bros

>> No.5127394

Not him but it has a certain charm to it for its time. You can tell they were going for an Inspector Gadget theme to it.

>> No.5127398
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>People say SOTN didnt have more music because space concerns
>The game is only 358MB and CDs held 650MB
I think the budget ran out

>> No.5127404
File: 1.85 MB, 540x404, 1540602127767.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5127485

And? I just play the Japanese version's fan translation now since that exists.

>> No.5127509

I have this on xbox one, and it hasn't been tampered with.

>> No.5127515

Isnt that just the 360's XBLA version? That had the original voice actors. The item pickup sounds were still oddly pitched tho.

>> No.5127560

This. I just started a new playthrough on my Vita. This game is still my favorite metroidvania.

>> No.5127608

No it diesn't have some unique sense of "heart" because of its poor quality, you're nostalgic for it and throwing around bullshit like claiming Castlevania is a B movie horror series (it's not, particularly not SotN) to try justify your affection for it.

It's a shit dub and a shoddy translation that doesn't fit the game. Accept that and move on, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy it anyway.

>> No.5127824

>Dracula X: Chi no Rinne (Reincarnation Loop of Blood) is out in JP. Only in the title is a pronunciation guide provided as "Chi no Rondo". Its last stage is a title drop minus any mention of Rondo.
>Konami US considers "Dracula X: Rondo of Blood" for TG-16 US but has a falling out with NEC US (huge grain of salt)

>Konami US uses the "blood" title "Bloodlines" for the genesis game (Vampire Killer in JP)
>Europe says no blood allowed in title, Bloodlines SMD renamed to "The New Generation"

>Butchered SNES reimagining of RoB is out in Japan as Dracula XX
>Konami US is aware of demand for Dracula X, so they rename that shit game "Dracula X"
>ofc no mention of blood. It's even censored ingame

>Castlevania Nocturne in the Moonlight (SoTN) is out on PS1 in JP
>begins with RoB's final stage, also called Chi no Rinne in kanji
>Konami US realizes they messed up
>this game is clearly the sequel to SOMETHING
>Just slap a Bloodlines reference, loosely related to blood, generational conflict, and A previous game.

>Actual Rondo of Blood is localized on PSP. Of course all mentions of reincarnation are dropped.
>Konami US realizes they messed up
>this game is clearly the prequel to SoTN, that final stage is clearly the same as the first stage
>Just slap a Bloodline reference to match SoTN

What a bunch of hacks. Would it have killed them to change both SoTN and Rondo's Bloodlines back to Rondo of Blood now that the existence of the TG-16 thing wasn't a shameful secret anymore? They even updated the SoTN textures for every single location name in the PSP version.

>> No.5128119
File: 1.23 MB, 747x653, 1538428998352.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>no playing the superior Saturn version instead

in b4 someone spergs out about having dithering instead of transparency when there is literaly two instances of it in the entire game

>> No.5128134

>way worse framerate
>more and longer loading times
>wrong aspect ratio
>needs to load the fucking map
I can't believe there are still people who pretend the Saturn port is superior.

>> No.5128135

>literaly two instances

Also yes, long ass loading times, sketchy framerate and stretched assets really make it the superior choice.

>> No.5128169

>meme meme meme meme xD
You know man if you're gonna samefag a thread nonstop at least vary your vocabulary a little bit baka...

>> No.5128212
File: 318 KB, 332x250, 1540066789636.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So SOTN is being heavily debated but is Rondo basically definitive?

>> No.5128326

No the psp dub isnt any better because of its "accurate" but bland quality, you're a pleb for it and throwing around bullshit like claiming Castlevania isnt a B movie horror series (it is, even SotN) to try justify your affection for it.

It's a bland dub and a boring translation that doesn't fit the game. Accept that and move on, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy it anyway.

>> No.5128343

That's gonna sound awful.
The Netflix show should have had that.

>> No.5128354

>Actually I would. The Japanese version has 35 secret endings that are the programmers going progressively crazy, that were completely cut from the Euro version. And they're hilarious. Not "lolol look at this shitty translation" hilarious.
So what kind of hilarious are they then? If they are Japanese comedy hilarious then I'll take the shitty translation hilarious over that any day kthxbai.

>> No.5128391

I don't know how anyone can listen to the PSP voices:

The PSP voices are trash, especially Yuri Lowenthal who sounds like he's falling asleep as Alucard. Belgrade may have been monotone, but his naturally deep baritone gave Alucard character and made him stand out. The only decent recast was Richter, as he sounded too old in the PS1 version. Everyone else sounds like a generic anime dub actor reading their lines in a couple of takes.
Hey niggers, this is Castlevania, the video game equivalent to Hammer Horror, not some deep existential art-house examination on the meaning of life. The story is the exact same thing between the two versions, one just has some liberties with item names and dialogue coupled with hammy but fitting voice actng, while another is more "accurate" to the original script at the expense of a bunch of anime dub actors just phoning in their lines.

>> No.5128401

>The PSP voices are trash
Belgrade's Alucard sounded like he just went through a brain lobotomy.
Neither version is accurate. First one has a hamfisted "Dracula finds the love of God and Jesus Christ" inserted in the localization that contradicts the original message many times, and PSP version rewrites that instead of retranslating anything (except exclusive content) with even more edge and less localization-induced copyright infringement.
There is a competent retranslation, but it's stuck on PS1.

>> No.5128427

Would you faggots shut up about pointless shit and can we instead discuss how and why there's a fucking lightning gun in SoTN?

>> No.5128432

Nigger, this thread is about SOTN's voices and translations. Make a thread discussing gameplay if you want to.

>> No.5128435

I don't make threads. Plus I didn't feel like it was worthy of a thread, besides I'm pretty sure the asshurt from this thread would just spill over into it.

>> No.5128473

Why do you neggers still care about dubs when the PSP version has the original voice acting?
Also SOTN isn't really all that story heavy, the game only has a few pairs of cutscenes total and the only memorable one is the first one, not because of WHAT IS A MAN meme, but because it's so cool how it reenacts the last battle of Rondo.

>> No.5128478

Make a thread instead of subjecting this one to your whims you lazy nigger.

>> No.5128479
File: 1.42 MB, 600x338, american woman mad.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I don't make threads
Hah, you have no valid opinion here.

>> No.5128484

>Plus I didn't feel like it was worthy of a thread
That's SOTNiggers to you. 90% of their discussion is the shitty dubs that don't really matter at all, the other 5% is mentioning in which way did they break the game the most, and the other 5% is posting Lost Painting, Tragic Prince or Wood Carven Partita.

>> No.5128497

Richter looks better, better controller, and Maria is actually good instead of being shit.

>> No.5128504
File: 1.01 MB, 1280x720, brap a scope.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Im the 0.1% that prefers final toccata but the song plays way too much.

I dont blame space on the disc for why there's little variety in the reverse castle, the game is barely half a disc big. I blame budget reasons.

>> No.5128735

PSP Maria is only shit because you can't be overpoweredly invincible with her like with her Saturn self.

>> No.5128759

>literally so bootyblasted you could only respond by copy-replying
Wew lad

>> No.5128767
File: 2 KB, 128x128, darkmaria.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Am I the only one who prefers PSP Maria because of her mid-air dash? So much fun and fast to play. Also, Maria still having her animal friends makes more sense.
Also, Dark Maria.

>> No.5128770

My ideal plan for a SotN remake is to make Dark Maria her own character. She gets the Saturn moveset and normal Maria gets the PSP o e.

>> No.5128937

Because even if they add the Japanese voices, its not gonna matter Jack sqwatt if the written translation does not match what its actually being said!


>> No.5128939

Who the fuck cares

>> No.5128972

>Alucard's original deep voice is spectacular.

Not according to the original dev, who was shocked to see that his soft spoken bishounen boy had turned into a late night republican radio voice.

>> No.5128979

And yet he brought said voice back for Bloodstained.

>> No.5128991

Lel, never noticed it literally says "Rondo" in between 輪廻

>> No.5129000

so /vr/ is now /v/?

>> No.5129265

>you can't talk about re-releases of retro games on a board all about retro games
I smell a retarded person

>> No.5129293

Holy shit that's hilarious, having a blast at youtube rn

>> No.5130120

I like her. Why more characters don't have two-way dashing is weird.

>> No.5130581

Are you saying Alucard isn't homosexual? I beg to differ.

>> No.5130623

Not enough Wojaks tbqh.

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