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Astrologers proclaim month of spooky.
Population of skeleton doubled.

Read this http://pastebin.com/6G9B1cMA
Previous thread >>4949223

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>2 hours 30 minutes without a post
Just let it die, OP.

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>Just let it die, OP.
I suppose most posters in these threads are busy with real-life things and Succ is still nowhere to be seen so there's no discussion about it either.
Just want to update some of you people interested in the 'maps' I'm making about the progress of the Fortress concept. I'm working on it, though at a glacial pace. The biggest issue is trying to create a river island that is only accessible through one narrow strip of land (containing the obelisk and the Hydra Pond) but has a few openings where you can still summon boats to access it or, if you're teal player, use Water Walk to outmaneuver the opponents entering your territory.

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looks awesome op

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>monthly succ wars check

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>looks awesome op
Not OP but thanks for the compliment!

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the Russians were asleep

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So what do you guys think will be in the next update of HotA? Building on that, what are some factions/concepts you would like to see added to HoMM3? Maybe Forge someday?

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>So what do you guys think will be in the next update of HotA?
Considering what they've done with Resistance, hopefully only addition of miscellaneous objects and other quality-of-life improvements.

>Building on that, what are some factions/concepts you would like to see added to HoMM3?
I'm happy with what we got and I wouldn't mind the addition of any faction as long as it is lore-friendly. Since Cove represents the Regnan empire, Vori elves could be interesting candidates for another faction. Their native terrain would be Snow but I'm not sure how their unit composition would like since I don't know much about M&M lore.

>Maybe Forge someday?
Forge is another lore-friendly faction, so, even though I hate their uninspired design, it would be interesting to see what would HotA team be able to do with them.

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Finally, the thread is back. I can proclaim my love of pixiv butts.

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Choosing experience or gold at first?

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Always gold. Towns are permanents, heroes can be lost.

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I'm killing myself if there's no succ by the end of this month.

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Not sure I get what you mean by that island, I'll understand it better once it's done. I love what you did with the gnoll hut area since your last post, it looks natural and beautiful.

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>I love what you did with the gnoll hut area ... it looks natural and beautiful
Thanks for the compliments! The main reason why I work so slow is because I try out every possible combination of decorations to create an illusion of uniqueness.

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Lack of succession wars news succs life from me.

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orzie should kys.

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I mean towns can be lost too....

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Towns are captured, not destroyed. Not sure how heroes work, but once they "die", they're lost to you.

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>I'm killing myself if there's no succ by the end of this month
You might wanna prepare your will because I'm not seeing Succ released this month.

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RIP Anon

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>but once they "die", they're lost to you
You can re-buy them from the tavern eventually but I'm not sure if your opponents get a chance to do it first.

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I main Cove.

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I thought they only respawned in other players' inn in HoMM3?

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*assembles Cloak of the Undead King*

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>Play MM6
>Get promotions and shitloads of EXP
>Have spare 60+ skillpoints without care
>Many mastered skills
>Get to Castle Darkmoor
>Get literally raped by floating eyes casting debuffs trough walls

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>I thought they only respawned in other players' inn in HoMM3?
Yeah, but I believe you may have a chance to rebuy them at one point, especially when playing against a computer that doesn't give a fuck about buying additional heroes from the tavern.

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If it's against the AI, yeah, it's possible for you to rebuy them. You still need gold more than XP.

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*as Kyrre, playing Rampart*
My last multiplayer match, done on random map with friends during rainy weekend in the mountains. Nobody was playing Necropolis and there wasn't even a single Necro town on the map.

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>rainy weekend in the mountains
Sounds comfy.

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It kinda-sorta was.
But the main plan was to go hiking, rather than spent entire Saturday playing HoMM3.

Also, Kyrre is a girl. I feel weird knowing that now.

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Doesn't the cloak still generate skeletons, regardless if you have or not necromancy? I mean sure, skelingtons aren't exactly the best choice for Rampart, but it's still a fodder.

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It generates them from your OWN fallen units if you don't have Necromancy.
And if it helps, I was dragging a stack of 50 Vampire Lords for first two months of that map, because they were a reward for a Pandora Box. Fuck morale if you have 50 upgraded vamps.

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Calm down, spankingfag. Remember, you're into pixies, not elves.

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... w-what?

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Darkmoor seperates men from boys

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>Kyrre is a girl
>He didn't know

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Homm was "ahead" of its time

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As far as I remember they spawn only for you for one week, then any player can recruit them if you haven't.

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H3's version is just smug Elijah Wood.

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Kyrre in 4 is a boy (male). Which is all that more confusing

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I was here ages ago and I am here again and I'm still waiting for an actual singleplayer map from you, however fucklong it takes. I crave the FLAVOR.

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>I'm still waiting for an actual singleplayer map from you, however fucklong it takes
If I continue making maps at this pace I guess I'll be finished in around 30 years. Don't worry, I'll post all of these concept maps both separately and joined together in a single map so you people could try to make something out of them.

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It's different character under the same name. Even people from NWC outright said so. Unless a character is explicitly referenced as the same person from HoMM3, they are different person.

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>Also, Kyrre is a girl. I feel weird knowing that now
Same thing with Isra; I originally thought she was a dude.

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Hopefully some more maps. The recent output (Isle of Dust, Broken Compass, In Defense) was pretty good.

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Your hero will appear at your tavern until the start of a new week if you used the retreat or surrender command. Otherwise he will get sent to the general hero pool from which taverns randomly pick heroes.
With enough money and luck you can immediately buy any hero (allied or enemy) defeated in battle by buying and dismissing everyone at your tavern. Of course this won't work if the hero you want is already at another player's tavern.

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So basically, if there's a huge fight between two players, a third player can theorically get the lost hero?

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Theorically yes. I've never seen it happen so I should try it on a test map. Also when I said immediately, I'm not sure whether you need to wait one day or you can do it right after the fight. But I know for sure the defeated hero is available before the start of a new week.

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Did a few tests. I had Red defeat a Blue hero on day 1. Red can buy the Blue hero on the same turn right after the fight, Blue and Tan can buy the Blue hero on their day 1 turn.
You really need a massive amount of money and luck but it's possible.

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So yeah, Gold > XP.

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Sure but you will probably never gamble until you find a decent hero, it's a total waste of gold. The only time I did it was in a Crag Hack scenario where you can't develop your towns or capture necropolis, so you actually have more gold than you need.

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Update: Adding a bit of decorations but I have quite a lot of issues with the island.

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^ well meme'd

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Another minor update: Here's an idea of how the isolated island should look like. It should be surrounded with foliage and has only one small narrow land strip on which heroes can walk on. Hopefully, this anon >>5085439 will be here to read it.

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I get it now. I thought you meant an island in the river left to the fortress.

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>I get it now
Just to make it clear, here's how it looks without the Lucid Pool texture covering it. There's still room for improvement: I may make the island longer, of a different shape or otherwise make it look more natural.

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WoG is superior to HotA, because it has custom rules, rather than force shitfest of "balancing" that actively fucks things up and setting the entire game into "first move in combat wins".
Suck it, HotA faggots. Both mods are horrible, but yours comes with bunch of retarded shit, no anti-tedium options and everything is set in stone, because God forbid a mod has any level of customization, while in the same time pushing itself aggressively as "the proper way" of playing the game.
Like the fucked-up Resistance skill, because oh noes, the spells might not work on someone, better nerf it into uselessness, because the "perfect" strategy might not work out.
HotA is sucking the whole fun out of tournaments and turning them into autistic card-counting bullshit.

And this was the special announcement for the 5100001st post, because I've already used up 5100000th

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okay, this is epic

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Wow, I didn't know that either.
Bloody elves are always too damn androgynous.

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>implying you are not gay

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man I am bad at this game, second gem mission on hard and I already get BTFO by the necros, they just shit endless tonns of troops down my neck I can barely hold them off, I can't even spare troops for an second army.
How do I get gud?

>> No.5101808

>27k spare gold
Hire more heroes for scouting/picking up resources/hauling troops. Your main army only goes from fight to fight.

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You're far too slow. The campaign is all about rushing the AI before it can utilize the numerous towns it has. Gather resources and build dwellings in the first week while abusing your spells to kill neutral stacks. Then start capturing towns, mines, dwellings, everything to get resource and troop advantage. You can visit those marletto towers and mercenary camps after you've forced the AI in a corner where they have just 1 town.

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>Two, in fact
>Day 4
>Lel, spend money on bullshit!
Spotten the ultimate faggot

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Educate me.

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>playing shitstion

>> No.5102113

>being a slav
It's Rampart. And that's a campaign mission, you don't get to choose your town.

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ill go rampart on your boypussy qt ;)

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>How do I get gud?
For campaigns, I'd say to just follow what the online walkthroughs say about each specific mission:
>After the amulet walkthrough: https://www.celestialheavens.com/264
Getting good at the game itself will either take a lot of practice or a lot of reading:
>65-page long strategy manual: http://heroes3wog.net/download/[Manual]%20Tribute%20to%20Strategists.pdf

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Have you played the Restoration of Erathia campaigns before this? They're easier.

>> No.5104979

He probably meant Rampart (for whatever reason, Rampart is called Bastion in Slav editions and Tower is Fortress, while Fortress is Citadel... don't ask, Slavs are equally confused).
Either way, assuming he meant Rampart, Treasury gives +10% gold by the end week from your sum. And it stacks. So we are talking +20% of extra gold if you don't spend it like a complete moron.
Which is literally entry-tier knowledge about HoMM3

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But the guy in >>5101805 definitely needs more heroes. He's so slow because he only has what, 500 movement points in total per turn?

>> No.5105383

Do you carry your Ents and Dwarves as Bastion? 3 speed

>> No.5105390

How do I unlock difficulty for campaigns in HoMM3 complete? I am tired of wrecking the AI in two weeks then just spending like 30 turns walking into every mage guild.

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I quite like the Forge designs, reminds me of Quake II in a good way

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Gold until you have ~10000 daily income, then you can safely choose xp, unless it's a chest with 500xp in which case it's not worth it.

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I think they play somewhat fast and loose with names and gender. For example Kyrre is a norse men's name. There is also the Inferno hero Calid which is also female, Khalid of course being an arabic men's name and one of the companions of Muhammad.

Also, how is Ciele and Gelare different genders when they have similar syllabic endings in what is apparently a romance-esque language? They should both be either male or female!

>> No.5105420

Protip: You only need Centaur Captains and Grand Elves and also go as fast as possible. Once you have most of their towns you can gradually switch to a necro army and pick up all power ups, visit every mage guild etc.

>> No.5105443

>spending like 30 turns walking into every mage guild
You could just stop doing this, for example.

>> No.5105459

But usually the last scenarios are in turn almost impossible without mobility spells. Especially since the AI in a lot of them start with dimension door or fly.

>> No.5105510

>I want challenge but of a different kind
I don't know how to help you.

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50k :DD Fug :DDDD

>> No.5105650

Nice, 2 pieces of the armor. How long do you have until the current month ends?

>> No.5105651

Situational. Are you on Advanced Earth Magic and feel like Expert will let you move on to bigger fights? You can take experience.

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first time playing welfs, what do?

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Imbued triple flaming shot ballista is top fun.

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>what do?
Findan's special ability is ridiculously OP but he is the only campaign hero that can't get his faction's ultimate skill, which is a shame because it's one of the best skills to have. However, this also means pursuing retarded skills like Deffence is not necessary feel free to so spec him however you like. Just make sure to pick War Machines because the Triple Ballista combined with a Imbue Ballista upgrade unique to Sylvans is insane. You can imbue your ballista shots with an Implosion spell and just watch how your ballista melts stacks of Tier 7 units (and your mana pool as well)
As for the scenario, just follow what the online walkthroughs if you get stuck somewhere:

>Imbued triple flaming shot ballista is top fun
He can't get the Flaming Arrows on his ballista because Findan starts with tactics.

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>what do?
Findan's special ability is ridiculously OP but he is the only campaign hero that can't get his faction's ultimate skill, which is a shame because it's one of the best skills to have. However, this also means pursuing retarded skills like Deffence is not necessary feel free to so spec him however you like. Just make sure to pick War Machines because the Triple Ballista combined with a Imbue Ballista upgrade unique to Sylvans is insane. You can imbue your ballista shots with an Implosion spell and just watch how your ballista melts stacks of Tier 7 units (and your mana pool as well). Check the other skills here:
As for the scenario, just follow what the online walkthroughs if you get stuck somewhere:

>Imbued triple flaming shot ballista is top fun
He can't get the Flaming Arrows on his ballista because Findan starts with Tactics.

>> No.5106020

>He can't get the Flaming Arrows on his ballista because Findan starts with tactics.
Oh, my bad. I modded the vanilla/HoF campaigns inside TotE and forgot they changed the skill wheel a lot between those versions, which includes making flaming ballista require only archery. Which is a shame, if he's playing the campaign in vanilla H5, he won't make his ballista even more overpowered than it already is with triple imbued shots.

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Just started playing hota
What are some fun Cove strategies?
Also I keep getting rekt from all sides in the giant map (devil in the details) how do I git gud?

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I miss the old HOMM games

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>Oh, my bad
No problem man. The thing is that TotE Ranger skills required for Nature's Luck will force you to invest into other skills, so getting both the ultimate skill and the Triple Imbued Flaming Ballista as Findan would require you to be be level 37 and I'm not even sure that's possible to achieve.

>What are some fun Cove strategies?
Sea dogs are pretty good so get as much of them as possible. That's the scope of my understanding of the faction.
>devil in the details
As far as I understand, that map is very tricky so you might wanna watch someone else play it first go familiarize yourself with the map:

>> No.5107624

>Elixir of Life for the grab
>2 pieces for Armor of the Damned too, including the elusive Skull Helmet
Not bad. Not bad at all

>> No.5107976

Based Sandro poster

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How long/hard are m&m games? I never played any of them and want to try, but I'm kinda puzzled about them.

>> No.5109848

>1-5 are product of their time. You will have to learn to play with time.
>6 is slow paced and has difficulty spikes like >>5090283
>7 is what I started with. In my oppinion most noob friendly
>8 is watered down 7 and perhaps even easier
>10 is like Grimrock but gayer

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not as bad as those wizards who give you terminal 7 on hit

>> No.5110020

Do I need any mods? It seems there's no mouse look by default.

>> No.5110596

how to play on windowed mode?

>> No.5111007

Use the HDmod and uncheck Full Screen Mode when lauching the game.
Or press F4 in the regular game but it won't work if you can't switch your desktop to 65536 colors mode.

>> No.5111041

Is Gelu the most overpowered campaign hero?

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>Is Gelu the most overpowered campaign hero?
Definitely. Only Dracon with his ability to train Enchanters could be considered anywhere near Gelu power level. Sure, Crag Hack has his Offence bonus is nothing to scoff at but Sharpshooters are just too OP of an unit IMO. They also look bitchin' so there's also that. However, I would still say that Logistics specialists like Kyrre and Gunnar are arguably the best heroes in the game because movement speed is what defines how much can a hero do in one turn. I still remember one game where it took me couple of months to catch and kill a lvl. 20+ Gunnar that roamed and stole my stuff with impunity because of the insane amount of movement points he had.

>> No.5111160

Yes I agree logistics heroes are probably the strongest in normal play, so Gunnar, Dessa, Kyrre. I am talking about the campaign though, all scenarios that have Gelu are just laughably easy as he can conquer pretty much the entire map alone in the first week. I also just recently finished the AB campaign for the first time ever and I didn't even move Catherine and Roland once other than to give Gelu the phoenixes in the last scenario. Won both of the two last scenarios in one day.

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>> No.5111420

Succ soon, fellow /homm/.

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Fuck undead and demon scum, pure Enroth NOW

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Is getting exp over gold really that bad?

I always took exp when 1500 points for instant level boost and things got good

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Depends on how far you were in the game.

Also just spent nearly 3 hours failing the Faerie dragon scenario in Dragon Slayer since I didn't realize there was a time limit

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Nevermind I had a usable save and I did it

>> No.5111905

That whole map is low key redpilled

>> No.5112047

Answered in the pastebin. 1-2 are pretty hard to get into. 3-5 aged fine despite being DOS, tile based, and using cartoonish monster designs at times. 6-8 are the ones most people focus on and as long as you read the pastebin (get bows, no really) you should enjoy them. 9 is garbage that even the devs said was released pre-alpha. 10 is nothing special or particularly bad, but really doesn't fit the franchise largely because of Ubi.

Mouse look is one of the options in the Greyface patches for 6-8 (go into the config file and turn it on). You don't even need it, but it helps with aiming. There are several mods for the games, but most of those are more designed for replay value.

>> No.5112091

Is dimension door and fly banned in Dragon Slayer campaign? Is it just a waste of time building level 5 mage guild in every town?

>> No.5112098

HOMM1 was completely unbalanced and stupid. HOMM2 was fine. Three tiers of army strength. Knights/Barbarians did well on small maps, Sorceress/Necromancers on medium maps and Wizards/Warlocks on large maps. I was there when they came out. HOMM2 got the most time out of any game in the series. 1/2 were fun games but 1 was just crazy hard if you played as Knights because every other faction raped you.

>> No.5112234
File: 42 KB, 720x644, 1507810873752.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes I think it is banned, built 10+ guilds over the course of the campaign and didn't get either of them. You seem to only get them as artifacts. Kind of pissed because I could have finished the scenarios faster if I knew not to waste time and resources building mage guilds and libraries.

>> No.5112773
File: 1.01 MB, 1920x1080, Gelu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I also just recently finished the AB campaign for the first time ever and I didn't even move Catherine and Roland
Tell me about it, I basically left Roland and Catherine to flag mines, gather resources and kill weaker neutral stacks.

>> No.5112818

What site is that?

>> No.5112820

It's a video of a girl playing HoMM III while blowing a dude.

>> No.5112825

>week 3
I take it you didn't have dimension door?

>> No.5112828


>> No.5112829

kys I never post but I love reading on HoMM threads and learning.

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What game(s) feature Catherine?

>> No.5112836

I think she's only playable in AB and SOD

>> No.5112842

No I am wrong she's of course in 7

>> No.5112850

I haven't played Heroes of Might and Magic 3 for more than 6 months. Actually I feel like the last Heroes game I remember playing was Heroes 5 over a year ago.

>> No.5112856

>I take it you didn't have dimension door?
To my great surprise, it turned out that I actually had both DD and TP spells. The last time I played through the campaign was somewhere in 2015 so my memory is hazy but it's very likely that I've used the first few scenarios to build a Mage Guild in every town as a way to farm spells.

>> No.5112857

I hadn't played it since like 2001, I only recently bought Complete edition and have been playing the hell out of it. Having a lot of fun learning the expansion content since I never had those as a kid.

>> No.5112859

I just noticed you didn't have expert air as well so you wouldn't be allowed too many casts. Personally I finished that scenario on the first day since I had expert air and dimension door.

>> No.5113339

She's playable in the final map of RoE

>> No.5114664

>Personally I finished that scenario on the first day since I had expert air and dimension door
So basically, you turned Gelu into an ICBM and lauched him straight at the Kreegan capital.

>> No.5114832
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Why don't we have a heroes movie again? or at least some shitflix series?

>> No.5114846
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that would be terrible

>> No.5114848
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Speak for yourself!

>> No.5115057

As he should be

>> No.5115138

>Russian art
>Western dress
Kokoshnik or bust!

>> No.5116545

>As he should be
I personally like to take my time with exploring the map a little bit before beating the scenario, so I generally avoided rushing.

>> No.5117094

Are you supposed to just run from the dragon in the beginning of mm7?

>> No.5117212

you can just run around it and you don't need to kill him or anything, unless you feel like a man

>> No.5117213

Is it even possible without bug exploits?

>> No.5117227

yes. It's not even hard, but it can take a lot of time. There are a lot of things you can do to make it faster though, +1 bows and followers are pure luck or savescum.

>> No.5118000

Strafe shooting makes it trivial but long, which isn't really an exploit. Since the dragon has to make an animation before it attacks you know when to dodge anyway. Savescumming with turn based delay abuse also works of course.

>> No.5118102



>> No.5118107
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pretty much this
i got a gf and a job and don't have as much time to post

>> No.5118661


The year 2018 marks not only our, Acid Cave’s 15-year anniversary, but also the 15th anniversary of Ubisoft developing the Might & Magic brand, which means that Ubisoft held onto the brand for almost as long as New World Computing. Like with everything, there were many highs and lows during that time, but currently it seems we’re at a low point. We caught up with Erwan Le Breton, the creative director of Might & Magic at Ubisoft to tell us a bit about the past, present and future of the series.

Let’s get the hard ones out of the way first. Heroes 7 received mixed or average reviews ranking a Metacritic score of 67 with reviewers and 4.9 with users. In terms of sales and popularity it definitely wasn’t a hit. What went wrong?

To put it bluntly our biggest mistake was to ship the game too early in spite of the community’s warning. After months of interacting with the Shadow Council members and listening to their feedback, we pushed the game’s release when all the fans were raising the red flag.
The game had severe technical bugs, and artistic and design flaws that could have been fixed given some extra months of polish.
In my opinion Trials By Fire was a better (if not perfect) illustration of what we really intended for Heroes 7. I was proud to showcase it at the Gamescom, and I’m still thankful to Limbic and my fellow M&M colleagues at Ubisoft for their dedication in a time when we had very little love and support.
That said, our initial intention for Heroes 7 was to make it the “Best Of” Heroes by involving the community and combining the most appreciated features from Heroes 1 to 6.
To be honest, we failed.

>> No.5118663

My own personal analysis is the following (not pointing fingers at anyone here, I’m also guilty as charged):
A collection of features is not a Creative Vision – Heroes 7 lacked a “soul”
I’m OK with the reuse of art and audio assets from former games because it allowed for a larger scope, but, for various reasons, Heroes 7 ended up looking less modern and appealing than Heroes 6.
No matter what we do, we always stand in the shadows of Heroes 3. We’re Ubisoft, we’ve acquired the IP, we have not created it… Fighting the nostalgic aura of Heroes 3 is like fighting the waves, ultimately futile.
For a large company like Ubisoft, Turn-Based Strategy titles like Heroes are now too costly to produce (because of the scope expectations and our overhead costs) and too limited in their sale potential.

If you had a time machine (from the Ancients) or a magical stone of infinite power that could turn back time, what would you have done differently with Heroes 7?

Spend more time and effort on finding the game’s focus. A breakthrough feature. A defining vision to give it a clear identity.
Push harder on the art side. I know some fans lament that we spend too much money on making our games nice versus refining the gameplay, but trust me, it’s key in leveraging internal support and external favorable reviews that convert into more confidence (and budget, and time) on the project.
And of course, don’t ship until our beta players raise their green thumbs up.

Might & Magic Showdown - a short-lived game that broke records in terms of lack of players (a maximum of only 79 players playing at once and also a very often minimum of 0). Was that just a bad idea? or a failed experiment?

I still see it as a good idea (the figurine collection concept, them coming to life to fight in an arena or a dungeon, the paint workshop…), but flawed in its execution.

>> No.5118665

We do know that Julien Pirou was at one point in charge of making a new Might & Magic game, but it was cancelled. Could you confirm whether this was supposed to be Dark Messiah 2? Could you reveal what plans did you have for it and why was it cancelled?

At the time of the release of Heroes 7, several other Might & Magic projects were in discussion, including Dark Messiah 2, but also Clash of Heroes 2, and Might & Magic XI. Concepts were proposed, with various possible partner studios, all involving Julien Pirou at one position or another, but unfortunately, none was greenlighted.

Editor's note: Some time ago we found some graphics published by their authors that were created for Ubisoft during the time Julien Pirou's game was being developed. Ubisoft does not comment on them. We do think they were created for Dark Messiah II, but with no confirmation that remains to be only speculation. Here are some of those graphics:

Now that we have the hard ones out of the way, let’s be more positive :). Might & Magic Elemental Guardians is the latest installment of the brand. Is this a “new way” for Might & Magic titles – going the route of mobile games for the still expanding market?

This is indeed the “current” way. Might & Magic is a perfect fit for RPG and Strategy titles on mobiles.

Can you reveal some Elemental Guardians details that are coming our way?

As it is a “live” game with constant updates, I don’t want to interfere with their communication strategy. However, what you can expect from the game’s future updates is new, original creatures to enrich the Might & Magic bestiary. Hopefully, some of them will one day migrate to PC games.

>> No.5118667

It seems that with Heroes 7 we came as close to concluding the known Might & Magic storyline as possible, having now stories about almost all eclipses. What would you like to tell next? A story from the times of the Seventh Dragon maybe? or the story about what happened after Dark Messiah? Or maybe it's time to reboot the Might & Magic universe?

Honestly, we feel it’s about time to leave Ashan to rest and work on a new setting. Which means that Heroes Dynasty and Elemental Guardians are probably the last Ubisoft games set in Ashan.
That said, they will be “live” for a couple of years, and there’s still the possibility for a new project to be signed that presents strong arguments to use Ashan as its setting, so no official “obituary” to be expected yet.

Was the Might & Magic Ubisoft Team disbanded after Heroes VII?

After the release of Trials by Fire, the Ubisoft Partners studio was terminated (as part of a global corporate restructuration, unrelated to Heroes 7’s disappointing performances).
Ubisoft Partners was supervising the production of various games made in collaboration between Ubisoft and external developers, including many Might & Magic titles (Heroes 5-7, Dark Messiah, Clash of Heroes, MMX).
Our IP team was part of this studio.
So we were all relocated to other entities in Ubisoft.
We still have a Might & Magic team at Ubisoft HQ, in the Editorial team, notably to support our 3 mobile games (Elemental Guardians, Heroes Era of Chaos, Heroes Dynasty).
But it’s now mostly a content team. Marketing and Community Management are specific to each projects, not centralized anymore.

Besides yourself, who is currently working on Might & Magic at Ubisoft? How many people?

>> No.5118670

There’s me, Julien Pirou (still our loremaster, and occasional “jack of all trades”), Theo Gallego (our game design expert), and Victor Malineau (content director for the mobile games).
All of us have other missions at Ubisoft. Our involvement with Might & Magic is just a fraction of our time.
External experts (like writers Kurt McClung and Simon MacKenzie) are sometimes called to the rescue.

It seemed that you kind of “withdrew” from the scene before Heroes VII release, while you were the frontrunner for Heroes VI. Why?

Simply because I was producer of Heroes 6 versus “Might & Magic Creative Director” for Heroes 7 (so less hands-on on the project). I was still a spokesperson for the game, but sharing the spotlights with its “parents” (Ubisoft producers and Limbic developers).

The Really Big Question (that you probably won’t answer in an interview, but here it goes anyway ;) – are there any plans or chances for Heroes 8 in the foreseeable future?

Unfortunately, very little chance in the near future. The base costs for such a game would be too high when compared with the sale expectations, even with a 90+ metacritic rating and a massive support from the community. However, the IP’s popularity in China may tilt the balance in the right direction.

Any other new Might & Magic titles that are coming our way? What should we look forward to for the next months / years?

Might & Magic remains Ubisoft’s main medieval fantasy IP. Even with the genre seemingly less popular than in the recent past (Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, The Witcher, Diablo, Dragon Age, League of Legends… being now “behind us”), it’s far from obsolete (Divinity: Original Sin 2, The Elder Scrolls VI, World of Warcraft’s new expansion…).
So we keep pushing the IP whenever there’s a “let’s do a game with Knights and Dragons in it” discussion happening at Ubisoft.

>> No.5118672

In Heroes VI there are some remnants of the Academy faction. What was the reason for it being cut? What would the campaign be about if it made it to the game? Something about Elisabeth perhaps?

Academy was planned for the Nival Heroes 6 and originally kept in the Blackhole reboot. It was cut during production for budget and time reasons. The story was not about Elisabeth but about a great daughter of Sveltana (born in the Seven Cities and raised as a Wizard), and her falling in love with a Djinn, then faced with the choice to sacrifice her lover (and gain power and prestige) or spare her (and become a hunted rebel). The story was edited to become the Academy campaign in Heroes 7 (Fahada and Khalida).

At the very early stages Heroes VI was being developed by Nival Interactive (the studio that made Heroes V). What was kept from Nival’s work and why Ubisoft and Nival parted ways?

The collaboration stopped because we had some disagreements on key elements of the Creative Vision and because Nival’s priority had shifted from Heroes (their “flagship” title at the time of Heroes 5) to online games (they were focusing on Allods Online and heroes 6 was their “B” project).
What’s left of the Nival vision is a “Faction reputation” system that evolved to become the Tears / Blood choices in Heroes 6, and a couple of concept artworks that were used as inspirations / references for other Might & Magic games (notably Duel of Champions).

Could you tell us something more about the cancelled Might & Magic titles: “Kingdoms of Might and Magic” (not to be confused with “Might & Magic: Heroes Kingdoms”) and “Might & Magic Raiders”? What was their storyline about?

>> No.5118674

(About Kingdoms)
The game’s concept, pitched by the late studio Wolfpack, developers of Shadowbane, was an MMORPG with innovative Strategy (Realm vs Realm) features. The game’s pitch was a conflict between a kingdom of Order (Haven faction + allied races) and a realm of Chaos (Inferno faction + allied creatures).
Their world was called Axeoth but borrowed from various Might & Magic settings and mixed everything with very little lore references, mostly “name-dropping”.
The pitch was not greenlighted so we had very little interactions with the team. Only a world map and a couple of artworks remain.

(About Raiders)
Some of the lore created for Might & Magic Raiders, such as the Raiders and their code, Hammer Fall and its Bloodsmiths... later found their way into Might & Magic X and Heroes 7. A few music tracks composed by Roc Chen for Raiders were also reused in these games.
Some characters created by Kurt McClung for Raiders would also find a life of their own later on: two minor NPCs from MMX, Romuald and Karim, were originally characters in Raiders (Romuald was supposed to appear as a street urchin in Hammer Fall). Gloria and Murazel from Heroes 7 were important story characters in Raiders.

Tell us something about you becoming the Might & Magic creative director. What were the reasons for it? Were you excited to “get the job” or scared?

>> No.5118678

When Ubisoft started development of Heroes 5 and Dark Messiah, I was part of the Editorial team and my job was to help the dev teams on the definition and implementation of their creative visions. My portfolio of games was with the “fantasy” settings (Prince of Persia, Beyond Good & Evil, Myst, The Settlers, and… Might & Magic).
The development of the Might & Magic games was supervised by the EMEA Third Parties studio. Its manager, Stéphane Decroix, offered me a job as associate producer on Dark Messiah, with a parallel mission to work on the Might & Magic IP (create the world of Ashan, etc.).
During the development of Heroes 6, the “parallel” mission was becoming the most important one (with new Might & Magic projects being kicked-off in internal Ubisoft studios – Raiders in Chengdu, Heroes Online in Bluebyte, Duel of Champions in Quebec, etc.).
It was thus natural for us to create a dedicated IP team, and I left my producer position to become the full-time IP Creative Director.
I was super-excited to get the job, as it was a logical continuation of my involvement on the IP, and the opportunity to work with people I highly esteemed.
I sometimes joke about travelling back in time to speak to teenager me and tell him “you know what, sometime in the future you will have meetings to define the colors of Dragons, and people will discuss seriously about it, and you’ll get paid for that”

>> No.5118679

What are your best and worst memories of working with the brand? What are you most proud of and what would you like to forget?

My worst memory is related to the release of Heroes 6. I was hurt with the degrading relationship between Ubisoft and Black Hole, crushed by the game’s state at launch and the absence of support to fix it, saddened by the loss of esteemed colleagues who were leaving Ubisoft to create Amplitude Studios, in conflict with other people at Ubisoft, and at the same time divorcing from the mother of my daughters.
Fortunately, at the time of Shades of Darkness, the situation had greatly improved and I was back to my smiling self.
As for the “best moments”, they were countless – brainstorming on exciting contents with the design teams, seeing them come to life during development, celebrating the games’ releases, and sharing our passion with the fans (and sometimes the press) during consumer shows or Might & Magic conventions.
My biggest pride is related to the relationships I’ve built over the years with some people who have worked with me on the IP. It’s a mix of admiration and genuine friendship. I would go to hell without hesitation with them, knowing we would find our way back with incredible stories to tell

Why games that were developed after Heroes V and Dark Messiah told tales from Ashan’s past instead of continuing the storyline further?

Simply because we had tons of cool things to say about Ashan’s history. In retrospective, setting Dark Messiah very late in our world’s timeline was a mistake. If I were to do it again (build a new world), the first games I would publish would be very early in the timeline, so we could build form them instead of going backwards to explore the past.

>> No.5118682

Did you play Heroes VI or Heroes VII recently? What were your feelings?

I haven’t played Heroes 6 or 7 since the release of Trial By Fire. I’m more of a solo / campaign guy for this category of games so I don’t play skirmish or multiplayer.

Can you finally reveal the true identity of Kha-Beleth and what happened to the six Demon Overlords?

It’s something I want to keep secret for a little while longer. When we announce the “official” death of Ashan to leave room for a new Might & Magic world, I’ll be ready for an “ask me anything” interview

How the Shantiri Empire came to be? Who was their enemy (besides Demons?) and who or what was responsible for its disappearance? Why nobody, including the Demons, doesn’t seem to remember anything about it?

The creation of the Shantiri Empire is as described in the Ashan Compendium:
From the Spirit world, the Dragon Gods send visions to their now mortal servants, instructing them in proper worship.
This leads to the foundation of the Shantiri Empire which unifies all six Elder races into a single nation, ruled by a cast of Priests, led by nine Hierophants (one per Elemental Dragon, three for Asha to represent her various aspects).
Through their prayers and sacrifice, the Shantiri devouts hope to restore the power of their Gods so they could someday return.
The Shantiris spread across the face of the world, building titanic cities and temples.
Their enemies were the Demons, but they also had internal conflicts.
What doomed them to oblivion is the Elder Wars between the Angels and the Faceless.
The power of the Void was unleashed during this conflict, resulting not only in the destruction of the empire but also to most inhabitants of Ashan forgetting about the Shantiri, their memories erased.

>> No.5118684


How old is Ashan? Does it exist for millions of years? Or only thousands?

Ashan’s cosmogony is kind of “Creationist” - No Big Bang, no Dinosaurs, no Darwin, just the demiurgical work of Asha and the Dragon Gods. So tens of thousands of years versus hundreds of millions.

What can you tell us about other continents besides Thallan? And if that wasn’t ever specified – what would you like to find there?

Thallan is based on Eurasia, so naturally, we discussed an “African” continent in the South, and an “American” in the West, with opportunities for lost Shantiri cities and variations on known creatures (Egyptian-themed Angels for instance). But we never really brainstormed on what could be found there.

Are the various small nods and connections to the previous storyline universe (from Heroes 1-4 and Might & Magic 1-9) only easter eggs or does it mean that the two universes are actually combined? You probably discussed about it many times throughout the years. What were the reasons for and against such an idea?

Julien Pirou fought tooth and nail for years to connect Ashan to the other Might & Magic worlds. I was his Nemesis, always refusing (“Ashan is pure fantasy, I don’t want any Science-fiction multiverse in it!”). However, little by little, with subtle touches, he convinced me to at least hint that maybe… but you’re never sure… could be just a coincidence or the ravings of lunatics

How many Dark Elf clans and Wood Elf kingdoms actually are there? Can you tell us something about the ones we don’t know about?

We have never decided on a finite, set number. We wanted to be able to create new clans / kingdoms whenever needed.

How big was Ygg-Chall in its entirety? Some texts suggest that it’s only one giant, ruined city of the Faceless, while other say it’s their kingdoms.

It’s their first original kingdom (not just a single city).

>> No.5118685


One Heroes 5 scenario mentions Lake Elves – were they just different Wood Elves or maybe Sea Elves?

It’s just a Wood Elf tribe from Irollan that lived close to a lake.

Void Magic. What was known about it in the Shantiri Empire? Was it legal? Who practiced it (Demons, Faceless, Angels) ? Who discovered it?

Void Magic is one of the three aspects of Prime Magic. The best known is Order Magic, also called Arcane Magic, taught in the Wizard schools or in the monasteries of Asha (Blind Brothers, etc.). Then there’s Chaos Magic, linked to Urgash and the Demons. And there’s Void Magic, bound to the “Great Nothingness” that predated the Cosmic Egg and Creation.
There are still vast expanses of “Void” in the Spirit World. Like Black Holes they are extremely dangerous to the unwary traveler.
However, all souls cross the Void at the moment of death, after they are separated from their bodies, to erase the memories of their past life before being reunited with Asha on the Moon, and given a new incarnation.
At the time of the Shantiri Empire, powerful sorcerer-priests (whose name and identity are now lost) experimented with Void Magic during the Elder Wars, resulting in the near-obliteration of their civilization.
Centuries later, Sandro “rediscovered” Void Magic and was able to tame it (somehow).
Void Magic has never been “legal” or favored by a certain faction (except the Nethermancers but they’re more akin to a sect). The Dragon Knights relentlessly hunt its practitioners.

What happened to the original Duel of Champions campaign, where the Herald of the Void was depicted as a man, not as Gazal, Sandro’s female accomplice?

>> No.5118689

It’s an inconsistency issue with the artwork of the Herald of the Void card.
It was supposed to depict Kieran, sitting on the Throne of Renewal on Gazal’s command, to become the Knight of Negation.
But if you compare Kieran’s card with the Herald of the Void they’re not exactly a 100% fit.
And in DoC’s story, Kieran is not the Herald of the Void (Gazal is), so the card should show Gazal, not Kieran.

Did Wysloth’s story from Heroes 7 really happen or is it merely a legend? Why there are no specific dates on his campaign?

[Credits to Julien Pirou for the answer to this question]
The idea of the Sylvan campaign in H7 was that it was less grounded in history than the other ones, more like a folktale. It is certainly based on true events (Saabira, for instance, was clearly a real person), but Lasir weaves his own version of said events, to support the lesson he's trying to teach Ivan. Lasir is a "marketing expert", in a way, and he knows the importance of storytelling to "sell" anything. That also makes him a rather unreliable narrator
To drive the point across, we drew a clear parallel with Homer's Odyssey (the name of the campaign itself, but also its events: Cyclopes, pseudo-Lotus Eaters, pseudo-Charybdis and Scylla, and Saabira was the equivalent of Circe, being the sorceress who turns people into animals... or in this case, Beastmen...)
We also let the player choose the ending (foreshadowing Ivan's own choices at the end of the game), and we didn't give the campaign an actual date. It happens in "the time of legends".
That being said, the drama between Danan and her mother, as well as the secondary Heroes who appear over the course of the campaign, hint that the true story happened some time after the Day of the Tears of Fire, but long before the events of Shades of Darkness.

In Duel of Champions there was a Dark Elf Necromancer by the name of Damran. What’s his story? How does a Dark Elf become a Necromancer?

>> No.5118692

Anyone can become a Wizard, or Necromancer.
Damran’s story was that of a rebellious Dark Elf who would turn against his clan and Malassa to become a Necromancer, but then would find “enlightenment” and finally become a Dragon Knight.

Do Sea Elves have some special creatures under their command?

Yes. Like Wood Elves have Treants, Unicorns, and other forest creatures or spirits as allies to fight by their side in times of war, Sea Elves can count on marine creatures or spirits like Mermaids, Dragon Eels, or even Leviathans and Krakens (depending on their respective alliances).

Finally: Do you have a message for Might & Magic fans for the next 15 years? :)

There’s very little chance that I’ll still be in charge of Might & Magic in 15 years (even if… you never know), but I sincerely hope I’ll be there, with you, one fan amongst the multitude, happy to see the IP being still alive, maybe even elevated back to its former glory, when it was considered one of the top AAA Medieval Fantasy franchises in the video game world.
No matter what happens in the future, I will fondly remember my time with the Might & Magic community.
It was not always sunny and warm. But even the occasional “hate” messages were received with a smile. Some of them were, after all, quite funny. Others justified in what they were saying (if not in how they were saying it). Most of them I saved in a special folder to keep my feet on the ground and remember for whom we were working.
And, all things said and done, I’m a half-full glass kind of person. There were so many great moments shared with the community that the glass, in my mind, still is, and will remain, full.
So here’s my collective thank you to all the fans out there whom I’ve met in person, who have joined our VIP our Shadow Council programs, who have been active on our forums, who have played our games, who have sometimes joined our ranks to work side by side with us.

>> No.5118695


>> No.5118884

>there are posters on this very thread who have never played HoMM multiplayer but still think they know something about the games

>> No.5118898

>HoMM multiplayer
>wait15 minutes for your turn

>> No.5118969

There's option to have simultaenous turns until your areas of interest collide. By that point fights against neutrals should be cleared automatically without losses and if not, played fights dont take as much of time as in the start.

>> No.5118979

>3 hours later opponent concedes because he made a mistake fighting neutrals

>> No.5118989
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>> No.5118993

That's player's fault, not the game's. I have had good games with both friends and anons alike because the players aren't pussy minmaxing tryhards

>> No.5119014



best bants, the patrician choice

>> No.5119016

they call me pimp

>> No.5120616

It's /vr/, I made a thread that lasted like 2 months once, don't worry about it

>> No.5121234

this, hot seat is the way game was meant to be played preferably with 8 people

>> No.5122013

you can play multiple games simultaneously for continuous action

>> No.5123262

Deyja had a point

>> No.5123483

I play hot seat with a strict time limit and I also play a lot of Arena Konwentowa. That's how I get my HoMM fix while not having to dedicate my whole day to it.

>> No.5124052


>> No.5124525
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That sounds like me

>> No.5125586
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>Deyja had a point

>> No.5125930
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Is mm6 the best game in the series? What do you think?

>> No.5125948

Depends. Xeen is a really neat ending to a big storyline and the whole "merging of two games" is a really interesting mechanic. 6 is the biggest in scope, but it's hard to make anything more interesting than a party of 4 spellcasters and some of its dungeons might be a real roadblock. 7 is smaller and clearly unfinished but it has two distinct endings and more build variety. Depends on what you're looking for.

>> No.5126508

I always approve asses.

>> No.5127459
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>I always approve asses
Only if they're on superior monster waifus.

>> No.5127461

Pixies count as monsters. But sneks have no asses, and therefore are worse than nazis.
Never notice she had webbed arms.

>> No.5127480
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>Never notice she had webbed arms
She doesn't, the artist just took some creative freedom when drawing her.

>> No.5127510

Never really understood how you can have an army of naga queen. Queens are one of a kind. It's like having an army of Adolf Hitlers.

>> No.5127524

What about Trump supporters?

>> No.5127529

Don't even start that liberal slander.
Hitler would never support Trump. If anything, the opposite would happen.

>> No.5127531
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Just kidding.

>> No.5127532

>when you try to give a snek an ass

>> No.5127567

The Gryphonheart dynasty were oppressive degenerate nobles who didn't even have the ability to suss out the traitors in their midsts

on that note who is the worst MM character and why is it Gelu?

>> No.5127568


>> No.5127589
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>gets usurped like a helpless entitled baby
>has to fight elves and dwarves to even convince them his cause is worthy
>Corlagon literally lives down the street from his castle, can't do anything about it
>betrayed by one of his archmages to the Kreegan
>wouldn't be anything without his wife and her ample tracts of land
>canonically spends years in a succession of demon rape dungeons
>can't even magic in a game call Might and Magic
>dies in a cataclysmic explosion caused by one of his subordinates


>all the powerful mages follow him, even Alamar
>not even being turned into a statue can stop him
>btfo the kreegan using his own original magic research
>strolls into Deyja and takes the throne
>doesnt want it anyway, moves to a swank lab to pursue his research without beta necromancers whining and interfering
>literally saved the entire world before Gaylu fucked it up
>clearly teleported off Enroth in time before it blew up

>> No.5127594

>dies in a cataclysmic explosion caused by one of his subordinates
When was it? Did Catherine die too?

>> No.5127634

Isn't it the Liches that debuff your party? I think I quit that dungeon and went elsewhere for a while when I was playing but I never finished the game. It was such bullshit. Making the game about buffing your party to be able to take on big groups of enemies with just 4 people and then filling a dungeon with millions of though ass monsters that also debuff you. The game requires a lot of rat tactics to win.

>> No.5127976

Do you even remember how HOMM4 starts?
Gelu and Killgore decides its a good idea to use 2 doomsday devices, and then use them as duelling swords.

>> No.5128053

You mean they killed the whole planet?

>> No.5128057
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Glory for crag hack


>> No.5128265

yes and then it didn't matter anyway because Ubisoft murdered the franchise

>> No.5128312

Started MM3 for the first time and lost my entire party to a rat. I had them all equipped with armour and weapons and they all just died. What am I supposed to do other than spam the attack button?

>> No.5128512

Well, I mean, he DID literally destroy the world, it doesn't get much worse than that. In fact, he is quite literally worse than Hitler.

>> No.5128557


>> No.5129218

also goblins outside might be easier, though I'm not sure

>> No.5129362

Dude dragons.

>> No.5129387

Take everyone to the temple and donate until you get all four blessings, *then* get down to business. Also, the amount of donations you have to make depends on which day you donate on, but the blessings last longer and are stronger that way. So you only need to donate once to get a blessing on Onesday and eight times to do the same on Eightsday, but the Eightsday blessing will be stronger. It doesn't matter that much though, just get blessed before you do anything, and later note down all of the temporary stat boosts from wells and such and milk them before you hit the road, it will smoothen the early levelling curve nicely.

>> No.5129758

>shittiest incarnation of Dark Elves in the entire genre

>> No.5129808
File: 126 KB, 500x399, French_Revolutionary_Ideals.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Lets have the launch title of the acquired franchise, and its expansions be tied together
>Also lets make a action sidegame, and tie that to that
>And lets never do it again, regardless of the fact its a good idea to push more sales and increase franchise sales at little to no cost
>Also lets do unlicensced Warhammer lore for everything that isn't DRAWGONS

>> No.5129931
File: 2.19 MB, 2720x1850, requiem-by-olivier-ledroit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>shittiest incarnation of Dark Elves in the entire genre
What's funny is that they actually hired Olivier Ledroit - who is a rather famous French comic book artist - to design Dark Elves. Check the attached picture to see the resemblance. Unfortunately, this couldn't save the faction, and the game itself, from sub-par writing.

>> No.5129996
File: 37 KB, 415x640, 6E11C842-278B-4A97-8899-50B7358DEA23.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is haven of MMH7 chad as MMH3,5,6 one or is it virgin as 1,2,4 one? Too bad that MMH7 haven lacks flyer for siege.

>> No.5130000

But why is Roland’s class wizard? Did he forgot his magic after he got kidnapped?or was he a kind of paladin?

>> No.5130054

Is MMH7 haven good(Like HOMM3,5,6) or shit(Like HOMM1,2,4)?

>> No.5130302

Why do titans hate women?

>> No.5130556

I hope they do the HoMM2 OST once they're finished with HoMM3. But since they already did grassland I can see them doing HoMM4 instead. They already did HoMM4 grassland too which isn't the most popular track unlike in HoMM2.

>> No.5130585
File: 1.22 MB, 1940x1014, landsknecht.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Is haven of MMH7 chad as MMH3,5,6 one or is it virgin as 1,2,4 one?
MMH7 gave us back the OG Chad from 1&2 - the Landsknecht/Swordmaster (aka Paladin/Crusader).
With that being said, I prefer the aesthetics in 3 the most - Castle in 1&2 is okay but didn't age well, Haven in 4 is kinda dull and 5, 7 and (especially) 6 is too kitschy.

>> No.5130589

Walk outside and torch the goblin hut (it should be something like 2 steps forward 2 steps left). Go back and train and you are now level 3.

>> No.5130832

Is MMH7 haven good or shit? Cuz Haven of 7 lacks Flyer unless I choose the Seraph.

>> No.5130874

Quite funny that unlike stronghold girl of mmh6 and 7,where orc girls can wear a bikini armor, mmh5 orc Girls cannot wear a bikini armor or any tunic at all and go topless instead.

>> No.5131931
File: 47 KB, 720x360, single-digit-IQ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Well, I mean, he DID literally destroy the world
Kilgor was equally as responsible for The Reckoning as Gelu was. Armageddon's Blade was given to Gelu for safekeeping, so Gelu at least had some justification for having it in the first place (it also turned out that the sword had seductive properties similar to the One Ring in LotR, which is why Gelu believed having it would bring eternal peace to the continent). Meanwhile, the Sword of Frost has been given to Kilgor by one of his wives who hoped he'd pick her children to be his heirs and he, being a retarded bloodthirsty barbarian, used it to try and conquer the entirety of Antagarich.

>> No.5132328
File: 120 KB, 634x815, LOLing Mel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5132580

t. necro or eeofolfag

>> No.5132605

Erathia used child soldiers

>> No.5132841

any idea why I can't see the simultaneous turns option in the HD + mod?

>> No.5132882

There was no need of saving it I mean they obviously intended for it to have almost no story at all I mean just listen to the VA's they're not even trying. But they did great with the gameplay portion especially with faction mechanics and unit unique abilities.
Imo the best looking Haven is in 6. They just fit their theme so well with the holy infused units like celestial cavalry, catapult throwing light infused bombs. I just dig the 'light' feel they give off.

>> No.5132964

How do I get good at this game? Also anyone remember the cheat for black dragons? Was like 365089 or something.

>> No.5132969

For Heros 3. We used to use it all the time from the demo disk we had in the day

>> No.5133001

only play HotA giant maps against 7 AI, all random, until the tears of bitter defeat stop

>> No.5133191

Is Haven of MMH7 shit?

>> No.5133213

anyone? >>5132841

>> No.5133230

How do I activate double speed in mm6 with grayface patch?

>> No.5133284

Open the config file and set the toggle option. It defaults to caps lock if you have it on.

>> No.5133314

I just downloaded some extra mini tool "mm6controls" and I had to change "old" keys to new, and double speed obviously wasn't in old layout.

>> No.5133585
File: 76 KB, 1031x854, Screenshot_2018-10-30 About Simultaneous Turns.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ST is only free for Hota, since implementing ST for SoD required a lot of coding and bugfixes it's only available to players with premius status and requires donation.
And you can only find this info after joining online lobby cos Russians are fucking shady.

>> No.5133784
File: 54 KB, 600x400, Haven_direwolf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes. You know how there were several duchies before the whole GRIFFIN ETERNAL thing in 5 right?
Well their units are composed of the Wolf Duchy units basically, they even have a useless wolf. They're almost like some ragtag mercenary faction tbqh and also they are the most boring to play in that game.

>> No.5134059

thanks anon.
so if i install hota it will be available even without donation?

>> No.5134079

i'm surprised you guys played anything past 5

>> No.5134105

Like cuck Knight factions of MMH1,2,4?

>> No.5134106

And HOMM5 haven had peasant as its core unit,but they were still good cuz peasant could be trained as extra archers,and Monks could be trained as Cavalries. And Battle dive could rape a shooter or take his chance of attack.

>> No.5134107

And they cannot deal with siege at all while chad griffin duchy has griffin(enemies of Haven campaign)

>> No.5134213

Why the fuck they have choir in it?! What fucking for? It literally ruins the whole fucking concept behind this tune. The only part that's good is the heavily accented oboe bit, because it goes right where the original Stronghold tune was aiming for: Conan OST. Rest is ok, but the choir fucks it up.

>> No.5134340

yes, hota doesn't have any locked features

>> No.5134343

Capslock changes mouse look mode for me.

>> No.5134379

Virgin Haven and The Chadcademy In MMH7 cuz the empress has got assassinated by Jezebeth.that’s why Ivan had to make Haven great again

>> No.5134386
File: 30 KB, 396x426, 1536443941816.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The Chadcademy

>> No.5134412

Chadcademy-Don’t need a Resurrecting spell cuz Destruction and CC spell will solve all.plenty of shooters and flyers,specialized in siege battle.
Cuckaven- Weak damage of shooters,Resurrection and buff magics to Compensate with the weak troops
Swordmaster is the weakest champ
Cannot besiege enemies castle if u pick swordmaster over angel cuz u have no flyers except for Angels.
Should rely on Inquisitor as a main hero.

>> No.5134419

Haven-weakest faction in MMH7(No flyers except for angel,weakest army health and stats, and shitty faction skill)
Academy-the most Broken faction in MMH7(2 ranged and flyers and titans or butifel eagles. Armies have high health and stats,doesn’t need to rely on healing)

>> No.5134426

And Academy doesn’t need a toilet cuz they can poo on the Designated shitting street.

>> No.5134584
File: 19 KB, 300x225, file_32756_legends_of_might_and_magic_003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you know what fuck this f4gg0t ass strategy shit
which one of you homos played LEGENDS OF MIGHT AND MAGIC, a testosterone soaked game for real men that Counterstrike shamefully ripped off?

>> No.5134607

21673, but easier to spam 32167

>> No.5134613

lol what, aren't they infringing ubi ip to begin with?

>> No.5135317

That was it, though I recall it working on the h3 demo disc I have

>> No.5135370

Yeah I just went and looked at the old disc it was h2. Thanks anon

>> No.5136204
File: 31 KB, 614x614, 1523023460947.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What genre even is HoMM games? I mean it's sort of a strategy game in that map control is of the absolute essence and you race for resources, but you never build towns nor directly control squads of units, it has tactical, chess-inspired combat somewhat reminiscent of UFO, but I wouldn't call it a tactical game, and on top of it all it has a more fleshed out character development system than a lot of RPGs... Should we classify it as one of those? All of them "strategical-tactical RPG"? Are HoMM games fundamentally their own genre and should we introduce the term "Heroes-like"? Are there any games that are at all similar?

>> No.5136213
File: 898 KB, 487x560, Frogposters.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Turn-Based Strategy, you retarded frogposter

>> No.5136913

I'm playing mm6 and it seems pretty hard, I cleared starting area with a lot of backtracking, got bows, heavy armor training in the second area which would make it easier(as I thought), but enemies in dungeons here are a lot tougher. Am I supposed to travel to the next area in order to cheap leveling up before clearing the previous one?

>> No.5137039

Get bows
Clear as much of New Sorpigal as possible
Abandoned Temple of Baa
Clear Castle Ironfist exterior
Shadow Guild Hideout/Temple of Baa/Dragoon's Cavern (ignore oozes in lower level)
You can go to Mist Islands and clear it and get the first Sorceror promotion quest because it's easy (Go to Bootleg Bay and click on a fountain)
Level water/body magic, get Disarm Trap to expert ASAP
>or do the whole Dragonsand fly scroll thing which makes New Sorpigal trivial

>> No.5137064

>Temple of Baa/Dragoon's Cavern
This is where I got my butt kicked. Also those brigands are tough and really horrifying to look at, had to cheese them with my bows.
I have standard party of paladin,archer,sorc and cleric.

>> No.5137262

You will have to do a lot of bow abuse until you get those magic levels going. Your melee classes don't do much until you get master sword and your sorcerer will need decent water for poison spray. The Temple of Baa is quite likely too hard for you right now. If you want to level up there are some easy fights in the Misty Islands. The dungeon is big and can feel hard but you can kite enemies through long hallways if you only pull 1 or 2 at a time.

After that you should head over to Free Haven and Castle Stone (southeast White Cap) and do a few quests that don't require much effort. You can also get any spell in the game in Free Haven other than Light/Dark. There are grates in the sewer for money and a key to a secret room if you are short on gold and you can learn expert merchant and/or hire a merchant and duper in the houses west of the mind guild.

The game will get a ton easier once you hit master water magic (rank 12).

>> No.5137265

>you can learn expert merchant and/or hire a merchant and duper in the houses west of the mind guild.
That sentence came out wrong. The hirelings are west of the mind guild. The expert trainer is just south of the main fountain. There are also 2 stables meaning 2 sets of horseshoes, plus great miscellaneous equipment and a good bow shop.

>> No.5137409
File: 132 KB, 1040x780, speaker of the dead.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Replaying M&M7 and I'd somehow forgotten how hot these necromancer bitches were.

>> No.5137935

They are not counted as undead, so they are still hot and warm indeed.

>> No.5137938

Don't hirelings spawn randomly? I've got teacher(+15%xp) in the first town and merchant(+6 merchant) in the second.

>> No.5138191

Hirelings in houses are not random, unlike those wandering the streets.

>> No.5138247

Which town is the weakest town like Knightcucks of 1,2,4 and inferno of 3,5 in MMH7?

>> No.5138297

Ubishit is not retro.

>> No.5138303

>>strolls into Deyja and takes the throne
>>doesnt want it anyway
I think you mean
>gets usurped by some faggot elf from space

>> No.5138917

It seems my reputation is deteriorating in mm6, it was 200, but after few days of dungeon crawling it's 190. Is it because I'm hoarding money without donating?

>> No.5139063

get any buffs you can for your melee fighters, heroism, bless, fountains, all of it.

The mages should have Sparks, Fire Blast, and later Shrapmetal: the point blank spells which hurt a lot for little MP.

If you can afford it, you can use Lloyd's Beacon to fight, even at expert water rank: kite the brigands around forever by teleporting back and forth.

>> No.5139087

I cleared the temple with some advanced kiting techniques that I developed already. So many skeletons though!
And Dragoon's lair is too hard due to oozes, I don't have enough magical firepower yet. I'll just try my luck in other areas, I can get on foot in two locations and on ship to another one.

>> No.5139109

for hordes of weak enemies my standard spells are the area elemental spells (Rock Blast is actually really strong if you bother to skill earth to 12 like I did, making it a Dragon Breath lite) and Mass Fear/Turn Undead.

Oozes though I always just avoid im early game. Their low height makes them ideal for jumping over them with magic. The ones in Dragoon cave you don't even need to come close to since they guard nothing noteworthy.

If I was you I would save up like 8000 gold, take a ride to Free Haven from Ironfist and see what spells appeal to you from the guilds. I recommend Meteor Shower.

>> No.5139119

Are you sure I don't have to fight them? It seems there's no other way to proceed, I checked every door and one of them just won't budge.

>> No.5139387

It depends. Donating to Respectable will decay back to Average every day or so. Anything else should be permanent unless you did something to actually lower your reputation. Turning the bones into the guy in Free Haven lowers it but the game doesn't warn you. Most of the time you will know if you did something bad.

>> No.5139395

The oozes themselves are only in places that don't affect the quest items in the Dragoons' Caverns. You don't need to encounter them at all. Later on there will be dungeons where they are a lot harder to avoid, but for now just treat them as an indication you went the wrong way. If you found a door that doesn't budge you probably missed a switch. There are a few hidden rooms with door structures you can notice on the minimap.

>> No.5139497

Which faction is the weakest in the MMH7?
MMH1,2,4-Knight/Haven cucks
MMH 3,5,6-Inferno

>> No.5139503

in HoMM2, the weakest is probably Knight, but it's also a really good town to speedrun small maps with, so I'm disinclined from calling them "cucks" or whatever is the hip new word.
in HoMM3, Inferno has enough tricks to keep itself afloat, and archdevils murder shit on their own. I'd pick them on most maps over Tower because Tower is really awful to play on 200% and are just clunky to play. Hell, I'd pick Inferno over Dungeon in that situation as well because getting cockblocked by the Evil Eye building is just ass. Inferno, on the other hand, can get fast Efreeti pretty reliably.

>> No.5139553

Ow’bout haven of MMH7?

>> No.5139578

I have no fucking clue, Yangus, I don't think many people played it here and it's not retro anyway.

>> No.5139583

Last one I had played was 5 when it came out.

>> No.5139650

they are pretty much stupid
lowest spell power growth in HoMM3, no magic in HoMM4

>> No.5139667

is the pixie spanking guy still here?

>> No.5139682

HOMM5 was quite good for massing archers and cavalries by training.

>> No.5139835

Thanks, I miss those buttons everytime.
I'm keeping candelabra, I'll probably dump it somewhere, I healed at the temple of baa once - but I checked the reputation before and after it, it wasn't changed. Maybe the effect is delayed, I dunno.

>> No.5139843

Healing at the temple of baa shouldn't do anything with your reputation, but if you donate to them you'll get a penalty to it.

>> No.5139851

Okay, I found the answer from Grayface himself.
It's really decaying.

>> No.5139903

I pass by, once in a while.
I still suck at these Might and Magic games. Except the fourth one.
On really small maps.
In easy.

>> No.5140578

Don't worry about the reputation loss. Just turn in the candelabra and then donate to the temple to get back. Reputation isn't very important until you are trying to get Light Master and the council quests should get you to Saintly.

>> No.5141823
File: 95 KB, 375x500, 1541232769695.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>monthly succ wars check

>> No.5141920

I'll probably get less money from that baa guy and it won't even cover donations.

>> No.5141957

Just donate them.
Biggest reputation loss is training, because you can get so much EXP you can spend months at the gym.

>> No.5142561

Donating at New Sorpigal is only 10 gold and gets you a full category all the way up to Respectable.

>> No.5142696

I have 430 or something like that, I presume it's easier to make zero from negative value rather than increasing the positive reputation.

>> No.5142706

If you aren't rich in Might and Magic
You have not gotten far enough.
Grinding to Saint for Light Mastery is not possible, because very few quests give you enough positive reputation. Your only sane option is to use temple to reach the Respectable, and then do a quest that gives you a lot.
If you want Expert Dark Might, all you need to do is to go somewhere and cast Armageddon, acquire it, and then donate to temple to no longer be a criminal.

>> No.5142716

When you find Sulman that quest will give you get something like 4 categories by itself. Until then don't worry about it and just try to stay at Average or Respectable.

>> No.5143162

Modern day Americans

>> No.5143172

Ok its a joke don't get mad

>> No.5143202

Weren't you supposed to kill yourself or something if there is no Succ this month?

>> No.5143263

I ain't that guy

>> No.5143967

just recently got into playing the series. started with 3, i like it alot. i notice a meta aspect of the game i dont understand yet, but im content to run around and build up and army and destroy shit. also got 6 but havent played it yet, should i start?

>> No.5144026
File: 15 KB, 124x138, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

heroes 6 is terrible, avoid the ubisoft games

>> No.5144114

What's the percentage chance that we'll ever get a good HoMM game again?

>> No.5144131

>What's the percentage chance that we'll ever get a good HoMM game again?
Based on what the creative director of Ubi's M&M said here >>5118661, I'd say it's somewhere around 0.01%

>> No.5144143

Intrusive mm6 anon here again.
I fought some undead at mire of the damned and they made my characters a bit older, it seems this effect doesn't wear off and in the temple it wasn't removed.
Should I use that black potion to fix it or ageing doesn't matter much?

>> No.5144148

Right. What's the percentage chance that we'll ever get a good fanmade HoMM game which quality-wise would be on par with its most successful/most beloved predecessors?

>> No.5144196

>What's the percentage chance that we'll ever get a good fanmade HoMM game
I mean, HotA team is doing a pretty good work all things considering. This doesn't make them perfect, mind you; what they did with Resistance is mindbogglingly nonsensical. So, I'd say it somewhere closer to 5% then.

>> No.5144221

>ageing doesn't matter much?

By the time your character is made 140 years old and it starts bothering you, you will have already found out how to remove it without potions.

>> No.5144339

why would you have a game you don't intend to play?

I have no idea how is homm6, but from the comments just don't expect it to be like 1-3

>> No.5144386

aging is good for sorc

>> No.5144451

Why not create a well playable map and decorate the heck out of it afterwards, my man?

>> No.5144474

first seeing that scene when young was pure kino
>let's man it out elf boi
>oh oops hih

>> No.5144507

What stops you?

>> No.5144584

I heared it being reckoed among 4X. I think i agree.

>> No.5144604

I heard it being reckoned among 4X. I think i agree.

>> No.5144609

Aging has no effect until something like 40 or 50 years old. If you really have to remove it there is a black potion of rejuvenation that will cost you 1 to all 7 primary statistics (don't do this). There is also a fountain in a much later zone that will remove unnatural aging for free.

>> No.5144740

>To be honest, we failed.
After all that mess about Diablo Eternal, it's good to see devs being frank and admitting theyr fucked up. I always have the impression devs tend to live in their own ivory tower and never interact with mortals.

>> No.5144748

Don't mind the windows movie maker.

>> No.5144795


>> No.5144863

I've got town portal on master and teleported to silver cove for the first time, and there appeared the sound like for quest or stat boost. What the deal? I don't receive it in blackshire or that north town where I haven't been yet too.

>> No.5145034
File: 41 KB, 556x1000, homm_succumbi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Half of what makes HOMM possible if the impressive amount of art, polish and variation that team size makes possible.
We won't see good fanmade HOMM because half what makes HOMM good is the size of the content.
HOTA and Succesion wars both build on what HOMM made possible, but without being capable of as much content. HOTA is essentially building on 5 games worth of content to add one expansion. Where its building on content from HOMM3, HOMM4, and MM6-8. Where its taking things and fitting them in with a amazing engine, years of modding tools, and the art style.

This also shows a lack of understanding how how HOMM and MM where made.
When NWC made games past the studio creator phase, they always had 2 games in tandem to reuse cost of art, and to push in more.
And the tech pipeline of pre rendering -> Rerender where used to make more sprites and art possible with new higher defintion or animation.
Redoing the entire 3D art budget isn't feasible at all, especially for one game per entire 3D art budget. NWC ended up with 1.5 art budget for at the least 5 games in the same period, with far more output

>> No.5145406

Silver Cove and Free Haven aren't unlocked by default. Only once you travel there yourself can you use the ship and stables to reach each of those two cities. The ping sound was the game unlocking Silver Cove for you, but now that you have Town Portal master it doesn't matter anyway.

>> No.5145706

Thank you. I'm really obsessive about even little things if I don't figure them out. Wish I could just freely play without anything to bother me like when I was a kid.

>> No.5145861

That random ping sound will be very important in MM7 because it will signify something called the war clock, which causes in game events to trigger (some immediately and some after specific month counts from this time).

>> No.5145862

The war clock should trigger the first time after saving the dwarves upon entering the Harmondale zone (the zone not the castle). Even if I am doing something else I turn the sound up to make sure it triggered correctly.

>> No.5146498

I'm "unable to pick a lock" on chests in warlord's fortress in mm6, what the fuck? I unlocked storage room with two keys, but not these chests in the barracks.

>> No.5146556

Chest in MM6 isn't locked, they are trapped.
There is a similar chest in Temple of VARN that is locked, and there is a key somewhere nearby.

>> No.5146582

I just checked 2 lets play and these chests don't have any items in them for those players. I guess it was changed by Grayface patch that I'm using.

>> No.5146586
File: 265 KB, 1920x1080, lock.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5147421

sigh I really need to get back to my game
I can't decide where to go next after clearing Castle Ironfist.
Doing PSCS, Dragonsanded the start, I almost want to restart as SSCS. Or just go to Bootleg.

>> No.5147446

I'm playing standard PACS party.
Pick spells at Misty islands and then go to bootleg bay, that's what I did and pretty sure it's the intended way of progression.

>> No.5147484

I have a gatemaster follower and was seriously considering portaling to free haven to grab Lloyd's Beacon except that it's about 80% of my total gold and there's a few other spells I wouldn't mind getting. I was considering running to Blackshire and doing Kilburn's shield for extra cash/xp.

>> No.5147489

Well, it seems you don't need my advice because I'm playing for the first time and you know better already.
These teleport spells are not that useful without master level in my opinion.

>> No.5147510

>mess about Diablo Eternal
tell me more about this

>> No.5147514


>> No.5147517

Blizzard hypes people up.
Then Blizzard presents Diablo Eternal, a mobile game.
The public is in full "wtf dude?"
Someone asks "is this a joke?"
Internet goes batshit crazy, with retarded game devs claiming that gamers are entitled and need to show some respect.

>> No.5147518

diablo eternal = diablo immortal?
most of big game companies are like this.
they don't give a shit about gamers.

>> No.5147526


>> No.5147534

The best part the mobile port was an actual april's fools joke in the past.

>> No.5147538

the trick is to lloyds beacon in front of the New Sorpigal temple to clear dungeons for maximum cheese
it sounds cheap until the later dungeons

>> No.5147540

I'm abusing it right now in darkmoor castle, it just saves the time for backtracking.

>> No.5147562
File: 11 KB, 101x93, HeroLordKilburnII.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

damned game killed lord kilburn
he was my favorite hero in homm & homm2
cool moustache

>> No.5147569

mine too anon
mine too
>can't resurrect because "reasons" in a game of JoJoesque asspulling

>> No.5147573

>can't resurrect Kilburn
>King Gryphonheart and Lord Haart and 10 million other filler characters do whatever they want, like some kind of gay space elf

>> No.5147912

I'm a peaceful person, but I'd beat the shit out of whoever designed darkmoor castle. I have no idea what to do with that swarm of those flying eyes.

>> No.5148117

The eyes are annoying, but it is the liches that can dispel through walls that make the place infuriating. Toxic cloud or dragon breath will take care of the eyes until the last couple hallways and final room.

>> No.5148148

I don't have dark magic and I'm probably underleveled to this dungeon. I destroyed the book and picked crystal, but cheesing 25 or so eyes in the left big cave is not worth it, they only guard gems.
I'll probably return here later before it respawns. Or indoors locations don't respawn?

>> No.5148239

Maddening Eyes can dispel too.

>> No.5148296

Respawns indoors should be 2 years. If you haven't done all the council quests you aren't really ready for this dungeon. If you haven't done some of the bigger and longer side quests like Snergle or Curse of the Wolf you should probably do those.

>> No.5148454
File: 56 KB, 341x327, drakon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why does he wear the sleeping mask?

(not doing a bane meme genuinely curious)

>> No.5148730
File: 3 KB, 250x152, index.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's not the mask, it's a hat akin to pic related

>> No.5148945

Gwynneth is the strong sexy knight on Enroth. Prove me wrong faggots

>> No.5149302

How does guardian angel work? It seems you will appear in the starting town anyway without money.

>> No.5149325

just use lloyds beacon

>> No.5149328

Guardian Angel: Costs 8 spell points. Sets up a compact with the Higher Powers to resurrect the characters and return them to the last temple they visited upon their deaths. The price for this service is half of the gold the characters have with them at the time of death. Guardian Angel lasts for 1 hour per skill point.

Normal: Restored to life with 1 hit point.
Expert: Restored to life with half their hit points.
Master: Restored to life with full hit points
>If you're into (((Enrothian Banking))) or doing some gimmick KKKK run, which I want to try some day, there's really no reason to use GA

>> No.5149597
File: 56 KB, 341x327, drakon2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not sure what you mean I clearly see a sleeping mask

>> No.5149670

Dead = bank is untouched, but you lose all your carried gold
Guardian angle = Bank & pocket is touched, defiled and mauled for 50%

Also it doesn't work as a reverse town portal, so its worthless.

>> No.5149786

>alright Mr. Bankier, I need you to keep "all" of my money safe while Guardian Angel is active.
>What? "Half" your money? Why do you want to be revived with "None" of your money?
>*jumps out of window*

>> No.5149791

What should I do exactly with a deck of fate? I have 5 of them. I've seen somewhere that effect depends on the in-game date, I tried and got +3 poison resistance, but it's not really useful.

>> No.5149981
File: 231 KB, 500x643, boba-fett-do-you-guys-ever-think-about-what-it-SPANK 12565100.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5150202

It is a stat/resistance/debuff effect based on the day, week, and month. If I remember right the stat will match the same stat/resistance as whatever the Seer's shrine quest is for the month with +1 in week one of the month, +2 in week 2, etc up to +4 in the 4th week of the month.

The lamps in MM7 are a lot better and one of the months gives up to 8 skill points each.

>> No.5150225

Are these games like RPG's where you just grind the difficulty away or are they strategy games?

>> No.5150247

Homm are strategies.
MM are rpgs.

>> No.5150271

I feel like a good comparison to homm3 is civ5.

When you start playing civ5 it's just a comfy accessible strategy hame with a unique style, but if you get into multiplayer you realize how far you can take the exploits and that your regular infantryman that you build so often in singleplayer will now lose you the game.

Homm3 is similar. It starts out as an easy strategy game with rpg elements and a very noticeable power curve, then you realize you can combine black dragons with armageddon and before you know it the game consists of super cheesy highly specialized plays.

So to answer your question: it depends on the skill level you play it on

>> No.5150346

Cuz his corpse cannot be found cuz he got eaten and therefore”eradicated”

>> No.5150369

Damn, I had to dismiss my hirelings for that temple rebuilding quest. I spent a lot of time finding instructor+merchant with nice portraits, is there a better duo?

>> No.5150441

Can't find horseshoes from Kriegspire stables, where are they?

>> No.5150451

Duper/Merchant for money. Teacher/Instructor for experience. Spell Master/Mystic for magic skills. Focus on money until you have a bunch and even then I try to rehire the two in Free Haven when training a bunch. If you have money, probably experience until pretty late at which point +7 all magic skills (including light/dark) is super useful.

There aren't any. They were taken to Castle Kriegspire.

>> No.5150472
File: 103 KB, 524x389, might_and_magic_6__xena_gabriel.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks. You guy(s) here are pretty knowledgeable about this game, do you replay it often? I tend to forget a lot of minor details even from my favourite games that I replay from time to time.

>> No.5150691

I think there are 3-5 of us normally around these threads. I play them fairly frequently, normally using some difficulty mods. Most of the details are pretty easy to remember once you know why things are happening.

>> No.5151000

Enchanter(+20% elemental resistance) sounds great, but 20% gold is a bit steep.

>> No.5151003

Alright cheers. I'll start with HoMM3 since I have it on GOG

>> No.5151058

I got HoMM1 when I was 7 and I think I played MM6 for the first time when I was 12, now I'm MM shitposting from Africa so don't make the same decisions I did

>> No.5151109

good choice my dude

>> No.5151116

With Rpg elements faggot

>> No.5151117

Because everyone needs a good night of sleep for maximum movement

>> No.5151137

All women are queens.

>> No.5151143

What a smooth criminal you are.

>> No.5151157

Get the HD mod

>> No.5151247

>shitposting from Africa
What, are you African?

>> No.5151551
File: 246 KB, 1000x662, 1540652571077.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

memes please

>> No.5151657
File: 100 KB, 600x807, beuPrhyirwo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5152819
File: 311 KB, 1920x1080, h.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looks like my silly questions about mm6 really keep the thread afloat.
Am I really not strong enough yet(lvl 58, he just has +5 boots) for dragonlands? I entered it and one golden plus his two blue buddies wiped out my group, I killed two of them though.

>> No.5152846

>173 skill points
U wut m8? What are your skill levels? Why didn't you spend them?

>> No.5152849

I just fly past dragons, they're annoying with all their spell resistance, like they just laugh at your 6 Armageddons
did you find the 4 crystals yet?

>> No.5152851
File: 288 KB, 1920x1080, h2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't really know how to spend all these points, maybe I'll get mastery of body magic to help cleric with healing. And maybe sword mastery too, I noticed my archer with two weapons has better chance to hit things.
No, I only got one from Darkmoor, placed it in oracle room, but the quest for that crystal is still in the quest log for some reason.

>> No.5153026

Sword master should have been one of the first things in the game to go for. Body master is always something to dump points into and is useful even at rank 20. If you skipped miscellaneous skills you should finish those off such as repair item or merchant if you don't already have someone in them. Meditation and body building never stop being useful.

With Dragonsand the big problem is they come in groups. You will have problems with the big hoards until everyone gets level 20 dark master or you get blaster rifles right before that last quest and play in live mode with hour of power or haste to drop your recovery to 5.

>> No.5153028


>> No.5153031

Yeah, those +5 swords were great in the beginning, but I thought it wouldn't be enough points to master many weapons. My archer has sword mastery.
I have repair, merchant and identifying on other people.

>> No.5153036

Up magic and weapons. No shit you can' hit, most of +attack comes from upgrading skills, since every level doubles or triples the bonuses.

>> No.5153045

Each point above 8 gives me +1 attack bonus, +1 damage, +1 armor.

>> No.5153094

I guess I mixed it with mm7. No armsmaster in 6 either, that sucks. Magic seems the best until you get blasters then.

>> No.5153494

Yes weapon skills past master are garbage in MM6 aside from now because anyone can get master. They realised how bad the balance was late game and added armsmaster specifically to counter it. Body magic never stops being useful. Learning, body building, and meditation remain mildly useful at any level although of course learning is less valuable the later you get it.

>> No.5153496

>aside from now
Aside from Bow

>> No.5153638
File: 261 KB, 640x480, mm6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this a good score?

>> No.5153657

You didn't visit jail
So sure, its a good score.

>> No.5153659
File: 60 KB, 800x419, letters numbers alphabet chart order 26 az english.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"The first into the half the forth plus one, better hurry or you'll be done!"
>Tree "The second is next to the third, ho so pretty like a bird!"
>Tree "The third is first of twenty six, A through Z you'll have to mix!"
>Tree "The forth is eight from the end, Archibald really is your friend!"
>Tree "The fifth is twice the second, five letters in all I reckon!"
I'm a fucking ESL, but I understand the difference between "forth" and "fourth", also I'm a dropout from uni, but can count 8th from the end is fucking S, not R. Did they even playtest?

>> No.5153789

I thought bow in MM6 was underwhelming since the damage doesn't get higher, while blasters are superior in all ways.

>> No.5153951

Well once you have blasters just stick with them, but that is just before the last quest. On the other hand you can have everyone learn bow master once you do the keys quest, so toward the later end of early game. In a melee heavy team it is a bit counter-intuitive but bow is actually really good because of how recovery reduction scales exponentially.

Good score for a first playthrough. You can hit in the millions if you are going for it without too much effort (make your main hirelings Pathfinder/Explorer and get master learning early).

>> No.5154049

Everything is sorta good in MM6.
Even if Daggers are better than swords before you get a lot of skillpoints, due speed advantage. Or Axes turning into complete mosnter weapons past some ridicule investment level.

The 2 biggest problems is that EVERYTHING is practically immune to debuffs, and that most enemies shot magic missiles that ignore your Armor Class.
Also combat speed in 6 is sorta borked, meaning you can't properly get speed advantage. Unlike 7 where clubs + armsmaster quickly gets you 3-6 attacks per enemy attack in turnbased.

>> No.5154450

Wtf were they always that ugly?

>> No.5154467

No, just you were a horny teenager.

>> No.5154501

but now I'm at level 18 meteor showering Bootleg Bay from the air!
I don't get much opportunity to play because most my life is now spent in traffic.

>> No.5154529

Xena looks really good in motion because she did get some muscle over the production.
Gabriel not so much.

>> No.5154573

I remember them looking like models but both of them are basically featureless roundfaced potatoes

>> No.5154631

Whats the best of the HoMM clones?

>> No.5154675

Is there a way to protect yourself from instant death attacks in mm6?

>> No.5154772

Gabbie looks like a potato
Xena looks hotter every season, but she starts out as a +1 potato.
Such is the viles of women

Most of them scale against your Magic save. The one Earth gives you.
But its still a crapshot even with Master Dark and Day of Protection for +40/120 magic reduction.

>> No.5154784

No although magic resistance can help. This is another one of those things where they realized "this is stupid" and fixed it in MM7. The problem is only Clerics get GM Body Magic so having one ends up being near essential for a first playthrough as a result.

>> No.5154798

In MM6 it really isn't that bad once you get access to Dark Magic since at expert you get 4*3*3=32 resistance from a mere 9 skillpoints.
But its painful to deal with if you think Earth magic is going to save you, because it doesn't scale well enough.

Meanwhile in MM6 you are essentially a headless chicken until you get past the midgame and join a side, because it amped up how easy it was to inflict it. While still making it mandatory to get, because Death is the hardest condition to deal with.

>> No.5154936

Is Heroes IV that bad? I only own 3 but I haven't played any of them since like 2006 when they were on GameTap (I oddly remember preferring 2 over 3, but I was a kid who may have just not known better.)

>> No.5154943

No, it's just different and not polished.

>> No.5154987

>Is Heroes IV that bad?
No, it's just very different and not quite as good as 3.
>I oddly remember preferring 2 over 3
You know I actually see this opinion quite a lot here on /vr/. I really can't understand it as in terms of gameplay 3 is leagues ahead of 2. Maybe it's because of the art style?

>> No.5155081

>Maybe it's because of the art style?

>> No.5155117

Are Master of Magic and Age of Wonders on the same plane of greatness as Heroes 3 or are they more different than they look?

>> No.5155128

Learning and companions with +% has no effect on quest XP, in gog version at least.

>> No.5155135

The first Age of Wonders is a fantastic game and a Heroeslike worth playing. Don't know about the other ones.

>> No.5155145

Master of Magic is a whole different thing. It's much more of a "Civilisation, but Magic instead of Tech!"
The combat is isometric and has different mechanics, the economy is a lot more like Civilization, so they won't remind you of Heroes at all.
Age of Wonders 1-2 take Master of Magics and downscale the army and spells a lot, which isn't really a bad thing.

>> No.5155180

It doesn't, but if you are clearing out areas instead of just going right for the quest items you will end up with quite a bit of experience just from kills. Especially in MM6 there are a ton of high experience monsters outside.

>> No.5155247
File: 28 KB, 354x286, 1491232708825.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah and the music too I guess

>> No.5155252

Map clearing is a gigantic amount of EXP.
A mere 4k gold for 10% for each party member is a lot. And another mere 9 skillpoints and some more get get 17% exp isn't a lot either when you remember how much you actually level in MM6.
This isn't a big investment, and thats the point.
27 total points for 130% is starting to become ineffective, but its completely fine if you are just going to rampage around the overworld anyhow.

MM6 is the kind of game where the truly big investments are going past the mandatory master ranks, since the additive cost of increase stacks up to really really big amounts.
Like 200 skillpoints is just something you drown in it, and its not enough to reach rank 20 from rank 1, barely.
And unlike modern MMOs, you can get some insane spikes in power and gear, because its not a grindfest, its merely a well thought out climb that was playtested somewhat.

>> No.5155254

No, but they ignore upgrades and a lot of the gimmicks ended up not working particularly well (XOR creature buildings and potions of immortality are idiotic). You should try the vanilla campaigns, but the expansions were garbage and no one does multiplayer.

>> No.5155326

I have 1st level learning on all characters, but can't decide should I master it and hire Instructor + Teacher or leave at 1 and go with Mystic + Spell Master. Is additional 20% worth 27 skill points or I can just dump money in Kriegspire fountain later and master bow or something instead? I was running over non-combat quests and +2 fountains until now, level 18 CSSS.

>> No.5155347

I >>5152851 didn't spend on learning anything and kinda regret it.

>> No.5155359

agree, style is the big one
2 is comfy and feels like a game, 3 has more content but sometimes feels more like a grind or chore.

The only flaws in 2 are knight being seriously underpowered and warlock too op

>> No.5155364

I decided to only invest 4(total: 9) points.
But since MM6 has linear EXP curve, Learning actually do something.

>> No.5155378

Learning is a bit misunderstood. The limiting factor in the game is the number of skill points you have. Since learning gains levels and consumes skill points it does two things. First it lets you get levels faster so that you get more hp/sp. Second it raises your experience total to raise your final score. As such it is never useless, but isn't nearly as good as it seems.

Get level 1 immediately since it just costs gold. After that prioritize your essential skills (water/body/sword) to master and if you have leftover points you can raise it up if you don't have anything else you need. Due to the fact that each consecutive level is harder to get than the last, the return on investment for learning gets worse and worse as the skill increases and as the game progresses.

>> No.5155431
File: 28 KB, 466x700, 8142screw_hook.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Due to the fact that each consecutive level is harder to get than the last,
EXP curve in Might and Magic is linear. Main limitation is that repopulation of areas take time, so once you reach peak fighting robot: There is only a gigantic multi map desert area with dragons, and some high level dungeons.

>> No.5155436

It is linear but it is not flat. Each consecutive level is harder to get than the last. It is a decent investment early and pretty weak endgame.

>> No.5155442


>> No.5155465

True, but realistically you can go endgame by level 50-60. And by that i mean realistically diving into the Tomb of VARN without it being a complete speedrun murder suicide.

>> No.5155772

I been looking for more games like it too and so far nothing hits close to the feeling of HoMM I liked.

>> No.5155987

King's Bounty is pretty close, but homm is technically a clone of king's bounty.

>> No.5156153

I heard someone saying that Might and Magic VI was like Doom. Is it really that much fun?

>Is Heroes IV that bad?
Not really. It's just different.
Heroes IV has heroes being physically on the battlefield, which, in retrospect, make the armies less relevant than in the third, since high-levelled heroes can end up killing even dragons.
Units also lack upgrades, and demons are mixed with undead for some obscure reason.

It does have the cutest sprites.

>> No.5156284
File: 300 KB, 1024x768, eador.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Eador: Genesis
Disciples 2
Master of Magic + unofficial patch
Age of Wonders
Warlords 3: DLR

>> No.5156418

There really isn't one.
HOMM is a turn based stratergy game with a focus on unit stacks and a lot of unique commander quirks. Half of the value is that its a game greater than the sum of its parts, like Zelda, so a bad clone will be able do replicate its values.
Its also somewhat high end on the budget, because of how many units and factions there is, and how much mechanics/art/terrain there is.

Its a lot like Zelda, that there is a lot of games in the Adventure genre. But very very few are Zelda like games, or even clones.

>> No.5156423
File: 110 KB, 800x600, 1521491911946.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i liked Disciples 2

>> No.5156547
File: 687 KB, 1240x1754, svetoslav-petrov-venerable-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>i liked Disciples 2
Shame the Disciples franchise peaked with 2 and than sort of fizzled out after 3's meager reception. I guess that's just the world we live in now.

>> No.5156550

Disciples is so boring and barely any strategy

>> No.5156553

So is homm3, unless you ban all "imbalanced" creatures, skills and items.

>> No.5156730


>> No.5156780

You clearly haven't seen good players.

>> No.5156818

Let's see a "good player" reaction when I upgrade Estate.

>> No.5156898
File: 309 KB, 1920x1080, h3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was able to get 100 protection with that dark magic spell and I still getting one-shot'ed by titans, maybe it's not a percent, but just some variable of more complex formula.

>> No.5156914

There is no immunity to it even at resistance>255. It just reduces the chance. Greyface has posted the formula before, but it isn't worth worrying about. Either savescum anytime you get instagibbed or dodge the attacks themselves. Even in turn based mode you can dodge attacks by moving up or down if Fly is cast.

>> No.5156918

Yeah, I'm playing FPS game with them, but it's pretty hard to strafe when there are plenty of them - I'm trying to access those two chests in hermit's island.

>> No.5156920

Get to as safe a place within range and use telekenesis if you can then. It will take two casts if the caster's disarm fails.

>> No.5156926

You also can just fly to directly above them, enter turn based mode, dodge the attacks by flying up and down quickly, and then open the chests.

>> No.5156935

I'm also trying to kill them and get experience because I was btfo buy group of dragons before. But at this point I started to think dragons will be easier.

>> No.5156939

They are. The easiest experience farm is probably dropping starburst or meteor shower onto hydra though. There are also a ton of bunched up flame drakes in northwest Kriegspire.

>> No.5156948

>artifact (((merchant)))

>> No.5156994
File: 467 KB, 1500x2154, 1310595243329.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Its mechanics.
>Chance that enemy will to do some bad thing to you (poison, break item and so on) is 30/(30 + LuckEffect + OtherEffect), where OtherEffect depends on that particular thing:
There is also a table for how stats scale, with +30 to their actual effect at 500, and 0 and 13. It curves rather nicely.

Basically if you have <=13 luck, and no resistance, you have a 100% chance of dying horribly to status effects.
If you have 500 luck, you get a 50% chance of being afflicted.
If you have 100 luck(+11) and 100 resistance you have 30/(30+11+100) = 20% chance of instantly dying horribly
Doing things like clearing out the Gobber room isn't that bad with 100-150 resistance and 200 luck, but i wouldn't do it without a few ressurect scrolls in case the cleric dies horribly.

>> No.5156998

>Gobber room
What's this?

>> No.5157006

room full of terminators

>> No.5157009

A room full of instantkill laser shooting flying robot enforcers.
I would like it more than i like Castle Darkmoor.

>> No.5157996

Let's be real here; each HoMM III game follows the similar pattern as Disciples II is: explore the map → gather resources → build / level up your army and level up your hero → destroy the opponents / fulfill an objective. Both games do something better than the other one does. For example, Disciples II has a more complex map editor (spawning/despawning objects and units, changing terrain, giving an individual party orders to act in a certain way, changing loyalty ) that allows you to create extremely engaging scenarios but HoMM III has a random map generator that offers near infinite replayability. You just need to pick what you like more.

>> No.5158341

Which Might & Magic game should I try? I tried both World of Xeen and 6 forever ago but for only a short while before realizing I had no idea what the fuck I was doing.

>> No.5158513

nah, you are simplifying things so much they lose meaning. let's just say it is not a coincidence this thread and last 500 before have been called homm. I like Disciples II, it is a nice game for a change of pace but it really is boring, especially the combats.

>> No.5158581

those are both pretty good places to start. Just take a look at your quest log and explore the starting town, the rest just sort of slots into place. Just keep doing quests and postpone the difficult ones for later.

>> No.5158697

>I like Disciples II, it is a nice game for a change of pace but it really is boring, especially the combats
That's fair to say. Although it's fun to create a party composed out of units that can hit for max damage, there really is no strategy involved in winning the fight - just have more initiative or gimmicky units and inflict more damage than the other guy. However, the potential complexity of custom-made scenarios could mitigate the monotonous combat to a great degree. And that's the main problem with the game - the lack of community support. There just aren't any people interested in multiplayer and nobody is bothering to create new maps and share it with others.

>> No.5158757

I'm into spanking yet that picture doesn't turn me on.

>> No.5158783

I cleared Hermit's isle, how should I spend all these points again?

>> No.5158786
File: 287 KB, 1920x1080, h4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5158867

Also it seems there's a limit to artifacts, I have 13 and can't find any anymore. I use only 6 of them, rest are really crappy.

>> No.5159458

Body Magic, Meditation, or Body Building

Yes, there is a hidden/undocumented cap on them at 13 other than ones that are guaranteed like the Obelisk reward.

>> No.5160119



>> No.5160667
File: 122 KB, 653x582, homm3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what are the best options?

>> No.5161259
File: 45 KB, 301x390, Succ Wars.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Surely it will be soon

>> No.5161265

You mean for graphics? You need to have at least a 2K monitor to have clean, pixel perfect scaling because the vertical res of your monitor, divided by 2 has to be higher than 600.

>> No.5161279

Here are the settings you should use for a 2K screen for example, the most important parts being setting the source size to exactly half of your monitor's native res (has to be equal or higher than 600p) and using nearest neighbor as the stretch filter. I'll post a pic to show what it looks like in-game.

>> No.5161281
File: 100 KB, 641x573, Hsettings.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5161290
File: 1.45 MB, 2560x1440, HMenu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You should open those screenshots in separate tab and expand them fully to take a proper look. Basically this is perfect scaling because there is practically no filter, it's just every pixel being doubled. As you can see everything is clear and pixel perfect.

>> No.5161294
File: 884 KB, 2560x1440, H3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5161296
File: 1.07 MB, 2560x1440, H3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5161302
File: 1.67 MB, 2560x1440, H3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Last screen. But yeah, the only downside is that your monitor needs to have a vertical res of at least 1200

>> No.5161923

Wait, what? Does Hota add not one, but three new map sizes? Fuck me. And I consider XL maps to be too large to play.
Do the new map sizes follow the same rules as the old ones, so G would be 252x252 and a bit more than 3x the area of an XL map?

>> No.5162027

>Do the new map sizes follow the same rules as the old ones, so G would be 252x252
You're correct, each new size further increases the number of vertical and horizontal tiles by 36.

>> No.5162172
File: 20 KB, 300x300, cuthbert.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ubisoft's HD was a mistake

>> No.5163348
File: 285 KB, 702x434, might.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are the first five Might and Magic worth playing? Better/worse than Wizardy? Too outdated to enjoy nowadays?

>> No.5163398

If I played and finished MM5 and HoMM3 about a year ago, which other game in the series is fun? I don't mind either genre.

>> No.5163402

M&M 4+5 are bretty good, I tried to played 1 as my starting point but honestly I found it too clunky.

>> No.5163405

3-4-5 are all really good gateway games to the first person turn-based dungeon crawler genre. Still hold up. MM1 and 2 are a bit more rough.

>> No.5163438

MM6 is a classic, homm4 is worth a try just to see heroes in actual combat, cool campaigns too.

>> No.5163573

By the way lad, when we speak of Heroes 3 HD we mean this mod: https://sites.google.com/site/heroes3hd/
If you want to buy the game, do so on gog.com, as with the Ubisoft HD remake you won't have access to any of the expansions, only the base game.

>> No.5163958

And Heroes 3 HD lacks the cute sprites.

>> No.5163987

HoMM2 and MM6-8 are all good. If you liked Xeen you should also play MM3, although it has a steeper learning curve.

>> No.5164024

they are too clunky
II is the worst one even in terms of story, lore etc

>> No.5164229

3-5 are definitely worth playing although they are pretty casual compared to a series like Wizardry. 1 and 2 don't really hold up well and have a lot more grinding involved.

>> No.5164364

Did Medieval Europe had corporal punishment? I think we Westerners dont do so much corporal punishment.

>> No.5164765

What a near-useless, non-descriptive label. Master of Magic is TBS, Age of Wonders is TBS, Warlords is TBS, Civilization is TBS, Westnoth is TBS, as are most Jap strategies. Do any of them actually play like Heroes? No.
So get your anime-rotten opinions outta here, weeb.

>> No.5164943

>Sparks is the shotgun from Doom
t. Dylan Klebold

>> No.5165004

By that logic there are no genres because your childhood memory game is slightly different from the rest.
All of these games have more in common with each other than for example WC3 or C&C.

>> No.5165716

>And Heroes 3 HD lacks the cute sprites
This man has his priorities straight.

>> No.5166023

And Japs cannot wear a bikini at all!!

>> No.5166482

I feel like some campaign.
Which one of the Armageddon's Blade campaigns would you suggest I start with? Is there some chronological order to them?
I'm done with the RoE ones and am saving SoD for last.

>> No.5166558

>Which one of the Armageddon's Blade campaigns would you suggest I start with? Is there some chronological order to them?
Nope, so you can do it in whatever order you want. Personally, I do the Armageddon's Blade campaign first since it continues the story started in ROE. The rest are sort of side campaigns that cover specific characters that are relevant to the overarching plot of M&M/HoMM (how did Kilgor become the king of Bracada), tangentially related to it (how did Mutare turn into a Drake, what happened with Lord Haart and how did Christian end up in your army at the start of ROE) or completely pointless (Dracon killing dragons because he's seeking mommy's approval).

>> No.5166635

I started with the fire witch campaign since it promised me Fortress. Plus the RoE campaign told jack shit of what happened in Tatlia during the war.
And in the first mission you play as...
It was a laughably easy mission, tho. The AI didn't get anything done, and I captured its last towns before I could visit all the stat boost places with my two mains. Oh well. At least the fire witch has expert earth with town portal now, and I lucked out and got Tazar for a 2nd hero.

>> No.5166768

Yes, TBS games have a bit more in common with each other than with RTS games. Some are more alike than others, but a lot of TBS games are quite disparate. Still, do any of them give you heros-like experience that dumb frogposter was looking for (except for heroes themselves, obviously)? No. So animefags sage advice was as useless and shallow as his cute girl cartoons.

>> No.5166785

...King's Bounty? Age of Wonders? Disciples?

>> No.5166786

These are not the exact copies of homm, therefore they are of different genre.

>> No.5166789

I disagree. Such a definition makes it pretty much impossible to recommend "games like Heroes" to anyone. Therefore, it stifles discussion, causes confusion and breeds hostility.

>> No.5166864

I've got blasters in mm6, but wasn't really impressed, how many points do I have to put in skill before they will be more useful than my good old steel?

>> No.5166931

4 or 7 is fine, because Master is a 3x to hit multiplier.
The damage isn't impressive. The fact thats its never reduced is impressive, and that it stacks freely with things like Haste.
Or that even without anything its still 3-4 attacks compared to other weapons.

>> No.5166935

So it's better to use them in turn-based mode?

>> No.5166938

No, haste + blaster rifle is the best real time weapon because turn based is minimum at a speed rate of 30.

>> No.5166943

I don't recall ever finding blasters in mm6, but happily implosioned my way through whatever I came across

>> No.5166948

Technically you can go to the Hive without even touching the main quest.
But it won't be without the spell scroll needed for the good ending.

>> No.5166952

Okay, I get it, they're good against enemies with high resistances. I just expected something greatly imbalanced, that craving in the tomb of VARN states that "you have to engage devils only with blasters or you will perish".

>> No.5166978

>completely pointless (Dracon killing dragons because he's seeking mommy's approval)
umm sweaty I am pretty sure he is mentioned in a textbox in Clash of the Dragons so he is very plot relevant ok

>> No.5166986

Well, Axes are the strongest weapon in the game.
If you dump all your points on them. 2-3 characters with 30-40 points of Axe is stupidly inbalanced.

>> No.5167027

so Knights can actually be made pretty good?

>> No.5167149

i want to git gud in hmm3
where can i learn some sick gamestyles and shit

>> No.5167151

Watch some multiplayer matches with good players, Mekick and Meridian are good places to start.

>> No.5167174

read Tribute to Strategists

>> No.5167464
File: 275 KB, 1920x1080, he.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Damn, I guess I fucked around for too long.

>> No.5167469

You need to have hour of power cast and play in live (non-turned based mode). Hold down your attack key and watch the dragons fall, especially if you found all 4 blaster rifles in the command center. You may need to do occasional moving to dodge ranged attacks.

>> No.5167472

Knights can be made to suck slightly less but remember that anything a knight can do a Paladin also can plus he gets healing. The extra hp/level is in no way comparable.

>> No.5167483
File: 36 KB, 427x507, 1517417316761.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, I tapped button like a retard.

>> No.5167628

Watching high level gameplay > reading Tribute to Strategists btw. You won't learn much just from reading ToS.

>> No.5167773
File: 56 KB, 800x600, 1385597765339.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Knight is a worse Paladin and only gets slightly more health
>Archer/Magic Knight is a worse Paladin

>Paladin is a mediocre melee class
>Ranger gets GM Axe but not GM Bow
>Archer gets GM Bow
>Monk doesn't even get GM Dagger despite being a Ninja/Master
>Thief sorta ends up the skill monkey except no Alchemy
>Knight gets everything else of value like GM Armsmaster/Bodybuilding/Plate
>Regeneration makes HP pools actually regenerate(duh)

Since AC is basically only for melee attacks?
Yes, but that applies to any class that can learn Master Axecraft, where the chopping is beheld.
And since MM6 is MM6, its not really possible to regain lost HP in a effective manner without teleporting around the place.

>> No.5167810

Are effects from Enchant Item spell in MM6 limited to L3 or you can increase it with higher water magic skill? And what would be better for caster party on ultimate boots/cloaks/helmets generally: +12 AC, +12 SP or +10 to elemental resistances?

>> No.5167824

>Are effects from Enchant Item spell in MM6 limited to
Enchant Item just rolls to see if it works or breaks the item.
At 10+ you stop breaking items. Beyond that its completely random what it gives you.
As you keep using it, you will see a lot of "of Doom" and whatever other suffices exist. It tends to give you crap most of the time, but if you get lucky it can give you things like Phoenix/Troll/Stars/Unicorn.
On the weapon side its even worse, because you only want Infernos/Thunderbolts/Ice or possibly Carnage(aoe damage).

>> No.5167847

I can tell that enchanting on noon/midnight or at equinoxes(as NPCs tell you) is no different than at any other time.

>> No.5167897

I know about breaking chance, but never seen anything above L3 (of Doom, Mana, Recovery, Protection, Fire/Cold/Sparks/Poison, Dragon/Demon Slayer, +12 to stats etc.). Maybe it's like 0.005% chance of getting those Troll/Unicorn enchants then, no point in trying to get them with reloading I guess.

>> No.5167913

It is capped at level 3, but it still has some good stuff like of protection. In MM7/8 GM water enchants up to level 4.

>> No.5167916

Yeah, I got only shitty enchantments, you can sometimes get antique for selling.

>> No.5167923

Could you elaborate or link to anything?
I have never seen any of the prefix/suffix list point to anything such as Enchantment levels, only gold multipliers.

>> No.5167925

I don't really know any sourse in English:

>> No.5167936


Source: Page 107 of the official Prima Might and Magic VI cluebook

>Water Magic
Spell 7: Enchant Item
Description: Gives a chance to imbue a normal item with magical powers. The greater your skill, the better chance this spell will work. Experts manage better enchantments, and only Masters can enchant weapons.

Casting Cost: 10
Recovery Time: Slow
Damage Result: None
Target: Item
Base Spell/Skill Modifier: Success rate = (skill x 10%), no weapons, maximum = Second Level
Expert Result: Maximum = Third Level
Master Result: Weapons Included, maximum = Third Level
Restrictions: No Quest items

>> No.5167937
File: 10 KB, 200x184, Happy_Schwarzenegger.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Has trivia sections in the guide for things like NPC names

>> No.5167973


>> No.5167984
File: 58 KB, 229x255, 6_services2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Druids are probably the most cute "monsters" I've ever seen.

>> No.5167993

Playing MM6, and my reputation is -259. About 15th level. Didn’t do anything particularly bad, I.e. didn’t kill any towns people, etc.

Should I be worried? Is that normal? I don’t see effect on the game yet, other than some towns people refusing to talk to me. Is it going to be bad at later levels?

I installed Grayface patch, but i think it was that bad before I did.

Should I just edit the save file using some tool?

>> No.5168003

No, you're okay, just keep playing.
It was reduced because you gave candelabra to that Baa priest, they are bad guys. And probably threatened few npcs, their willingness to talk is random.

>> No.5168007

Just donate 10 gold to the temple if it bothers you.

>> No.5168271

Yep, that was it, minus 200 rep for that quest. Thanks anon!

>> No.5168313

Wonders of savescumming: Arthur, Morgan and Artemis all in one chest with Kilburn's shield after a dozen reloads, party level - 1.

>> No.5168438

Time for a new thread? Should I make one?

>> No.5168449

What's pretty funny is that I'm pretty sure no good player has ever read TtS, considering almost all of them keep fucking up positioning doing griffin conservatories etc.

>> No.5168493

new thread: >>5168489

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