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20th Anniversary soon.

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I said it last thread and I'll say it again that you should play this new mission because it's fun.

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And this is the list (as of Aug. 8) of FM authors who may or may not release something for the 20th anniversary FM contest. Which do you look forward to?

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Still one of the most overrated stealth series ever made.

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Even so, it is the best stealth game.
Who could possibly challenge it?

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Hitman Absolution on purist played on PC comes to mind. If we are talking retro vs retro though then I don't know.

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>he mentions the only hitman game that isn't hitman

I don't like Thief, but holy shit you have terrible fucking taste.

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I played through purist absolution, I think I managed to suit-only aswell.
I cannot agree at all. Cover-hopping with your bald head clearly sticking out kills the immersion utterly. Ill agree its pretty tense, but being able to cheese it by just timing the detection timer is ridiculous.
The best part of absolution was the entertaining characters, not gameplay, map design or immersion. Blood money and nuHITMAN blows it out of the water.

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I always look forward to JarlFrank's FMs, foot fetishist nazi extraordinaire.

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Absolution is objectively the way Hitman game though, followed closely by SA.

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>tiny linear levels
>absurdly inconsistent mechanics
>rating system is insane and completely inconsistent with itself and with previous games
>only a handful of levels actually about assassination
>most of the game has painfully forgettable A->B levels that mix brown with brown in some generic industrial areas
>user interface is clunky; if you want to pick up Evidence from a table that just so happens to host like 2-3 guns (vide the first room in the final checkpoint of Hunter and Hunted)
>sound detection system is REALLY bad - I wanted to scream at a custom contract because the NPCs who did not see me stood directly next to the spot where I threw a random bottle, and they stood there and didn't react and didn't even break their scripted conversation and animations, but the guy who was a good 30 meters away, on the opposite side of the parking lot, went all the way to the site to investigate
>contextual cover is often fucked up and clunky to use; it hides you when it shouldn't and doesn't hide you when it should.
>can't close doors behind you because of engine limitations, so if you want to run behind a door and quickly break line of sight, you can't
Purist Suit Only is tense and challenging, but the game itself really can't be called "objectively the best" in any category. Game certainly allows for much fewer ways of thinking outside the box like webm related. It's also not a fantastic Splinter Cell game, either, even if playing SO is kind of reminiscent to work like that.

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I have the best taste. Literally stealth master. I'm a ghost, kid, you cant touch me.

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>Thief thread on /vr/
>immediately start talking about games that aren't Thief and aren't retro
Fuck off.

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Melan and the anon who has been posting screenshots on here.

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okay max I might give it a try later

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Melan, more like meh-lan because his missions are average as fuck.
Not really they're pretty great. In fact I played Bad Debts just last night. It drags on a bit toward the end and some of the key placement is ass but I love the weird cityscape and simple yet stately architecture. His missions also have the best readables, in Bad Debts I particularly liked the one about the city worker trying to make sense of the power grid and stumbling into all the underground tunnels and sections that aren't accessible from the streets that you later see yourself, and the mad crate man.

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stinkykitty and maybe haplo for the fun gimmicks

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>Melan, more like meh-lan because his missions are average as fuck.
I agree with this. The readables are great but the missions themselves are all the same shit that has become retroactively generic after everyone and their dog started copying them.

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Holy shit I never expected someone to screenshot my post
I know exactly what the topic of my 20th anniversary Thief MSPaint piece is going to be btw

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>Emil: 'Ok, I'm not going to get rid of my spider, but I will make him friendly.'
RIP Longlegs

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Surprisingly solid. I grabbed the demo or "free weekend" or whatever and had a lot of fun with it.

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OK, let's do this.

I'm a HUGE fan of both MGS and Thief series. What the fuck is your problem? Why do you have to be autistic and talk shit about MGS? They are both a godsend to vidya.

Ask me anything, and make sure to mention all the games in the series you've completed if you talk shit. Cuz I saw mad insults thrown in the last thread and it seemed like those people barely even played the first game.

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I don't really see the appeal to Augustine's Revenge. It's a rather unattractive looking level with some questionable guard placements and what appears to be an extreme loot goal that is not is bad as it appears. I see how it can appeal to people who absolutely adore Life of the Party and who want to adopt the "thief highway" lifestyle but for me it seems rather basic with nothing really going on for it.

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quality image

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I personally enjoy the arcade style stealth that mgs has over thief, but the main argument is just that. thief has a much more realistic stealth system than mgs. thats why people like it more.

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>thief has a much more realistic stealth system than mgs
ehh, not really. How are you able to hide in shadows? That shit doesn't happen in real-life like at all unless it's literal complete darkness. There needs to be some imagination with the game conventions of Thief, like let's assume that the world's shadows are heavily stylized due to the game's noir aspect, and Garrett has some kind of Keeper technique that camouflages him in with shadows, and that somehow guards never wake up and talk to themselves out loud all the time and never check on the noise/visual inputs they get.

I like to use MGS2 as an example because it is my favorite, and that game has a really unique stealth system and it works very well, it's just that it's completely independent of the style of stealth that Thief went for that some people erroneously say it's somehow "inferior". The way the game's movement, camera, aiming, etc works is excellently crafted, it's just that it's not the same gameplay as Thief.

In Thief you're gonna be walking slowly in darkness, hearing the enemies, being overall slow. A problem in the game is solved either through waiting until the coast is clear, or using a special arrow (or blackjack if you're a faggot).

In MGS2 you're gonna be running fast, maneuvering the camera to acquire a way to even LOOK at your enemy without him looking at you (this is a challenge because of the overhead camera mixed with cover camera and first person camera in tight crammed spaces, it's often been compared to a horror genre camera), and find a way to bypass the obstacles. You solve problems by being fast, getting to cover fast, peeking at your enemies fast, and exploiting a loophole in the patrols (using the variety of tools at your disposal and excellent guard reactivity) and running out of there before anyone realizes something's wrong- guards wake up fast and get radio check-ins regularly. If you linger, you're fucked.

The styles are different, but both are great fun.

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>It's a rather unattractive looking level
I love the way it looks, I really wish I could build with such simplicity. Rooftop missions aren't my favorite type but I like AR because you're constantly stumbling into new areas yet the paths around are never obscure, I never ended up going in circles or getting stuck with no idea what to do next. There are a couple of awkward guards toward the beginning but I could only see them being a real problem if I was trying to ghost. Aside from that, it has a classic TG atmosphere that I don't tire of.

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mgs2 is not retro and is not relevant to the discussion, you fucking idiot. mgs didnt have first person shooting only first person view. vr missions is a great way to take away the story from mgs and show the game mechanics. I do agree that mgs2 is a great game, better than thief, but it has no place here, no dog in the race here.

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I'm usually not one to complain about the looks of a mission, but augustine's revenge is just plain ugly. Things like the water tank or the "buildings" that consist of a solid brush with a single horribly tiled window texture just reek of lazyness. The city section in three crowns (an earlier mission by the same author) looked so much better in comparison, while still retaining the simplicity in its brushwork (the rest of the mission looks like ass though).

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>That shit doesn't happen in real-life like at all unless it's literal complete darkness.
Are you retarded? Have you never actually done this in real life? You can hide in the dark. It doesn't even have to be pitch, so long as you aren't silhouetted.

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>Have you never actually done this in real life?
I can't wait to see these guys in the news after being arrested for stalking

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What about hl 20th anniversary? Or tribes? Or ocarina of time? Is thief the first you can think of?

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Well I mean as a kid, really. Or when you're just sneaking up on a friend for shits. That sort of thing.

Not just skulking around the shadows of your town.

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>not retro and is not relevant to the discussion, you fucking idiot
rude lol, also PS2 was released 4 days after Thief 2 so it was the same generation, not to mention the Dreamcast being out for a long time already. Some versions of MGS1 had first person shooting iirc. Otherwise Thief TDP vs MGS1 is completely unfair, how are you gonna compare a PS1 game to a PC immersive sim? I was hoping to compare them on somewhat equal grounds as a series. Otherwise, MGS1 is worse imo (both Thief and MGS were flawed games) but a hell of a lot more influential and successful

>Are you retarded? Have you never actually done this in real life? You can hide in the dark
Are you? Or are you visually impaired? Hiding in the shadows isn't real kek. Even in a very dark room, if you stand between a faint light that bounces into an observer's eye, you're detected. Really taking the autism on this board to a whole new level

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>Are you? Or are you visually impaired? Hiding in the shadows isn't real kek
And Garrett is not an ordinary human. Not only has he received Keeper training (and Keepers know very well how to be invisible), but he's also the best there is at his job. Crouching in the shadow is a gameplay abstraction - Garrett probably is expert at reducing his profile anyway.

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Next thing you'll say you enjoyed Thief 2014

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>Hiding in the shadows isn't real kek
It literally is though. I get the impression you've never been in a dark town, or played flashlight tag, or fuckin anything. Obviously it's easier in thief since it doesn't take the backdrop into consideration and the AI is pretty retarded compared to a human, but you can hide in the dark. Especially if people aren't actively looking for you.

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>Some versions of MGS1 had first person shooting
wtf is wrong with you. i dont think you belong on this board, you absolute mong!

there are no versions of retro mgs1 that have fps shooting, there is the remake twin snakes, but many people would argue that is not a true remake and more of a re-imagining, but thats besides the point, because nobody was talking about the remake. this was a discussion about the first thief and the first mgs, you moving the goalpost doesnt help to stabilize your position as a solid argument! kapeesh?

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I have the original CD-Rom. Will it run on Windows 7?
Windows 2000 was for shit on that game; it needed 98SE back in the day.

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>Will it run on Windows 7?
probably with a patch, at least.

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This. They cover in the very first cinematic of the first game that Keepers have basically supernatural abilities when it comes to moving around unnoticed.

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Yeah, easiest way is to get NewDark, or whatever patch is bundled with it. If you want to use the original EXE it still might work... Never tried on anything past XP.

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Just playing Thief Gold now, got the whole series dirt cheap from GoG a while ago. Holy cow this game is great, why don't they make them like this anymore? Had a few super close calls in Bafford Manner (expert mode) and now I'm getting spooped by zombies.

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because they don't sell

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>why don't they make them like this anymore?
Modern casual audiences prefer action games with stealth elements, rather than true stealth games, unfortunately.

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>why don't they make them like this anymore?
Check out The Dark Mod.

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Yeah. If you want to go through it unpatched you just need to set it to Compatibility mode with windows xp and you should be fine. Or download the NewDark patches.

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After Basso appeared in Thief 2, I think people started to regard Basso as a close friend to Garrett. I don't think Garrett has a lot of friends. Artemus maybe, but he is dead? All those people were acquaintances in the underworld. People who merely provide a service, not to drink a beer with. With a death of Farkus and Cutty you also get the impression these relationships are fleeting.

The moment Mortan spots you, all goes to hell. The trick is to lean forward right behind him to access the loot box. Don't jump in the tavern. One time I managed to lure Mortan away from the group, lose him at the crayman zoo and gallop around the place in peace and quiet. Knocked him out afterwards. These in-game shops are still a far cry compared to the one in Calendra's Cistern.

An FM should explain at the start what to expect. In 'Information' by Goit there are various wanted posters of Garrett hanging on walls, but no guard reacts to it. In this FM I can steal valuables in plain sight, but I can't pickpocket the journal or the purse. Oh, wait, I can steal them, but after I got some items? It is not clear what you can do and what you can't.

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How do you replace mesh textures without a .bin an .cal file?

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Is this still the best way to go? I've been meaning to play it for years, and finally decided to jump in.

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TFix lite is preferred. Very nearly the same as what that pic describes but smaller.

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There are two extra things:
1. The downgrade patch Gold to Dark.
2. Texture Filtering
TFix Lite 1.26
Open cam_ext.cfg
mipmap_mode 0
tex_filter_mode 0
;pixel parts_as_disks
movie_sw_scale_quality 0
Don't touch any of the options prefixed by "lm_". If you didn't update, it won't work and blocky shadows are expected.

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>And Garrett is not an ordinary human. Not only has he received Keeper training
I covered this in my first reply. The point is that it's not representative of real-life. Learn to read, bud

Low light conditions help, but you're always going to be hiding behind cover (bushes, cars, etc), trying not to move, to camouflage yourself, etc. Just "hiding in the dark" by itself with no additional elements isn't real and never was

>wtf is wrong with you. i dont think you belong on this board, you absolute mong!
Ok you're REALLY taking the autism to the next level here. Not ONCE did I mention Twin Snakes. I said
>Some versions of MGS1 had first person shooting iirc
Here's what I actually meant (get ready to be BTFO with no chance of recovery):

>Completing the main game once on any difficulty will unlock "1P View Mode" on the Special sub-menu. This mode is just like the main game when played on Normal, except the player can move and shoot while in first-person view mode.
This pertains to the "Integral" re-release of MGS1.

>Instead of a separate game mode, mobility in first-person view mode can be toggled on and off at any time by pressing the first-person view button twice.
This pertains to the PC version of "Integral".

Guess who actually doesn't belong on this board. Discussion with you low IQ spergs isn't possible.

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Can someone tell my why the fuck Thief 2X keeps referencing how the Hammers are sexist and don't accept women? I can't remember the Hammers specifically, but you find female guards in both games all the time (City Watch, Mechanists, etc).

>> No.5100440

Oh boy Gems of Provenance. I have mixed opinions about the missions, on one hand I for the most part enjoyed each one with the exception of the third mission. The first mission took me awhile to complete because of one item being placed on top of a casket in the fire shadow arena. The second has idea the of "lets put a mansion but underground' which I feel could be better exploited. City Public Water Works was a slog for me to get through which is sad because I love missions were you start in a normal location but end up in an underground temple of sorts. Mission four I didn't really stick out to me much.

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Both kino

>> No.5100451

Mechanists allowing women into their order was one of the canon reasons it got popular so fast.
And I seem to recall, the deal with women in the City Watch was similar. They were hiring everyone to inflate their ranks, even former criminals.

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How is the GOG version of Thief Gold? Does it have everything pre-installed to run widescreen and such?

>> No.5100540

Yes. If you pirate make sure it's up to date since they do keep up with the latest patch versions.

>> No.5100542

Is the included patch TFix or TFix Lite?

>> No.5100551

lite, no extra HD grafixxx shit

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For anyone who wants to play Thief 1/2, just play "The Dark Mod" instead. It's free, it doesn't need any after-market gray-area patches and it's constantly updated with new missions and patches.

>> No.5100558

Did any game ever came even close to having stealth this good or better? Serious question here.

I have nothing against MGS, if it helps. Fun, if overly simplistic gameplay. Never cared much about plot or lore, thou, because it's a mess.

>> No.5100562

anyone who wants to play thief 1/2 should play thief 1/2
the reddit mod, while good as far as fan-made total conversions go, is inferior in almost every way

>> No.5100572

The Dark Mod is an "aftermarket grayarea patch" itself.

>> No.5100580

>being too lazy and retarded to spend 2 minutes installing a patch
>being such a bitch you worry about something being "after market" and "grey area" as if Eidos is gonna come for you

>> No.5100583

Thanks, I'll look into this stuff.

>> No.5100592


"The Dark Mod" is a free stand-alone game based upon the Doom 3 engine. It won't get "Foxed" with a cease-and-desist letter. It runs easily on all current major OSes.

>> No.5100594

>being too lazy and retarded to spend a few minutes downloading Dark Mod.

>> No.5100612

>Did any game ever came even close to having stealth this good or better? Serious question here.
Chaos Theory and The Dark Mod are the only ones that come to mind. The main issues with Chaos Theory is that it's third person and the level design is incredibly linear. TDM is pretty much a 1:1 remake of Thief with a few improvements here and there.

>> No.5100623

>City Watch was similar. They were hiring everyone to inflate their ranks, even former criminals.
yes, i remember conversations and text in Thief 2 that supports this. Don't remember anything that talked about women in particular in either game.

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mtk here and im in deep shit right now, lol. but i already posted my problems on forum so we will see. still got some time

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try playing a game where you can't just sit in the shadows safely like a pleb 90% of the time :^)

Try playing Hitman Blood Money and getting SA rank on Pro. That feel in Thief when you want to pick a lock in a well lit are and you KNOW you only have a few seconds before a guard spots you and the fucking lock is taking too long to open, Blood Money is like that feel throughout the entire game

also TDM is utter trash

>> No.5100843 [DELETED] 

>Try playing Hitman Blood Money and getting SA rank on Pro.
>try playing a game where you can't just sit in the shadows safely like a pleb
You chose the one game that happens to have the absolute easiest Pro/SA requirements in the entire franchise, with disguises being pretty much immortal as long as you don't do something blatantly stupid or pick a wrong disguise to enter a room (which is extremely difficult to do, and multiple levels have at least one "God" disguise that lets you go anywhere without anyone ever bothering you), where you are capable of blackjacking every single NPC in your path, where the NPCs are extremely idiotic and absurdly easy to manipulate with thrown objects and the coin, and where any witnesses to your crimes can be silenced with an accident, making alerts non-permanent.

Blood Money is the one game where Pro/SA in Suit Only is easier than in disguise, too, most of the time.

So yeah, maybe try picking an entry that is not geared entirely towards being a mini-sandbox puzzle game and where you're allowed to Usain Bolt through the entire level while being shot at by the entire compound and still get that vaunted Silent Assassin rank.

>> No.5100864

No, seriously, I can't stress it enough.
In Thief, TDM, whatever other game, if you're in a well-lit room lockpicking a door, a guard draws his weapon, does the usual quip, and closes into melee instantly. You're now forced to lose him in a corridor, use some Flash Bombs to escape, slay him, or dance long enough with the blackjack for him to finally fall.

In Hitman Blood Money, if you're in the same situation and a guard shows up, you just walk away from the lock. The guard never saw you lockpicking, but he does see you trespassing. He drops absolutely everything and runs towards you, and from then on, he will chase you through the entire level just to tell you "Get lost, chumley!". You don't have to comply fast - you can, in fact, run away from him to another room you're not allowed in, and more often than not, he'll lose interest chasing you halfway through. He will not react if you walk behind his back and draw a weapon or sedative. He will stand there, dumbfounded, and let himself be disposed of in any way, and then you can go pick your lock.

Besides, you don't even have to pick that lock in the first place. You can just shoot it with your overpowered silenced weapon that doubles as an automatic gun and an egregiously accurate sniper rifle (rendering literally every other weapon obsolete), which takes all of 0,5 seconds. Nobody hears you, and there's no reason not to do that instead of lockpicking, especially if pressed for time.

You're feeling pressure and anxiety in the least challenging game in its franchise (which is still fun to play, don't get me wrong) while streamlining the entirety of Thief challenge to "sitting in the shadows safely 90% of the time like a pleb". In Blood Money, you run around in the open 100% of the time in a godlike disguise while dodging gullible, incompetent morons. Truly patrician gameplay.

>> No.5100913

Is this some kind of joke?

>> No.5100916 [DELETED] 

They're talking about the shit one, not the newest one.

>> No.5100997 [DELETED] 

>See Thief thread
>Expect quality Thief discussion
>See a sperglord shitting verbal diarrhea about Blood Money which isn't retro and which isn't even remotely comparable to Thief in any way, shape or form.

And here I thought summer was over.

>> No.5101000 [DELETED] 

the summer never ends

>> No.5101007

is thief mapping skacky the same guy as quake mapping skacky? what a master

>> No.5101009 [DELETED] 

wouldn't be an issue if we listened to >>5098701

>> No.5101047 [DELETED] 

>expect quality Thief discussion
start with yourself

>> No.5101050 [DELETED] 

When I post quality conversation to the thread, they call me a saint.
When I ask why the thread has no quality conversation, they call me a communist.

>> No.5101061 [DELETED] 

the last few posts have been people asking if there are any other stealth games that are on the level of thief quality
someone started shitting on the thief quality while shilling shitty games
and now it's over and not worth talking about anymore, so go post the quality content you're holding on to

>> No.5101063 [DELETED] 

No you're just a faggot

>> No.5101065

im mad!!!!

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Shut up taffer

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>metagame exploits means the game is easy
also most tactics you describe create witnesses. Only sometimes does it bug out and give you SA that way, You can't blackjack every NPC, the game gives you TWO doses of sedative. You can knock them out with a gun but if it's an armed NPC looking at you, it's real tricky.

I can just as easily dismantle Thief by saying every single NPC in the game can be blackjacked by just running circles around them and hitting them from behind while they try to attack you but most people don't consider that to be within the range of considered playstyles for the game. stop being a complete fucking autist

Blood Money is a god tier game. Actually I wasn't even gonna go into it but the amount of non-linearity and possibility in it puts any immersive sim to shame.

>You're feeling pressure and anxiety in the least challenging game in its franchise
Hitman 1 and 2 were like the first PC games I ever played and there was nothing great about the disguise system in those. Disguises being reliable was crucial to BM's success.

But like others have said it's true that BM is not retro, and neither is TDM. It's annoying to see TDM regularly talked about in these threads when it's not retro and also a piece of shit

on topic, check out what i just caught in Thief 2X lol

>> No.5101134 [DELETED] 

>Disguises being reliable was crucial to BM's success
they work the same as in hitman 1 but that game wasn't a success, i wonder why
>Only sometimes does it bug out and give you SA that way
no, you can make it work every single time if you're not bad at the game
>I can just as easily dismantle Thief
you already tried and it was laughable
>Blood Money is a god tier game
it's an absolutely shit recommendation in a thief thread because it plays nothing alike, stop posting

>> No.5101210 [DELETED] 

>they work the same as in hitman 1 but that game wasn't a success, i wonder why
what the fuck are you even saying lol "i wonder why", do you know how that phrase is supposed to be used?. you draw 1 parallel between the balancing of one game mechanic and somehow that's representative of the quality of either game?
>no, you can make it work every single time if you're not bad at the game
simply ebin. most people dont play like speedrunners, you fucking sperg. SA pro suit only shouldn't even be possible most of the time
>you already tried and it was laughable
was the same tier of argument as yours lol
>it's an absolutely shit recommendation in a thief thread because it plays nothing alike
so? the request was for a great stealth game, which it is, not another 'sit in dark corner' sim

the best stealth game of all time is MGS2 of course :^)

>> No.5101230 [DELETED] 

>not another 'sit in dark corner' sim
why are you even in this thread if all you know is shitposting about games you have little to no expertise about

masturbating to a very easy, shallow murder minecraft game that is barely even about stealth and saying that it provides a better experience is laughable, stop posting

>> No.5101241 [DELETED] 

Oh do fuck off with your "sit in a dark corner" bullshit.

>> No.5101261

is everyone in this thread literally autistic?

>> No.5101264
File: 2.19 MB, 1512x1072, lain.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Welcome to /vr/

>> No.5101267
File: 24 KB, 396x360, 1536420968321.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So how about that music?

>> No.5101272

hi lain

>> No.5101309

>games you have little to no expertise about
such as? real fun that ive somehow become a thief hater even tho i love the games as an overall experience and they're some of my favorite, i just don't sit and pretend like they're challenging

it's clear the gameplay loop of active problem solving in Thief consists of simply navigating in a way as to always stay invisible through darkness and nullify any threat. Sometimes you use water or moss, also blackjack if you want zero difficulty mode. passive problem solving consists of trying to find some objective related item. What's ironic, is that the non-stealth levels in TDP are more mechanically complex and evoke more problem solving and decision making from the player than the stealth ones. I do love a good proper infiltration level like Shoalsgate where you fill out the big non-linear map with notes, find secrets and read lore (plus thematically it's excellent), but those are quite rare.

now, the fantasy that Thief conveys, and the atmosphere and storytelling and sound engineering is unmatched, but the basic gameplay itself isn't very complex. Hitman is FAR FAR more evolved in this regard, and that's just the truth of it, and verifiable objectively with the amount of elements at play within each game's scripting

to everyone else complaining, i have multiple thief specific posts here that go ignored so fuck yourselves

>> No.5101404

I like
>first city bank and trust
a lot

>> No.5101406
File: 48 KB, 1048x800, 1424190073417.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Herro Navi

>> No.5101414

The FPS thread recommends TFix Lite. What's wrong with full TFix?

>> No.5101492

Because the things the "full" version comes packaged with are things you'd want to disable anyway even though they, perhaps deceptively, are selected by default during installation. It also makes various additional fixes, many of which are legit but others arguably cross a line from "fix" to "modder's vision". Most of those changes, good and bad, are so minute that they wouldn't register with a new player but there's a matter of principle there which may or may not matter to you.
Basically you're not missing out by going with lite.

>> No.5101717 [DELETED] 

But Hitman has horrible mechanics all over the franchise, along with not really being a stealth game, but memorisation game. You get good at it by continously replaying it and memorising everything, because everything is turbo-linear.
If anything, I would go as far and claim the Riddick games are better at stealth than Hitman is.

>> No.5101754

>it's clear the gameplay loop of active problem solving in Thief consists of simply navigating in a way as to always stay invisible through darkness and nullify any threat.
Yeah, which change from room to room and then you have to take the level layout into account since maneuvering between hiding places often isn't nearly as easy as you make it sound, the game isn't just one huge linear shadow walk.
Clearly it's worse than your favourite game where the man who has a disguise that unlocks 99% of the level is likely right on the bottom of the first staircase and is standing next to a convenient trash container that you can dump his body into and that the AI never bothers to check, and that he can never wake up from. You can literally run into people in that disguise and their suspicion doesn't grow at all as long as you play by the easy set of rules. In a disguise, the suspicion meter only ever comes into play if you are really, really awful at your job and shoot someone in public, pretty much.
Besides you're praising the rewards of the Pro/SA mode but do not consider that it's just an arbitrary invention that can often be done without any stealth whatsoever, but fail to take into account that Thief has its own stat system that tracks how much do you like blackjacking and how dilligent you are at hiding bodies, it's just that the game doesn't have a rating system to force a certain playstyle that also punishes you for reactive gameplay; most people in Hitman just quit and reload the moment they fuck up a minor thing, whereas in Thief nothing pressures you to do so. You can just Flash Bomb and run away.
You favor a less-than-clean Thief playstyle that abuses the blackjack and consider water and moss to be tools that trivialize the gameplay yet fail to consider that Hitman lets you take a heavy machine gun to every single level and simply bypass any need for stealth, and a disguise system that ensures you're never in any danger.

>> No.5101827


> hiding in shadows is not realistic
Garrett was an especially talented kid who managed to even spot Keepers, who use their Keeper magic to be less detectable. Imagine it as a "hide in shadows" spell or something.He had Keeper training throughout most of his adolescent life, and spent most of his time stealing. That should be a realistic enough background to establish that Garrett knows what he is doing. Also the night can be pretty damn dark if there's not electric light everywhere like in our modern cities.

> the styles are different, but both are great fun

Yeah, no. The entire design of the stealth system in any MGS game is completely outdated. Whereas in the original MSX titles it was expected of you to go undetected for most of the game, which some occasional fighting, MGS just severely punishes you for not knowing everything in advance.

You can beat Thief pretty stealthily just by observing your surroundings, taking your time, making contingency plans. MGS is erratic and unpredictable. Running past an enemy doesn't alert him, even though it's very much audible. But run across some special surface and then he suddenly hears it. Everything is well lit, and in principle you should be seen all the time, yet outside the magic cone of vision guards can't. If you get caught by one guard, everyone immediately swarms your position.

I was at a point where you had to find and defuse bombs in MGS 2, and there was an octagonal place with grates and different levels connected by stairs in which it was almost impossible not to get caught. Of course it is entirely possible if you're someone who memorised the game on the hardest difficulty and you're just cheesing through your nth Big Boss playthrough.

The point is that on your first few times through, you won't have any MGS game memorised. Thief does not need such requirements. It's pretty to any first timer that metal grating is REALLY loud, and that carpet is REALLY quiet.

>> No.5102023

>Stealth game
>Hitman series
>Hitman Blood Money
Pick one and only one

>> No.5102026
File: 158 KB, 555x527, When you finish Return To The Cathedral without talking to Brother Murus.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5102069

> over 3 replies for this
grow up you fucks

>> No.5102081

Is there any nigga who actually likes escape! here?
>max tension from plot
>extremely mazelike but fun somehow
>unique visual that has its charm. like abandoned obscure theme park
>most fantasy-esque level in all entries

Its just great fun to explore. like going to that weird and old theme park in your old hometown.

>> No.5102103

I like it. It's not my favorite level but I like it.

>> No.5102371

Any way to make the map in Thief 2 now display my location and explored places? Just to be static

>> No.5102375

to not display*

>> No.5102385

stealth is about not being caught, not some arbitrary "sneaking in the dark" marker

>maneuvering between hiding places often isn't nearly as easy
it's pretty easy most of the time. dunno why you're saying i prefer BM over thief because i don't, or why you're saying i have a specific unclean playstyle when i hate quicksaving and the blackjack and wish they weren't in the game at all. while diguises in BM are reliable, they aren't perfect. you run around too much, linger too long, and you do raise suspicion.

but just to give you a quick comparison of the level design disparity, in T2's "Blackmail" I couldn't an arbitrary mansion key that you need to progress, so I went outside and climbed the 2nd floor balcony, whereupon i instantly broke the game because i didn't activate certain guard patrols and conversations (that are only triggered if you walk through the stairs to floor 2), meaning i couldn't advance to floor 3 undetected. also severely broke the AI, like having drunk benny and the barista run across the entire floor because i slowly walked on a tile, but not the guards way closer to me. something as simple as climbing the fucking balcony wasn't factored into the game's scripting and this is supposed to be an "IMMERSIVE SIM". lol. in BM you can do absolutely anything you can get away with

>> No.5102457 [DELETED] 

>stealth is about not being caught, not some arbitrary "sneaking in the dark" marker
I think what he means is that Thief has intricate interconnected stealth mechanics and AI that produce a wide gradient of hiding, whereas Hitman is very binary. For example in Blood Money, a single glimpse for a fraction of a second from a thousand miles away in a shadow puts the AI on full alert and they are 100% sure instantly that they saw an intruder. The new game has fixed that issue a bit but a delayed detection based on distance is not a big change.

>> No.5102474 [DELETED] 
File: 100 KB, 1280x720, 1536939040216.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Keeper magic
oh, just like in real life then. lol
all of your complaints are silly. the game teaches you everything you need to know and even if you get stumped, you can still call the codec for info. in MGS2 it teaches you about the tiles, about methods of dispatching guards, avoiding search parties.
>If you get caught by one guard, everyone immediately swarms your position
completely untrue. the alert only sounds off if a guard calls it in which takes like 5 seconds, ofc if he shoots at you that attracts attention and even then it's not an alarm.

look, mgs2 is not simple control-wise, and there's a lot of stuff at play. i suggest playing VR missions till you git gud. of course playing on anything other than a PS2 or PS3 is unacceptable as pressure sensitivity is a big part of the gameplay

as far as MGS1 or any other one, yes there's unpredictable moments, that makes it fun, but there's never something that you don't get tons of help on unless you're DSP-tier retarded.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZfxcLMN8r0 (this is you rn)

Even the room you mentioned is doable if you just pause for a second and use your brain and see what tools you have and what the game taught you

Yes, obtaining line of sight is tricky, yes there are very few safe spots in each room (as opposed to Thief where 90% of the map is a safe spot), but that's what makes it stimulating and what makes actually mastering the controls and gameplay systems feel amazing.

tl;dr yeah sorry the controls arent easy and the game isnt for brainlets, but even so its still quite lenient and non-linear. git gud

>> No.5102489

You guys are the worst.

>> No.5102506 [DELETED] 

That's true, but your suspicion meter has varying degrees as well, it's just used in conjunction with disguses and not a light-shadow system. When the AI notices you, or even puts their hand on their chin inquisitively and you see your suspicion meter rise, that's the equivalent of Thief's guards wondering what they heard or trying to investigate.

>> No.5102512 [DELETED] 

>shitposts about Pro/SA being the ultimate lifeform
>mentions quicksaving which doesn't work on Pro
>you run around too much, linger too long, and you do raise suspicion.
no, you don't. your disguises never get blown. ever. stop lying. they worked that way in h2 and h3, in BM you have to be a retard to ever lose your disguise.

>> No.5102525

thief, hitman and metal gear are all shit, the only good stealth game is tenchu

>> No.5102545 [DELETED] 

>shitposts about Pro/SA being the ultimate lifeform
>mentions quicksaving which doesn't work on Pro
are you literally mentally handicapped? not once did i mention quicksaving in hitman in any of my posts except praise Pro for having no quicksaves. I only wish Thief was the same. learn to read, bud

>no, you don't. your disguises never get blown. ever. stop lying. they worked that way in h2 and h3, in BM you have to be a retard to ever lose your disguise
yes, you positively unequivocably 100% DO. when guards are suspicious (which happens when something goes wrong like a body being found in the level), you will automatically get a yellow level suspicion that can easily rise to red on its own just by your continued presence, whereupon guards start shooting you.
>The bar becomes red and rises to a high level (more than 75% of the bar) if 47 is under very high suspicion. For example, if a guard is very close to seeing through 47's disguise, the guard will follow him around for a while. If he does not get away quickly, his cover will be blown.

>> No.5102576

>yes, you positively unequivocably 100% DO. when guards are suspicious (which happens when something goes wrong like a body being found in the level
exactly something that already ruins your Pro/SA anyway and which I accounted for: guards don't suspect shit unless you do something blatantly retarded, like hiding the body in one of the million safe body containers or corners that no patrol routes go towards.
>The bar becomes red and rises to a high level (more than 75% of the bar) if 47 is under very high suspicion. For example, if a guard is very close to seeing through 47's disguise
This doesn't happen on its own in the code of the game as written, you're reverring a mechanic that doesn't fucking work because BM disguises are immortal

>> No.5102578

gee, if only this were a stealth game general, and not a thief thread. fuck off already.

>> No.5102580

like not hiding*

>> No.5102629 [DELETED] 

>that already ruins your Pro/SA anyway and which I accounted for
?? and?

arousing suspicion and blowing your disguise is still clearly coded within the game. It's like saying that if I did a supreme ghost run in Thief then the guards are deaf and blind just because they never saw/heard me. It's sitll clearly part of the game. And just to BTFO your literally autistic argument further, you can easily let a body be found after an accident and raise suspicion but still get SA, lol

hey, great idea bud- how about your contribute, and for example reply to posts that mention thief, like me mentioning a major design flaw in Blackmailed. Where is your precious well designed immersive sim now?

Why does guard AI bug out when they enter combat without you (like Lady van Vernon's guard's after the fight) and start searching for you even though it never saw you?
Why is it that you can sprint on any surface without problems but even a single light step on tile or metal send guards into investigation?
Why does no-one do anything when they encounter disabled lights or machinery (light switches, gates, cameras, robots)?
Why does jumping on a rope send you fucking flying across the map half the time?
Why don't guard communicate with each other or notice someone's absence?
Why don't guards wake up, why don't guards who find unconscious guards wake them up?
Why don't guards notice open doors or open safes, or missing loot, or moss, or ropes, or broken/displaced items?
(these faults are mostly unique to Thief and fixed in all other stealth games, like the ones I mentioned)

Please answer my Thief related questions in this Thief thread

>> No.5102648 [DELETED] 

>arousing suspicion and blowing your disguise is still clearly coded within the game
it isn't, that's the point
you're arguing for a bugged mechanic that is all smoke and mirrors and only apparent for shitters like you who strip bodies off of clothing, leave them in the open and then stand there next to them waiting to get caught
notoriety doesn't work either and disguises at 100% notoriety often don't work

>> No.5102657 [DELETED] 

>that list
since when do they do any of those things aside from turning on the lights in any of the modern stealth games? they certainly don't do that in Hitman

>> No.5102712
File: 13 KB, 500x280, consider this option.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>stealth is about not being caught, not some arbitrary "sneaking in the dark" marker
By your logic, every single motherfucking FPS and TPS game ever made is automatically a stealth game. And so is hefty dose of RPGs

>> No.5102714

Fuck stealth games

>> No.5102768

If you don't agree with that logic then Commandos is not a stealth game either.

>> No.5102918

I almost like it but there are some rough parts like the long metal halls between the underground part and the manor and the halls of exploding fuckers.

>> No.5102973

Lt. Mosley died for your sins

>> No.5103004

What do I need besides Tafferpatcher (2.0.18) for a clean T2 install? I haven't played in a few years, and I'm trying to get my bearings. I'm using the steam version, and its not in Program Files or any other folder with UAC bullshit.

Is there anything I'll need for T2, or anything else I should check out?

>> No.5103373

>not in Program Files
It should be with your other steam games. My t2 directory is
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\thief_2
although I don't know where you installed steam.

>> No.5103715
File: 1.27 MB, 1920x1080, 2018-10-15-0935-46(1).webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5103741

that's a result, not the solution

>> No.5103901

a solution to my problem.

>> No.5103914

My bad, it actually was a solution, just not a very good one. But if it works then it works. I'm still pretty sure it's possible to edit the map graphics files so all the area indicators appear transparent and therefore do not highlight your location.

>> No.5104028
File: 2.75 MB, 376x376, 1391580806140.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5104157

Are you fucking kidding?

>> No.5104181

>go on /vr/
>tell people to stop playing /vr/ games and start playing /v/ games instead
here's a (You)

>> No.5104196

The fuck is that shit?

>> No.5104509

Escape was the fucking shit.
> max tension from plot
You bet your ass that I was mega hyped to get through this mission after that cutscene.

I liked especially that you start with little equipment and almost no health. Really puts you on edge.

> maze but fun
I think that's because the environment keeps changing and there's loot and equipment to pick up everywhere.
> unique visual theme
Especially the treehouse kinda things. Not to forget the books and other readables in the mission that fleshed out the Tricksters philosophy.

Also, nothing spells "stealth" more than being low on life, high on enemies, and having to escape a supernatural estate.

The tone fucking changes in level design in the same way the tone of the plot changes. Garrett thought he knew what he was doing stealing the Eye for Constantine, but finds himself in a much bigger mess. Constantine's mansion changes in the same way; Guards become apes, the environment changes to this chaotic natural maze... it's a fantastic romp of a level, dude.

>> No.5104713
File: 2.26 MB, 1152x720, 1518861685298.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>there are people who play Thief like this

>> No.5104720


Then again you know that sort of 2d pixel like effect that saturn and ps1 games had, maybe would've have looked better than the weird 3d effects we got.

>> No.5104728

Some of the early trailers are like that and I do think it could've been better
https://youtu.be/hHWYCfuPQHM?t=227 (3:47)
but like everything going too high-res looks weird. Whenever I'm getting autistic about lining up textures in my level, I think about people playing it with a texture pack and I just go work on something more important.

>> No.5104962 [DELETED] 

It won't play on potatoes, buddy.

>> No.5104967


>> No.5105094
File: 1.41 MB, 1920x1200, 1511707418574.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Never noticed it before but there's a tunnel that lets you climb to the top of this shaft in Cragscleft (likely thanks to newdark mantle).

>> No.5105098
File: 546 KB, 1920x1200, 1537848879774.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The tunnel. You have to get a running start and use the momentum you gain sliding down the slope to grab on just right.

>> No.5105431

can I get some good spooky or Halloween-worthy TG/T2 FMs?

>> No.5105587

Don't you get a game over for entering that area since you're supposed to "make your way through the mines to the prison" and not "leave the mines"?

>> No.5105668

you do. i stacked crates there and went out. my mission failed

>> No.5105681

All the ambiance from Bafford's Manor is seared in my brain. I played the demo a million times before the full release ever came out. My favorite moments are those small side rooms up in the wings that are completely pitch black, you can barely see a few subdued pixels of wall when your nose is pressing against it, and hiding there shoving treasure into my pockets as a guard comes in to peek around, trying in vain to find me as I hold me breath fearing even that will disturb him. Or lurking around in the basement, experimenting with all the different objects you could pick up, trying not to make noise on that stone floor, finding secrets hidden behind stacks of crates in chilly dark storage rooms.

These days playing the game is hardly so difficult, but I'll never forget those defining moments.

>> No.5105685

I celebrate the Thief:TDP/TMA missions' entire catalogue.

>> No.5105732

>They are both a godsend to vidya.
Not to me, Thief's stealth is much more focused plus the ability to climb player placed ropes and objects makes the game stand out compared to its counterparts of that time. MGS is also a trend setter of the overly cinematic story telling in games which I'm not a fan of.

>> No.5105756

Invitation to Castle Morgoth (TG)
The Broadsword of Sheol (TG)
The Unseen (TG)
A Better Tomorrow (T2)
Eclipsed (T2)

>> No.5105805

Shunned, Fistral's Story
Seeds of Doubt

>> No.5105897

Does the difficulty affect enemy AI?

>> No.5105905

midnight in murkbell

>> No.5106098

For anyone who wants to play Midnight in Murkbell, remember that we're talking about an undead mission that doesn't give you a sword. So you're basically defenseless against the enemies in the second part. You have to find a dagger as a side objective on Expert difficulty.

>> No.5106161

>undead mission that doesn't give you a sword.
so what?
>You have to find a dagger as a side objective on Expert difficulty.
you can find the dagger on any difficulty before even triggering the undead. You have to do the side quest for the amulet, which is neat but not really necessary as the level design gives you plenty of leeway to sneak past enemies and escape in case you get caught.
midnight in murkell is a great halloween mission that is challenging (in a good way) and not the usual linear scripted "spooky" garbage like rose cottage, a better tomorrow, or deceptive perceptions. It's also an amazing city mission that manages to stay fresh and interesting all the way through unlike skacky/melan stuff.

>> No.5106527

Autumn in Lampfire Hills

>> No.5106564

Come to think of it you should but I was in dromed so the game over was suppressed.

>> No.5106727

why aren't people remaking thief levels in tdm?

>> No.5106776

why aren't you?

>> No.5107663

Probably because the S.T.A.L.K.E.R -tier paranoid AI is incompatible with the exact design of Thief levels and it would be impossible to properly sneak. You'd have to drastically redesign the levels so that players could have a chance against enemies with the vision of Legolas and the hearing of Quiet Place aliens.

>> No.5107667

Probably because Thief 1&2 are some of the greatest games ever made in the history of the transistor and your homebrew Unreal mod can't totally recapture what made them masterpieces.

>> No.5107953 [DELETED] 

lol no

>> No.5107969

>come to a Thief thread to get salty about how people are playing Thief instead of your shitty mod
lol so convinced

>> No.5108001 [DELETED] 

No, play other better games that are getting close to thier 20th birthday

>> No.5108003 [DELETED] 

*meant their

>> No.5108491

It's quite weird how Mortan immediately attacks you. Sure, if we consider the story it makes sense, but how's the player supposed to blindly approach the whole situation? Or even know what to think of it? More information is needed, the inn could have been a good place to instruct the player on how things are gonna work in the streets: is Garrett wanted? Does Mortan want him dead? Even if the freedom of action is a fundamental part of a FM, the player must know by which rules the FM plays. Just like what happened with the guard and the door in the previous mission, but on a larger scale.
Even if the start of the mission, with the sword deal that seems like the easiest to strike but ends up being a death trap, is the core of this weird confusion, there's unclarity in other parts of the mission too, but those are due to technical mistakes. For example the hammerites in the restricted zones of the church can eventually leave those rooms to investigate noises, thus triggering the entire Hammerite Order into attacking you. In other cases, it's the simplistic design of some places that makes it hard to tell what we're actually doing. Are we really stealing from the SPCF?

All in all, I enjoyed the core concept of the mission and its narrative quality: when the player accepts these semi-missions ("get me X and I'll give you your sword") and completes them, a story of many short adventures is being told. Sometimes, providing the right context to all the frobbing can be extremely gratifying.
But more than anything I liked the twisted version of this FM I ended up in. Now I'd really like to play some mission where the whole quarter is hunting Garrett down because everyone's gone mad for some unnatural reason. Maybe I should just replay Medievil.

On a side note, hoping to retrieve crayman heads from the dead crayman maybe was a bit too much, but the whole bounty thing could have been a cool way to let the player find more than a way to get those heads.

>> No.5108883

seriously though why does anyone still bother with this pos series (that wasn't even that good to begin with) when they could be playing the vastly superior Dark Mod

>> No.5108907

Why we care about the 20th anniversary of this game when better games came out the same year?

>> No.5109014

why care about shitposting a thread that averages four posts a day?

>> No.5109209

Just managed to ghost through the Mages Towers, the Fire Tower was fucking brutal.

>> No.5109229

escape is nice yea, its nice seeing the mansion reflect the demon lord, and it's like a strange revisit that intensifies the feeling of the manor and the turn of the game when you get the sword. this is the level where you realize you're not just playing with voodoo magic

>> No.5109247

I never thought Thief would be the best game I'd ever play but it happened. Seriously divine creation, I would spend hours of discussion in my head over what Thief did excellent as a game. Everything about it is so well thought out and rewarding with its interesting mechanics. It's a shame nothing would surpass the series many years later in terms of ambition and quality but that's fine. The sequel is even better

>> No.5109439

The first and... not actually the last time I made an attempt at ironman ghosting the towers, my fingers slipped on the keyboard while I was trying to pick the lock on the key chest and I pressed back instead of left. Garrett dipped one toe into the lava pool and died instantly. I didn't play that mission for an entire year after that. When I eventually did I did manage to ghost it without saving.

>> No.5109553

I have never played Thief, just figured fans would enjoy playing classic levels with a new engine.

Are they very different gameplay wise?

>> No.5109605

Thief's footstep sound levels and light brightness are better balanced and have better player feedback. When you start playing it makes more sense and quicker. With the Dark Mod you'll have to spend hours with trial and error in various scenarios in order to grasp exactly how light and sound behave, or you'll constantly get into problems with enemies seeing or hearing you in situations where it shouldn't be the case or at least you think it shouldn't be. The games aren't very different gameplay wise, it's just that one is better made than the other. Might not have as many features, but the features that are in there are more functional and intuitive.

>> No.5109823
File: 482 KB, 560x553, Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 11.07.01 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5109873
File: 769 KB, 585x430, 1379054006178.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I had a dream about browsing these threads last night.
Everyone was talking about how popular it used to be to jokingly ship Garrett with Gardenia from Pokemon.
Fucking weird.

>> No.5109902

You can count all the decent and non-cryptic completable levels for the Dark Mod on a blind butchers hand.

The Dark Mod is cool, but it doesn't have coherent official campaign like the Thief series does. It's basically if you only had Darkloader and a few FMs, most of which are annoying, cryptic and not well designed.

>> No.5111210
File: 424 KB, 1676x897, 1526108293791.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5111285

There's a new spook map called CNSD - The Game!
Jump scares warning tho

>> No.5111456

What this

>> No.5111643

is it another walking simulator?

>> No.5111889
File: 2.38 MB, 1182x912, thief.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5111947

Fuck I lost.

>> No.5113309

This is by far my favorite readable from T2. Possibly for the entire series too. You can feel how stupid this dude is.

>> No.5113416

red flags for fms?
>file size larger than 100mb
>city mission
>""""horror"""" mission
>mission thread on ttlg longer than 8 pages
>glowing praise on ttlg
>multi-mission campaigns
>long laundry list of objectives
>heavy emphasis on story

>> No.5113442

people post about in these threads

>> No.5113738

*burrick panting intensifies*

>> No.5113752

>file size larger than 100mb
that usually indicates a video, why a red flag?
>mission thread on ttlg longer than 8 pages
>glowing praise on ttlg
kek, contrarian much?
>long laundry list of objectives
I kinda like those actually
cutscenes you mean?

for me red flag is usually
aka loud tiles everywhere, guards cramped and looking at every possible direction you might come out, narrow corridors with no escape if you find yourself sandwiched between two patrolling guards etc.
>bank mission
At first that what I was aiming at, but after playing many bank fms, man, wtf.
Im yet to find an enjoyable bank mission. On the other hand museum maps are awesome.
>mixing genres
1 mission pure stealing experience, other mission suddenly a zombie bonanza.

>> No.5113770

MGS was an amazing games, far better than any after it.

>> No.5113808

Cutscenes are actual (and importantly, skippable) video clips like the briefings before each mission in the main games. Camvators are those in-game 'cutscenes' where you typically still have camera control but can't move. The first time you're shown the body of the many in SS2 is one of these. I don't think you can ever skip them which is the main reason I don't like them.

Do you have a fetish that involves saying how much you don't like city missions in every Thief thread?
>premise is a mansion with a dark secret (read: haunt in the basement)
>mission requires picking locks within the first minute

>> No.5113828

>that usually indicates a video, why a red flag?
videos or excessive use of custom assets which few authors can really pull off cohesively.
>mission thread on ttlg longer than 8 pages
probably means the mission is full of cryptic bullshit puzzles and hidden switches/keys, etc
>glowing praise on ttlg
ttlg is a big circlejerk of a community that loves to overhype certain missions/authors, there's no other reason shit like the rocksbourg series ever got so popular.
>cutscenes you mean?

>> No.5114129

I love these sound effects. Seems they've fallen out of style.

>> No.5114180

Speaking of sound effects. The effect they use for bubbling lava was everywhere in the 90's.
Notably, it's used during a Mancubus death in Doom 2

>> No.5114205

Man, I should really pick up a FM launcher for Thief 2.

>> No.5114210

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory.

Not any of the other Splinter Cell.

>> No.5114216

Depends what kind of stealth you want.
Thief is more for magical/fantasy stealth where you become literally invisible in the middle of the room because there's a dark spot here.
Hitman is more about infiltrating and disguising, Splinter Cell more about technology, and Metal Ger is about using a water pistol, camouflage and a cardboard box to take over an outpost guarded by 6 heavily armed soldiers.

>> No.5114220

Jesus they're so threatening. I love it.
Seems to fit a horror game more than Thief.

>> No.5114276

If you're using Newdark it comes with one.

>> No.5114286
File: 10 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do I look like I know what Newdark is?

>> No.5114294

yikes at those teeth

>> No.5114613

Anyone got the instructions to enable EAX?

>> No.5114708

Im making a cryptic bullshit puzzle fm right now, and you cannot stop me

>> No.5115547

Options --> Audio --> Hardware Acceleration off --> Hardware Acceleration on --> Hardware Acceleration OpenAL
Should be there if you patched the game.

>> No.5115602

t. metal gear retard

>> No.5115609

The time it takes to play thief missions is on par with the time it takes to watch MGS cutscenes

>> No.5115638 [DELETED] 

Thiefniggers seething

>> No.5115691
File: 76 KB, 755x1255, see thing.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5115702 [DELETED] 

yeah thinking thief is a good game its fucking retarded. its not even the first 3d stealth game. not even the first first person game with stealth elements see goldeneye, outlaws, strife.

>> No.5115790


Also now playing "being thief." It's fun, but the constant back and forth finding keys is tedious as hell. Anyone got any good solid missions they recommend?

>> No.5115797

Whenever I try to open DromEd it gives me an error about resolution not matching up? Anyone got a quick fix?

>> No.5116579

Yeah who the hell would ever want to drive a Lamborghini Aventador or even think it's good? It's not even the first car ever produced.

>> No.5117447

Not sure, domed resolution? Check domed. Cfg that's where you can make domed window bigger

>> No.5119273

A good burglary mission or do you have another theme in mind?

>> No.5119975

Best site to grab FMs?

>> No.5120001

Taffer's Paradise is up to date.

>> No.5120017

I need to play thief

>> No.5120207

Yeah, just a good mission where I sneak in somewhere and steal a bunch of shit. I've downloaded way too many city missions that have me running around into fake doors and entire houses with only 1 actual room.

>> No.5121085

taffers paradise do not post all the new missions for some FUCKIN reason, best is to just check the ttlg forum.

>> No.5121459

I check darkfate for fms. it's comprehensive, always up to date and also has a few screenshots and additional mirrors for every mission which I find really useful

>> No.5121950

>TFix Lite 1.26
>Open cam_ext.cfg
>mipmap_mode 0
>tex_filter_mode 0
>;pixel parts_as_disks
>movie_sw_scale_quality 0
What does this change?

>> No.5121987

disabling texture filtering

>> No.5122341

Yes, you can steal all the items and loot from the SCPF without repercussion, except for the purse. You have to steal some items first before you can steal the purse. The requirement is vaguely mentioned in a book.
Fetch quests are also a way to make the player explore certain parts of the map. Although there are some places you have to visit by own initiative.
I thought the same thing too: let's kill some craymen to get the heads. Can I get a triple reward. No, just enter the room next door and take the trophy. There is a certain rigidness to the answer I don't like.

>> No.5122654

you faggot

>> No.5122670

MGS... you faggot

>> No.5122802


>> No.5123223

>20yo game can't be considered retro in 2018
So you also think that in 2008 you couldn't consider Wasteland 1 to be retro? You know, that DOS-game with EGA graphics?

>> No.5123258

Just beat Thief 1&2, they are true fucking masterpieces. Now I only have 20 years worth of fan missions to catch up on. Could any of you recommend some or provide a list or something of the good ones?

>> No.5123265

my first fm was calendra's cistern for t1. good stuff, got me hungry for more and its been over 2 years now

>> No.5123304

saint of redmound
returning a favor
sepulchre of the sinistral (as well as its prequel, I forgot the name)
curse of the ancients
lord edmund entertains
calendra's cistern

they all have a certain "classic thief" feel to them.

>> No.5123335

No one mentioned MGS faggot. Also I prefer Thief because MGS is just some gay movie in video game form.

>> No.5123368
File: 2.06 MB, 5120x2880, 8216ecae8c2850ce36872b2ca2271bb853bdcf53.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You know the number.

>> No.5123735

Good choice but it's held back by some of its own rules that prevent it from being as free a playground as Thief is. A lot of the solutions were deliberately placed by the level designers and true improvisation is sometimes not supported. For example killing two targets with one accident doesn't work because that particular accident was designed to kill one of them, and thus the game only flags that dead body as an accident victim. The other one counts as a murder victim when their body is found. Also the sound design is nowhere near as sophisticated as the far future alien tech of 1998, and thus that essential feedback is substituted by X-ray vision. Ripping off the worst gameplay design aspect of The Last of Us is never a good thing.
It's not a perfect game but it fits pretty well next to Thief. It's the best game in its own franchise and whaddya know, it emerged as the result of the developers having free reign to make exactly what they themselves wanted, not something that a giant publisher insists on tailoring to the largest demographic. We'll just have to see what the sequel brings considering the fact that it actually has a giant publisher again.

>> No.5124649

Is there anywhere I can read a changelog with all the fixes/changes in Tfix and Tafferpatcher? I'm currently playing through the GOG releases and have finished Thief Gold and am currently on Eavesdropping in Thief 2. I haven't ran into any bugs or issues yet, but I frequently see both these patches recommended, but aside from generic statements like "it fixes a lot of the bugs in the games" I don't know what they actually fix, and so far don't see anything that really needs fixing either. I don't know if I'm missing something obvious but I couldn't find the changelogs anywhere.

>> No.5124683

The GOG version comes with TFix Lite installed. Not sure about T2, and unfortunately I also don't know if there's a comprehensive changelog.

>> No.5125880

>Is there anywhere I can read a changelog with all the fixes/changes in Tfix and Tafferpatcher?
ttlg probably

>> No.5125903
File: 64 KB, 540x739, What-the-fuck-am-i-reading.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5125916
File: 245 KB, 480x640, 244d3e30b59f979c8a1318da62840423.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you heard me. I had a dream about thiefanons shipping garrett with gardenia from pokemon

>> No.5126236

I can dig a pagan witch with several familiars.
Now you only have to make mesh texture to use in Dromed.

>> No.5126384

I don't even know that girl.

>> No.5126801


>> No.5126935

That's the problem, they just stand there while you grab the loot, it looks like you're a honorary member of that little Farkus cult and they're just lending you their stuff. Since neither finding them nor aquiring the items proves a challenge, it's hard to tell what this objective is about, gameplay wise. Just a flavor objective, something that makes you explore a specific part of the mission, just to make sure you noticed it's there. There are others like this one in other FMs, even if done differently, but I still like the Thief 2 way more, as in revealing the bonus objective only after you've found that little detail the game was expecting you to find.

>There is a certain rigidness to the answer I don't like.
Same here. One thing is stealing the heads from the same people who want them being the optional, secret way, but it being the only way just trivializes the possibilities the request seemed to imply.
Overall, this mission had his share of what ifs, possibilities that went nowhere. We have no way of knowing if the authors wanted them to go somewhere or if it's just accidental that the mission looks like it has more potential than it actually does.

Speaking of authors and their intentions, here's the start of the description of the next one: "The Treasury is a medium sized Mission crammed full of Technical effects."
Sounds promising enough. Or, as usual, I want to believe.

>> No.5127612


>> No.5127905

Any anons going to release a mission for the contest? We're about one month away from the deadline.

>> No.5127932
File: 493 KB, 800x334, karras_by_csupernova-d7ju00e.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5128082

Just gotta stop being a lazy fuck and put on the finishing touches.

>> No.5128424

Add in cam_ext.cfg
dark_map_decal_scheme 1 0 0

>> No.5128430
File: 130 KB, 1000x1003, 1472582716864.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5128437

>Ask me anything
Why are you bitching like a nigger and bringing up MGS in a thread not about MGS?

But MGS's stealth is objectively inferior to Thief. It's fun, but it isn't deep.
>why don't they make them like this anymore?
Normalniggers can't into actual stealth.

>> No.5128440

Tenchu was better

>> No.5128517
File: 65 KB, 614x800, 1472582338693.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5128887

anyone else really dislike the keepers on a conceptual level?

>> No.5128983

you're not meant to like them, they're smug manipulators sitting in the shadows thinking they're smarter than everyone else.
I didn't like the way they became essentially mages in T3, using magical runes for everything, instead of just being stealthy and discrete

>> No.5128992

>you're not meant to like them, they're smug manipulators sitting in the shadows thinking they're smarter than everyone else.
Is that the true authorial intent?

>> No.5128998

it's how garrett sees them, judging by his responses whenever they show up... so I think so

>> No.5129005

Garrett's supposed be a cranky jerk, though.
He's not a character who is always going to be 100% in the right.
Plus he has his own personal reason to dislike the keepers.

I just dislike the keepers because I hate the concept of neutral, advanced secret people that maintain a really unnecessary balance between Pagans and Hammers.

>> No.5129012

Garrett's the player character though, you're meant to identify with his position for maximum immersion

>> No.5129013

Does that mean I get to fuck Viktoria and Basso's sister too?

>> No.5129426

Anyone working with dromed here?

I'm trying to create a kitchen area in a bar/tavern type building but I have no idea how to make a stove that fits the time. There are frying pan and cooking pot objects, but no stove?
Any help would be appreciated.

>> No.5129589

Managed to get all three games working on my mac with crossover, beat them all, but have absolutely no fucking clue how to run darkloader and play fms.

I like them up to Deadly shadows where they sort of went to shit. The ones in life of the party fucking amazed me.

>> No.5130202

Use FMSel for FMs, it's built into the NewDark executables so you don't need to download any third-party programs, especially Darkloader which is woefully outdated.

>> No.5130316

If the lost city is literally 10 meters underground is it really lost?

>> No.5130665

Thief Gold it even has people in it, so it's really only lost in vanilla

>> No.5130760

where are the drawfags

>> No.5130845
File: 132 KB, 1024x672, 1537541334428.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5130846
File: 2 KB, 125x99, 1520689946373s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5130923

nice thumbnail

>> No.5131082

imho mgs is fun if you take it for what it is; a campy cyberpunk anime/VN with some laid back, braindead gameplay segments mixed in.

it may not be the best the industry has to offer, but it's still comfy fun on a rainy night.

>> No.5131095

>MGS is fun and charming.
>Thief is boring and autistic, just like it's fanbase.

>> No.5131104

>having low standards
even mgsv cant compete in the gameplay department.

>> No.5131113

my "standards" are set by thief (especially tdp). while mgs obviously don't live up to them, it's still a fun little game in its own right.

why must the thief thread devolve into off-topic shitflinging about not-thief? mgs isn't even an immersive sim, so why bring it up all the time?

>> No.5131118

Because thief is objectively the best 1998 game and poptards and normies need to know that hl, mgs ,oot, unreal and resident evil 2 were garbage compared to it.
There is no mgs game as good as thief.

>> No.5131126

okay autismo

>> No.5131129

t.pop games apologist

>> No.5131134

>implying thief wasn't ultra mainstream when it was released

>> No.5131137

it wasnt. thats why it's a masterpiece.

>> No.5131148

it got solid 9/10 ratings

>> No.5131153

by the highbrows

>> No.5131236
File: 124 KB, 936x782, 1487246773692.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5131815

My problem with it is that your description was not its intention. You might be able to enjoy some of it if you "take it for what it is" ie. terrible and embarrassing, an intentional parody of itself. But it's not. It was not meant to be a parody where every element is half-assed or ridiculous. It's supposed to be serious and deep and it's anything but. That's why it sucks. One can't just pretend it was trying to be a joke from the start to give it an illusion of quality. Just like with Assassin's Creed. It would be better if it was "the goofy misadventures of the worst assassin in history" but it was never meant to be that. It just ended up being that accidentally due to the developers' incompetence.

>> No.5131956

Good ratings isn't the same as mainstream appeal.

>> No.5132186

And mainstream appeal is not the same as quality. Though Thief did come out at the peak of the 90's FPS craze so its basic premise was actually mainstream. But it was advertised as being different. "No rocket laucher, no bio armor, just skill, the dark and a bunch of arrows"

>> No.5132235

mgs its an objectively bad series.
just like zelda and half life.

>> No.5132253

>mipmap_mode 0
>tex_filter_mode 0
>;pixel parts_as_disks
>movie_sw_scale_quality 0

Is there a way to turn off texture filtering but avoid having shit shadows in thief 2?

Theyre all big squares

>> No.5132257

shiiiiit link me to that version of the website pls

>> No.5132265

Yes, upgrade to 1.26. Tafferpatcher is only on version 1.25 and hasn't been updated in a very long time, so you need to find a raw 1.26 archive on TTLG.

>> No.5132278

Do I need DarkLoader?

>> No.5132285

For what? Darkloader is oudated as fuck m8. Use FMSel or NewDarkloader instead.

>> No.5132295

literally all of them are better than 1

>muh cutscene meme
MGS4 is the one that spawned the cutscene memes, nobody ever complained about MGS being a cutscene-heavy series before then. The cutscenes are part of the experience because the game does have a fair amount of exposition, being based on some more academic topics, like evolutionary biology and warfare, and you go through this immersion into specifics of military tech and also go through this web of deceit as the game goes on.

>> No.5132296

Thank you for all the pointers.
I'm an old Thief player, not used to installing ND and such.

You've helped me in every one of tha last 3 or 4 threads, I think, so thank youa tonne for that.

If I install 1.26 over my old Thief Gold installation, will it screw it up or will it fix the banded shadows there as well?

>> No.5132323

>If I install 1.26 over my old Thief Gold installation, will it screw it up or will it fix the banded shadows there as well?

Everything should work just fine. Just make sure to follow the instructions in the archive cause it's not as simple as installing 1.26 on Thief 2 (a few additional steps are required, but it's pretty simple).

>You've helped me in every one of tha last 3 or 4 threads, I think, so thank youa tonne for that.

Well thanks. Not sure if it was just me though, but I'm always happy to help a taffer.

>> No.5132330

damn i like thief but this pic is cringy as fuck

>> No.5132331


>> No.5132442

>Stop planting trees.

>> No.5132852

This anon is correct, it was praised everywhere. And word of mouth about technical quality, which actually works wonders in videogames unlike music and film made the game one of LGS biggest successes.

The cult appeal happens over time.

>> No.5132864

This is so apples and oranges it may as well be apples and steam engines.

>> No.5132913

mgs, oot and hl were garbage games

>> No.5132916

Either talk about Thief or fuck off

>> No.5132941

Not sure if it exists anymore

>> No.5133578

Fireplace with a range/grate in it, or make a positive square volume and put a negative quare volume inside it, then put fire inside and a grill/range on top of that.

Basically imagine a chimney but you cut it off about 1/4 of the way up from the floor and then it continues where it would normally meet the ceiling.

>> No.5133742

he is, one of his quake maps was what finally got me to play thief

>> No.5133749

i am a fan, though i like to sword fight, so that probably has something to do with it

>> No.5134035

It was one of the first FMs with a number combination lock? I have read about this one on Sperry's website. Apparently Garotte wanted his FM to be reviewed. Guess we are a little bit late.


>> No.5135172


Does anyone have some nice wallpapers?
Certain voices were dubbed in a different language. Where can I find the files?

>> No.5135507
File: 144 KB, 730x936, 1520975893936.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5135670

>game is cheesy and stupid
>every nostalgianerd says it's "charming"

>> No.5135872

I've never liked how people consider the MGS series a "stealth" one. It has stealth aspects, but Thief and Splinter Cell are actual stealth games.

>> No.5136251

you are forgotting mgs is actually fun to play, thief is literally wait in the shadows until guard turn his back
pacman > waiting simulator

>> No.5136368

But successfully working around a complex set of rules is more rewarding than working around a simple set of rules. With pac-man there's only so much that you can do to win, so hardly any accomplishment feels like something unique to you. The more there is simulation, the more possibilities there are and the more your solutions feel like your own accomplishments rather than the intended way implemented by the developers. So pac-man is not objectively more fun.

>> No.5136771

It did poorly sales-wise. Video game magazines and reviewers praised this game highly, but it wasn't bought and played by every gamer.

If you've played a ton of video games, especially for a living, Thief is a breath of fresh air. It's innovative and has the best stealth mechanics to date. That's why the highbrows loved it.

>> No.5136781

thief fans are pretentious. highbrows?
who do you think you are?

>> No.5137084


>> No.5137113

Are you literally a 12 year old butthurt kid? Professional critics are referred to as "highbrow", not the average consumer of something. This is a Thief thread, if you don't like it and would rather talk about MGS or something, go make a thread about it instead of being a saltboy here.

>> No.5137146

Readup how a.i. in Pac-Man works. It's a very clever game that has complexity in abundance.

>> No.5137364

more like pseud tier.

>> No.5137593

I played the thief soundtrack in the background while handing out candy today

>> No.5137662

Do you guys save-scum or save at all during missions? I tried doing iron-man expert my first time around and it's too rough. I just save every 15 minutes.

>> No.5137701

yeah, usually I'll go ~ten minutes.
Saving too often depletes the fun from the game for me.

Except, I'll always quicksave for ladders.

>> No.5137901

I didn't say it was braindead, I said it was simple in comparison which it is. And it's not just the AI, it's everything else the player can do. Which really isn't much, in Pac-Man or in Metal Gear.

>> No.5137914

I don't see save scumming as something that exist. you save for various reasons, and its mostly due to glitches (like ladders, ropes etc), strange behaviour (like suddenly making an unexpected noise while crawling through loud tiles), or before something dangerous ahead that can ruin a lot of your time (big gap to jump, tricky mantle etc).

>> No.5138019


>> No.5138034

wtf it's dolphin porn

>> No.5138063 [SPOILER] 
File: 2.80 MB, 1777x1733, 1541071799526.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't get it.

>> No.5138106


>> No.5138115

And I got a good look at the monster since he got caught on a corner.
Thanks doc

>> No.5138119

What's this?

>> No.5138387

>filename looks like youtube-id
yeah, not clicking that shit nigga

>> No.5138452

a small FM

It seems it is one.

>> No.5138531
File: 1.59 MB, 1920x1200, 1512514347764.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is that the fucking Jared Leto joker tattoo?

>> No.5138584
File: 929 KB, 1920x1080, dump001.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that new mortuos liber fm is some spoopy shit

>> No.5139929

Looks goofy.

>> No.5140247

like every other horror fm with no sense of subtlety, which is all of them

>> No.5140261

Nice opinion my dude.

>> No.5140319

I'm not fond of the "let's lower saturation". It seems like it caters to nostalgiafags digging old monochrome movies.
Yeah I'm one of them, but it's still shit.

>> No.5141393

I try to save every time I enter a new "zone" of the mission and use that as a sort of checkpoint. But it depends, sometimes it's hard to tell or it's impossible to do it without saving after every ramp of stairs. Alternatively, if there's a lot of those, I go by completed objectives.

>> No.5141537

I usually savescum a lot during my first playthough of a mission. I do it a lot less nowaday because I'm older and more experienced, but back in the days, I would save literally constantly and reload anytime I'm spotted.

>> No.5141679

>It was one of the first FMs with a number combination lock?
Probably the first (also the first bank heist, sort of), among the ones we've played. That's something I've been thinking about just as I was playing this one, I wonder if there are missions from those days that simply didn't manage to get to us. But it's possible that most of those weren't shared or finished at all. It's hard to tell how lively the dromed community was at the time, but they surely loved to leave their signature or thanks somewhere in their mission. I like how this one claimed the player's attention.
Garotte explains how the numpad works in a comment in Nexus' video, it's quite crafty. Some of these more modern elements must have felt like natural additions to the Thief formula, and it's interesting to see how some of these authors implemented them before Thief 2 did. And I agree with him when he says the "time for thought" hint isn't the best. Maybe not rubbish, but there's room for improvement. I'm cool with missions that don't spell the solutions of their riddles (as long as they're actually riddles and not veiled pixelhunts) for you, but for how long should they interrupt your taffing?
Now I'm a sucker for this kind of mission, with different enviroments that succeed one another in a crescendo (let's call it the Cragscleft kind), if well designed they can make even a fairly linear progression fun. This was the case, because every different part of the mission had something different to offer and a different kind of challenge. I particularly enjoyed the tunnel part: bumping into the pack of craybeasts was the highlight of the mission for me. They looked goofy at first, your usual "Let's do what the main game does but x5", but then I realized that their threatening presence combined with the maze we were in made for a perfect combination.
Some cool details here and there, like the priest in the vault having a small fire talisman on him.

>> No.5143090

How tall were buildings in medieval times. There is such a difference between Assassins and Skack's stuff.

>> No.5143128
File: 20 KB, 300x225, 300px-Bignor_cottage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Depends where it was built but a lot were taller than modern housing to make drainage easy with a lot of stonework underneath and lots of overhanging to prevent water running on the walls and not have your floor covered in water whenever it rains.

Places where rain isn't an issue just build on the dirt and aren't anywhere as tall or even have another floor

>> No.5143139

>How tall were buildings in medieval times.
who cares? thief has honest to god skyscrapers

>> No.5143264

Dayport is full of 6-storey apartment blocks. Thief isn't medieval, it's just Thief.

>> No.5144168

Amazing, who made this? Img search only gives some old barely readable forum thread

>> No.5144180

got me man. I saved it from 4chan

>> No.5145020
File: 1.42 MB, 1920x1200, 1527329487100.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's pretty crazy to go through official missions in dromed and see how sloppily they're built (but you never noticed).

>> No.5145187

Absolutely, so much texture misalignment.

No fucks.

>> No.5145206
File: 917 KB, 1920x1200, 1513924400863.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was looking around Assassins and I noticed that most arches like this weren't filled in with room. It would be easy enough to fix but nobody would notice while playing.

>> No.5145209
File: 956 KB, 1920x1200, 1531821835821.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But then there's this single one where they went way overboard.
Not to mention all the random gaps into space along the streets.

>> No.5145302

It was actually this level of mania that got me convinced to try DromEd.

I thought 'if some parts of the OG missions are this shirt, mine certainly won't be worse'

Its inspo; )

>> No.5145318

Post FM inspo, for the deadline draws nigh!

>> No.5145485

I've been neurotically trying to cover every last bit of un-roomed area in my mission so I decided to see how the pros did it. It seems the answer is that I've been sweating the details too much.

>> No.5145738

>"The Dark Mod"
Thanks anon. I didn't know this existed.

>> No.5146205

As long as the end product looks finished and nice it's pretty much of no importance. I'd take an OM with misaligned textures in DromEd over any "polished" FM that looks and plays like shit today.

>> No.5146215

most urban environments (i.e. Bafford's, Assassins, Undercover) in the series have very low buildings. the vastly different architecture in LotP could arguably be seen as out-of-universe.

>> No.5146309
File: 81 KB, 315x315, 24234069827.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good god, how much I would give for gaming to go down the path that Thief, System Shock and Deus Ex were hinting at, rather than the cinematic tripe we're getting today.

>> No.5146360

>it's different so it isn't canon
The Hand Brotherhood and Karath Din have taller buildings than Dayport. The older parts of The City don't need to have buildings as tall as the newer parts. Old parts were haphazardly built and with no thought put into structure or space conservation. And nobody wants a housing project to be built on top of their old castle. We only ever see two newer city sections in the trilogy. Dayport and Auldale. And whaddya know, both of them have taller buildings and less organic infrastructure planning than Old Quarter or Wayside.

>> No.5146408
File: 783 KB, 1920x1200, dump028.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Of course, I'm just saying it's impressive how much you overlook when you haven't seen behind the scenes. The pink areas in those pics indicated space that has no sound and the red lines indicate sound leaking through walls, so unlike textures it very well could affect gameplay.

Also there's this huge gash in the secret passage to Bafford's throne room that slipped by.

>> No.5146474
File: 11 KB, 180x209, Heatenings_stage_two[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have literally 3 hours max of work to do to finish my contest mission but I'm so sick of it I started working on a new one.

>> No.5146561
File: 107 KB, 981x552, city.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm not taking part in the mission contest but I really need to start working on my mediocre anniversary MS Paint piece as soon as I'm done with these taffing programming exams. Assembly and C. Neither of which I'm ever going to use.

>> No.5147584
File: 3.18 MB, 384x240, when the TDS floating glitch hits.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5148150

Someone on yt is claiming that after the Keeper Compound mission in Deadly Shadows, when you start out on the Old Quarter rooftops you can supposedly see Gamall standing on the roof looking at the player and then disappearing. I tried to look but couldn't find anything. Is it bullshit?

>> No.5148181

blame pop garbage like hl, mgs, doom and quake for the state of modern gaming.

>> No.5148183

>shitting and doom and quake
fuck off

>> No.5148439

First time I played the missing I was hiding for a full minute before I realized I hadn't been seen.

>> No.5149329
File: 333 KB, 1440x900, firstmissiondontbully.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Will you guys play my mission for the contest?

>> No.5149402


>> No.5149960

>too lazy to finish fixing bugs for anni map
fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. worst part of every map making

>> No.5150139

I'm so glad I made that gif

>> No.5150301

I meant more like just when it comes out, it's obviously not done, still have a ton of furnishing to do and some flavor building (top of perimeter walls/windows/castle stuffs) + objectives and ai which im nervous about cause this is my first time messing around with dromed

I cant wait to get last place in the contest :^)

>> No.5150429

Naw, I will get last place. It's also my first time too.

>> No.5150434

Jokes on you fags, that spot belongs to me.

>> No.5151127

I got Thief, TMA and DS this year. I fell in love. The storytelling in both 1 and 2 is 10/10. Though I prefer TMA because it's a bit more urban.

>> No.5151129

Didn't finish post. DS feels way more wonky and clunky. I definitely prefer the earlier dark engine games.

Can anyone recommend any good mods and player-made missions? And how do I download and play them?

>> No.5151464

DS was made for consoles, so it's a lot smaller.

You need a specific launcher for the fanmissions (FM for shorts) made for the Dark Engine, and of course to have the games on your PC. Normally the OP should have the links, but OP is a faggot, so I can't help you more than that, but it's pretty headache-free. You launch the launcher, pick a FM, launch it, and it will start the game itself with the settings you picked earlier.

>> No.5151471

Are there different launchers?

>> No.5151476

Not that I know of, but it's been years since I tried using a FM.
There's also a whole different engine, Dark Age being the name if I remember right, but I wasn't convinced. It ran poorly on my machine, and crashed if you abused quicksave.

I -think- the link you want is this : https://darkloader.net/
But it'd be nice if someone else could confirm.

>> No.5151525



there is a recommended fms chart usually posted in these threads but it has some really shit recommendations

>> No.5151815

Darkloader is old and busted, the newdark patch has a built in loader that should be used instead.

>> No.5151938

No, dont use darkloader. Either use the default fm loader that comes with new dark or install newdarkloader http://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=146917 on top of newdark

>> No.5152057

Isn't newdark that meh new engine?

>> No.5152096
File: 980 KB, 1920x1200, 1510855463466.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5152652

Don't tease. Tell us about it.
Is that the kitchen !?

Is that my grate idea!? I'm so happy it's working out for you

>> No.5152832

The engine is good. The developer is a faggot. The improved code that handles mantling allows the player to climb things that they normally couldn't in OldDark because mantling no longer calculates the top of a narrow wall to have "insufficient space for Garrett" and and allows mantling onto surfaces with low ceilings where Garrett has to crouch to fit. Instead of letting players do what they want with the improved mechanics, the developer has insisted on changing vanilla level design to force the limitations caused by the buggy vanilla mantling onto the NewDark mantling. -Which is completely contrary to the LGS design philosophy because there should never be "the intended way" to travel through levels.

>> No.5152835
File: 33 KB, 600x603, 1529051201674.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>conflating newdark and tfix

>> No.5152843

That's nice sweetie, but I was specifically trying to recommend the map launcher for Thief Gold and 2, not the new engine.

>> No.5152859

it makes the game playable with a multicore processor, allows higher resolutions, and offers improved mantling mechanics, among other things.

so yeah, it's pretty much useless.

>> No.5152867

I dunno, I remember trying it, it was a huge piece of shit that was unoptimized, start lagging the moment you opened a door, and crashed if you took too many quicksaves.

>> No.5152887
File: 82 KB, 960x541, front lounge.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

who else /makingprogress/ here?

>> No.5152898

newdark improves playability and compatibility in every single way. there's no merit to be found in boycotting it.

>> No.5152902

But if I'm really used to Thief's controls?

>> No.5152904

who said it changed the controls?

>> No.5152906

Are we all talking about the same thing? I though New Dark was that game made in Unreal's engine or something.

>> No.5152908

I'm /stalledout/. It's done except that I have to finish setting up objectives and insert some readables. Problem with that is that is that my mission doesn't have a story except that there's a manor that Garrett robs. That's intentional since I wasn't interested in making a mission with an involved story but now that I'm at the end it seems a bit empty without that. I don't even know who the manor belongs to (he's only somewhat characterized by props in his bedroom) or what to call the sword you're stealing.

nigga that's The Dark Mod. Newdark is the unofficial update to the original 2 games' Dark Engine.

>> No.5152913

Also, while Dark Mod used to have really shitty performance I haven't had that problem with it in years.

>> No.5152914

HAAAAA yeah.
I've been shitting the the Dark Mod the entire time, and I was thinking you faggots were trying to shill it to me despite me repeating I didn't want it.
No wonder I thought you were all a bunch of queers sucking your own dicks while shoving plastic dildos up your asses.

>> No.5152926

I just have to tidy up some textures and add in objectives/AIs before im ready to go into testing

And don't worry, my mission is also basically "yeah garrett has to steal something from this mansion good luck"

>> No.5153092
File: 279 KB, 467x357, 4851841546213.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm /fucked/.

>> No.5153251

You can do it anon. I believe in you! You really don't need a crazy story, that stuff is secondary.

>> No.5153543
File: 649 KB, 2048x1200, The City.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There was a short-lived thread a little earlier on /v/ about how an open-world stealth game would work. It died before I could get my thoughts out, but I figure the setting of The City lends itself perfectly to that.

I think a completely open world setup wouldn't work great, is all. I'd still want some general structure.

Something like the Thieves Highway area in Life of The Party, but even more open-ended, with areas accessible from rooftop to city street and everything in between. Maybe split the game up into the different districts or quarters, where the general loop of gameplay is pulling off minor heists and robberies to earn enough gold for equipment to pull a major heist in the area, as an end goal for each district. You know, rob a few apartments, businesses, pickpocketing passersby on your way, then pawn it off at the fence and use the cash to gear up and sneak into a major Hammerite compound, bank, mansion, etc. to get your ultimate prize.

There could be an overall sense of becoming a higher profile thief, buying better equipment along the way, going from slummier areas to rich nobles homes all the way to the excessive heights of society in the City. And whenever you felt like it, you could revisit areas and hunt for secrets or valuables from places you skipped over, since your improved toolset would make that easier.

Anyway, how do you think an open-world Thief would work? Or could it work at all?

>> No.5153603

how to make this image a sky in dromed?

>> No.5154415

If you want someone to test it I will. If so I'll pm you on ttlg within the next few days once I actually make an account.

>> No.5155167
File: 267 KB, 643x900, ThunderboltandLightfoot_B2_Japan-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Zone transitions are usually signified by music, but this FM had no ambient music at all! I liked that the street was blocked off by a gate. Things like that give the impression the world is bigger then it seems.

Sperry laments on how the missions gives choices to the player. You can enter the keep by using the drawbridge (also seen in THC), the sewer or the roof of the guardhouse. However, there is still one way to the cray tunnels and there is still one way to the underground keep. I've mentioned rigidness in solutions regarding the previous FM. This one provides another example. To enter the vault you need a code and a key. The code is conveniently written down in a scroll, but it is protected by several guards, a hidden button and a riddle. The key is on a guards belt or in a safe near the scroll. To get to the vault you need to dodge the guards again. Sperry is right about the fact you can deal with the guards in various ways, but there is only one way to the vault. Is this sequence of events going to reoccur in later FMs featuring a combination lock? I remember dealing with this in several Thief TMA FMs.

Why do you (always) have to find the code? Why not, for example, brute force it?

Do you write down your passwords? If so, how do you write it down and where do you hide them?

>> No.5155174
File: 736 KB, 1920x1200, 1521675869261.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5155327

Is this for the contest? Looks rad.

>> No.5155373

Yes. Bonus points for anyone who recognizes what obscure source it's shamelessly ripped off from.

>> No.5155382

Sperry's update to Walking The Edge. That alley is iconic.

>> No.5155414
File: 710 KB, 1920x1200, 1513580029683.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good eye. It's impressive for a mission to be iconic without being released.

Now does anyone know what the fuck to do about teleporting AI? I have this asshole archer patrolling a small area, and if I go to the end of the map opposite that area and return, I find him misbehaving. First he would appear frozen on top of a banister next to his path. I raised that a bit so he couldn't get up but now he teleports down to the floor beneath him and gets stuck walking into a wall. I don't know what's going on.

>> No.5155426 [DELETED] 

It is missing some details?

>> No.5155435

It is missing some details?

>> No.5155517

Try removing that guy's Efficiency Settings. AI -> AI Core -> Efficiency Settings, uncheck the top box.

>> No.5155734

Seems to have worked, thanks.

>> No.5156771

Don't let this thread disappear you taffing taffers.

How close do you think you are of completing this FM?

>> No.5157301

As of this morning all I have to do is fill in some placeholder text and come up with a readme briefing. Then of course I'll have to get it tested but it's a pretty small and straightforward mission so I doubt that will be very involved.

>> No.5157641

Nice office space reference

>> No.5158026

Black parade when?

>> No.5158063

October 23, 2006

>> No.5158492

Cheeky cunt

>> No.5158537

Nice, looking forward to it!

>> No.5158546

Sorry boys, but I have an unrelated question. Someone posted a webm in a thief thread about a month ago and I'm looking for a source. Early 2000s game probably, first person, swordplay, medieval setting, and in the webm the player cut an overhead shelf in half dropping the contents of the shelf onto the enemy.
Any help would be great.

>> No.5158825

What about the other anon who was making a manor mission that looked like it was inspired by the early TDP screenshots? Are you still working on it anon?

>> No.5158847

Dark Messiah?

>> No.5158848
File: 631 KB, 960x540, master bedroom'.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

are you talking about me from >>5152887 ?

Just finishing up the master bedroom + bathroom right now. Probably another week until beta maybe. Funny you noticed the thief 1 aesthetic, I definitely got a lot of inspiration from Assassins and Song

>> No.5158852

Nah, there was someone else who posted some shots in 1024*768 resolution without texture filtering iirc. At the moment it looks like there are 2-3 anons making a mission for this contest.

>> No.5158856
File: 548 KB, 717x384, better front lounge.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

o-oh... ok...

>> No.5158875

Ayy, that's it. Thanks anon.

>> No.5158948
File: 279 KB, 1920x1200, 1541496729565.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That was me (>>5157301). Of course, immediately after I said I only had to finish the text I remembered I had to set up the equipment store but I sorted that out quick. And I also have to make my sleeping AIs behave better. But aside from that it's just the text.

As I said earlier I'd be up for testing your mission if you test mine. I don't know how they ordinarily organize testing.

>> No.5158953

>I don't know how they ordinarily organize testing
There are dedicated forums for that, like shalebridgecradle.co.uk but that one has been having technical issues as of late. I believe South Quarter also has testing forums now.

>> No.5158970

I'm sorry, but Thief is not a good series

>> No.5158998

Cool story bro. Why are you even posting here if you don't like the games?

>> No.5159004

He's saying that the series is too short with only three games

>> No.5159135

Give me like a week maybe and itll be ready for testing

>> No.5159167

it's a bit of a stretch to count thief gold as an entire game.

>> No.5159540
File: 1.65 MB, 2048x1152, Thief (The City).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cropped this to 16:9 for wallpapers purposes, incase anyone cares.

>> No.5159691

Is it just me or are the mansion textures in this game incredibly gaudy and ugly?

>> No.5159715

Saved. Thanks anon.

>> No.5159717

Why are there so many machines in the bank heist level roaming the basement? I don't get that. Werent there normal guards they could use to guard the main systems?

>> No.5159967

How do you change the texture of a NPC without the use of a .bin and a .cal?

>> No.5160062

No problem.

>> No.5160152

One of them doesn't even have a title numeral so that probably shouldn't count. I mean look at The Elder Scrolls. You know the mainline series by the fact that every single entry is numbered, including the first one.

>> No.5160181

the basement is a linear mess and the mission is overrated.

it's also one of the peak examples of soulless thief 2 architecture with its sterile mix of neoclassicism and art deco. only angelwatch is worse.

>> No.5160197

If one wants to argue about the soullessness of basements, the bank comes nowhere near the level of Song of The Caverns. Jesus, the opera house basement with its symmetrical empty straight hallways and infinitely repeating single textures with the most unappealing color choices imaginable. It's hideous.

>> No.5160672

If you're doing this for the contest there are meshes that don't have any textures, so you can easily change them by using Shape -> replace texture 0 and point to a texture in mesh/txt/ (or mesh/txt16/).
There are other ways to do like such as changing the mesh texture in DromEd but I never got it to work.

>> No.5160701
File: 3 KB, 64x64, mask3.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm looking at Seeds of Doubt in Dromed and I can't figure it out.
Maybe I will create a slug monster texture, maybe I stick to the black dude with red eyes.

>> No.5160736

They are and I love it.

>> No.5161802

Is that Zaat?

>> No.5161961

The underwater pagan world is underdeveloped.

>> No.5162750

Are there any games that have a similar atmosphere? Preferably an FPS with slow gameplay so you can really immerse yourself.

>> No.5162775

Arx Fatalis comes pretty close at times, especially in the crypt.

>> No.5162832

the palette in the first game is, along with the cartoonish style, pretty much perfect. a shame LGS fell for the "realism" meme in the second one.

>> No.5163268

Very nice, got any more?

>> No.5163285

I figured it might be intentional. Give you another reason not to sympathize with the rick fucks you're stealing from.

>> No.5163292

Should I play this game if I'm bad with horror games?

>> No.5163301

There's an instant win button combination if you can't handle a scary mission. Ctrl-Alt-Shift-End completes the mission and lets you start the next one. You won't have much money to buy stuff but usually that's okay.

>> No.5163760
File: 3 KB, 410x126, 2018-11-15 17_24_54-Not Found.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5163767


>> No.5163810

good riddance

>> No.5163957

Give me ONE good reason to not replay Thief Gold right now!

>> No.5163961

Save your energy and thief hunger for anniversary maps that will be released in 2 weeks

>> No.5164075
File: 23 KB, 474x280, 1540199246147.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

owned nerd

>> No.5164114

Back in the old days of EQ we used to have a similar command - /ex for free exp.

>> No.5164413

Anyone ever played Thievery? Maybe we can get a game going?

>> No.5165225

What if I tell you that I never actually played Thief Gold?
I finished Thief in Expert and had a golly time, but never Thief Gold.

>> No.5165416

after seeing all these awesome screenshots of contest missions i feel ashamed of mine. But they're clearly much more experienced than me

>> No.5165751

Gotta start somewhere anon.

>> No.5165934

Literally nothing wrong with simple visuals tbqh.

>> No.5165989

I have played thievery with bots, it left me feeling like it would be amazing with players

>> No.5166216
File: 121 KB, 1024x681, hammerite_haunts_by_miklche04-dbgf36f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Only two weeks left for the 20th anniversary contest.

>> No.5166776

Help I'm fucked

>> No.5166796

with what

>> No.5167262

not enough time left to finish mission :'(

>> No.5167319

protip: just finish the mission in time and you'll be good

>> No.5167601
File: 9 KB, 200x200, 1515282908110.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can't fukken wait desu

>> No.5167610
File: 3.60 MB, 2040x1448, 1532570312949.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Also this one looks cool as fuck. Author is anonymous but my money is on DrK just going by how cramped and winding the streets look.

>> No.5167874


>> No.5168075

>city mission #34225

>> No.5168095

>inane bitching about city missions post #9001
I'm tired of this rerun.

>> No.5168107


>> No.5168132

you still reply to me every time lmao

>> No.5168767

How did you solve the floor puzzle in the tomb?

>> No.5169989
File: 970 KB, 500x233, all in the reflexes.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Do you write down your passwords? If so, how do you write it down and where do you hide them?
The last time I wrote down a password the classic way, hiding it in a old book I always loved and deleting it from everywhere else, I ended up copying one of the randomly generated characters wrong. To this day I'm still locked out of that account. A lock without key: Garrett's got nothing on me, but neither do I. Then again, a modern version of someone like Garrett or a keeper would probably have some hacking skills. They'd accomplish the impossible somehow.

About the floor puzzle, it's all about perspective. You mentally rotate the solution proposed by the formation of hammers and skulls to find wich side of the square tells the truth. The fact that the very first hammer isn't aligned with the right panel to step on immediately tells the player that it's time to look at it from a different direction. But there's a catch: it's really easy to just die when stepping on the wrong tile. Killing intruders is what death traps are expected to do, but I think there should be a small chance, for the right man with the right reflexes, to avoid that fate and try again, just more carefully. Since it's not easy to immediately understand how to approach the trap, punishing every mistake with a game over just makes it frustrating instead of challenging and encourages a wild trial&error approach. At least that's how it ended for me, only to retry it more patiently when I played the mission again.

I like the idea of a tricky hint, a solution spelled out in a misleading way, but it's something that should be done with caution. The high lethality of a trap cheapens how interesting solving the puzzle could be, and the code riddle can end up being too cryptic, leaving the player without options. Again, giving the savvy thief a second chance could help: a second hint, maybe, well hidden, that tells something more about the logic behind the code.

>> No.5170102

Playing through Thief Gold for the first time and it's great. Beat the first 2 missions on normal so far. The atmosphere of the game is amazing. Its so awesome but i suck. Watched a playthrough of the first 2 missions after and saw where i can improve. Hopefully the rest of the game will go smoothly for me

>> No.5170109

But if they're so good

>> No.5170329

Have fun anon, Thief 1/Gold is truly one of a kind.

>> No.5170683
File: 34 KB, 375x375, 1540340985609.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Their pedigree certainly shines through in Underworld Ascendant.

>> No.5170690

The last time I played Ascendant there was a big chandelier that had dropped in the middle of the room, still burning. A skeleton dude was patrolling, bumped into the chandelier, the fire hurt him, he got pissed off, attacked the chandelier and kept bashing it until it dropped off of the platform into a moat. There definitely is an immersive sim hiding there underneath all of the bugs.

>> No.5171103

I assume the devs got replaced by alien body snatchers who can't into vidya. That seems more plausible than someone looking at that game and saying
>looks good, ship it

>> No.5171137

>looks good, ship it
more like "dev wage wallet looks empty, ship it and let's pray we sell ten copies so we can afford to patch in a working save system"

>> No.5171148

Yeah, same, but on expert. Got up to the Thieves' Guild, that place is very good at showing game's flaws. Like, before it I didn't even notice before that you can RUN across stone floors to blackjack enemies and they wouldn't give a single fuck. Or that NPCs don't care about the only torch in the room getting doused with an arrow. Or that music in the casino is SO FUCKING LOUD that you can barely hear anything else.
Still, having a blast. First time I've ever got past that Hammerite mine prison level. Bonehoard in general and that flame spirit in particular is the lowest point so far.

>> No.5171173

>Bonehoard in general and that flame spirit in particular is the lowest point so far.
How so?

>> No.5171530 [SPOILER] 
File: 14 KB, 256x512, 1542674645707.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

10 days left!

>> No.5171541


>> No.5171579
File: 110 KB, 622x521, 1531910982860.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Everyone knows HD packs are bullshit but I feel there isn't enough prejudice against that "T2 textures in TG" replacer.

>> No.5171592

I agree, that shit is just as bad imo.

>> No.5171632

It triggers me what they did to my beloved rufgry.

>> No.5171643

The windows and blubrik look dogshit with it.

>> No.5171916

Burrick tunnels felt very sloppily made, especially when physics are considered.
Flame spirit just felt kind of... random. And he shifts game towards the combat side a bit. I know he's there so you wouldn't run out of flame arrows, but still.

>> No.5172606

What the hell is a taffer, anyway?

>> No.5173027

A 'fucker', except with a sneaky connotation.

>> No.5173915

I almost backed it because it has a lot of good ideas, particularly the stealth and physics, but it just seemed too unpolished. You could tell they were gonna rush release too, rather than going into early access or something.

>> No.5174082

I don't know which would give you more bad publicity these days, releasing a game unfinished or going "early access". The latter has an almost universally negative connotation. The former has classics like S.T.A.L.K.E.R and New Vegas. Then again, the former also has turds like Fallout 76.

>> No.5174748
File: 87 KB, 800x600, dump007.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I sometimes forget in what book I left the piece of paper with the password.

Like how Indy almost plunges to his death figuring out the name of God and he barely holds on to the ledge of the gap? Yes, this trap is merciless. You have a fraction of a second to jump. However, the clues are there. It seems the formation of the hammers and the skulls align with your compass. What if you replace north with the direction you have to go? Maybe that is a coincidence. You can pick up the skulls. If you drop two skulls on a tile it collapses. You immediately see some tiles are thick and some are thin. If you look closely, you notice the scale of the textures is off. There are bits of information, right in front of you, helping you to figure out the puzzle. You have to take the time.
After you solved the floor puzzle, you are faced with a time trial. Quickly walk across the ledge, before you get pushed off...or you can crouch and let the metal platform pass above your head as you go to the other side. You can also climb the platform, skipping both challenges. Sperry mentions in a comment in Nexus' video that the platform should be a wall. Unintentional paths created by NewDark?

>> No.5174825
File: 577 KB, 960x542, art gallery.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

do you rike it? Last room before I do AI + objectives

>> No.5174862

Looks good although with four chandeliers it should be brighter.

>> No.5175343
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Can anyone tell me why my ThiefObjectiveWizard isn't working at the moment? Anyone run into similar issues know how to fix this? pls respond

>> No.5175481

I think early access is the safer bet. At least with that, part of the problem is people don't understand they're supposed to be testers, break the game, and report stuff to the devs. Everyone treats it like a demo mode and that's what it became.

>> No.5175646

Use Goalmaster instead. The tutorial by Nick Dablin is outdated regarding that aspect.

>> No.5175925

Nice try but everyone know that hammerers wraith use swords.

>> No.5176012

From my experience Early Access always is just an excuse for the game not working properly that can be extended indefinitely.

>> No.5176017
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>> No.5176028

Delete this.
It makes me uncomfortable and remind me of when I faced these as a kid.

>> No.5176256

It just another case of good idea unable to remain pure when exposed to human greed.
Started as "Fund our project AND give us feedback!", trasformed into "We're too lazy to make a finished product but we need money now". Besides, it only works on indie level, AAA companies have no excuse.

>> No.5176263

>YFW you chase the trespasser and see him running to a nearby holy water font

>> No.5176724
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Does GM need to be in the same folder as the DromEd root?

Can I also just have the dirs.txt route the .cmds file and .str files outside of the root folder again, and then just copy paste them into the root folder when I'm ready to try them out?

pic related, just have the GM program make the new folders here and then copy/paste them into the cmds/strings folder of my DromEd route later on. I'm like semi autistic pls no laugh

>> No.5177039
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>> No.5177162
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In my dreams last night there was a most strange crossover between DromEd and a doujin I read.

>> No.5177619
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>tfw the Bumblesons get invited but not you

>> No.5177659


>> No.5178096
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Are you sure about the tiles collapsing under the skulls' weight? It didn't work for me.With this as a final tool for the player, the trap, even if deadly, could have been perfectly balanced. Especially because the hammer formation would have had a double use, providing a hint and a way to test the waters in front of you.
As it is, though, it's good enough. I was too reckless and I didn't notice the difference in thickness of some tiles, but that was on me. As opposed to the vault, the mission gives you a few more ways teo decipher a problem.
It's possible to look at the trap from below while in the room with the Horn, but it's not enough to see the full pattern of thick tiles, let alone memorize them. That's another kind of hint I like, the one that warns you of a danger to come. A warning that comes too early to be relevant, but that might turn out useful later. This wasn't really the case, but at least the player knows that there will be a trap ahead, and something important after that.

Time for some side notes: the readables are alright. The right mix of serious stuff written with a light tone. Kinda bummed that turning off the ventilation didn't do anything despite the warning, or that the Elemental Control Room wasn't important. The treasury part, the climax of the whole adventure, didn't really try to be more interesting than the rest of the mission, but I enjoyed the sudden shift from the caves to the underground complex. It's surreal, unexpected (similar to the Opera House one): how could something like that be on a deeper level than the monster caves? But the elevator is enough to excuse it, it just works (even if it's a little too far form the complex, and the empty hallway emphasizes that).
As a result of using DarkLoader, the Quake banner used as a little easter egg in the Death of Garrett now replaces the Hammer's emblem in any other FM. Cutting it down the first time I saw it only made it stronger.

>> No.5178138

Are you boys hype for the contest? There's apparently around 15 missions dropping soon.

>> No.5178149

All Thief games are cheap on steam. Which one is the best?

>> No.5178165

2 has best gameplay, 1 has best atmosphere, 3 has best graphics.

>> No.5178171


>> No.5178217

4 has most satisfying uninstaller

>> No.5178226

>2 has best gameplay
meme opinion

>> No.5178291

I'm hype to not be working on my mission anymore.

>> No.5178682

>contrarianism that you conveniently neglected to substantiate
Your "opinion" is a bandwagon that's barely two years old. There was a consensus for almost two decades. You're not fooling anyone. All you want is to be in a smaller more exclusive little club of your own.

>> No.5178703

>There was a consensus for almost two decades
The only reason it appears that way is because when somebody asks if they should start playing the Thief games, somebody who prefers the first game has no reason to mention their preference because it's more or less evident that you should start a series at the beginning. Meanwhile people who prefer 2 feel the need to go out of their way to say they should start with the second game, making their opinion more visible. What you're seeing is merely the reaction against that, because new players were actually falling for it. And even if that weren't the case, all you've done is fall back on "consensus" for backing to what you said - quite literally a meme opinion.
For what it's worth, The Dark Project has had a slightly higher score than 2 on metacritic with the same number of reviews.

>> No.5178714

And to be clear my point about metacritic isn't that that consensus proves T1 is better, only that those reviews aren't all two years old.

>> No.5178735

I don't think one should start with Thief 2. I just know it has slightly better gameplay. In fact I just wrote a comparison of all of the missions in the two games but went immediately out of synch because I wrote Bonehoard on the wrong line so I'll have to fix it.
And the metacritic scores are 89.91% positive for T1 and 89.05% positive for T2 with T1 having 50% more true negative reviews. "Slightly higher" is an understatement considering the difference is 0.86%. Anyway, those reviews do not factor in gameplay alone. As I said, the atmosphere in T1 is superior and so is the story, so even though I acknowledge user reviews alone, those factors are very important to many players.

>> No.5178790

[Training 0 / Interference 1] -T2 training mission opens up to an actual mission after the mandatory linear sequence of training sections. In T1 you get to steal one piece of loot after an obstacle course.
[Bafford's 0 Shipping 2] -T2 first real mission is a sprawling asymmetrical complex of interconnected indoor and outdoor areas, with multiple types of locking mechanisms and entry strategies. In T1 you get a symmetrical castle with one stealthy way in.
[Cragscleft 0 / Framed 2] -With the 3rd mission it's a draw. In T2 you have only one way in but it has alarms and security systems, multiple hidden passages and AIs of different awareness levels. In T1 you are also funneled into a singular entrance and you have alarms and patrols but there are four nearly identical areas which is kinda boring. At least there's plenty of optional stuff to mess around with since you can release the prisoners and even run the casting smelters. Such chaos has no place in a framing mission.
[Bonehoard 0 / Ambush 3] -T2 4th mission is a sprawling city area with a simple objective to avoid patrols, get a thing and escape, like a standard mansion heist except outdoors. In T1 you're forced to use explosives in a room with tile floors and six enemies, which is the opposite of stealth, which I cannot excuse in any circumstances, not even when considering the fantastic difficulty customization of Bonehoard. T2 barely wins because T1 went full retard right before the finish line.
[Assassins 1 / Eavesdropping 3] -With the 5th mission T1 wins. You get a very nicely made trailing objective in a sprawling city area plus a large albeit a bit boring mansion and an optional escape sequence if you trip alarms. In T2 you get numerous ways to enter the premises and randomized content that increases replay value but the level is rather small and has a long mandatory eavesdropping scene.

>> No.5178792

[Guild 1 / Bank 4] -T2 6th mission is a huge interconnected complex of various types of security and multiple entryways, combined with randomized content for increased replayability and huge amounts of difficult to obtain loot with no loot objective. In T1 you get an excruciating linear sequence of mandatory secrets, worthless loot with an unreasonable loot objective, and unavoidable violence against deliberately badly placed AI.
[Sword 2 / Blackmail 4] -With the 7th mission, T1 wins. It's an insane level that really tests your spatial awareness and ability to navigate in all dimensions. In T2 you get a decent mansion mission with optional outside areas to explore but one that gets compromised halfway by ingame story scenes that had to be laid out in a linear fashion.
[Haunted 3 / Courier 4] -With the 8th mission, T1 barely wins. Re-using level geometry for a trailing mission is lazy in T2, but at least it's stealthy unlike the worst enemy and patrol placement in the franchise combined with another mandatory use of explosives near AI. Why THC? Why do you insist on being worse than a recycled city mission? Anyway, it still manages to be better despite the anti-stealth.
[Towers 4 / Blood 4] -With the 9th mission T1 wins. It's a large partially non-linear complex with a variety of new dangerous AI and environmental hazards. In T2 you get an entirely linear sequence of small non-linear areas with barely anything to explore. Very similar in a way but one is better made than the other.
[Lost 4 / Party 5] -T2 10th mission is an improved version of T1's 5th mission where the initial trailing section is replaced by loads of side content and the final mansion is replaced by one that has more floors and less symmetricality. It has some bad AI placements though. In T1 you get long, empty and dull caverns with dark sandstone ruins, but there's some decent 3-dimensional navigation and difficult to deal with AI.

>> No.5178794

[Song 5 / Cargo 5] -With the 11th mission T1 wins. You get some boring watery caves but then the level opens up to a large mansion with some tricky patrols and clever secret paths. In T2 you just get the boring water dungeon. Nobody likes the water level, even if it does have pirate ghosts and a submarine.
[Undercover 5 / Kidnap 6] -T2 12th mission re-uses some old level geometry in a completely new way that messes with your expectations, ironically increasing its replay value because you confuse what you know with what you think you remember. In T1 you get barely functional disguise and access privilege mechanics and an unavoidable alarm, complete with escape routes that inevitably lead you into confrontations with aggroe'd enemies. A great stealth concept ruined right at the end. Knocking out three guys to get at one of them in the T2 equivalent is still more stealthy.
[Return 6 / Casing 6] -With the 13th mission T1 wins. The creepy cathedral tests all of your thieving skills, and even with its mandatory kill objectives, incessant fetch quests and unavoidable bomb detonation at the end, it's still more exciting than a casual comfy exploration mission in a largely empty mansion with coins strewn all about.
[Escape 6 / Masks 7] -T2 14th mission is a grand heist mission in a large mansion with lots of security and secrets. It's re-used level geometry from the previous mission and it's very symmetrical, but at least it isn't like its equivalent in T1 which is a crappy maze with horrible AI placement that leads to re-used level geometry with almost as bad AI placement.

>> No.5178797

[Bedfellows 6 / ... 7 ] -The second to last mission of T1 has to be judged on its own. It re-uses level geometry, has mandatory kill objectives that pop up when you deal damage to monsters, and the whole point of the mission could have been better gotten across using a cutscene. T1 does not get an extra gameplay point for a good extra mission.
[Maw 6 / Sabotage 7] -T2 final mission is complex network of crisscrossing item manipulation operations in a sprawling non-linear asymmetrical complex with difficult to deal with AI and surveillance with alarms linked to reinforcements, and main villain characterization via voice lines. In T1 you get a hallway that ends in a 3 minute wait.

Final score:
[TG 6 / TMA 7]
Thief Gold - 16 missions : average 0.375 points / mission
Thief 2 - 15 missions: average 0.466 points / mission

...So it's not like Thief 2 is absolutely superior in every way. They are very close. The gameplay of Thief 2 barely wins.

>> No.5178828
File: 13 KB, 250x188, app.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Haven't played any missions besides that one with Keepers devided onto colored teams. Could you fill me in with most notable/"classic" FMs?

>> No.5178928

Depends on what you're looking for.

>> No.5178971

if you want the "classic dark" project feel, I recommend the following:
>saint of redmound
>returning a favour
>lord edmund entertains
>the blue star

if you want classic thief with some minor artistic liberties (read: new textures and sounds):
>curse of the ancients
>sepulchre of the sinistral
>deadly darkness

and finally, if you want FMs that take great artistic liberties but still manage to maintain a "classic thief" feel:
>lord beilman's estate
>invitation to castle morgoth

>> No.5179345

The tiles should collapse, but it is a bit finicky.

In the room next to the guard with the switch to activate the drawbridge, there is this April Punishment Log. All the names are references to other users on the forum. Nice to see a sense of community.
The transition of the environment in Cragsleft had a certain logic to it. This one was a bit more hodgepodge?

You are using Darkloader?

>> No.5179393

>>lord edmund entertains
Love this one.

I'd also add The Hand of Glory to this list for the classic feel.

>> No.5179404

Gathering At The Bar
Shadow of Lord Rothchest

>> No.5180145
File: 207 KB, 800x797, tumblr_obm761e3BG1qj5nvno2_1280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

T1 is better because it had interesting plot twists unlike in T2, where you knew who is your main enemy from the very beginning.

>> No.5180324
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Wow, thanks! Are there any fan campaing_ that would be something as a sequel to the games (continuing their story)?

>> No.5180451

New bread: >>5180450