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How is this legal?

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Japs liked to rip existing art and ideas wholesale before the 90s.

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Because as long as something is intended for sale only in the Asia region, ripping off copyrighted products is par for the course. To this day Japanese guitar companies still sell knockoff Fenders and Gibsons, but only in the Asia region, but because ebay and aliexpress exist, it’s easy to get them here.

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They drew all their own art and didn't use any assets or names from Indiana Jones.
You can do make a game like that yourself right now if you want.

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shamefur dispray

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if you want, but hope that some company's well paid legal team doesn't notice you and decide that "hey this is kinda similar to our IP, let's fuck with the guy using the legal system until he breaks".

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People didn't make a big deal out of this until American legalism took over. only people who cared were Americans and their lawsuit culture which was born out of Edison's legacy of protecting his inventions

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It was a different time.

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>Being this kind of pussy
Nobody is going to give a fuck and as long as things are done like >>5091082 described them, the original IP owners can suck your cock. It takes to be weak-willed cunt to break or even consider the option they are going to do you any sort of damage at all. In fact, you are just gaining free publicity.

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>his inventions
This is why he was so adamant on patents - because once he had one, there was nobody saying he didn't invent something. Which, naturally, he didn't.

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Imagine living in a country with such fucked-up legal system you can sue people for delivering something even remotely similar to your work. Not actual plagiarism or copyright infridgement (the latter being a made-up bullshit anyway), but being sued for making something even remotely adventure-ish in nature just because some old fat fart and his Jew friend made a movie about it. All while Hollywood is busy with remaking without consent or any right foreign titles, sufficiently dumbed down so Amerifat can even grasp what's going on.

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This isn't even that bad...the original Metal Gear 2 art was literally just portraits of real stars with some bullshit painted on.

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there are hundreds other examples, but since you mentionned Metal Gear; it's even worse as that while the portraits in MG2 never left Japan, that cover was the official western one


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>Implying that Thomas Edison stole that many of his inventions from other people
What about the sound Cylinder and his movie production studio?

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They were both unironically backward, overly complicated pieces of shit.
The problem with Edison is not about him stealing, but being a businessmen pretending to be inventor. His COMPANY was responsible for the inventions, along with entire slew of engineers, chemists and mechanists (and machinists). But he took PERSONAL credit for their work and then pushed like crazy for patents, registered personally on him, rather than his company.
Which, if you ask me, ultimately worked in everyone's favour (kinda), because once he died, the gig was off, rather than being perpetuated via corporate actions.

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It happened to Falcom.
>trace illustrations from the Ultima III manual for ingame graphics in Xanadu
>want to release the game in burgerstan
>contact fucking Origin themselves about publishing it there and have them playtest the game
They recognized the graphics as stolen from their own art and sued the fuck out of Falcom

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Also, he's responsible for the entire late 19th century patent craze, which actively fucked everyone in the ass, because it forced people to find "creative" (read - around existing patents) ways of solving problems already solved, but patented and with absurd patent fee. Him pushing and pushing hard into that territory ass-raped world-wide economy simply by hiding viable solutions behind paywall. And in case of his "inventions" we aren't talking about some ground-breaking shit or complex machinery and/or chemistry that took decades of research to figure out. For fuck's sake, for 15 years that fucker had an extensive patent that pretty much prevented anyone from making concrete mixers, simply because he patented every feasible and mechanically-viable type and important parts of one.
tl;dr Edison was everything wrong with patents put into a single person. And said person fucking WON

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Not to mention Disney's crusade to keep The Mouse in a perpetual state of protection.

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Did they actually sue? I keep hearing they settled it without major litigation. I'd like to know for sure since some people say A and others say B, but I don't quite know where to search for those things.

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They have only 5 years left so we can expect yet another law change in the next two years. Considering how Trump pushed his copyright extension through NAFTA 2, it would behoove Disney to act now while they still have a president willing to work with them.

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There was a suit, and it didn't go to judgment because they negotiated a settlement.

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Um... they found a cheaper solution. Much, much cheaper and less controversial, so they can keep the good guy face. And also earn money on it, too.
... have you noticed how they are making entire bunch of live action recreations of their animated stuff? Ever wondered why?
Now you know.
It doesn't mean they won't push for extension, but they already protected themselves in case it fails. Besides, we currently have a curious loophole. See, not all countries have the same lenght of international copyright, because some of them didn't sign the papers extending it after the fall of the Soviet Union. Since on paper USSR was an union of 16 republics, all those countries had to sign papers separetely once independent.
Belarus didn't. You can go there, make your own stuff that is normally internationally protected and then sell in world-wide and not even The Mouse is going to stop you

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And here I was, born in a country that for a long didn't give two squats about copyright, to the point where there were special radio auditions in national audio, where they were playing long-plays fully, with sound markers to inform when to start home recording.
Around the time when West was busy with "Home Taping Is Killing Music" bullshit. Shit was fucked on so many different levels, but at least music was from paying taxes, rather than paying a company.

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*national radio

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Nikola Tesla was right.

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Yes, only Japs did that

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Aren't several of the early Disney movies public domain in Japan?

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Nope. Japanese were pretty much forced to extend Disney's copyrights during completely unrelated negotiations with Americans quite a while ago.

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That's definitely Allan Quatermain. If I were Globus & Golan, I would instantly sue

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Yeah, good luck arguing about it on court with a hyper litigious company in something that will be artificially extended as long as possible to kill you by endurance or bankruptcy. See: Disney. Unless you're a billionaire or are backed by another behemoth company, no, the "original IP owners" won't suck your cock, but they'll eat your ass without lube if you're into that sort of thing.
I'm not sure if you skimmed my post or simply tripped over yourself trying to own me as fast as you could type, but you should read my post again then search stuff about copyright infringiment cases.

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That doesnt mean shit,look up DMA Design and their lawsuit from Pixar because of the game Uniracers.
Basically *you have unicycle in a video game,you need to pay up bucko.*

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Anon, don't want to break it for you, but not entire world is using American legal system, be it American laws or American-style of court.
So good luck winning the case.
But hey, almighty corporations, right? Must be really fucking sad living in States.
Ask Gates how it turned out for him when he started to push his shit a bit too hard. Because you do remember Microsoft was once this huge, untouchable company that could do whatever, right? And then they went to court. Took them years, lost despite pouring wast amounts of money and never fucking recovered from it.
tl;dr sup, pussy-whipped boitoy?

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Disney is absolutely powerless outside US and Japan, anon.
It's really ironic when you tell people to search about copyright infringEment, while clearly knowing jack-shit about it.

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Poland? Because it sound's like Trójka and their mid-80s auditions.

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>How is this legal?
It's not. You must be at least 18 to post here legally.

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Yup. I got all the Vangelis, Jarre and Kitarō records that way. Still using those cassettes when I'm on a long trek and the radio stops receiving.