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Dreamcast thread

What are the best games to try out on this console?
Any peripherals worth buying?
Best looking consoles/controllers/VMU's?
Any good emulators and other hacks to try out on it?
What kind of tv do you usually use for yours?

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Tech Romancer is fun

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Dreamcast is shit. The games it did have have superior versions on other consoles.

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Sega first party light guns are pretty much the best light guns ever, assuming you'll be playing on CRT. If not then a VGA cable is a must have. You'll probably also want either an ODE like GDemu or a fat stack of quality CDRs

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Not much is left that hasn’t been ported.

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Do people still play online on Dreamcast? What do they play?

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sure thing how is phantasy star online going on xbox in 2018?

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What would be the best VGA cable to use with a Dreamcast if I've got a small flatscreen (just using composite cables but it looks pretty good)?
Also damn right about cd-r discs.

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Anyone else agree that the blue swirl looks better than the orange one? It goes well with the blue Sega logo and the blue sky of the Dreamcast menu.

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>Skies of Arcadia
>Sonic Adventure
>Grandia 2
>Any Capcom fighter if you have friends
>Maken X
>Power Stone/2
>Sword of the Berserk

Some of these might have better versions on other consoles, but this is what I remember playing

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>What are the best games to try out on this console?
House of the Dead 2
Power Stone
Soul Calibur
Crazy Taxi
Jet Grind Radio
Chu Chu Rocket
Tokyo Xtreme Racer
Bass Fishing
>Any peripherals worth buying?
Best looking
Light Gun
Fishing Rod
Just the regular ones are fine
>Any good emulators and other hacks to try out on it?
Replace the disc drive with the SD card reader
>What kind of tv do you usually use for yours?
CRT PC monitor for light gun games (Dreamcast supports VGA and 480p)

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>Dreamcast is shit. The games it did have have superior versions on other consoles.

oof! Being this wrong.

>House of the Dead 2
Nope. Unless you want a big ass cabinet cluttering up your room. The Wii version sucked.
>Power Stone
Nope. PSP version was inferior.
>Soul Calibur
lol. But I would recommend getting 6 since it’s new and has a very active online community.
>Crazy Taxi
The iOS and Android version is really good. But all the other non Dreamcast ports are garbage.
>Jet Grind Radio
Nope. Jet Set Radio on Xbox was a different game.
>Chu Chu Rocket
>Tokyo Xtreme Racer
>Bass Fishing
Unless you want another cabinet.

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It's Jet Grind Radio in NA, but Jet Set Radio everywhere else. The Xbox game is Jet Set Radio Future. The original has a PC port but I don't know if it's any good. People seem to like it but that's probably not a good indicator.

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They're all theoretically the same just buy cheap from somewhere with a good return policy in case you get checkerboardy ones. I have the original 'bubble" box that has never let me down other than the plastic nub on the switch breaking off but it's not worth paying as much as that one goes for now. Just seriously decide if you want a cable or a box since even if you learn to force vga through patches and bootloader there will STILL be some games now and then that will be unplayable in vga mode and you'll want to switch to interlaced mode.

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Just found this little hack collection, has anyone else tried it out?
Any other hacks worth getting for the Dreamcast that I can burn?

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Is it bad that I set the write speed for my discs at 8x?

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What's wrong with the Wii version of HoTD2/3? Its based on the Xbox version which itself was a direct port of the DC version.

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Has anybody ever played this? How does it hold up with the Dreamcast Controller?

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It loads like, every 2 minutes, and basically screams for a dual analog controller or keyboard/mouse, but damn it would have been fucking radical had it come out.

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I acquired a Dreamcast about a month ago. It sat idle as I couldn't test it at the time I purchased it, so I have no way of knowing if it was working when I got it. I just brought it down in order to test it, insert Power Stone, game runs like normal. Do a couple of fights on arcade mode, then shut off to test other, recently acquired games.
Try out Last Blade 2, the game doesn't read.
Try out Record of the Lodoss War, the game doesn't read.
Pop in Power Stone again to check if it's the Dreamcast and now that doesn't read anymore.
What could be causing this problem and what are the troubleshooting steps I should take to correct it?
I looked it up online and the first hits I get are about adjusting the potentiometer on the laser. I was thinking of taking it down to the local game store to have their hardware nerd look at it, but since the store i closed now, I'm asking here.

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Sounds like a dying laser. You can tighten a screw in there to get it to read games a little better, but that only lasts so long and odds are the person before you already did that to get it out the door. But the DC also refuses to read some games depending on where a scratch might be. I've had a stack of 5 used games all not work, and one worked once every 10ish tries.

Try burning a few games and see if those run.

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A bad laser can indeed cause inconsistencies like this (some games work when others don’t, games work only some of the time, games boot but run with glitches or hang, etc etc).
Cleaning the console/laser (cleaning the lens or greasing the rails) can be a good first step. You can adjust the pot and it’s not hard but you’re admittedly buying time. It’s going to kick it someday.
I would troubleshoot it as best you can, bring it in if it needs more than a quick dusting and if you’re not comfortable opening it up... and then buy a gdemu and prepare for the laser’s eventual demise

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The PC version is good but you have to mod in the original soundtrack.

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>and then buy a gdemu
That was the idea when I got this dreamcast, but I didn't realize it's one of the second models and if I'm not mistaken the gdemu requires the original models (at least the official ones, I haven't looked at the chinese gdemus)
Luckily I didn't pay for it, but I'd still like it to work.

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It’s got a 2 on the sticker you mean? Interesting, those are very uncommon.
There’s also a hard drive mod if gdemu won’t work. You could even try a new laser pickup. But I don’t know about the compatibility for everything with rev 2s.

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>It’s got a 2 on the sticker you mean?
Yup, this is the sticker on it.

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It doesn’t even look like that DC is known to cooperate with mil-CD (rev 2 mfg dec 00). Are you trying burned discs?

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No you don't. You're thinking of Crazy Taxi.

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Has anyone tried Bleemcast Metal Gear Solid?
Is it easy to find?

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>the poor bastard who originally bought the rev 2 Dreamcast retail.

Didn't they come in right at the end of the Dreamcast retail lifespan? Hope he didnt pay full price.

I know it's upscaled from the PS1 version, but isn't Twin Snakes an even better and remastered version of the original anyway? (get a cheap Wii or Wii U and play the GC image on that).

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Twin Snakes is a pretty mediocre remaster, it's got bad voice acting replacing the original and the cutscenes are made way too wacky.

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Yeah, I had the same basic deal when I bought my dreamcast. Got one off ebay for fairly cheap. First day I have it, it reads games fine. Then I gets stuck at the dreamcast splash screen. Try fucking around with the laser assembly pots like it says online, and I was able to get it to boot a game ONCE out of a ton of tweaking, and I wasn't able to get it back working again after that one time anyway.

Ended up getting a refund + getting to keep the broken Dreamcast + controllers/vmus/bundled game because the seller refused to give me a refund for his defective console, and when ebay gave me the refund instead, they didn't even ask me to send it back. Alrighty then.

Still have the thing around. If I ever get one of those GDemu chink clones I can use it for that. But Dreamcast isn't the same without the constant sound of grinding and whirling

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Twin Snakes' cutscenes are more in line withe the rest of the solid series after one. Voice acting is IMO better. Grey Fox sounding appropriate rather than like a black man aka DARPA chief. Naomi not having that awful britbong accent. Mei Ling not sounding like a straight-up gook. Campbell not sounding constipated.

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>Grey Fox sounding appropriate rather than like a black man aka DARPA chief. Naomi not having that awful britbong accent. Mei Ling not sounding like a straight-up gook. Campbell not sounding constipated
Except all of this gave the voice acting some soul.

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play seaman just because there's nothing else like it. also sonic shuffle is not very good but still worth checking out imo. power stone is great and needs a switch port.

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This is how I feel about the dreamcast honestly.

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Any good third party mics out there for Seaman?
Agreed on Shuffle, it's really fun when shitfaced with friends.

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Project Justice is also fun

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you could say the same about all older consoles though.Think of all the Virtual Console games, PS Classics, and so on.

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Sega was particularly bad about whoring out their first party ips for decades though. How many times have they re-released sonic adventure with increasingly worse quality.

>> No.5112940

Nintendo is worse about it, but you're not wrong. I'm just saying that applies to more than just Dreamcast. Also if we're agreeing that the DX ports are trash than that'd still be a reason to play the Dreamcast original, as an example.

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>Virtual Console, PS Classics
That isn't the same though dummy. Those are just official emulated releases, not ports. And the experience is often inferior to playing on original hardware. Unofficial emulators like Higan and Mednafen are better than that shit.

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>Be virgin
>Like old vidda
>Buy DC off FBMarketplace
>Console 2 controller 1 shit game
>Mmm... very nice
>Meet up and seller tells me he's giving me a broken DC and the box for free
>Get home, turns on but no signal
>Check AV port, nasty as fuck
>Clean it and works no problem
>Works better than the one I bought

Why do people not clean shit?

>> No.5113270

If they work, there's no problem with it.
My drive has a minimum speed of 16x and it sucks, I'm forced to make multiple attempts for everything I burn.

>> No.5113297

Does IMGburn not allow lower speeds? If not just buy an external drive online and make sure it has enough power.

>> No.5113302

You could but the topic is about Dreamcast hardware. Stop being so sensitive.

>> No.5113307

>Why do people not clean shit?
This boggles my mind as well. I cant tell you how many times I find something at a yard sale or flea market with a "broken $5" post-it on it only to take it home and find something stupidly simple wrong with it. You just have to be curious enough to enjoy tinkering around with stuff.
>Once found sticky pennies in a consoles optical drive.

>Expensive electronics that just need a single touch of solder to to fix
>$600 stereo system for free that just needed the power supply reattached
>found both an xbox and a ps3 with drugs inside that were causing them to overheat
>Nerf guns that just need the contacts cleaned with vinegar

>> No.5113316

Oh I almost forgot to mention, I have 3 dreamcasts because of this. Usually they just need a good cleaning and maybe a controller port fuse.

>> No.5113323

They are not virgins.
No seriously that changes your life if you have a lifemate. I’ve been happily married for a 11 years and I can’t give a shit if my retro hardware will last another 60 years or 60 days. You just stop prioritizing that shit when you have people that love you and rely on you. It’s why we just sell dirty shit as broken. We are happy and don’t give a fuck about it.

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To be fair you get a mix of people that are so wealthy they just don’t care to people that buy huge lots from sheds and foreclosures that don’t know what they have.

>> No.5113389

It probably is an income issue. I would own half the shit I do if it weren't for my tech skills. It comes from having mechanics and engineers in the family.

That has nothing to do with it. I've been with my wife for 7 years and I still fix my own electronics.

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Does quality of CDRs actually matter? If so what happens if you use poor quality? Does it cause damage to the laser?

>> No.5113419

CD quality has more to do with successful burning at high speeds and longevity.
>damage to the laser
Some Dreamcast scene releases of games to be burned on CD-R actually repack the game after altering the file layout in ways that cause LESS stress on the laser.

>> No.5113420

-in theory- it makes the eye read harder so it wears it out faster it doesn’t do direct damage.
That said quality that bad hasn’t been a thing since the early 00s

>> No.5113447

I can't twist the potentiometer for the life of me . What type of tool do I need for this.

>> No.5113449

>Crazy Taxi
>But all the other non Dreamcast ports are garbage.

Uwot. I have that game on both DC and PS2 and I'm hard pressed to notice a single difference.

>> No.5113461

You do know that JGR is on Xbox 360 right? It's superior to the DC version in every way. Soul Calibur is too for that matter, and also Sega Bass Fishing. I was a huge DC fan, but pretty much all the best games are on the Xbox 360 and almost all of them are playable on Xbox One.

>> No.5113468

Headhunter is another one. It's a really good MGS clone but the PS2 port is borked compared to the DC original. Also Code Veronica is still all around better among 6th gen consoles. GC is fine but lacks VMU support and has some shiity blur filter as a form of AA. Ps2 version is shite.

General rule of thumb is if a DC game was ported to PS2 early in the PS2's lifecycle, it's gonna be a shit port. more so than the other 6th gen consoles.

>> No.5113471

JGR/JSR is also on PC which is the true definitive version but yes.
>Soul Calibur is too for that matter
Nope. Mission mode is totally missing from the the 360 port. So it's pretty cool if you only want SoulCal for the multiplayer but not for the singleplayer stuff, which SoulCal 1 excels at.

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You buy Seaman with the mic this very instant.

>> No.5113682

>he doesn’t know about PC and Steam

>> No.5113690

It was literally one last shipment before they pulled the plug. If they made that annocment just a month earlier the 2 would never exist

>> No.5113858

This looks awesome, I'll try it out when I've got some free time

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>What are the best games to try out on this console?
Soul Calibur, House of the Dead 2, Crazy Taxi 1&2, D2, Power Stone 2, Jet Grind Radio, Skies of Arcadia, Shenmue 1&2, Quake III/Unreal Tournament, Phantasy Star Online v2, Demolition Racer, Rival Schools, Marvel vs Capcom 2, Resident Evil: Code Veronica, MDK2, Worms Armageddon, Ikaruga, Rez, etc.

There are a few third person arena shooters that can be loads of fun with friends, like Spawn, Heavy Metal: Geo Matrix, or Out Trigger. Spawn has a ton of characters to unlock. The FPS ports are also pretty decent, Quake/Unreal, Soldier of Fortune, Hidden and Dangerous, Half-Life.

>Any peripherals worth buying?
Light Gun, Keyboard, Mouse, and maybe the mic if you want to give Seaman a go, but I never had the chance. The reel for fishing games I've heard is great, but again that's something I never got to try. I have 11 VMU's, but I hoard saves for certain games. I'd still recommend at least 4 VMU's if you aren't a hoarder.

>Best looking consoles/controllers/VMU's?
The black sports edition lasted me the longest and looks pretty alright. Controllers will crap out, especially if you buy used and have lots of people play with you, so I wouldn't get too invested in what color you buy.

>Any good emulators and other hacks to try out on it?
The Doom port is pretty legit. I think there is a simpsons arcade port too, but I couldn't get it working. The Genesis and NES emulators run well enough to not have any complaints from me. SNES is choppy at best with almost everything. The official bleem! releases (Tekken 3, Metal Gear Solid, and Gran Tourismo 2) are spot on. I dunno about any other Playstation games for it. The DivX player used to be handy, but this isn't 02 anymore and phones can do everything better than the DC could.

>What kind of tv do you usually use for yours?
A heavy crappy CRT, but I imagine anything compatible will be fine.

>> No.5113941

Sega Bass Fishing is batshit crazy and it's nothing like a sim, it's a twitch score attack arcade game.

>> No.5114075

It has abhorrent loading screens every 2-3 mins, looks like shit, sounds like shit, and plays like shit.
Still kinda neat, but it's objectively the worst way to play Half-Life 1

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>tfw can't find a cdi of pic related anywhere now that emuparadise is ded
feels bad man, shame it never got released

>> No.5114448

I found it within a few seconds of just googling. Are you retarded?

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File: 987 KB, 1500x1125, dreamcast meth.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Love some Dreamcast, haven't played mine in a while though (well actually, it's being used for a society I run at uni every week, so other people play it) but it's a great system. Hoping I can get a friend to finish Skies of Arcadia on it this summer.

Yeah, I always found Blue Swirl to be better because it complimented the blue Sega logo. Plus nostalgia as turning on the Dreamcast always brings back good memories.

>Original DC from 1999 finally breaks down
>Really want a new one, but don't want to spend £40
>See one on Ebay, just a dude holding it in his hand saying "untested" for £20
>Buy it
>Arrives a few days later, didn't even knock on the door, left under the backdoor
>In a stupidly large battered box (a tv box), even had a small hole in it
>Dreamcast moving about inside, already considering how to get a refund.
>Plug it in and play works a charm
>Been using it for two years now.

Might buy those Chinese GDEmu's for the old one, so I could have two.

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File: 162 KB, 300x296, 300px-Dreamcast_Girl.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The one I got for free is a Rev2 so any forms of piracy is out of the question.
Looked inside both of them and only the one I bought has that disc drive overclock trick in it so it's gonna die soon.
Was thinking about the USB GDrom over GDemu but it doesn't have a clone.

USB dev shits on GDemu dev

>> No.5115108

Is there any place to get a prebuilt and stable Reicast exe?

>> No.5115275

the best games (imo) that are still dreamcast exclusive or at least still a very good option.

mars matrix
gunbird 2
gundam side story
resident evil 2 & 3
cannon spike
mvc1 & 2

>> No.5115296

>Design excellent bad

damn well that sure convinces me.

>> No.5115326

I just looked into it a bit more, the readme says that all music file quality has been reduced, two out of the three music tracks that each stage gets in Third Strike have been removed, and all music has been mixed down to mono. Sounds like too much quality sacrificed for convenience, imo.

>> No.5115373

Wiimote is not a perfect substitute for lightgun. Even when calibrated correctly, the on-screen cursor does not perfectly line up with where the gun is pointed.

Wiimote is the best you'll ever get on a modern TV set, but lightgun + CRT will always be superior.

>> No.5115752

Wait, I thought the chinese ripoff GDEmu was like $100, and was just as good.

What's this USB GD rom thing?

>> No.5115765

dreamcast version runs 480p 60 fps and ps2 version runs 480i 30 fps

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File: 708 KB, 1024x700, sonic adventure comparison.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you guys prefer Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast or Adventure DX on other consoles like the gamecube?
I've been playing it on Dreamcast for the first time and I'm really liking his character model a lot more.

>> No.5116519

The PC port is excellent, only 2 tracks are missing.

>> No.5116601

I just started it and after the second level I don't know where to go and I'm getting motion sickness while looking for where to go next. I got the chaos emerald from the windy stage.

>> No.5116830

>11 vmus


>> No.5116840

I like the DC version because the proportions are consistent with the Genesis games.

On DC Sonic Adventure, it looks like classic sonic slicked his quills back and changed his eye colors. Other versions of modern sonic look like a completely different character from classic sonic.

>> No.5116945

>What's this USB GD rom thing?
just read the damn page

>> No.5117448

I just tried to burn DC-X to a disc using Nero but failed, anyone know of any good burning software? Yes, I burned it at 4x speed.

>> No.5117473

It has the best console port of Marvel VS Capcom, at least on a retro console, never tried MVC Origins

>> No.5117501

Can't go wrong with Shenmue 1 and 2.

>> No.5117510

Just use imgburn. Burning speed is a meme....with modern drives and cdr media it doesnt make a difference anymore.

>> No.5117592

I honestly always preferred the orange one to the point of thinking the blue actually looked bad in comparison.

>> No.5117640

I managed to burn it correctly, but it won't load any games. I think I'm just gonna pay the £10 for working copy.

>> No.5117647

I hoard saves, and certain games will take up nearly an entire card/unit.

>> No.5117656

Which games? Shit, most of the games I play on DC I don't even bother with save files since they're all arcade-style. I have a bunch of VMUs though since they're cheap as shit and I often got them bundled when just trying to get controllers and such.

Speaking of VMUs, is there any way to modify them so I don't have to hear BEEEEEEEEEP every time I start up the console? It's ridiculous how you can replace the batteries in those things and I swear to god, a few days later they'll be drained again.

>> No.5118236

Except Snake sounds like dogshit.

>> No.5118243

And gray fox voice actor change was the most noticeable downgrade. He sounds much better in the original

>> No.5118254

To be honest I don't recall, it's been about 3 years since I've booted up the thing. I've played some 150+ games on it, 40 or so on a semi regular basis back then. I also have a lot of pieces for JGR, and you can only save one of each size to a VMU. And most of the arcade style games I played had unlockables and such, so I would keep the saves.

The VMU sound is wicked annoying and I wish I knew a way to stop the beep at startup, but I don't.

>> No.5118784

Is there a release of this that would fit on an 80min CD and not be butchered? The prices have gotten pretty retarded these last 2 years.

>> No.5119274

>I managed to burn it correctly,
>but it won't load any games.

>> No.5119296

Crazy Taxi
Street Fighter Alpha 3 (it was just better on DC)
Unreal tournament

...I may just be remembering these games to be more fun than they were.
But I fucking snapped on Crazy Taxi and got S rank on all licenses.
Also, got a level 32 Shin-Akuma on Alpha 3.

Criminally underrated console.

>> No.5119305

I totally forgot about Jet Grind Radio.
That shits the TRUTH.

Also. Shenmue.
Shenmue was simply put, one of the most bewildering game experiences I ever had. This game is singular, unique. Its just so fucking odd, I found myself reflecting on it for years after playing. Even if it's misunderstood, thats a video game.

>> No.5119317

Well it boots, but won't load the game after I swap the disc, so the problem has to be with the img file.

>> No.5119594

Apparently PAL games that don't support 60hz are glitchy when played with a VGA box, are they also glitchy if forced to boot in 60hz with DC-X? Should I replace my bad PAL releases with NTSC releases?

>> No.5120549

Since this is probably the best place to ask, is there any difference between the "For Matching Service" version of JoJo with the original?

>> No.5120586
File: 1.24 MB, 1800x1800, dc rec.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Any peripherals worth buying?
Arcade stick, fishing rod.
Don't be an underage faggot or a poorfag. Invest.

>> No.5120929

How active are Quake III Arena and Phantasy Star Online private servers these days?
I'm kind of tempted to buy a DreamPi but I have no idea how this stuff works.


>> No.5120938

Matching Service = Online play.

>> No.5120948

Matching service version supports VGA and normal version does not

>> No.5120968


why isn't rush 2049 in that pic?

>> No.5122185

GDEMU restock fucking WHEN?

Are the Chinese clones any good? Normally I'd pay up to buy form the original creator but you only can only reliably buy real GDEMUs from resellers at like a 3x mark up on ebay.

>> No.5123110

Kind of tempted to try out Shenmue but do I need to get a whole memory card just to save the game?

>> No.5123132

as opposed to an old sock?

>> No.5123351

>Are the Chinese clones any good?
well, they work as good or bad as gdemu.

>> No.5123993

>a fat stack of quality CDRs
Is there specific versions of the console that read CDRs?

>> No.5124727

Plays okay. Not the best. Super neat. It's the only version of Blue Shift I've played, and that was pretty fun.

Thief was going to have a Dreamcast release, but that got scrapped. Would've liked to have seen it. There's a rumor that the guy behind the NewDark patches got his hands on on a copy of the Thief DC dev disc that was discovered some time ago...

>> No.5124735

I also have a revision 2 version, with a dead lazer. Pretty lame. Just bought another dreamcast to mod it though. Dunno what to do with this other one I have. I've had it for like 14 years or something... Change the lazer I guess.

Twin Snakes is cool enough for a playthrough or two btw, but the original is better. Twin Snakes introduces a lot of fluff that either weakens the AI or the story-telling.

>> No.5125879


>> No.5125885

>weakens the AI
eh that's not really the issue. the problem is that the player is given new tools and gameplay mechanics from MGS2 and the enemies are not properly balanced around that. kinda reminds me of playing RE4 on Wii in that way.

>> No.5126657

That's what I meant, really. The AI doesn't change.

>> No.5127285

Fpbp. Tech Romancer is my fave 3D fighter on the system. I still play it to this day.

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