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Koudelka is the most underappreciate spooky game.

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Nice OST too


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>i just saw an lp of koudelka
kids. lol

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>I know who LPs what

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I don't really consider it spooky, you feel overpowered and safe as fuck. The atmosphere is great, though.

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It's pretty damn good but I imagine some obscure JP-only game probably holds that title.

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As far as obscure titles go this about takes the cake, fun game though and it's sequels were all good as well.

Just a pain in the ass that the company that owns the rights to Koudelka and Shadow Hearts gives no fucks about gaming any more, just pachinko machines now, otherwise we might have gotten a collection of all the games by now

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I've always find it too weird for a gothic horror game.

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Well yeah, it was composed by Hiroki Kikuta. His scores are all fantastic; one of my favorites of his is Soukaigi, which was actually recorded live. I love the sound of 90s digital synths and stuff but it's really nice to hear music from that era played live for once. https://youtu.be/WO7nSb9evnQ

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I got this game ages ago when I found out about it because it looked tight as fuck
then I found out it was basically the first shadow hearts game and now I'm enjoying the shadow hearts games

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That's why it's good

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Agreed. I saw a friend play through it on a modded PSP and the game was genuinely unsettling. Kikuta had an amazing knack for what looked and sounded disgusting and disturbing, and his monsters looked both threatening and tormented. The game didn't offer a bestiary either, leaving the player in a constant mysterious horror that offered no mercy or explanations. Even passing by the door where the groundskeepers were was a stressful task. The voice acting was surprisingly good too, even if the lip sync appeared to badly de-sync in some scenes, and it was a genuinely touching story that laid the groundwork for Shadow Hearts.

I will say that the gameplay definitely raised eyebrows when I first saw it start. It was so jarring my interest nearly plummeted, but the game was able to survive that bizarre transition.

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Shadow Hearts is even better with a really great combat system.

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Yeah, I watched him play through that series afterward. The Judgment Ring was an excellent mechanic with a lot of variations to it. The Meta God is an amazing final boss too, and I liked how it was still the hardest foe in the entire game even when taking optional dungeons into account.

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SNK is back, baby

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provided you got Yuri, Alice, and Keiths best equips the 3 of them together made Meta God a bit of a cakewalk.

Defeating Seraphic Radiance with just Yuri is probably about the hardest boss in the series

>had entire series for PS1/PS2
>lost em all in fire
>find a copy of Shadow Hears at a gamestop not to far away about a year back
>generic gamestop case, no instruction manual
>want $95 for it
>the managers response when asked why was "because its good and its rare"

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I was actually looking for another spooky game to play and forgot this existed. Thanks, /vr/!

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>strong woman

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I've always wanted to play it but the battles seem so slow that I can't muster the energy.

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This is a fair criticism. Luckily random battles are not incredibly common and the game is not very long.

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You should get that ADD checked out

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I really love this game, no joke. The gameplay, though really slow and sometimes frustrating, couldn't stop me from playing.
The setting is fantastic, characters, little subplots within the game.

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Play on a modded PSP. It speeds the gameplay and loading times up by a ton. If anything that's the quintessential way to play the game.

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I really like Koudelka, despite all of the game's flaws on a mechanical point of view and the fact that it's so linear and hardly spooky, it's such a flawed little game filled with passion, surprisingly top tier voice acting too, I wish half of the games with VA had it as good as Koudelka.
>Just a pain in the ass that the company that owns the rights to Koudelka and Shadow Hearts gives no fucks about gaming any more
You mean SNK?
They've come back full force lately so I don't know what you're talking about, the real problem is that Sacnoth is dead, the guys who actually made the game.
Besides, Shadow Hearts games were already pretty different from Koudelka so it's not like you'd get something like it again either way.

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This is one of those games that could actually do with a remake. The visuals and music were strong as fuck, but the battle system and difficulty (in that, there basically was no difficulty at all) needed some serious work. The dev's proved with the SH series they could do amazing work, but this game, while good, was pretty short and pretty easy, and the battles were almost crippled by the constant loading after every little thing.

A good remake would do this game wonders.

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I'm starting a collection of PS1 games that are interesting/obscure/just fun to play. Would this be a good addition?

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Yeah, it's alright

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