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There's something calming about playing these early 3d cyberpunk games such as G-Police, BHunter or Galapagos

I can't really get into "realistic" games or fantasy ones, these don't seem to mesh so well with incredibly small textures and polygons you can count on one hand

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Well these look fascinating. Thanks for the heads up.

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how about some Hardwar m&s?

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play this it's cool (but not calming, it's fast)

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I would multipack her fudge with my hot buttered sausage biscuit

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Perfect Dark was cool with all the spotlights and reflective surfaces and shit

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this game has a pc release? tried playing it on the ps1 lately and its not so bad, just that everythings so goddamn dark

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how dare you talk of her that way

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That is truly beautiful

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mmhmmm...I would slide my cream filled twinkie inside her chocolate ding dongs if you know what I mean..

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>when the polygon count so low you can cut yourself on that edge

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>low poly driving game
>has a train hazard

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Underrated as fuck game.

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The empty wastelands of youth. Digital twilights.

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Came to post this

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Messiah is a good one too

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good old quake 3 engine

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spot on
I could name seven right fucking now

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holy shit i think i had a demo of bhunter on a cd full of demos i loved but barely found the games later on (only outcast and outlaws)

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w-what other games do you remember from that demo disc? Was it from 1997? Was there Ignition, Yoda Stories, The Last Express?

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Shit, that looks gorgeous.
There is an lmost forgotten racing game called Mars Maniacs, Crime Cities cover always reminded me of it.

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first time i see anyone mentioning that game
was it popular back in the day?

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Not him, I got the demo in a PC-gamer, never heard anyone talk about it, never saw it on shelves (not that I looked).

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fuck yeah.
Got it on euro demo cd disc. All I remember is that when you hit your sirens, the vehicle got a little speed boost

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Omikron is a pretty weird cyberpunk styled 3D adventure from 1999 for the Dreamcast and Windows 9X PC. It was made by Quantic Dream, written/ directed by David Cage, and soundtrack by David Bowie.


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it's a pretty solid game, with great atmosphere. pretty solid OST too:


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A surprising amount of 90s stuff was multiplat

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quarantine is sadly the opposite of calming due to the aggressive AI (literally everyone wants to kill you, although only a few do it actively) and the poor handling. still a pretty atmospheric game, though.

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is that build engine?

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>Got it on euro demo cd disc.
It's one of those game I played a lot on the demo disc, but never tried the retail version.
I'm affraid to find ot bad if I really try it one day.

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nope. it's just a very bare bones wolfenstein 3d-clone, enginewise. although it does have some cool features like textured floors/ceilings and room-over-room mechanics. there are a few places where you can use lifts to access elevated highways and even rooftops, but' it's not really integrated into the missions.

it's not a very good driving game, but it's still worth playing solely for the visuals and the atmosphere.

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>wolfenstein 3d-clone

not gameplay-wise it sure as fuck isn't

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thanks anon, i remember seeing this mentioned on some 2am slotted computergames tv show back in the day, i was always curious about it and as most things in time it was forgotten about cheers

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>thanks anon, i remember seeing this mentioned on some 2am slotted computergames tv show back in the day, i was always curious about it and as most things in time it was forgotten about cheers

Omikron is pretty weird, to be honest. The game is a bit like Shenmue in some ways, but it actually has a much larger world to explore. It's actually like Shenmue combined with the Shiny game Messiah.

You control an entity called the Nomad Soul and posses characters in the game to use their special abilities. The game is mostly like an adventure title, but has 3D fighting combat like Shenmue or Virtua Fighter. There are also these really awkward FPS styled shooting sections.

David Bowie voices two characters in the game and even provides may music tracks.

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oh my..

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>The game is a bit like Shenmue in some ways, but it actually has a much larger world to explore.
True but it's also extremely much emptier and more sparse. There's little to none of Shenmue's detail.

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Omikron sadly falls apart towards the end too - it builds up the world and this massive revolution you have to ignite, then rushes you through a few puzzles and combat areas before giving you a magic sword and telling you to kill the final boss.

It's still one of my favourite games though because everything before that is a super comfy cyberpunk sandbox. Wandering around the different districts, possessing new people and checking out their apartments. Then entering fighting tournaments and spending your winnings on David Bowie songs. It's like playing a French sci-fi comic.

I remember getting so hype from this trailer (even though most of it never happens in game)

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The 1997 Blade Runner adventure game had a pretty comfy vibe at times, particularly McCoy's apartment.

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>dem graphix
holy shit is this the future???

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nigga what the fuck how is this from 1997

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It's from here, it seems;

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>nigga what the fuck how is this from 1997

Pre-rendered, not real time 3D. Westwood studios did a lot of CGI cutscenes back in the day. Especially for the Command & Conquer games and such.

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Voxels and pre-rendered backgrounds.