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Alright guys, who do you usually play as? Who do you usually have in your party? What's your favorite story line.

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i picked this up again after years. played a lot when i was a kid but i never actually made it through all the Beasts.

my party right now is Hawk as Ninja Master, Lise as Star Lancer, and Kevin as God Hand. as a kid i usually played the physical fighters but that's probably why i never beat the game.

which characters you like, OP?

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Just started playing with Kevin as Starter. He's not too bad, but now I'm having second thoughts about who I should play as. Decisions, decisions.

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I just beat this for the first time a couple nights ago. I used Lise (Starlancer), Hawk (Nightblade), and Angela (Grand Divinia). I beat it blind except I looked up the final classes and where the hell I could find ????? seeds.

I enjoy playing SoM more even though this game has far more to it and vastly superior story and characters. The gameplay just felt off. The combat is a clusterfuck with enemies and allies pigpiling in the center of the screen and all that floating font spam. I would often lose sight of my character and miss the ready-to-attack animation. Also the game would take control of my character randomly. I'd be positioned to attack and she would face a different enemy, or move on her own. It just felt bad.

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it's your first time? Kevin is the strongest character and feels the best to control in my opinion. you'll be fine as long as you have support characters. Carlie, Lise, and Hawk are supports.

yeah the combat feels bad sometimes. i always wondered if it's because of poor programming, or straight up bugs, of which the game has plenty.

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I was wondering if it was the translation hack that introduced glitches. I might play the Japanese version for a few hours to see.

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Really? All your complaints about the gameplay I found to be much more of a problem in Secret of Mana.

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Mostly playing with Duran and Lise if I pick it up again after some time. Duran because I think the Dragon Emperor is the coolest antagonist even though we know the least about him, I guess. And Lise mostly because >muh waifu, but I also like having an actual support character.
Last character is mostly random, except I avoid Angela. And that also determines my class for Duran, i.e. if I choose Carlie I usually make her the healer and go for Duran's dark classes.
>I beat it blind except I looked up the final classes and where the hell I could find ????? seeds
Same. I guess classes would have been in the manual, but the seeds are just a bit too obnoxious if you don't know where to get them or how to re-roll them.
>I'd be positioned to attack and she would face a different enemy
That one's kind of bad. But overall, I prefer SD3 over SoM's infinitely many invincibility frames and its overall semi-turn based nature.

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another criticism is when you get to the final area thats when every drop is either a ???? or a Weapon/Armor seed and not before. unless you look up to farm Papa Potos you are going to be at the very end of the game without a final class change. What do they expect you to leave the area and fly off to an inn? to hell with that.

SoM did something similarly retarded with several orbs being randomly dropped in the last area

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nah it's not the translation hack. whatever causes the jankiness is in the JP version too.

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I make sure to play without Angela, she's broken. Spells make the game highly easy for me.

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>I'd be positioned to attack and she would face a different enemy, or move on her own

Could be due to the "auto attack" feature.
When you hold the attack button down your character would automatically run towards the next best enemy and attack him.

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the game is easily beatable by mashing A, you don't need any of this shit

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Lise should only ever go Rune Maiden because Valkyrie's strength, the buffs can be obtained through black market items.

Duran as a Paladin is meh, but there's nothing better.

"Full story" is fucking retarded. You get a minor plot difference. Best party is Kevin Carlie Lise and will always be the best party. You can maybe sub Hawk in for Lise. Also

>Kevin 1st > Carlie 2nd > Lise 3rd
Actually retarded, since Carlie joins before Metal Haggar if you pick her third, so you should always pick her third.

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what i initially thought too, or that I was accidentally hitting the shoulder buttons. but no, I made shure thwt wasn't it. that game just flat out moves your character from time to time. it looks to me like there is an auto target system in place at all times. it doesn't play like an arpg at all like I'd expect. add to that how slow your character moves in combat compared to out of combat (which doesn't effect characters you aren't controlling-they move just as fast in and out of combat) and it just feels terrible.

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why would you pick carlie it's better to just use cheap ass insta cast healing items

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>always get to the part where ur climbing the mountain to get to the wind shrine or whatever 1/5th of the way through the game
>give up and quit for no known reason every single time
I have no idea what the fuck is wrong with me I've never even gotten to the first job change.
I love playing up until this point and then I just break.

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This game is too easy. When I got to the part after the wall-face boss where the brothers fight you, I thought it was finally becoming a hard game. Turns out they reflect any magic you use and I was just nuking myself. Switched to normal attacks and aced it. Such a letdown. At least the soundtrack and art is awesome.

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neither of them are good.

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Charlotte is fuckshit useless tier

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What game is this?

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I usually play a better video game than this shounen tripe.
You can even just hold the button down.

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that's the remake of thefirst one in this series renamed Final Fantasy Adventure on Gameboy (forget name and which system the remake pictured is from)

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It is actually a mobile game. So I guess it will be forgotten forever

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Why do mages suck so hard?

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