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I remember we had a Game Boy Camera thread a while back, does anyone got the deets on dumping images?

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There's several methods for dumping images:

If you have a cart dumper (like the GBxCart RW), you can simply dump the savefile onto your PC. Pictures can be extracted via programs like "GBCamera Dump" or others from the save file. This will give you raw grey-scale BMPs. Alternatively, you can load the save file in an emulator and take screenshots if you want some shader effects.

Second, there are dedicated game boy printer emulators like the El Snappo, which will save pictures that are transferred via the GB printer cable onto a micro SD card. These only need to be transferred to your PC then.

These are the two most common methods. Personally I own the GBxCart RW which can additionally be used to backup GB games and other saves. A printer emulator does have other advantages, though, like being able to save panorama prints and frames without much hassle.

There are some other, more exotic ways to digitize your pictures. If you own a GB flashcard, you can combine it with a save backup solution like the Smart Card 64M to dump the save file. If your PC has a parallel port, you can try hunting down a GB Xchanger. If you own a capture card and an SNES, you can use the Super Game Boy to transfer your pics. Photographing the pictures off the GB screen with a DSLR and a good lighting setup can probably create some nice results, but requires special equipment and effort. I also read somewhere that it is possible to simply put the Game Boy in a scanner and scan the screen, I'd love to see the resulting effect. If you're desperate, you can also print the pictures with the GB printer and then scan them (hint: don't do this). That's all the ways I can think of.

Also, nice Champignon mushroom there. Have some time-lapse of growing oyster mushrooms.

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Great post; I can vouch for the El Snappo being fun on the bun.

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Thanks for the info. I was gonna use my N64 Everdrive when I got back home for the holidays to retrieve it from the grand storeroom, but might buy one of the things you mentioned since I just got a JP camera and want to get the images off before I start snappin.

I might actually just scan them, sounds funny.

I read this article about a dude getting RGB pics of GB Camera using colored gels, I wonder if the same would work if you just made an RGB color wheel from cellophane or a similar thing and took the same image three times?


I love how old it makes the images too, feels very nostalgic for me to see these pictures in color

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>N64 Everdrive
Good call! Read about that method, but completely forgot about it. Here's the program you'll need: http://micro-64.com/features/gbromdumping.shtml

>RGB color wheel from cellophane
It might, but you may also need to filter out infrared light like the guy in the article. Give it a try and share the results!

Have more shroom.

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I used N64+TransferPak+libgbpak. I had the necessary hardware sitting so it was very convenient. There was a post on the everdrive forum mentioning that you shouldn't have the cart pushed all the way into the transfer pak, that it should be slightly loose.

I'm not sure what program I used to convert the save to images. There seem to be a bunch of them now so the format probably isn't too complicated.

I did a video capture with a SGB and a capture card years ago. It was through RF and compressed with MSvideo1, but it turned out okay. You're not really losing a lot of picture quality when there isn't much to begin with.

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That page has the ancient v03 despite making a big deal about always having the latest version. Camera support wasn't added until v06.

Newest is here:

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I still have a GB Xchanger and two flashcarts; no parallel ports anymore, and I think I've lost the software.
There used to be a commercial solution to back up pics from the gameboy camera as well that I owned at one point; it had a custom usb to GB printer cable and some software on a cd; don't think I still have that anymore.

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This photoset looks like it was taken by a serial killer.

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What are you running from?

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looks very similar to the girl that is one of the option for the ball game face, at least in the JP cart.

Dunno if this is in every copy, but on the JP version I found that this sometimes substitutes for other screens, one shows a pic of Africa, says "greetings from the equator", and "jambo Nintendo". The other (which I only saw once despite repeatedly pressing "run" 20-30 times) was one of the error guy faces but the text at the top said "おろかもの" (orokamono, lit. "fool"). I think Nintendo was taking the piss out of me.

Also the little nihonlets that had my game before me got fucking 6384 on space fever.

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That is the creepiest looking fucking shit I have ever seen.

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Came in to say something like this.

They look like something a psychopath filmed as part of torturing and killing animals and people, or a movie that leaves genuinely disturbed and uncomfortable.

This has got to be intentional right? The clown clearly gives it away. Most people associate clowns with mass murderous psychopathy right?... iac someone should legit make a horror movie replicating these exact same effects. Weird.

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someone should use GB Camera to make a horror movie?

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>see a clown

kids these days

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>find my Game Boy Camera a month ago
>going through my photos, some photos of friends that eventually drifted apart, some of my grandma who passed away
>reminiscing about those memories
>last 6 photos are nothing but pics of my dick

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Not retro but
>go through dsi pics
>pics of my ex
Fuck it hurts.

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Not retro but
>go through 3DS pics
>pics of my ex
>laugh and show them to my gf
>get pics of her tits so I have something better in my album
Doesn't hurt at all.

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Yeah I'm not in love with my current gf but I still love my ex.

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only zoomers and pussies are afraid of clowns fuck steven king

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How come?
Did you leave her or did she left you?

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I agree clowns are just performers. I had a very spooky and weird book about the history of clowns throughout the eras (pic related), I was like 3 or 4, and I still never had any problem with clowns.
I do remember I had a nightmare when I saw IT at age 7 though. I remember being at McD, and Pennywise was at the counter, I asked for a coke, and he gave me a big vase, with only a few centimeters of blood at the bottom. The balloons were also everywhere. It was cool as fuck.

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I left her, that's the worst part.

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If you'd like to, answer these:
Why did you leave her?
Is the new gf worse in any or more ways?
How long were your relationships?

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These look tasty. Very good photos!

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that's a scary root vegetable monster there

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Don't encourage offtopic blog shit on /vr/

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Why don't you guys just use the Gameboy Camera homebrew on the Vita using its camera. you do own a Vita, right?

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>root vegetable

What the fuck am I doing on this board...

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Nah, I'm personally not scared of clowns at all but I do think in this specific instance it does look spooky.
>fuck steven king

I'm thinking more Dread by Clive Barker, try reading the short story or watching the movie, it's awesome, and doesn't take hours of reading to get to something actually occurring.

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Thanks! They were. We fried them and added them to a curry. The best thing about these oyster mushrooms was the texture, very reminiscent of meat.

These shrooms grow incredibly fast, the first gif spans a time of about 5 hours. Here's a less impressive gif from an earlier phase, covering approximately 2.5 hours.

Might as well just download a filter app for your cellphone if you think that way.

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>is a vegetable
>has roots
Wa la!

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Apparently it's actual emulation and not a filter to make it look like a Gameboy Camera

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It's still only that: emulation. A webcam or other device will not accurately replicate the optics of the Game Boy Camera and the behavior of the CCD.

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man, fuck cabbage

I just wanted to make a quick quip and didn't care if it wasn't entirely accurate


I have a Vita and a pocket camera, I will try this out and see if I can't dare to compare.

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Also, I wonder if anyone wouldn't make this for 3DS GB Emu too

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>pop open my bro's DSi to the photo app
>first photo is our cat who passed away

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even worse is that the DSi cycles images randomly on the home screen, it's like that Facebook feature they had to pull because it was like "hey remember when this happened a year or two years ago" and it was too often showing ex-lovers, dead relatives, etc.

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>emulating the game boy camera


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well someday they will all be dead and gone

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That emulation guide is out of date, I have a GB emulator for Wii that emulates Kirby T'n'T without issue

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I'm back, no pics to demonstrate yet but here's an anchor post for image comparisons to link to, the gist is that I think the Vita emulation is not quite up to par yet, in the sense that the image is way too harsh in contrast by comparison to the GB Camera image. Bizarre to think but the GBCam gets a clearer image in my experience.

Also I need to message the dude doing the coding that when you set it to use the PSP's front camera, the image is flipped horizontally vs. how a real GBCam displays it.

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Just got a benn venn gameboy printer emulator diy kit in the mail today. Works very good and is cheap. It's a bit of a pain to set up on W10 as you have to add unsigned drivers, google and you can figure it out. Pics to follow.

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>These shrooms grow incredibly fast, the first gif spans a time of about 5 hours. Here's a less impressive gif from an earlier phase, covering approximately 2.5 hours.
I used to cultivate, and still have a nice set of yellow oyster, enoki and shiitake spores. The oysters impressed me with how vigorous they are, and I recognized them immediately. They do have a very meat like texture, and I would add them to omelets. My goal was to use them in our compost pile, which is mostly small sticks and lumber, but I never got around to it. Out doors nature would destroy them, but I was more interested in destroying a pile of dead sticks fast without fire. Perhaps I should get back into it for the winter. I may have to prep some grain jars now.

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>murder seen through a gb screen in the shoot option
>victim is shot

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W̸̛̰̞̞̘̰͔͕̹̱̗͈̬̩̺ͣͫͫ̓h̴̷̵͕͔͇̝̥͑͗̓̆ͣ̏͌o̘̳̦̥͖͇̬͓̺̘̺̯̓̊̊ͧͭͩ͘ ̷̛͈̠̳̺͈͚͓̗̪͎̬̥͕̞̱̽̍ͦ̒̑͊̓̂̀́a̶̛̝͖͕͙̙̗̬̖̓̆͌͂͘͠͞ŗ̯͈̞̞̝͔̖̣̩̃̓ͭ̌̚̕͜ͅͅe̶̡̦̻̠̹͔̯̽̏ͫ̈́̃ͩ̈́͑̒͌̌͊́ ̻̣̻̝̼͓͎͔̜͎̳ͮ̄͘͟͞y̰̠͎̯̘̝͎͎̪ͨͦ̂̀̉̈ͯ͟ǫ͖̖̩̟̗͓͖̻̥͖ͨ̀͑̊ͬ͗́̑̑ͤ̀͜͢ͅu̸̻͈͕͉̗̯͔̦̦͇̼̫̘̝͎̒͌̇̄̒̇ͯ́́ͣ̃ͭͦͦ͘͡ ̻̥͉̟͈̠̮͈͙͇͗̑̊̍̒̔̕͜ͅṟ̡̘̤͇͖͉̤̼̳̠̒̓̆́ͩ͑̍́̄̽̚͟͜͝û̜͔̤̞͙͚̏̂͛̂̂̒́̚͜n̴̵̰̭̻̼̹̩̤̳̳̠̙̱̓̐̄ͬ̿ͣ̓͗̊̒͝n̜̰̗̯̫̙̮̙̟̙̘͚͉͈̹̪͊͆ͯͭ̆̈́͒ͬ̎͛ͬ̎̓̆̌ͦ́̚̕͜͜ī̡͖̯̖̝̺͈̙͓̗̭̱̩̱͇̤ͬͣ̽ͣ̀̄̍ͮ̓͗̿̽̍̉̉͞n̴̖̩͉̜̰̠̰͗̔͌ͩͦ͆̉ͮ͗̕͡ͅg̞͇̳̗͖̠̠ͣ̔͊̌͑ͭͮͩͧ̚ ̷̷̰̫̯͙̜̔̔̈ͪ̊͆͌̐̈̈ͣ̽̾̊̊͟͞͡f̛̛͙̼̯̝̫̩̯͎̯̱͔̜͙̬̎̓͗͌̈́̎̊̀ͩ͑ͦ͢r̵̶̙͕͕̫̦̱̃́̽̄ͤͫ̇̐̂͘͜o̙̫̝̫̘͂̒ͣͪͮ͒̾͟͝m̴͔̮͙̙͔̺̼̼͕̬͔̖̐̈́͗ͪ̔͒̃̋͌ͤ̽ͮͣ̆͞,̶̢̨̜̘̬̖̤̩̱̫̻̝͖̥̜̻͇ͫ̌͋̓̒͆ͬ̈ͣ͂̀̍ͬͦ̚̚̚̕ͅ ̵̯͙̳̭̤̮̰̩̱̼͔̠̖̝͚͂͊̽̀ͤ̆͋͂ͨͧͪͧͧ̒͌ͧͩͅa̢̛͉̳͎͈̭̠͗ͩ̈́͆̔̈́͛ͬ̀͠ͅn̵̨̪̜̳̟͈͔̙͉͖̹̜͕͕̗͍̒ͤͦ̃́̃͌͠ơ̸̬̣̟̠̹̰̘̺̺̮͙̟̘͇̙̙̟̫ͩ͆͛̽ͦ̓ͦ̄ͪ̽̃ͦ̀ͦͩ̚͠͡n̬̱͓̙̦͔̘̙͕̹̫̖̯͑̔ͯ̊ͭ͂̑̇͒̀ͤͤ̓ͤ̂ͩ̀̚͜͡͠ͅ?̷̛͔͓͈͉̖̤̞̗͊́̋ͤ̍̒̌͊̌͑̏̍͂͆̚

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Cool. Can you outline the process of cultivating oyster mushrooms? My friend used a set he got as a gift, but it's only good for 2 uses or so. He'd be interested in growing more.

welcome to the club!

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Never owned one but saved this online.

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This is a work-safe board, you could have used the spoiler function at the very least.

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Agreed. Not that guy but I've re-posted it here with spoilers.

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I love that gif. She seemed like a zany woman, whoever she was.

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Are you talking about one of my favourite movies?

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Thanks, I got a Pocket Camera from Japan and was able to extract all of the 'deleted' frames from the SRAM. I was happy to have been able to save it, since it made for a fun peek into someone's past.

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Pic related has a Game Boy Camera used in it. Fun flick. Recommended.

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>Also, nice mushroom mushroom there
Burgers. lol

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I'm not a burger, though.

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What method do you use to extract your photos?

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someone posted this on /g/ years ago and i tracked them down from the writing on the circuit board. i ended up buying it off them.
game boy camera video is possible using the cboy emulator, but it updates very slowly.

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the quality is incredible.

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Corporate secret.

I load the game boy camera ROM in retroarch with preset shaders, then I take screenshots, which I then crop and rename via batch-processing. With everything set up correctly, the whole process takes about 3 minutes from unplugging the cartridge till you have an album of 30 finished pictures. I can write a more detailed manual tomorrow, if you want.

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holy shit man that's so cool!11!! everyone's gonna want to come over to your house now to see that awesome computer magic.

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I would like to know how you do it in detail

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The only part missing is whatever product anon uses to dump his GB Camera's SRAM, which is then loaded up in an emulator.

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My mom says you can't come.

I use the GBxCart RW v1.2, which is a 29 USD cart dumper, to first back up the save file. It's fairly simple with the provided GUI (open port -> read header -> backup save). If you do not already have a game boy camera ROM, this can also be used to back up a ROM file for retroarch.

This savefile is placed in the "saves" folder of retroarch and the file extension changed from .sav to .srm (simply rename it). Make sure the filename matches that of your ROM.

Fire up retroarch (check online if you have trouble setting it up) and get a gameboy emulation core. Not all of them can handle the game boy camera rom properly, but Sameboy can, which is what I use. Navigate to your ROM and launch it (via "load content").

Next you need to select your shader. I personally think that game boy camera pics are best viewed on a game boy pocket, so I use a GBP shader as the base (F1 -> shaders -> load shader preset -> shaders_glsl -> handheld ->gameboy-pocket.glslp).

Now you can optionally configure your shader. You can skip the rest of this step if you're already satisfied with the default settings, which can be modified under "shader parameters". I set Console-Border Enable to 1 to produce a more compact picture, as I personally feel that images can be hard to read for the human eye if they're blown up too much like in >>5115554 (no offense). I won't give you my exact shader configuration, as what looks best to you depends on your monitor and preferences - just play around with it a little. I try to strike a balance between accuracy and aesthetic quality. You'll never achieve 100% accuracy, so don't stress yourself too much over it. Getting retroarch to properly remember your shader settings is somewhat finicky but can be done, check online how (I forgot how but remember losing my settings several times after finally being satisfied, so maybe check in advance).


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Next you need to take screenshots of your pictures. The slow and easy way to do this is to navigate to each image individually via view -> album and simply hit F8. You'll have to wait for the image number to disappear each time, but this way the frame you selected gets preserved. The faster method is to go to view -> show -> slide show -> ROLL IT and simply take a screenshot of every image with F8 until you're through. You'll need to adjust the speed a little by pressing "down" 10 to 15 times, or else the screenshots might not be saved properly. If you didn't set the screen border option to 1 in the shader settings, you may need to disable the "screenshot saved" message to keep it from appearing in your screenshots if the slideshow speed is too fast. If you set it to 1, you'll crop the message away anyway. Note that the slideshow will give you a simple black frame on all images, but personally I prefer the black frame anyway.
Navigate to retroarches "screenshot" folder (surprise!), where you should now see your screenshots. If cropping is desired or required, it is best done by batch processing to save on time and nerves. Various programs can be used to do this, check online. I use a simple ImageMagick script (MD "%~dp0\Cropped"
FOR %%a in ("%~dp1*.png") DO magick.exe "%%a" -crop 512x512+344+284 +repage "%~dp1Cropped\%%~nxa") saved as a .bat file to crop all images to 512x512 pixels. Similar scripts can be used to rename files (Album01_01, A02_1, etc), to make gifs or to mass-rotate images (e.g. for gifs shot in portrait orientation). ImageMagick needs to be installed for these to work.

And that's it! After setting it all up, the whole process takes 3-4 minutes if you know what you're doing (I stopped the time), but I wanted to elaborate a little on the details to prevent confusion. That's all the spoonfeeding I'll do for now, though.

Have fun!

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>He'd be interested in growing more.
Its totally OT, but there is places on the web that describe in great detail the process. Grain jars/bags + spore suspension is fairly simple. Shroomery is a great site to look at.

But either way I love the gb photos. I worked at Sears in the mid 90s in the video game department, and I believe when I first got there we still had the printer in the department. I always wanted one, but never did end up getting it.

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GB Printers are pretty cheap online, and they work with standard thermal paper cut down in width to fit in the printer.

>> No.5118195

check this shit out
/p/ is too elitist to understand what they have here

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Thanks for linking that, pretty radical. /p/ seems to really hate fun though.

>> No.5118217

You can get calculator paper that's the correct width so you don't have to fuck around with cutting it cleanly.

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That's just one troll. He got banned and things went back to normal. /p/ is slow and small so trolling can be a really big in short order. That thread has been around for a week and the oldest thread is a month old after all.

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Huh, interesting. Thanks for the insight, anon.

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my good friend.

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Another of mine.

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How are these captures obtained? They look unique compared to all the digital dumps the rest of us are doing

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>[the literally easiest method] requires special equipment and effort

>> No.5124561

The actual easiest method is a printer emulator like the El Snappo, since they just function as if they were a Game Boy Printer. Hook it up with a link cable, press print in the game, and then it 'prints' to the SD card. But you're going to need a cart dumper or a printer emulator regardless, correct. Taking pictures of the screen isn't really a great solution.

>> No.5125087
File: 30 KB, 512x512, game-boy-camera-512x512.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Of course you can try taking pictures of you gb screen with your cellphone camera, but they will look like shit.

why you keep shilling that thing bro

>> No.5125089

game boy player via a capture card, according to the thread on /p/

>> No.5125090

Because it's the actual easiest method since they just function as if they were a Game Boy Printer. Hook it up with a link cable, press print in the game, and then it 'prints' to the SD card. But you're going to need a cart dumper or a printer emulator regardless, correct. Taking pictures of the screen isn't really a great solution.

>> No.5125117
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>Bought used gameboy camera from yard sale
>Plug it in my gameboy to see if it still had old pictures
>Bunch of blurry nudes of children
The brother and sister in that family seems to have a very intimate bond.

>> No.5125223

I'm not shilling, I've never provided a link to it. There's two of those devices on the market and that one I mentioned is less than half the cost of the other and does the job. Some people don't want or need a cart dumper, it's 100% a matter of preference.
not me but lol

>> No.5125706
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The following 10 pics are a dump of what was on the camera when I bought it. I wonder who these people are.

>> No.5125707
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>> No.5125710
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>> No.5125717
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>> No.5125719

Weird how you left out the part about you deleting the pictures.

>> No.5125721
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>> No.5125726
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>> No.5125729
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>> No.5125734
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>> No.5125737
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>> No.5125741
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>> No.5125748


I don't know why people say this. It's not impossible/even that hard to fabricate/obtain retro system parts.

Unless the assertion is that they're somehow not the same system anymore, but that's retarded.

>> No.5125769

Age of the zoomers ladies and gentlemen. You thought the millenials were bad, holy shit.

>> No.5126434

Radical, I feel like it's my duty to archive the pics from used GB Cameras that I buy.

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