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Import friendly Japan only titles that won’t make me break the bank?

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The PS2 is a good bet for that.

Check out Otostaz, Mawaza, and IQ Remix. Three interesting puzzle games.

Otostaz is like Tetris + Minecraft.

Mawaza is a game where you link together nodes to make polygons and smash them together to move across a 3D plane.

IQ Remix is the last Intelligent Qube game. Lots of great music and weird special effects.

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almost anything on saturn. i got nights, christmas nights and zwei for like 20bucks on nipbay

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Note that Otostaz supports English if you go into the options and change the languge to that.

Another good one I didn't mention is Poinie's Poin. Super easy but super bizarre 3D platformer entirely in English, but never localized.

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Oh, you meant Saturn in particular?

Look up puzzle games like Kururinpa!

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Ah shit yeah I meant Saturn games only, my bad.

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>that won’t make me break the bank

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Just emulate it bro

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Super Robot Wars F and F Final

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burn whatever u want
use "sega saturn action replay plus" as your RAM expansion and thank me later

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>import only
Didn't the OP pic have an US release as well?

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Yes, it did.
It's also the DSP version of those games