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Doom wasn't the only great shooter out at the time.
There were also greats like Marathon, Quake, Descent, Shadow Warrior, Blood, Thief, Half Life, and so many other titles.
There were also some embarrassingly bad titles.

What do you like? What do you still play? How do you play it? What mods do you like to cruise with?
Pic related, gonna fire up some Aleph One later tonight.

Tell me of your favorites, /vr/.

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>Tell me of your favorites, /vr/.

Oh, man. Ohhh man.
Let me tell you about Descent. Let me fucking tell you about Descent. Shit is CRAZY, man.

You're this big shooty blasty ship, right? And you've got these big shooty blasty guns. And the coolest thing about being a ship isn't the fact that you've got big shooty blasty guns, it's the fact that you can look UP and DOWN while you move left and right.
And what does this mean?


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>Shadow Warrior, Blood
these were my favorites. i mean duke is cool and all, but lo wang and caleb just had so much more personality. duke was a stereotypical macho hero. lo wang was a fucking ninja and caleb was a fucking undead zombie cowboy thing.

only difference is that shadow warrior has a not-terrible source port. blood has

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Marathon didn't age as well as Doom. I think that's why it doesn't get as much attention.

For Thief, I've only played Deadly Shadows. Is Thief 2 also good?

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Wait, Descent has a source port?
I want to get motion sick all over again, tell me your secrets.

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>There were also some embarrassingly bad titles

True. :3

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>Marathon didn't age as well as Doom.
Half the reason behind that is because the source port developer is a FUCKING LUDDITE.

I dare you to not rage at this. I dare you.

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BloodXL is in the works.

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Have you guys played WGRealms 2: Siege Breaker?


It's the ultimate love letter to 90's FPS

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Thief 2 is...well, it's basically Thief but more of it. More environments, more sneakery, etc. It doesn't fuck with the formula like the rest of the franchise does, so it's a pretty safe bet if you're interested.

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Awwww hell yes, I rememer this. It was basically Aeons of Death for Duke Nukem 3D, great for mindless fun that doesn't many any damned sense.

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I honestly tried not to.

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are you fucking kidding me
10/10 would rage again

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id, when are you going to go back to the cthulhu horror base?
i'm getting tired of the strogg.
i liked all the bloody grimdark.

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Doom and Quake are great.
Descent is great, but it's a flight sim not a FPS.

The rest are merely good.

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Supposedly, id says they're going to go back to the Cthulhu roots for the next Quake.
But id now is really only a shell of what it formerly was.

It will be Quake of Duty and you'll have to ironscope Nyarlathotep.

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If that actually happened, I would choke a bitch so hard you don't even know.

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Thanks, anon. Looking forward to getting lost in 3D space again!

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I've never played the game, but I can actually see where he's coming from. Some games actually DO feel a million times better when played a certain way, and if he fears people will go right for the mouse if it were available (Is that the situation here? No proper mouse support?).
Still, it's not right to force that on people, but I at least respect his decision to try to preserve the game.

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I want to like Descent, really, I really do.
The problem is that "getting lost" and "getting motion sick" is a wee bit detrimental to actual gameplay.

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I only skimmed it, but it looks like people want mouse support added and he's saying "no, play it the way it was made." Is that all? Doesn't everybody play that era of FPSs with the keyboard, aside from multiplayer? I mean optional mouselook would be a fine addition, but I don't see why it's annoying that he isn't doing it.

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it's not the games fault if you don't like adventures

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>Doesn't everybody play that era of FPSs with the keyboard, aside from multiplayer?

Um. No? Playing with a mouse and keyboard is the way to go now.
FPSes have evolved. Controls should evolve along with them. He is intentionally making it difficult for people to get in, just because "waahhhhh it wasn't that way in the original".

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Considering the development troubles Doom 4 is going through?
Yeah, this is practically guaranteed.

Feels bad, man.

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I never got motion sick, personally. And as for getting lost, it's pretty obviously intentional. Have you seen the maps for later levels? You may not like that, but it's not a bug or a lack of anything on the dev's part. I never experienced anything besides normal levels of hard video game frustration getting lost as hell in Descent back then.

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Getting lost is an adventure, really. You ever played the original Zelda, the whole "WHAT THE FUCK DO I DO" feeling? Made the world feel a lot more vast and epic. Like you were really exploring it.

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Is Blood worth tracking down? I heard good things about it and then HL came out and then all these military sim clones. And I lost interest in FPSes. I want to get back into them, but rather than replay an old favorite like Doom, Quake, Duke3d, etc, I thought I'd try Blood. IS this a good idea? Should I be playing another FPS prior to Blood to get me in the mood?

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>the way to go now
That really sounds like trolling, just so you know. But assuming you're serious - really? You're angry that somebody is making a thing available.... without changing it. You're angry that he's NOT changing anything about it.

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>Um. No?
oh god, really? I haven't been in the mid-90's FPS scene for like a decade - that's crazy upsetting to hear.

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Blood is very good, but also very, very, very difficult to get into. It's a game that kicks your ass, both in-game and out.
1: There's no source port, so you'll have to work around everything in DOSbox, which is a pain and a half.
2: The difficulty is Ninja Gaiden caliber, with even the earliest difficulties being a gigantic pain in the ass.

If you want to get back into the scene, I'd really suggest starting with another series like Quake or Doom, or even Half Life.

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>You're angry that he's NOT changing anything about it.
No, he's changing everything BUT the mouse. He's changed the renderer, he's changed the graphics, he changed the demo recording, he's changed so much other shit...
...except the mouse control.

It's completely arbitrary and is held behind an arbitrary reason that doesn't affect anything else in the source port.

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Obligatory, although it's more of an FPS/RPG hybrid.

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>August 11, 1999

Skirting the deadline close this time, aren't ya?
...I'll let you in this time, but only because you are so great.

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I play Doom with WASD and a mouse. I don't use vertical look, because that's cheating, but I'm using horizontal mouse movement to turn.

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Oh I was going to get a hardcopy version and install it on my DOS computer. Problem with the Doom/Quake/HL suggestion is that I already played those games to death in the past. I guess I could always look for some of the better wads and total conversions I've been hearing about in the DooM threads. So that's useful, though. I guess you're saying I shouldn't just plunge directly into Blood. I'll run with that. Thanks.

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Blood is an awesome FPS, its only problem is that it doesn't have a source port so the only way to play it is through DOSBox which really killed the game for me and it's pretty fucking difficult, so I'd suggest playing another (easier) old fps to get used to it again.
About Blood, what do you guys think about Blood 2? I'm playing it right now and although it has quite a lot of bugs here and there and it's definitely not on par with the original game I'm having a lot of fun with it.

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Oh fuck me standing, System Shock 2.
I keep forgetting to get that game off GOG.com, I keep getting distracted with something else.

Is SS2 really as good as people say it is? I mean people act like it's practically the second Deus Ex.

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It's more like the first Deus Ex, since DX was 2000. But yes, I'd go as far as to say that it's better than people make it out to be.

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I played Marathon for the first time last month. I didn't like it at first, I still don't. I wanted it to be sort of like Doom, but I got a slow paced shooter, but I'm still trying to play it, it's not bad, and I'm going to complete it, but one of the things that I loved was the computer.

The computer really immersed me out of all the things, and it was from the fact that, that was where my character was getting his information, and I had to get that information the same way, and using a keyboard to find where to go, and changing the page was interesting. Hell, I even had to plot my route by putting my finger on the screen, and following the path to remember it.

I don't really know why, but it really immersed me.

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Yeah, 'specially since it came before DE.
It's a really good game but it isn't anything like the freedom of DE.

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>people act like it's practically the second Deus Ex.
It's not a stealth game, but I'd say it's better than Deus Ex.

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>it's definitely not on par with the original game

That's really its biggest sin, I think.
Blood is an excellent game that does a lot of things unique, interesting, and tops it all off with an incredible setting and a charismatic hero.
Blood 2 just...kind of has Caleb in a bog-standard FPS. I mean, sure, it's still Caleb, but it's just not really Blood.

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Corporation/Cyber Cop

Loved this as a kid

Such memorable music too

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I don't like to sound like an asshole, but Marathon was mediocre at best for me, i don't know what it is, but the whole game feels uninspired to me, the same thing happens to me with Halo.

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Love it or hate it, nobody can deny Marathon's atmosphere. Bungie knew how to fucking make a world.

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Loved deus ex

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>that music
my god

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I cannot disagree more

Love my fps, from wolfenstein to the latest incarnations of modern warfare etc...

But halo just transports me there


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You are what's wrong with the FPS genre.

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All right, I'll take your word on this, anons.
If you're wrong though then I'll
I dunno
I'll probably call you faggots.

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Fuck yeah, I've been playing DXX-Rebirth a lot lately. Anyone know the best mods?

Also related to the topic, who's hyped for the re-imagining of Duke Nukem Forever in DN3D?

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>re-imagining of Duke Nukem Forever in DN3D

>> No.508504

>who's hyped for the re-imagining of Duke Nukem Forever in DN3D?

Duke Nukem Forever was a disappointment in every imaginable way, from the gameplay to Duke himself, practically ruined everything about the franchise.

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Just do us a favor and don't be a bitch and complain about the weapon degradation system like everyone else did when they were new. It's there for a good reason.

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Since Thief is an FPS based on what OP said, I'd have to say this. Everything about this game is perfect.

That fucking Trickster reveal, man

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>he doesn't know!

>> No.508532

A mod's being worked on of DNF that's heavily based on the first reveals of DNF we had before it was postponed nearly forever for DN3D.

>> No.508539


God, I feel like the only person in the world that didn't know, now.

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Thief was incredible, so different compared to other FPSes. Less Shootan more Sneakan.

No other game has done Stealth right since.

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Apart from Thief 2, obviously.

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Holy shit, I had no idea.
That looks awesome.

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So, how do you feel with Eidos Montreal raping of the franchise?

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Something like this.

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Do not even get me started.
>"We want you to play as a thief, but we don't want to force you to play as a thief."
My blood is boiling so hard that you could make fucking pasta with it.

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Difficulty levels in Halo

Taken from this movie filmed off a TV screen - quality is what it is. :)
Easy: Your foes cower and fail before your unstoppable onslaught, yet final victory will leave you wanting more.

Normal: Hordes of aliens vie to destroy you, but nerves of steel and a quick trigger finger give you a solid chance to prevail.

Heroic: Your enemies are as numerous as they are ferocious; their attacks are devastating. Survival is not guaranteed.

Legendary: You face opponents who have never known defeat, who laugh in alien tongues at your efforts to survive. This is suicide.


Its OK we understand your frustration

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That'll be a select all error lol

>> No.508580

What a mean-spirited bastard, he's basically developing it to piss people off, instead of helping them.

>> No.508582

Halo is hard only if you play it with a Gamepad.

On PC is easy as shit.

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Raping the franchise?
Eidos Montreal? What's that?
I heard about an announcement about a game called Thief that had some edgy guy called Gorrat as a protagonist, but that's obviously unrelated to the original Thief games.

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File: 1.03 MB, 1426x1409, Quake - Scourge of Armagon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I played a shitload of FPS in the 90s. Quake, Doom and Duke are the only ones I would still play sometimes.

quaddicted.com for Quake stuff, dukerepository.com/ for Duke3D stuff, and Doomworld's idgames archives for Doom stuff, if anybody wants to look up mods and maps.

As far as other shooters go, I can remember playing Witchaven 2 and Hexen, neither of which I really liked tbh. Hexen had a lot of cool stuff marred by a lot backtracking and meandering, and Witchaven was just generally not very good imo. Only Build games I was really able to get into was Duke3D and Blood.

Was never able to get into any Wolfenstein game, but I played through a lot of Blake Stone as a kid. Loved Kingpin: Life of Crime and was sort of lukewarm-to-meh enthused by Quake 2. For some reason I always far and away preferred the first Quake. I've no idea why, but neither Unreal nor Half Life sparked any interest in me. Actually those are two of a few games I know deserve to be liked, but I just don't and can't like them, and can't really explain why.

Me and a friend were big on Alien Trilogy for the Playstation, and would scare ourselves with it at night. I've never played Alien Versus Predator, but got into AVP2 a lot, in fact it might've been the first game I played online. My big retro FPS sin is probably still (even now!) not ever having tried Thief.

>> No.508603

There's nothing that captures the spirit of adventure better than flying through a cramped, maze-like cave in a space ship.

>> No.508629

Anyone got a download link for the GoG Thief games? I can't spend any money at the moment and I'm really interested in trying out the thief series.

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>trying to play Descent with a joystick

brb puking because of motion sickness

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It shouldn't really matter if you torrent or buy them. Looking Glass is dead anyway ;__;

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File: 238 KB, 1112x720, tumblr_m5o25ieL791qaggito1_1280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Better dead than horribly raped by EA or some other evil publisher.

>> No.508675

Rest in peace.

>> No.508678

Also, you forgot Unreal series

>> No.508686

>Implying FPS can't stand for "First Person Sneaker"

>> No.508692

>you forgot Unreal series
>looks at OP
>and so many other titles.


>> No.508693

Well, at least Looking Glass will be remembered for making some of the best titles in video game history and not reduced to soulless husks like Bioware.

>> No.508698

What was wrong with Deus Ex?

>> No.508704

Deus Ex is fucking amazing, and my personal favorite game ever. But anyone who played it can agree that the stealth is functional at best.

>> No.508710

Deus Ex is past the cutoff date of 1999.

>> No.508712

Choose one.
No really, the stealth in DE was ABSOLUTELY nothing special. It was completely forgettable in comparison to Thief.

>> No.508713

it's on gog for $6 and you get expansions.. NO drm and extra content.. go check it out

oh and it's preconfigured through dosbox

>> No.508723

>No other game has done Stealth right since.

The way I played it, it was stealthy as fuck.

>> No.508738

>You can never tell whether or not the enemy can see you or not
>You can make a noise in one place and run right past the enemy because they're distracted (and poor AI in general)
>You're completely silent while crouch-moving
Those are just a few issues I can think of.

>> No.508739

Anyone remember Soldier of Fortune?
Not the greatest game, but damn I loved shooting the limbs off bad guys (to the horror of my mother...)

Crotch shots weren't bad either.

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File: 146 KB, 1280x1024, Windows 982.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Still no source port

>> No.508756

Yeah, but the stealth in DE was just passing behind enemies when they didn't look, put them to sleep with the prod or the crossbow or disable some security cameras.
Thief had an impressive number of gameplay mechanics related to stealth, sneaking and staying in the shadows, the whole game was designed around those mechanics and if I had to name them all I would surely forget some.

>> No.508757

Hah, oh wow, I remember getting this on a freeware disk
I think i'm gonna dig that disk out, it had some other cool stuff on it.

>> No.508759

I'm assuming this is the same guy I always see bring this game up, is it really that good?

>> No.508768

It's good, but like Deus Ex, we can't talk about it here (it was released on 2000).

>> No.508773

No, it's just a mediocre Wolf3D clone.

>> No.508781

>You can never tell whether or not the enemy can see you or not
Tbh, I find the lightgem unrealistic, so I'm glad they didn't have one in DE.
>You can make a noise in one place and run right past the enemy because they're distracted (and poor AI in general)
Never noticed that, sounds a bit realistic though.
>You're completely silent while crouch-moving
Never bothered me, and to be fair, that's almost true in Thief too (except metal surfaces)

Both are great games though, top 10 for sure.

>> No.508790

Oh, dammit.

>> No.508791

Well I actually have a huge hard on for wolfenstein 3d.

I'm currently on spear of destiny, going to probably get blake stone, as I hear that game is much better.

Watching a gameplay vid, I am intrigued to say the least.

>> No.508801

Play Super Noah's Ark 3D, is not as bad as most people say it was, it's actually pretty fun.

>> No.508809

Try this one then.
Also, Blake Stone.

>> No.508812

Haha, I think I've heard of that...

you slingshot goats right?

>> No.508819

>Not the greatest game, but damn I loved shooting the limbs off bad guys (to the horror of my mother...)

SoF2 had the greatest multiplayer.

>> No.508821

Yes, the weapons actually work exactly the same as the Wolfenstein ones, same with the enemies.

>> No.508824

I don't really like the 1999 rule, I think it should be a little more loose. I mean, SoF sounds no more retro than Unreal or System Shock 2, some games released in the cheerios should be allowed here.

>> No.508830
File: 79 KB, 640x765, 964816983-00.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone play Cybermage before?

>> No.508834

It feels really old-school actually.

Also, dat Shotgun.

>> No.508843

I do love oddball games, and you really have to love that it was made as a christian game.

The fact that it used a game engine meant for killing nazis and hitler himself is even more bizarre

>> No.508865

They basically just replaced the graphics, but it had some advantages over Wolfenstein, like the Floor/ceiling textures and the automap (i think that one was ported from the SNES version).

>> No.508887

Really expensive on ebay, I was gonna snatch a copy.. oh well might just download it somewhere

and I mean seriously, 60-100$ for this dos game, yeah no thanks

>> No.508902

I think you can still order it from Wisdom Tree themselves.

>> No.508910

That's hilarious, time to google!

>> No.508915

Yup, sure enough..


>> No.508927

Well, they recognise the existence of recent versions of Windows, so they seem to be still alive, but the thing is, is it a physical copy or digital download?

>> No.508937

You just read my mind, that's exactly what I was wondering too.

Either way I'd just use it through dosbox, but it doesn't say where it's a download or not.. I'm tempted to buy it

>> No.508943

It's just 7.50, what can you lose?

>> No.508954

7.50 bucks.

>> No.508961

I tried playing through that, I kept getting lost and such, also game seemed overly difficult (could have been that I just chose the hardest difficulty though I can't remember)

>> No.508968

I came into this thread to see if anyone posted that game. My brother just found a copy of that and bought it for me for my birthday last month. I still haven't gotten around to playing it, but it seems pretty cool.

>> No.508979

You have an awesome brother, I'm sure it's very easy to install via dosbox.. get that up and running!

>> No.508986


Good thing I ain't a Marathon fan and Doom with a mouse and no freelook still makes the game way better.

>> No.508996


I died a few times to the time you fight two Hunters at once on PC and quit, but I think I was just bored with the game more than anything else.

>> No.509057
File: 457 KB, 419x444, 1364791030323.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Frankly I don't think Marathon looks very interesting, but I still wanted to play it because I'm a huge fan of 90's fps, but this surely doesn't help.
I don't understand purists. I mean, I understand if they complain about forced Graphic "enhancements", like in the Wolf3D port "NewWolf" that forces antialiasing and ugly ass particles, but I see no problem with adding support for mouse look.
Let's face it, playing a fps with Keyboard only is clunky. Mouse look fixes that, enables you to evade and attack with much better control.
Some people just prefer the old controls, but why not add support for mouse look for the people who don't?

>the perfect amount of douche
what a fitting signature. I bet he pushes old ladies in the street, and craps in other people's windshields too.

>> No.509092

mah african-american acquaintance

>> No.509310

Purists are the absolute fucking worst.

>> No.509452

First 2/3 are way, way better than DX.

Final 1/3, with the Rickenbacker egg hunt, body of many and cyberspace, are a massive let down and a real anticlimax.

>> No.509624

Marathon was designed to be played with the mouse from the start. It didn't have automatic vertical aiming like doom did.

>> No.509851

Well, shit, that changes everything.
Yeah, he's a cunt.

>> No.510189


eh, i've played marathon with keypad since i was a kid and honestly even revisiting it in aleph one i prefer that control scheme

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File: 81 KB, 640x400, xs_slide_2[1].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

XS anyone?

>> No.512034


Very late reply as I jumped in to the thread recently but Blood 2, the first ever game I bought legit is pretty disappointing when I finally played the first game. Didn't stop me from having fun with it though. Gotta love how Lith tried to implement pretty cool Alt Fires for every gun that you didn't Akimbo. And Akimbo shotguns are still the tits, not until you get the gattling gun.

>> No.512084


Hold on, wasn't that cancelled for some bullshit reason? And now I'm seeing that it's not? Or am I mistaking that for DN3D Reloaded?

I am looking forward to this if this is a damn thing.

>> No.512149

I think you're mistaking that for DN3D Reloaded.

>> No.512184
File: 26 KB, 256x306, 256px-ShogoBox.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Yeah, I watched the whole thing just now. I am fucking wrong indeed.

And now I look forward to that too. Of all the DNF trailers I saw back then, the 2001 one has to be the one I was looking forward to the most. Glad to see it may become for reals now.

As for other favorite classic FPSs, here's a personal favorite, maybe just because I love mecha a lot.

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For some reason, whenever I play Marathon, I play with keyboard only. In other games I'm perfectly fine with mouse look (which originated with Marathon to my knowledge.) but when I fire up Aleph One, I set up the original keyboard controls. I don't know why. I'm sure I'd be more efficient at vertical aiming with the mouse, and often in the heat of action, I keep hitting the down key when I want to center my view.

But, fuck, if he wants to be so obsessive about purity, then the M1 should be played in its little 3:2 ratio window.

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