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I've been interested on play shit for this thing for some time, but I'm not really into VNs. Can you guys recommend some real vidya for this weeb piece of crap? Preferably fan-translated stuff.

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Night Slave is a must play if you like side scrolling mecha action with top tier music. https://youtu.be/P8R8hbKq_No?t=404

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Just from the picture it is reminding me of Assault Suit Valken

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>oh I wonder how much these are going for on ebay

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There's your problem.

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that’s all I can think of, maybe some touhou-like games

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I had fun downloading that huge mega and clicking on random games.

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>buying an far more expensive plane ticket to Japan, and paying for a hotel, and paying for a train ticket to a small town who’s bookoff doesn’t have ebay prices and/or hasn’t been picked clean by tourists
how else does one get them.

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It's pretty much a love letter to those games, it's really good.
You have to use Yahoo! Auctions with a proxy service like Treasure-Japan or Noppin. eBay prices are insane, because the models being listed are either industrial and thus overpriced as fuck or being listed by people who imported them through a proxy service and are trying to make a quick buck off of people.

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Yahoo Auctions, nigger. It's like $100 for shipping, but you can get a decent PC-98 for less than 50 bucks.

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I saw that one on vsrecommended. Too bad that the page for the PC-98 is lacking.
There were many interesting games I saw posted around here and on /v/ that looked fun, but I didn't felt like recording them at the time.

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lol at your life, EOP

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You're not going to get a lot of translations for pc88/pc98 stuff

Either learn weeb or give up

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>buying japanese shit on ebay

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