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oh shit
i remember playing this a long time ago
i also played the wcw one
good games for Friday nights with your buds

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is this loss?

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It's the best American wrestling game ever. The only stuff that's better are the Fire Pro games and maybe a few other Japanese games (like Virtual Pro Wrestling 2). WWF WrestleFest was up there as well.

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What wrestling game was the Jannetty?

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>erases the memory on its own in your path

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dig dig diggy dig diggy dog

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This is the only wrestling game I've played, it was at a friend's sleepover birthday party back when N64 was current gen. I remember having a lot of fun but because I've never been into wrestling nor ever had an N64 I never gave the genre a solid solo try.

Is this truly the best wrestling game and if so does it emulate well?

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2000 is better, no slow down

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VPW2 and No Mercy are based on the same core, to be fair.

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revenge is better

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none of you guys seriously played this game because nobody ever bitch about having your save file randomly erase. you had to send your cart in to thq to get the patch version.

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I'm a zoomer who used to emulate it on PJ64 1.6 back in 2006. I owned physical copies of literally every other AKI game for this reason. Might buy a Japanese N64 with a bunch of Japanese games for $100 so I can fulfill the prophecy and obtain VPW 64 and VPW 2.

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The save file glitch was terribly annoying but I kept playing anyway because the game was that damn good. Had some CAWs backed up the mempack for good measure. Now that there's emulators and flashcarts it's a redundant issue but you never forget the first time.

>mfw my dude's coming out and I hear https://youtu.be/VjvrXL_Yg_c

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The 2k series

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I've had that happened to me and my older brother thought I was the one who erased his save.

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Anyone else eliminate X-Pac immediately when he shows up in Survival mode? He has that bullshit move where he irish whips you, ducks and your character just falls out of the fucking ring.

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Actually, everyone can do it...it's a Super Irish Whip, where the wrestler puts their full force and body weight behind it. Pretty hilarious to see a guy like X-Pac do that to Big Show, though...

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Better gameplay than WCW/nWo but the WCW roster was so fucking stacked at that time it puts No Mercy to shame

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Really? I mostly remember just X-Pac doing it. How do you do that? Must be the only move in No Mercy I don't know how to do.

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anyone else used to go to icemaster.org and fighting-spirit.org to get perfect caws of japanese wrestlers?

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I own not one but two copies (One inactive because I got it signed by Mick Foley, hence why) that are not the "fixed" version and I've never encountered the save glitch, otherwise the save data that's been on there since forever would be long dead.

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Shame about AKI. THQ choosing Yukes over them was a mistake.

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doesn't work because triple nerf had a different theme song in No Mercy

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How do you get No Mercy mods running?

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>the team went on to make handheld simcity games then got bought by Nintendo and have been making girly fashion games for almost a decade


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IIRC, it was Up-C from a front grapple. More often than not, it would throw your opponent into the turnbuckle though, so you may need to weaken your opponent. This may have also been one of the BS ways they kept you from easily finishing Survival too, so if I'm wrong, sorry.

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This and 2000 caused so much drama amongst me and my 4 cousins. Schemes, betrayels, controllers thrown at your head after a match. It was just like WWF only more tears. Good times.

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>No Mercy
Aki developed it.

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>Schemes, betrayels, controllers thrown at your head after a match.
Gotta do what's best for business.

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I always got a kick out of the moves that some wrestlers could do in some of these older games. Me and a buddy of mine were playing WWF Royal Rumble on the Sega Genesis a month ago, and we both lost it when we saw the Undertaker do a drop kick.

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GOAT is non vr

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Why is Survival mode such bullshit?

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Artificial difficulty?
Perry Saturn's A+B attack cheeses the mode if you want that to help you out.

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>not wrestlemania 2000
uh oh, loser alert!

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Thanks to AKI Engine games I will never like a RAW vs Smackdown or watever iteraction 2K does now.

Btw the original Smackdown series - 1-2 Just Bring it brought a bit of realism to the game but fuck me AKI was the best for gameplay

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>it's a Super Irish Whip
It's a Hammer Throw.

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The original Smackdown was based on Yuke's old engine from their Toukon Retsuden Series (with NJPW license). Toukon Retsuden 1 - 3 were released on PS1 and TR4 on Dreamcast. TR1 was stripped of the NJPW license and fictionalized for a western release as "Power Move Pro Wrestling" and TR3 and 4 saw some weird Arcade Ports for the Namco System 12 and NAOMI.

And I wouldn't call the Smackdown games "realistic" at all. Quite the opposite, they pretty much threw away every little bit of realism (some call it sim) that was in Toukon Retsuden in favor of beefed up graphics.

I'm not sure how this engine was changed (or castrated) exactly, but some believe that Yuke's after Toukon Retsuden used it first for the budget titles "Simple 1500 Series Vol. 22: The Pro Wrestling" (aka "Pro Wrestling" in the US) and "Simple 1500 Series Vol. 52: The Pro Wrestling 2" where they already toned down the sim level. Smackdown must have been the next step of downgrading the engine.

And seeing the recent games by Yuke's I can only say that they were the grave diggers of the wrestling genre, since the genre is pretty much dead by now (with only very few exceptions) and only the annual updates of the shitty WWE games are left on the market. I gave up on their games when the first SD vs. Raw came out on the PS2.

I preferred the Fire Pro Wrestling Games and even more AJPW King's soul on the PS1, which IMO was the best wrestling title of this generation ... much better than even No Mercy/Virtual Pro Wrestling. But Arcade Wrestling games can be fun too like Giant Gram 2 and Giant Gram 2000 on the Dreamcast. But Smackdown wasn't even a good arcade wrestling game.

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>get your game signed by god

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Acclaim WWF and ECW games and the EA WCW games.

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