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Next week (October 30th) this game turns 20. It's rather overlooked compared to other video games. Is there any real reason aside from the fact it wasn't republished? Do people really find it to be THAT bad?

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Felt like a Quake 2 mod and wasn’t made by the same team as the first one.

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What is that font called? I want to use it to make flyers for my Halloween party.

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I liked it as a kid, couldn't understand shit however, but the atmosphere and violence left an impression on me

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that was a good game but i'm fucked if i can figure out how to make it play nice with any sound card manufactured this century

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I liked it but there were quite a lot of issues I had with it like how the whole thing just felt unfinished, unpolished or/and cut back.
Stuff like the giant globe and constellation/season markers in the palace for example seemed like they were once part of an actual puzzle but in the end you just pull two switches once and Corvus automatically chooses the right ones.
The intermission map fools you into thinking that the game will be MUCH larger than it actually ends up being, with Corvus just simply travelling straight across it.
It gets especially disappointing when you read locations like "Forgotten City of Ice" or "Harpie Isle" on it.
Your standard staff is also ridiculously powerful and versatile and you could probably finish the whole game without using anything else.

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the game supports A3D 2.0, so you're going to want an vortex 2.

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I wanted to play it but couldn't get the music to work, and then the game had like 200 different keys to bind for controls, half of which I didn't know what they did.

That's how far I made it.

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It's probably the first PC game I ever played. Was about four or five and I remember not getting very far but the atmosphere was good.

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It is likely a font make specifically for that title - ie they only made 7 characters

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wasn't there a tutorial?

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I played this game on my old PC, running on XP, and it crashed a lot. Probably unplayable on W7 or 10.

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It needs a lot of tweaking, but you can get it to work on the latest OSes with little to no technical issues once you set it up.

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>It's rather overlooked compared to other video games

Because it wasn't that good.

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Redguard, a game released on the same day, wasn't that good either and gets talked about all the time

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have been looking for this game for ages thanks

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This literally was my second PC game ever. I remember it quite well because the first enemy appeared out of nowhere and scared the shit out of me.
I came from *trying* to play Doom 2 which was my first PC game ever and an imp approaching from behind scared me shitless.

It took almost a year before I gathered enough courage to tackle both games again and now I always play a full run of each every year.

I think the only reason H2 gets "hate" it's because it just wasn't a FPS like the first game which is silly. Sure one might argue "but but my lore" but the first Heretic wasn't the Citizen Kane of gaming plots in first place. It's a pretty fun and good game, I fail to see actual bad flaws.
If I were to talk about "good" flaws those would be the wasted potential of the map. On the loading screen it shows all kinds of interesting places that you don't get to visit.

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I never played this but I love Quake II, so maybe I should?

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I remember looking for "Heretic 2" back then but kept being directed to Hexen or Hexen 2 instead. I blame Hexen's naming and marketing.

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Play Hexen 2 first

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game hasn't caught the eye of youtubers yet but you can be sure it will enter hidden gem status soon.

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Nobody talks about redguard

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It doesn't get talked about that much, but compared to Heretic 2, it gets talked about A LOT more.